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I Like Cheap Comments!

Cheap comments meaning I deliberately write in such a way that it is titillating and provocative and your fingers would be itching to leave me a comment because you guys just love to talk about my boobs, chocolate sex and vagina.

# evanescense Says:
January 7, 2008 at 4:33 am


I appreciate your input, advices and opinions, even though I would not agree with all of your statements. You are simply forgetting one big difference betwen us: you’re female (girl) and I am grown man. Our fields of interests and our behaviour are not, and could not be the same (for those TWO differences are very big). I have checked your blog and what I could say. If I were teenager/young as you are, I could probably put a comment on your blog. Why not to a girl who are not shy and ashamed to publicly speak about:

-how big are your tits (BOOBS)
-how much you love SEX (and chocolate…)
-about VAGINA (and “Vagina’s Monologues”…)

I did not check further but that’s pretty enough for conclusion.

Because I’m a girl, guys are falling all over their computers to comment. Because I’m not ashamed to talk about how big my boobs are, how much I love sex (even though I haven’t had any yet) and about vaginas, I would be rewarded with comments for it.

Because I write things like that, it’s enough to conclude the rest of my blog is about my pubic hair, my anus, my nipples and whatnot.

Everyone who can do that, will have responses (comments). It is not about “genuine interaction with people” it is simlpy about SEX, who always sells! That’s why 90% of Internet is full of it.

You have to understand: introduce yourself as a female and just mention any word that is about sex or sexuality, you’ll be attacked by insanely much “comments”. THAT’S WHY you were forced to shut down automatic responses. So, you’re actually very subtle and smart in terms how to get what you want, and you chose sipmliest and must easier way to achieve that.

Because I write about sex, I will always get comments. I could fill up a post with the word vagina 200 times and I will still get comments! Ironically, I only get 100+ hits every day. Am I not writing enough posts about my vagina? (And I never did say I have to close comments on my blog.)

If I were to follow you, maybe I should first mention in my intro how big is my…(no offence, please – because nobody is interested in my masculine “boobs”…) I believe I could get that way immediatelly bunch of “comments” and (female) “buddies”.

Because I write about boobs, I have people like you as my friends. Can you imagine, if it weren’t for my breasts, we would have never gotten acquainted. Gosh, that gives the term bosom buddies a whole new meaning!! 😉 If you don’t know who I consider my friends, try looking at my blogroll. In fact, try clicking on some of my friends’ blogs and see how much they talk about their respective penises and vaginas the way I do. I haven’t even mentioned those who are not in the blogroll…

PS: You’re studying English, but as I could see, you do not care about capital letters at all (or that’s your habit from chating over the Internet). To me, blog is not a chat, but a mirror of personality in many ways, so your way of writing, also speaks about you. That’s the additional reason to believe that to get in contact with people is not about what kind of personality you are, not even how good or bad is your language and grammar, but only how much you are able to SELL YOURSELF (and I admit, you’re better in that field than I am, for now…).

Anyway, thank you for visiting and for your comment.

To me, caring about capital letters does not prove that I’m a good English student. And not writing with the proper caps does not mean it’s a “chating” habit. For someone who’s making a judgement on my English, you forgot to spellcheck your reply! But I totally agree with you; your “way of writing” speaks VOLUMES about the way you think and stereotype.

I do admit, though, that I am brilliant at SELLING MY SELF. People are attracted to my blog because MY THOUGHTS and IDEAS appeal and relate to them. People are attracted to MY PERSONALITY and SPIRIT. I may not know these people in person, but I consider them my friends because they have shown CARE and CONCERN and LOVE and FRIENDSHIP that has nothing to do with my sexual organs.

Thank you for your comment too! Great blog fodder. 😀


Hey guys, I’ve mentioned vagina, like, 9826475 times. Leave a comment, okay!


Oooo, our dear friend replied:

Let’s talk about sex ( and chocolate…)

What I said…you admited I was right. I did not want deliberately use a word “cheap” to avoid offending you. So, what girls as you want to read and talk about? Would you like to put you as a contributor on my blog? Maybe you can help me get more responses. And your English is much better now.

