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Sigh, I am in such a dilemma!

This semester, I really only need 2 regular electives in order to graduate with enough credits. I’d have my hands just full enough, because whatever free time I have left I have to devote it to my final year paper.

The thing is… I want to take three electives.

There’s the foreign language elective, which I don’t exactly have to register but still sit in the class because the teacher’s really nice and knows me. But I know I can get an A in it, so why not take and improve my GPA (after my worst results ever the last semester)?

There’s another elective, which would be useful to take because my final year paper is related to the subject. I could even ask the lecturer for advice. This class, I’m not as confident about getting an A. Furthermore, the class time is on a day where I don’t have any classes. So if I drop this, I’d have that day free of classes, which I can devote to my paper or work at my part-time job.

Then there’s the elective that I personally want to take, which is an ethics class. I’m not guaranteed an A in this class, but there’s no exam, and the lecturer’s super nice. However, it’s quite a killer because it’s a 3-hour elective and class is 3 hours long in one go (usually electives like this are divided into two classes a week).

I know I’ve said before that I shouldn’t obsess about my GPA or CGPA because it’s the learning process that’s important, but at the same time I do want a good grade to graduate with. It’s like I know I’m fat voluptuous, but why shouldn’t I look harder for clothes that fit and flatter my figure? Haha, okay, terrible analogy, but do you see my point?

I wouldn’t mind doing all three, but I’m afraid that my grades would be affected because I’m juggling too much, not to mention my sanity. And don’t tell me I should take all three and not worry about the grades, because I can’t. I’m a Malaysian student, and it’s been ingrained in us that grades matter. I wasn’t like that in primary or secondary school, because I wasn’t interested in the subjects I was learning other than English. Now I’m taking subjects that I’m interested in and smart enough to score if I put in the effort and with some luck.

I’m just really scared that it’s too much for me and I can’t take it and I’d get terrible grades and it’ll just make me feel like a big failure. And yes, I know that doesn’t make me a failure! But it still doesn’t make me feel any less so if the worst came true!

I know I’ll make my own decision soon. But I would really appreciate your perspective. Knowing me, I would probably do the opposite of what you recommend, but that’s only because your perspective would make me realise what I really want. So please, click on the comments link! This way please… 😀


Edit: I’ve solved it! I shall take my language elective along with the ethics elective. As for the paper-related elective, I have spoken to the lecturer and she has allowed me to attend the class without registering for the course. So I get to have my Tuesdays off if I don’t feel like attending the paper-related class, and at the same time I can enter it to gain more knowledge hopefully which I can apply to writing my final year paper.

Yay! 😀

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  1. OK, since you asked! You know me well enough to know I will give you my opinion, and also bless you on your journey towards your own! If I were you, I would take the language and the ethics.
    Language because you are interested in that, and, no one ever told you not to CARE about your grades, just not to OBSESS about them.
    Ethics, because it calls to you, you like the instructor, and you will probably get a good grade from the sound of it. Even though it’s 3 hours at once, the upside to that is it’s then only once a week.
    Not to take the paper-related class, because (IMO) your time and energy may be better used during the day off, than at campus yet again, and even though it’s related to your paper, those who know you know you’ll have your own unique take on the topic, and that you’ll do well without conforming to the class.
    There you have it! Opinion #1

    sulz: thank you for opinion #1! very persuasive and logical. i’m kind of inclined because i just found out i’d probably be the only one among my friends taking it… i know i shouldn’t decide on classes based on my friends, but well, it helps to join a class with company you prefer.

    i’m still thinking though!

  2. Sulz:

    I had a similar dilemma during my Master’s in Cambridge, where I did not have enough credits left for a 2-credit elective I wanted to read. I took it anyway and although I could get away with half the course work (since I was getting only 1 credit’s worth of grades from there), I did all of it. The outcome was that about 2 months before my thesis was due, I applied to change the topic and embarked on a completely new journey in a new sector in which I have worked for 5+ years now.

    My advice: allow for the joys of serendipity. You will not know what you find if you never try. If you are truly enjoying, the work will not be a burden and the grades will reflect that. If you are not enjoying and it is a non-credit course, well there is your answer (stop attending).

    Just in passing, I got a top grade (A) in that elective and inspite of working more than other students, I got a better overall grade (a 1st) and was one of the few who were allowed to continue to the PhD for which a 1st is essential.

    sulz: in my college, all electives are counted if you register for it, they all have credits. i’d like to take all the classes, but i don’t know if i have the physical and emotional stamina for the upcoming work! which is why i’m having trouble choosing…

    well, i’m giving myself the weekend to think about it, with the help of your kind advice and others. 🙂 thanks!

  3. Hmmm… There are definitely pros and cons to taking all three classes. I’m such a glutton for punishment, I’d take all three. I actually took insane numbers of classes my second year at uni (physics, organic chem, stats and an elective – 22 hours in a classroom or lab every week for 9 months). But that’s just me.

    Your health and sanity are the most important things. If you think you’ll drive yourself nuts with all 3 classes, then take the ones you feel will benefit you the most. If I had to choose, I’d say not to take the one related to your paper. See if you can pick that prof’s brain outside of class.

    I’ve added a few hugs to your counter. I remember this stress and I can honestly say I never want to go through it again.

    sulz: you may be a glutton for punishment, but i personally am a masochist. 😉 hmm, another vote to kick off the paper-related class! i shall think about that.

    thank you for the hugs, they were lovely! 😀

  4. lovelyloey said:

    I’d take the language class if confident in getting A, and I’d take the English module because it’s relevant to the final year paper. Can always “sit in” the ethics class, no? At least you get to learn about something interesting without having to be academic about it, and you’re always free to “skip” those grueling 3hr lectures.

    sulz: can’t sit in ethics class because many people wants the spot for each limited class. but think, i only have to go to class 3 days instead if i choose the other option! 😛

    weekend also must churn the brain, bleh.

