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It’s National De-lurking Week! Come out my blog lurkers and say hi to me! I won’t bite. But if you’ve been reading regularly you’d know that right? 😉


I was in the car a few days ago when we stopped at the traffic light. To my horror and disgust, the driver of the car next to us was digging his nose repeatedly while waiting for the light to change!!!!!

(Just for imagery purposes, the driver was a guy my age, with short spiky hair, and he was going at it for at least a couple of minutes. That’s 120 seconds. Try breathing underwater that long. That’s how long it was.)

Isn’t it like common knowledge, common sense, basic courtesy to know that digging nose shit is freaking hell NO-NO in public?!?! So what if you’re doing it in the comfort of your filthy car?? Okay, it’s not even filthy because I remembered him flicking his nose shit out of the car window.


Okay, my disgust fully expressed, let’s get on with the point of this post. The point is there are obviously people who are not born with common sense as to what’s decent to do in public and what’s not. On one hand, you’re baffled because this is common sense – if you don’t see people doing it in public, then you shouldn’t either generally. (Maybe his parents were serial nose pickers, I don’t know.)

So, let’s compile a list of what you CANNOT do in public.

1. Picking your nose
2. Farting out loud
3. Chewing with your mouth open
4. Scratching at your crotch
5. Digging into your ear
6. Spitting
7. Picking at your teeth (cjwriter)
8. Tonsil tennis, ie making out (cjwriter)
9. Adjusting your undies (lovelyloey)
10. Help me fill it out


Okay, now that we’re done with the do-not list, I want to ask about some things that I do in public that I’m not sure if is appropriate or not.

1. Comb my hair (I have the impression that some women do this only in the bathroom?)
2. Tie up my drawstring pants or ribbon belt (everything’s zipped up already, for sure!)
3. Clip my fingernails (Hangnails are mighty irritating, you know!)

Comments on: "Things You Must Absolutely NOT Do In Public" (23)

  1. I saw someone picking their nose in a taxi the other day. They’d stopped at a traffic light and unfortunately gave me a very good view… just as they were about to take off, he withdrew his finger, looked at it, and ate it! I almost collapsed onto the street. 😯

    A couple of other things I’d say are no-nos are picking your teeth in public and smoking when someone’s downwind of you. If people want to smoke, that’s their business, but I hate it when I’ve been waiting for a bus and someone stands next to me with a cigarette… why should I move?

    I’m probably going to sound unromantic (again, lol) but I’m not a big fan of kissing in public either… no problem with being affectionate, but some people can seem like exhibitionists sometimes. It’s like they want everyone to watch them snogging… but maybe it’s just me who’s uncomfortable. 😉

    Btw, I think combing your hair or something like adjusting make-up is okay, as long as it’s subtle… it’s when you draw attention to it that it makes people uncomfortable. It can also depend on where you are; if you’re at the gym people would expect you to tie up your pants or brush your hair back. It’s easier for guys, though – we’re losing our hair, so we don’t have to worry about it. 🙂

    sulz: rotfl! yours takes the cake lah. he sure doesn’t have to worry about going hungry! :mrgreen: oh yeah, picking teeth is gross, but when restaurants serve toothpicks…

    yes, i’m very uncomfortable with pda too! and yes, of course i try to be discreet about it, but sometimes i get ‘caught’ and then i wonder, uh, is this not allowed in public? haha.

  2. Urgh, I can’t stand it when people pick their nose in public. Such a gross habit!

    There’s no comparison between that and hair combing, which seems fine to me. Doing your belt probably looks a bit odd, but not disgusting. And clipping fingernails? I don’t know, I suppose it depends what you think is bad. Compared to the items on your do-not list, those three aren’t disgusting at all!

    I wanted to say thanks for the e-card. That was really nice; thank you so much! 🙂

    sulz: haha, even in good ol’ england it happens huh? 😉 and don’t worry i don’t clip my fingernails while waiting for the bus or something! i do it in class while waiting for the lecturer. 😛

    you’re welcome!

  3. lovelyloey said:

    I wouldn’t adjust my bra in public, just as I wouldn’t tug at knickers lodged between butt cheek. I’d only do that in a bathroom CUBICLE (unless entire bathroom is empty then I’d consider doing it in front of the mirrors).

    sulz: i absolutely hate wedgies! sometimes i really cannot tahan until… 😛

  4. I’m a nail biter as well. I also chew pen caps incessantly. I guess I have an oral fixation (stop laughing, and don’t you go THERE, Sulz! LOL)

    A little off-topic, but I’ve been meaning to ask you if you have your blog listed at I’ve been a forum whore lately over there. Pretty good community I must say. I checked for your blog and didn’t see it listed, which totally shocked me. Surely the whole wolrd must know of Sulz?

    Okay, back to the post. Your nose picking story reminded me of an incident with my mother of all people. I caught her digging for gold, and she knew that I had seen her. She waits like 10 seconds in awkward silence, then acts like she’s wiping it on me by rubbing a finger from her other hand on my leg. EWWWWWWW!!! I jumped out of the car and started running down the street. I think vomiting was induced before the whole thing was over.