Haha, as if I seek to validate the worth of my English from you…

Honey, if I was offended, I’d have gotten all my bosom buddies to spank your “grown man” buttocks and flame your blog! 😉 As for my admitting you are right, I guess you haven’t heard of such a thing called sarcasm. Strange, seeing as you’re a “grown man”! But if you want to see what you only want to see… *shrugs* 😀

(See, I don’t just talk about my vagina. I talk about old men’s buttocks too!)


Goodness, it’s my best stats day ever, much thanks to this! 388; 64 hits on this post alone.

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  1. lovelyloey said:

    Looks like someone doesn’t like your comment, and had to come up with a heck lot of excuses to try to brush it off. I hate it when people who know I study English and assume I’m a stickler for good grammar (and hence I must necessarily be a bad student when I make a mistake).

    sulz: i’d be quite upset if this happened in the past, but i found it funny. so i just hentam back lah. 😉 and yes, i must write a post about people’s stereotype of english majors! grr.

    well, if anyone read my comment in his post, i did not mean to be patronising or condescending, which i think could be misunderstood as such.

  2. So basically, that means people comment on your blog only because you talk about sex? Wow, what a hypocrite that guy is. Send him over to my blog. I’m a guy and I’ve never really talked about how big my penis is and still I get comments. One cannot expect comments as soon as one starts writing. And just like you said, blogging is not only writing posts, it also involves reading others and posting comments and with time people will come back. That’s how I made most of the friends I have today.

    Sex sells alright but there are other things that sell too. For you (sulz), it’s your writing style, your personality and your ability to share yourself with people without hesitating that sells. Also you’ve got regular visitors and comment posters because you visit their blogs and post comments. Moreover, you reply to every comment and that’s what makes people come back. It’s not because you’re a girl who talks about sex. I’ve not seen you talking sex that much..otherwise this would have been a mature blog, or something. Sex is a damned natural phenomena and it’s associated with us. Why not talk about it then?

    And as far as English is concerned, that’s just looking for a way to say the comment poster is wrong. It makes me feel like Evanescence just had to disagree with you. Well dude, if you’re gonna act like that to somebody who leaves you a comment, you might as well cultivate the habit of not having commentators. There’s a way to disagree with the comment poster. You don’t just pounce on them the way you did. And blogging is freestyle, it’s the intent that one should understand. Perfection in English is not required. If she’s learning English, then she can write all those weird quotes and it’ll look like jibberish. Will you like it then? Then you’d probably say that Sulz is too haughty and is trying to brag about her English skills. One doesn’t SELL oneself on a blog. One shares one’s life with others. Get that?

    I say Sulz is fucking great. Anyone who disagrees can go kiss my a**. Phew.

    sulz: “your ability to share yourself with people without hesitating” you mean the sex bits? 😉 haha, just kidding lah. thank you for your perfectly awesome comment, totally made my day! *hugs* 😀

    (see, that’s why my hits are still 100+. i’m not talking enough about sex!)

  3. Hey, sulz…I subscribe to your blog. I am a female and certainly not a lesbian. So why would I want to read your posts regularly, if you only wrote about sexual organs and stuff. This is more preposterous thing I have heard.

    Just laugh it off, fools (sometimes from specifically chauvinistic gender) talk pure shit at times.

    sulz: haha, i don’t lean the other way too, so no worries there. 😉 wow, didn’t know you subscribe to bloggerdygook, thanks for letting me know that!

    that was precisely my intention of posting; i enjoyed composing my reply here. :mrgreen:

  4. Sulz is a GIRL?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh wait. I knew that. 🙂

    sulz: can you see those lips on a guy??!


  5. In lack of definite and indefinite article many sometimes, I see Russian or Slavic man behind comments. Is pravda, nyet?