  5. I’ve said this ten million times already but I’m the worst person you could ask for study related advice. Somebody who’s never figured what he wants himself is giving somebody else an advice. But since you’re gonna do the opposite of what I’m gonna say and considering that I’m wrong 90% of the times, there’s a bright chance that you’ll make the right choice.

    Basically, I believe you should take the two out of the three subjects because it seems the final year’s paper is more important than the GPA. So yea, do what you really *want* to do and you know about your body and your mind and hence don’t take up things you can’t do because they’ll make you sad and depressed and you might end up becoming a rapper who’ll be saying shit about the education system. Do what you *think* is going to be good and will help you in the future. Good luck and I’m pretty sure you’ll make the right choice.

    pussy sudah sakit 😛 I know this is random but it’s just to cheer you up, you voluptiaudad however you spell that woman 😛

    sulz: so does that mean you think i’ll take up all three electives? yeah, hopefully i’ll find my answer by this weekend! if i plan to take all three, i’ve got to deal with some admin stuff first because two electives are clashing in time and exam dates! one more reason to choose only two electives.

    haha, i laughed at your misspelling more! 😛

  6. I don’t think you’ll take up all 3. I just said that you should take up the 2 you like and not over stress yourself. But you said you’re gonna do the exact opposite so that kind of implies you’re gonna take all 3. Just do whatever suits you lol.

    And I wanted to look back for the spellings of volupwhatever in the post but I was too lazy so I made them up. 😛

  7. Sulz: Considering limitations of seats in ethics etc, I would sit in on the foreign language class. I do not know what level of college you are at (undergraduate, graduate etc) but whatever you learn in a language will always have to be bettered through lifelong learning. I have learnt many languages formally and I have always worked hard and learnt more through reading poetry, literature and magazines in that language and conversing with people than from formal classes. From your writing it appears that mostly your grammar fundamentals are good (I assume some things are typos!) so why waste a credit?

    The downside of a language credit on your grade sheet is that a potential employer expects you to be fluent in it! But if you do not have it on your grade sheet and still are fluent, that is a bonus.

    Just my thoughts. My last comment was about motivations for deciding; this one is more concrete in terms of stating choice. 🙂

    Good luck.

    sulz: my grammar is far from perfect! the language elective is actually a foreign language one. 😉 but your reasons still apply, for sure.

    thank you, i need those! 😛

  8. I’m probably not the best person to give advice here since I basically just partied and chased women in college, all to the tune of a whopping 0.0 GPA (this was actually a blessing in disguise and forced me to “grow up” overnight as I was out in the work place and had to survive on my own).

    Still, knowing you, my top two choices would be:

    1.) Take the language course. That’s just so you Sulz. That’s what you love and the A would mean a lot to you. Go for it. It probably won’t impede your time on the paper that much (again, consider my credentials before readily accepting). You’ll have fun and you’ll probably boost your GPA at the same time.

    2.) Don’t push yourself, relax and focus on the paper. This paper will loom over you and cause stress and insecurity unless it is tackled head on. Knock it out of the way ASAP and then laugh as you hear others that are still slaving away on theirs. Use the newfound time to come here and chat with your beloved readers and/or shop for new and flattering clothes.

    Heck, combine the two and have readers suggest clothes/accessories for you! “Should Sulz get a toe ring? You decide!” It’d be interractive bloggerdygook!

    All kidding aside – go with your heart. Make the decision that is best for you regardless of what any of us have suggested. We just want you to be happy, and you know best how to accomplish that.

    sulz: 0.0 gpa?!

    i’d love to knock the paper out of the way, but i’m not currently not inspired. when i am, i get into a frenzy and i’d just go at it for hours. so just waiting for inspiration! hahaha, i don’t know if anyone’s that interested in what i wear! 😉 my tattoo, on the other hand…

    well, i’m hoping the answer will come to me by this weekend. thank you for your two cents! 😀

  9. Nothing much left for me to say! 🙂 I have been through this dilemma during my Master’s too. If you already have a very good GPA, then I feel that you shouldn’t really worry whether you’ll get an A or not. Go with the course that really interests you.

    But since you say that you are really worried about your grade, then haven’t you implicitly made the choice? 😉 (Read: Go with the course that gets you an A).

    For me, I have always loved challenges and have mostly taken courses that people asked me not to take- because I wouldn’t get an A. But you know what? I ended up getting A in every single course and graduated with a 4.0/4.0 GPA. So, it is also possible that you feel that you won’t make an A, but…you might just surprise yourself.

    Give it a good thought and since this is your last semester, I wouldn’t advice you to burden yourself too much. 🙂 Hope this helps.

    sulz: haha, i guess i did, huh? i’d take the language class, but what about my other elective? that’s the problem!

    meh, you sound like a person who aces everything so it wasn’t a matter how hard a course is; clearly evident by your gpa. mine isn’t as good, which is why i’m trying to pick electives that could rest pull my cgpa up.

  10. I remembered a certain wise woman (of whom I was doing work experience with) told me that to her, a certificate doesn’t mean anything and that a piece of paper doesn’t prove anything. I thought it was because most Malay or Singapore kids had the whole kiasu thing bred in them and that being the reason for them all to drudge away for the sake of grades and parents.

    sulz: i think certificates prove some things, but not everything. for me, i wouldn’t care if i wasn’t personally interested in it; in this, i am, which is why i’d like a good grade in it.

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