    For me, some other things you don’t do in public include

    – blaring insanely loud music from your car. I don’t care how much you think “Souljah boy” is up in here, I don’t want to hear it from inside my car.

    – leaving restrooms without washing hands – geez, thanks guy for touching the door on your way out, because after all, I only came in here for the microbial fecal matter.

    – biting nails is more gross to me (even though I do it). Clipping I’m cool with provided it’s in a trash can, but biting at your desk is just hideous. There’s always “nail matter” that falls on the floor, on the desk, into the keyboard. EWWWWW

    – even worse, I watched a guy try to clandestinely clean his dirty nails on the edges of a thick piece of paper once in a meeting. Barf-o-rama. There was thick black ilk on the paper when he was done.

    – Nose blowing really creaps me out as well. We don’t need to hear that nonsense. Even worse is when snot rockets hang from their nose as they pull the tissue away.

    – another pet peeve indicative of the animals I work with: Folks that leave shit/piss stains on the toilet seat when they are done. Nothing quite says “public bathroom” like aforementioned fecal matter everywhere.

    – If kissing is unwanted in public (I love being affectionate so I’m a frequent offender as well), then by gosh al mighty people that have loud cell phone conversations should be beaten with tire irons. 🙂

    sulz: haha, i bite my pens sometimes too. 😉 maybe i’m orally fixated too.

    i’ve signed up to blogcatalog on your recommendation. i don’t really promote my blog through places like this; mostly by commenting. 🙂 your mom’s either really gross, or has a wicked sense of humour! :mrgreen:

    haha, you have lots of pet peeves huh? i pretty much agree with them. i thought it was soldier boy; souljah boy sounds much funnier, haha!

  5. People who answer phones immediately irritate me, especially when I am talking to them or if it is during customer service moments. I also hate it when people leave them on in the movie theatre as well.

    sulz: i’m an offender on this one, though if the phone rings if i’m with a teacher i immediately shut it off. problem is the ringing of the phone flusters me, my instinct is to pick it up!

  6. […] 10, 2008 by Virgilius Sade Things I hate that people do in public. Somewhat related to this post by the ever-lovable […]

  7. I could understand if it were a cute puppy begging for attention, but not something made from plastic that beeps and is set to the highest speaker volume possible (including Tamagotchi related things).

    sulz: okay lor, if i ever meet you i leave my phone at home. :mrgreen:


    There, are you happy now?

    Can I add “playing your MP3 player so loud the sound leaks out your ears and the whole bus gets to look down on you for your Kylie Minogue fetish”?

    sulz: haha, hello back you damned lurker!

    yes you can, right next to kstafford’s long list! 😛

  9. OMG, another de-lurker thing? I’m not doing it again because I received a lot of flak the last time I did. I might try to lurk sometime though, I always feel like I’m a spammer leaving a comment on every blog I visit. As if I’m having a comment posting diarrhea.

    And if you have a nose poking fetish, you should totally come to India! You’ll be stuck in a traffic jam in here and you’ll be able to see all those things you don’t want to see such as spitting, nose poking, crotch scratching etc. I believe there’s one more thing that can be added to the list. Changing baby diapers [inspired from Ruhi’s post in case she thinks I’m trying to take away her glory].

    sulz: but i know you already, no need to de-lurk. what happened when you did it last time? well, you’re the kind of spammer all bloggers want to have. 😉

    wah, don’t want to visit india lor like that! 😯

  10. Well, I did it in a rather aggressive way and some of my readers came ahead and told me it wasn’t the best thing to do. If you remember, it was when we did that had the word mofo included in it as well. Not the kind of think the lurkers wanted and so I decided that I’ll let them be.

    I’m the kind of spammer all bloggers want to have? Gee that was sweet. Thanks. 😉

    sulz: well, i’m sure your lurkers know you aren’t like that usually if that’s the case. 🙂 it’s not sweet, it’s true!

  11. Okay, not read the comments yet, but I just wanted to say. Apart from making out (the only person I have a chance to do that with is far a way…and we’re not talking about that right now) I have done everything on that list today, and in public, mostly whilst technically being in the paid employ of my local government.

    I am proud of this. I say, do what you like in public, and screw rules. Anything people think is weird is probably normal…people just won’t admit they do it.


    Or maybe not.

    Quite clearly, combing, tying and cutting are all fine.

    I am, it would seem, a ‘scrub’.

    sulz: is that why your girlfriend’s far away? 😉 haha, just taking the mickey. i think if a friend caught you doing all those stuff they won’t care as much, knowing you’re that sort of person who doesn’t care what people think. a stranger would be quite offended though, i’d think! then again, you actually wear dresses, :mrgreen: so i guess you wouldn’t sweat the small stuff like what people think of what. 😉

  12. You’d be surprised. My housemate is always telling me I spend too much time thinking about what other people think. She points out that actually people don’t think about each other in that much detail (most people are too self obsessed).
    But yeah, I try not to think about what people think, and sometimes rebelling in the little ways help you build up the nerve to rebel in the big, more important ways.
    This is probably the first time I’ve tried to justify my nose picking as a political act. Vive le rhinoarcheology.


    sulz: yeah, i’m pretty paranoid about what people think of me, but your housemate’s right.

    i hate being forced to follow certain orders, but i’m still quite chicken, don’t dare to rebel. 😛

  13. Hey! I don’t want to be a lurker! Is it too late? Sulz!

    I guess there’s a lot of things that bother me, like…

    People speaking loudly on their cellphones in small, public places.
    People peeing in trees or bushes right in front of everyone!
    I actually don’t like people clipping their nails in public.