    Offer man vodka, get sexy, talk vagina. Is OK.

    sulz: i’m not quite sure what you mean, but i found it funny anyway! 😆

  6. Don’t take guys like this too seriously, Sulz. I come here because you rock, plain and simple. I love your writing and the questions you pose. I love the community feel to your blog. I didn’t even know that you were a girl, let alone a cute one, until after I was already hooked on bloggerdygook.

    You make people feel good about coming here and I’m sure I can speak for everyone in the WP community who feels lucky to have met you. The fact that I’m able to say with honor that I’m considered a friend by you enough to be in your blogroll means a tremendous amount to me. I just wish I could reach out and hug you.

    It’s clear to me that you are a magnificent human being that it is a rarity to come into contact with. That’s why we’re here. You can’t just find folks like you anywhere!

    Now….evidently there’s some posts on here I need to catch up with! 🙂

    sulz: awwww, that is soo sweet! *hugs* see we can hug. 😉 and referring to that bit, can you imagine if people were to click on your link and expect you to talk about your penis… only to find out it’s a blog about horse-racing. maybe you could talk about their penises instead. :mrgreen:

    don’t worry, i’m not taking him seriously. i would’ve been offended before, but i think it’s amusing now and i won’t take it personally!

  7. My dear sulz, you may be responsible for my neighbors calling the police and having me cited for a disturbance…no, I think it’s all right, I’ve calmed down, now. But, a few moments ago I was screaming with laughter while reading your post.
    I try to respect all bloggers when leaving a comment, but I’m not sure what you did to this fellow but give him some very good advice!
    Well, I don’t think you’re a girl, in fact I’m sure you are not. My perception is that you’re a woman. And, anyone who actually READS your blog knows you exhibit a great deal of maturity, wisdom, and fun along with the boobs and other body parts. Oh, wait, that might look like I think you exhibit your boobs….really, she doesn’t folks!
    And while I’m sure all your sexual organs are very nice, that’s not the (major) reason I visit here. 😉 It is, as you say, for your THOUGHTS and IDEAS; your PERSONALITY and SPIRIT. You go, girl. Um, I mean, woman!

    sulz: haha, that was what i was aiming for when i wrote the post – i’m not always that sassy you know! 😉

    i think i have a long way more before i become a real woman. i’m definitely a young woman, but i like to call myself a girl… i still want to think of myself as a sweet young thing, rofl! 😛

    thank you for laughing. 😀

  8. Er…how big are your boobs?

    sulz: they’re terribly ordinary i’m afraid. nothing that will make your eyes pop out. but i can fill out a shirt quite nicely (with the help of a good padded bra). 😉

  9. LOL – I wonder if this classifies as “being attacked by insanely much comments” – whatever the heck that means.

    Of course, on the other hand, I do rather prove his point. Did someone mention boobs? I thought I heard boobs so here I am! Did I miss anything? 🙂

    You don’t even want to know what I thought when I read “chocolate sex.” Guess I’ve seen one to many porn flicks. Either that or my mind is forever tainted after seeing “2 girls 1 cup.”

    sulz: i don’t know either; i never gave that impression. 😛 you haven’t missed anything – the pics of my boobs will be in the next post. this is just to titty-late you. :mrgreen:

    what do the girls do with the cup?


  10. Wait a sec! You mean if I talk about my vajayjay I’ll have more traffic? Geez…how naive can I be? 🙂

    Love the trailing flowers, btw.

    sulz: well, you learn something new every day! 😀

    me too, that’s my favourite bit of the theme!

  11. Haha…quite a rant here huh? 🙂 Maybe introducing some sort of a comment policy (if you have one, then making it stricter) would help (if you need help at all, that is).

    sulz: oh no, that comment was his reply in his blog. so far i haven’t the need for a comment policy and i wouldn’t like to introduce one unless i really wanted to. and i hope i won’t want to ever!

    it was a fun rant, actually! 😛

  12. Sulz:

    Ironically, this post today is giving so much publicity to that blogger and his blog.

    Nothing you said in your original comment on that blog was inappropriate. (Ironically you are seeing what happens if you offer help unsolicited, the topic of your post from yesterday). I am afraid his blog just is not interesting enough. The content is not original; he is cutting and pasting entire texts from elsewhere but I doubt he is familiar with the term scraping. He has also been blogging just a few weeks and seems to expect miracles believing wrongly ‘if you build it, they will come’.

    His expectations may be explained by the fact that he is a grown man, possibly holding a job where a few young people work for him and he expects people to notice and respect him. He is also behaving as a typical male and I am inclined to agree with Ian From Hamburg. If you agree with his hypothesis, then it puts an entirely new cultural spin on the comments made to you and in any case, that explanation should not bother you.

    I came to your blog from WP forums. Your blog is reflective of who you are. You write about things that concern you and some of them might occasionally benefit from ideas from others [I am definitely older than you and a female too and I am not wary of giving advice… as you know ;-)]

    Don’t worry so much and at any rate, do not give him publicity.

    Good luck. Chill.

    sulz: lots of ironies today; i didn’t even realise the connection between yesterday’s and today’s post until you pointed out, hah. 😛 don’t worry, i’m not so much bothered as i am amused and just seeking to have a lark by having a pop at him. 😉

    if my stats are right, so far he has gotten only one click from my post. he’d have arrive to my post because i sent a pingback. that’s about all. (ps. to my readers, there’s no need to click to his blog anyway, with the link. i’ve copied the whole comment here.)

    oh, and about flaming his blog thing, i wasn’t serious. come on! i’m nice, aren’t i? :mrgreen:

  13. No wonder my blog is still small time. I don’t have a vagina. And my man boobies are not anything to write home about. Though they are getting flabby since i quit the gym. Of course I am not sure I could handle much more traffic as I censor! It would be a lot of extra work. And though not in that particular color, I have seen guys with the glossy lipstick on at the hotel where I used to supervise. In fact we were not far from a drag bar and some of our regulars were professional drag queens. Some of them left the hotel to dance and unless you knew who they were you probably would not have known they were still legally guys.

    Psst. The secret to a lot of daily views on your blog right now is to use Ron Paul in your header, slug and post. If you want to get slammed with negativity at the same time say something critical of Ron Paul, POTUS wannabe. I know I make that mistake from time to time.

    sulz: you could have a prosthetic one. 😉 then you’ll get triple the hits, because how many guys with prosthetic vaginas blog?? while i constantly obsess over my stats, i actually wouldn’t want too many hits; i like it that most of the people who drop by here actually comment. i rather interact – cheap comments *ahem* – than get some numbers in that case. 🙂

  14. Sulz: That one click was mine. I wanted to see what made the guy say this to you. Then I realised that he was sad he gets no comments. I mean, really! He does not write anything worth commenting on, and anyway all the boys – and by the looks of it, girls – are too busy here at Sulz’s. 😉

    Anyway I do not think such people understand what it takes to write a substantive blog and build a readership. Not all have heard of Nita’s blog or Guy Kawasaki’s.

    However my years of experience – I am not a teenager as he thinks – tells me whatever happens in the world happens on the web and the world sure is full of weirdos, so on the web too.

    sulz: haha. 😉 i don’t read nita’s blog regularly but even i can see that she’s a really good blogger and passionate about the issues which are close to her heart. well, like you said earlier, i did stick my nose in his business, but i’d think that he’d have been a bit more gracious. he did moan about getting no comments and when i left one, he reacted in such a way that explains why he doesn’t, lol. 😆

    and i’ve learnt a long time ago from blogging that this is a platform where age, space and time is no barrier to interact with people, while these can be barriers in the real world.

  15. Shefaly,

    Even people at wouldn’t have heard much about Guy Kawasaki, because he’s on MT. I think the guy is brilliant and I’m in love with his presentation skills (not to mention- his Bill Gates bashing skills ;

  16. ROFL… sulz, you handled that brilliantly! It’s your grace, humour and personality that engages your readers so much, and all three are on display in this post. That someone would take issue when all you’re doing is trying to help says a lot more about them than it does you.