    Though, If I had magic powers to supress those actions, I probably wouldn’t. They can do whatever they want. I could make them invisible or inaudible with magic though.

    But I have no magic anyway, so I can just complain a bit. Well, I’m known for complaining about everything.

    I have picked my nose, blown my nose, cleaned my nails, adjusted my underwear (quickly), picked on my teeth, pulled out my hair… and I guess MANY, MANY things that may offend other people. I’m not too “classy”.. I’m more messy and clumsy and all that. Of course I don’t do this on a daily basis. I just “have done it”.

    I won’t be invading anyone’s space anytime soon. But I kinda stopped being self concious about what I do and what people think of it.

    sulz: it’s not too late, but you were never a lurker ‘cos i know you already! 🙂 haha, okay, no clipping nails in front of you then. 😛 there’s one pet peeve i have though: people staring at you for speaking a bit too loud where it’s not a library. when you go to a restaurant, you’re not going to a funeral parlour! that said, i don’t think i’m shouting; more like when i’m angry or passionate about something my voice gets louder too.

    well, i think i have done most, if not all, in the do-not list too. :mrgreen:

  14. for starters, i feel this post could be filed under another topic:

    “Things people in India LOVE doing in public”
    (save point 8)

    infact, a bus ride in any Indian city will ensure that one gets to see atleast one instance of EACH of the acts stated above. infact, i recall one bus ride, when the man sitting next to me was periodically digging into his nose. but what was disgusting is that he was actually depositing his nasal produce on the back of the seat in front of him.

    now that’s filthy.

    as for combing your hair, it is actually a primordial human preening act. not anything inappropriate, though.

    sulz: so sorry, your comment was caught as spam! thankfully someone else’s one was too and made me check my spam box.

    okay, maybe i’m not so sorry after reading what you’ve described. EURGH!! if i ever get a free ticket to india, i must think hard… 😯

    okay, good to hear i’m practising a primordial human preening act, whatever primordial is. 😛

  15. oh, and i missed ish’s comment. guess i do well to corroborate, though 😛

    sulz: yeah, you and he are not doing a good job promoting india tourism! :mrgreen:

  16. i totally agree with the “don’t”s that u mentioned in the post…and about things you do in public..combing ur hair depends like where you do it…

    if u comb ur hair while u r sitting on a park bench,its totally fine..what if u r combing ur hair while travelling in a bus and someone is sitting next to you..

    sulz: haha, you have a point there. but if that someone is my boyfriend? 😉 ah, that is just wishful thinking!

  17. really a boyfriend can’t feel more better….

    sulz: oh, but he could make me feel better. he could fingercomb my hair. :mrgreen:

  18. u r romantic..hmm…yeah he can finger comb ur hair..i will try next time wen i will be with my gf..he he

    sulz: oh, i’m hopeless. yes, do that when she least expects it; whatever her reaction would be, i think it’s blog-worthy. 😉

  19. he he yeah..will try it…who will take the responsibility for the or u..

    sulz: of course you lah! :mrgreen:

  20. If that list of thing disgust ya, never watch a game of professional baseball in the US. LMAO, about the only ting on that list they are not likely to do is play tonsil tennis. “Theres No kissin in baseball” . But just about everything else happens. They have camera in the dugouts as well as around the fields. It never fails that as soon as they switch to the dugout camera, a coach will start picking at his teeth, spit tobacco or sunflower seeds, start digging for treasure in his nose or decide he needs to rearrange his personal equipment inside his pants. It always leaves me laughing.

    sulz: 😯 don’t ever take me out to the ball game!

  21. farting out loud, eh? well, i wonder if one can control whether it’s out loud or not. i mean…it’s a natural human function which at times is VERY difficult to keep in. granted…most people will hold it in and wait until the coast is clear to “let ‘er rip,” but…c’mon. if you have to, you just HAVE to.

    besides…it’s the silent ones that are deadly, right? LOL.

    sulz: i know, that’s what they say, but i guess i rather not know where it came from!

  22. one thing my sister hates about me is while we’re outside smoking a cig…i tend to rip. i mean…we’re outside for pete’s sake. in the house i don’t rip unless i’m in the comfort of my bedroom or bathroom. anywhere else is off limits…sure. don’t need to stink up the place. but outside? pfft. i’ll rip anywhere with anyone for the most part.

    it’s funny…a lot of guys i’ve dated love that b/c i’m not the “typical fag” when it comes to burping, farting…and other normal, human bodily functions for the most part…

    but i digress. i’m sharing A LOT and we’ve just met! *giggles*

    sulz: i guess guys like that your personality’s louder than your fart! :mrgreen: (meant that in a good way!)

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