    What it comes down to is that blogging is about forming a discussion; the blogger should want to engage readers through writing about interesting topics in their own voice, responding to comments, and by giving people a reason to come back. If someone does that and comments on other blogs as well, then I’m sure they’ll gain a readership more quickly than they think.

    Some people have this perception that if you write about sex, you’ll automatically get comments and views. It’s not true! You get a few extra views, yes, but it doesn’t mean you’ll gain readers. Again it’s the discussion that does that. I could name a half-dozen blogs that talk about sex quite regularly but in a very tasteful manner; they’re not being exploitative, they’re exploring sex as a topic as it’s such a large part of our culture. They certainly don’t get 200 comments for each post, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting to read.

    Anyway, your blog is wonderful, insightful and fun, and your comments are never cheap. You’re an example of all that’s good in the blogosphere and a blogger we can all learn from. 🙂 I’d say the first thing evanescence needs to do is to link his username to his profile (I had a quick look at your original comment)… but that’s the volunteer in me again… damn it, I’m supposed to be on a break! 😉

    sulz: wow, thank you so much for your sincere view of bloggerdygook. *hugs* i’m surprised i’m not big-headed by all the support received from you guys. 😉

    break, meaning you do intend to volunteer some time in the future lah right? 😉 i say do as you please. i still volunteer, and to me i’m definitely clearer about where i stand in the forums and what i expect out of it – just hits, that’s all. 😛

  17. Ruhi:

    “..I think the guy is brilliant and I’m in love with his presentation skills (not to mention- his Bill Gates bashing skills ..”

    I knew Guy when he was an Apple evangelist. Now he has sold out 😉 He speaks at HP conferences. Tut tut…

  18. Yes, I’ll be back volunteering in a few days. Just after what happened to TT it felt like a good time to step out and get some air. I’ve also wanted to get back into my writing again, so it seemed like a good time for a break. 😉

    The hits are nice! But I’m just happy when I get a thank you. It still makes me smile when I think of sweetrosie’s post a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

    sulz: i hear a lot about you writing, so when am i going to get that autographed copy? 😉

    i’ve had posts dedicated to me before, so i know the feeling; very nice, gooey one! 😛

  19. Btw, I just figured some example right on that can be given to Evanescence. It’s Robert Scoble of Scolbleizer. He’s not very young (no offence), is a guy and doesn’t talk sex. And after all that he ends up being in the top 5 blogs ALWAYS.

    sulz: i’m sure scoble’s must have inserted the word sex somewhere then! 😉

  20. @ Ish:

    “It’s Robert Scoble of Scolbleizer. He’s not very young (no offence), is a guy and doesn’t talk sex. And after all that he ends up being in the top 5 blogs ALWAYS”

    Similar to Guy Kawasaki and by the way not everyone likes Scoble’s blog (did you not see Ruhi’s Goodbye 2007 post? 😉

    Unlike Scoble and Guy, I imagine Evanescence probably suffers from lack of a clear personality or of anything to say.

    They say in UP: Gobar mein patthar maroge to chheente munh par aayenge… What say?

  21. can you see those lips on a guy??!

    Ever seen Mick Jaggar? 😉

    And dmoshon beat me to the other comment I was going to make. 🙂

    sulz: well, he wouldn’t colour it rainbow for sure! and nothing interesting about my boobs, except that they’re not the same size. lol!

  22. Blogging is a way to talk to people, but on a more grander scale since it also invites discussion and debate in a friendly manner (remember the whole incident involving a certain lady and the site anyone?). Anyway, this guy has no right to correct others regardless of blogging skills and age over something small like their English. You can have someone write a blog entirely in leet/L337 and have the majority of the computing/hacker/cyberpunk culture (on or off the Net) understand it and comment without fuss with a few references to Star Wars or William Gibson in between. It’s purists like this guy who ruins the overall feeling of a commenting space and spoils something fun (if it were in the real world), like a science fiction convention. Anyway, not putting your opinions and feelings is what makes a blog sterile, like he is despite being a “grown man” in more ways than just one. Epic burn Number Two!

    sulz: i don’t know about the – any links? obviously my blog doesn’t interest him, but what’s funny is that he judged it based on a few posts i made and concluded everything about it is sexual. and i’ve learnt ages ago that language doesn’t matter much because we’re all not perfect (in his case, it’s laughable because his reply is filled with errors), but what counts is the message!

    that was one mighty flame. 😉

  23. Oh yes, you have been in my reader for quite sometime. Only I comment when I feel compelled to. I am kinda lurker in your blog. 🙂

    sulz: well, i hope you will find more comment-worthy stuff in future! 🙂

  24. Uh, I did not mean that the post is not comment-worthy. Rather subject is such that I have something to add, something to express… 🙂 That need to express is compelling.

    sulz: oh, i know. don’t worry. 😉

  25. To read up on what happened to poor Kathy Sierra, go here:

    sulz: oh, i remember reading about this last year. thanks for link. 🙂

  26. @Shefaly: LOL @ the UP saying. But yeah, you’re absolutely right about it. It’s not about like Scoble, I don’t like him either. What’s more important is that he’s popular and a majority of the people do like him. You can’t be liked by everybody, that’s impossible. Even God can’t get himself to be liked by everybody, what is a human?

  27. evanescense said:

    Hwllo Sulz:

    Go to this link:

    And, remember, there will be more links for you to visit, if you do not stop and delete this post.

    You said in your self-description you’re “no longer schizophrenic!” Should I, or anyone else believe you?

    Shame on you…

    sulz: hwllo back evanescense. feel free to carry out your threat. i don’t see what has my reference of my schizophrenia has anything to do with whatever issue you have of me.

    shame on me? and yet, i’m not the one making a fuss one month after this post. i don’t think the shame’s on me…

  28. And he just left a post in the WP forum about this.

    sulz: i know, richard; thanks for the heads-up! 🙂 i’ve replied him there too.

  29. Oops, I see he just admitted it.

    sulz: haha, no worries. 🙂

  30. This evanessence guy is a pansy-assed weenie.

    Let me get this straight, evan… can post about Sulz but she can’t post about you?

    Go on and continue to embarrass yourself publicly by trying to play the “victim” card. Nobody wants to hear your whining, Evanescense.

    How dare you think you have any right to demand someone withdraw a post just because you don’t like it. Are you the blog Guestappo? Perhaps you should rethink this whole blogging adventure if the above has your panties in a bunch?

    Be a man, stop harrassing a young girl (even if she is clearly your intellectual superior) . If we were face to face right now, I’d bitch slap you. You make me sick.

    sulz: ironic that he insists i delete this post for defaming him when i’m allowing his defamatory comments on this post?! 😆


  31. evanescense said:


    nobody have to make you sick. you’re sick already.

    sulz: lalala… shall i make some popcorn, kstafford?

  32. evanescense said:

    kstaford; by the way, you’re mixing “intelectual” and “language” superiority…. this world is full of such a racist and self-imagined “superi-egos” that you found the right place to express yourself. and, nobody’ s “harassing a young girl”, she’s doing that with help of spoiled people like you.

    sulz: yeah, kstafford, i’m sure you’re mighty spoiled. 😉 being a ‘superi-ego’ and all.

  33. evanescense said:

    hwllo again sulz; YOU”re started the whole POST out of two ordinary comments. everything went too-far and become humiliating and ugly because of you, not me. i am not surprised you don’t see the things that way, given your self-description.

    if you want fo have a fun, find a boyfriend, ‘njoy your life, grow, little immature girl, and left other people live in peace.

    sulz: why do you want to know? why does it bother you?

  34. evanescense said:

    hwllo again sulz;

    just read your answer at wordpress. you surprized me by “selling youself” (again) as very self-aware, responsible and polite person, which you’re of course not. you’re such a way only at WP because you know the rules and fear consequences, not because you’re nice by nature. it’s enough to read just this post to see your “other face” , not to mention whole blog.

    you planed to get again “wide support” from your “friends”.
    unfortunately, it didn’t work so well as in your blog, sorry…

    there were other people at WP, who were faster than you, (in beging for support of others), and who stoped you and your “supporters” of harassing other people…post is locked!

    i know you’re angry but i can’t help you.

    maybe you can try to find enough grammar and spelling mistakes in my writings that will make you and your “friends” feel well and “intelectually superior”again.

    or, call and e-mail as much as possible of your visitors to give you needed “support”. it works just fine in your case, believe me.

    sulz: you can twist your words and intentions all you want. the fact that i even allow you to comment here shows my magmanimous nature. i welcome even more, in fact! it obviously helps you to get rid of whatever angst you have collected over the years in your life, and i am glad that i have given you an outlet to express it. 🙂

    peace, babi!

  35. evanescense said:

    i do not need your space or any other “outlet”, esp. not your’s, ‘coz i am not angry person at all. maybe you’re too sensitive and took my words too seriously and personally.

    your mistake is becuse you allowed other visitors to post humiliating things about me and you approved such a comments (i have deleted both your and mine on my blog, while you continued 20 days after…).their comments, not yours were a main reason i answered you (it’s your blog).

    by the way, i wasn’t aware that “this topic” is running on your blog. i found out that by chance and was very surprised by sarcasm, racism and all kind of ugly words from some of your visitors. it is not a plus for you, nor for blog and really isn’t worth of such explosion of hate. you do bear part of responsibility for these comments, no matter if they aren’t your personally, because this is your blog.

    hopefully we could both learn something from this.

    but, i forgive you, because you’re young.

    “all you need is love…” and all we need is peace.

    so, peace to you, also (if ur sincere…) “babi”

    sulz: yes, yes, hmm, hmm, any more?

  36. evanescense said:

    “….being a ’superi-ego’ and all.”

    you do see a small things, while big ones passing you by.

    FYI: my keyboard isn’t brand-new and english isn’t my mother tongue. i don’t care writing to you bad english ‘cuz i know you’ll get a message anyway.

    nevertheless, peace

    sulz: hmm, hmm, yeah… finish already?

  37. I wonder if we leave it alone if it will stop posting? Perhaps a healthy dose of nonsense will bring closure to this, ummm (scratches head), what have ya?

    Now……. open your mind to me, evanescense. Open your mind to me……. Open your mmmmiiiiiinnnnddddd.

    That’s right. It’s Kuato time. 🙂

    sulz: but he wants the attention! now i know all about ignoring people and they’ll go away in time but… it’s rude not to entertain a guest at home, yeah? 😉

  38. evanescense said:


    I was right when i told you’re sick. you found the right place and the right person.


    you also found perfect company! “entertain” such a “friends”- fortunately I am not among them. by the way, i thought you’ll change but obviously, you’re uncurable (or hardly curable). i still think your neurosis is sexually based, so what r you waiting for? you’ll be only better.

    post your sarcasm directly at WP if you can.

    sulz: uh, since when do i have a problem with about this? obviously your intellect far surpasses mine that i can’t follow your train of thought! 🙂


    for posterity. it’s not every day i get a troll hounding me. 😉

  40. Nor is it everyday that bloggerdygook is enhanced with gratuitous “kuato” movie clips. 🙂

    Where you been Sulz? I miss you buddy!

    sulz: everywhere except where i really wanted to be – here of course! 😉 miss you too. *hugs* and all the rest of course!

    uh, i must say, i have no clue what is kuato. 😛

  41. Check out my post from 1/28 above. In response to “it” I posted a random nonsensical clip from youtube (just click on the link). Obviously “it” saw the clip as it responded back that I was sick. LOL! Priceless! 🙂

    Rainscoaster’s plugged me before for kuato references, so as it’s nonsensical attack of you continued here I decided to post nonsense in response.

    It’s of “kuato” in “Total Recall” (a cheesy, campy sci-fi flick starring the Governator – Arnold Schwarzenegger).

    Enjoy…..your life will never be the same once you’ve experienced “kuato.”

    sulz: haha, okay, i’ll give it a try later. 😉

  42. Cheesy! : razz: Don’t go dissing Total Recall now! Holy Cow! I love that movie Total Recall! It is one of my all time favorite Ahnold movies. Its got a younf sharon stone in it. I love the way Ahnolds face gets all contorted when he starts running out of oxygen. And where else ya gonna find a movie with a hot looking chick with three boobs in it, even if the one is fake. Its on my classic list!

    sulz: can’t speak for kstafford, but he did mention in his blog that his pet hobby is watching cheesy b-movies. so maybe he uses cheesy as an affectionate term? 😛

  43. Rest assured thescoundrel, I absolutely love cheesy movies, so yes, it’s an affectionate term.

    I have a link to a youtube clip of a film with David Hasselhoff fighting droids with a light saber if you are interested. It’s my “100 things about me page” – which is where Sulz got that b-movie quote.

    Personally, when I see the words Hasselhoff, droid, and lightsaber, I need not question the pure cinematic genius of the film in question. : )

    And Kuato rules!!!!!! Have you at least watched the clip, Sulz? I’m trying to picture Sulz coming face to face with Kuato for the first time. There must have been at least one “wtf??” moment.

    sulz: the entire time i was watching was a wtf moment! 😕 do you watch this stuff with your wife??

  44. Of course. Actually the movie itself is quite good and a bit of a brain teaser. It’s outdated effects wise, but the plot was pretty well thought out.

    Kuato is one of those characters that folks that remember the movie from when it first came out have surely never forgotten.

    It worked though….Kuato showed up and he disappeared. Kuato’s good like that. He’s good people……or good mutant…..or whatever the hell he is. 🙂

  45. I agree Total Recall is a brainteaser. Lots of twist, turns and unusual double-crosses. And you gotta love the Sharon Stone/Michael Ironside twist. Even the way the movie ends leaves you wondering about the Ahnold character. Of course it cannot replace my favorite “B” movie in “Amazon Women on the Moon”!

    Lmao @ David Hasselhoff, droids and light saber. I have not seen that one though it sounds like my kind of movie. Makes me immediately think of Robert “Spenser: For Hire” Urich, John “ Cruisin With The Tooz” Matuszak, Mary “Who Shot JR. Ewing?” Crosby, Space Herpes! – plus a score of other big time lesser-name actors in Ice Pirates, another quirky movie I love.

  46. thescoundrel – the hasselhoff lightsaber clip is from a film called Starcrash. If you like Icepirates, I’m sure you’ll love it.

    I’ve got several clips to it in my youtube favorites:

    Some others you should check out there:

    – all of the Starcrash clips

    – Weng Weng rap
    (from a philipino b-movie james bond spoof featuring a midget named “weng weng” that fights crime/picks up chicks)

    – Top That
    (the most embarrasing white rap in the history of the world, from the campy film “teen witch”)

    – Giant Rabbit Attack
    (clips from “Night of the Lepus” featuring Star Trek’s Deforrest Kelly fighting giant mutated bunnies!)

    -Pickle Surprise
    (the ultimate “WTF???”)

    There’s a host of others you might enjoy, along with some of my other favorite scenes from films I enjoy.

    Donnie Darko – now there’s a movie for you. Have you seen that? I hadn’t thoroughly enjoyed a film as much as that in quite some time.

    sulz: actually, i don’t get what donnie darko was about! i only watched it for jake gyllenhaal. 😛

  47. It was a strange and fascinating tale about the possibility of their being “tangent universes” that can open up in space-time. At least that’s how I took it.

  48. danspears said:

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    you are probably pseudo-intellectual kinds keep up
    Cheap Cruise

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