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If you don’t already know, the latest scandal in Malaysia is the former Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek caught having sex with a woman on video. Not his wife. Which he admitted to and resigned from his post immediately after.

Now, there are plenty of sites talking about the scandal in minute detail, so I shan’t repeat the same old story here. If you’re resourceful enough, you can even search for the sex tape in question on YouTube.

Today, we’re talking about Section 377A of the Penal Code, which Dr Chua is possibly considered to be investigated for, which describes oral sex as “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and which basically makes oral sex illegal in Malaysia.

Haha. Hahahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


I’d show you the excellent article from which I learnt all these, but for some reason the newspaper’s website doesn’t have a link to it; if I can get the link later I’ll put it up.

It’s times like these that I understand why Malaysia has a terrorism-tinged reputation to the rest of the world. I mean, if we’re that modern and all that, you’d think an obsolete law like this would have been abolished a long time ago.

What makes oral sex unnatural? Who says oral sex is unnatural? Religion? If yes, then it is wrong of a country which proclaims to practise freedom of religion to force one or several religious views of oral sex as a law to the rest of Malaysians. If not, it is still wrong because, as the former Bar Council president Yeo Yang Poh so logically puts it, (quoted from article mentioned above)

“Criminalising a consensual sexual act between adults on grounds that the act is ‘unnatural’ or ‘against the course of nature’ is the product of archaic thinking and should have no place in modern jurisprudence. For example, if one can treat oral sex as unnatural and immoral (and thus should be criminalised), then others could consider the use of condoms, masturbation, premarital sex, or even anything other than the ‘missionary position’ as similarly immoral or unnatural, and should be criminalised as well.”

He also reportedly said that if the law was enforced, over 95% of Malaysians would be put in jail. Perhaps the percentage was random and exaggerated, but you get the idea. I believe the majority of Malaysians have consensual oral sex, no matter how ‘unnatural’ some parties view it.

There are a lot of things about Malaysia, if I have the time and humour, that would make you shake your head and drop your jaw. As a local who’s heard more than enough to make one a cynic, this is one rare one that had me dumbfounded in a while!

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Comments on: "Oral Sex is Illegal in Malaysia… Pah!" (34)

  1. *shakes head and drops jaw*

    Good lord this is insane. I mean how can you do that?! What ever somebody wants to do during their sexual time is their own wish, how in hell can you have laws against that? He was not doing anything in public and wasn’t hurting anybody’s sentiments so it’s perfectly okay by my standards. The guy should have sorted the matter out with his wife and she could have filed a case on him for cheating but a case for having oral sex is supremely illogical. Is same sex marriage allowed in there? Are their laws which can get you arrested for being gay or lesbian? I’m asking this because there are in India, same sex marriage happens to be illegal.

    And don’t tell me you don’t have Flavored condom advertisements in there?! What else would one want a banana flavored condom for if it isn’t even legal to have oral sex. *unnatural* and *against the course of nature*. Whatever. When the first person on this earth had sex, it could have been considered against the course of nature too, thank god there were no laws back then. And who are we to decide what is against the nature? Nature doesn’t have any sex charter which tells you how you’re supposed to do it. If it does, I’d really wanna read it.

    sulz: well, as i’ve said, he’s only ‘possibly considered’ so nothing’s confirmed. as for the wife, she is supporting and standing by him a la hillary clinton. and of course same sex marriages are not allowed here! it’s one of the ‘unnaturals’ right? 😉 oh, when i said ‘not his wife,’ i meant another woman; sorry for any confusion. 😛

    we have condoms sold everywhere, really. even the so-called vibrating ones.

    and ish, i didn’t quote this in my post but you’re going to love it. apparently this obsolete law was “taken or borrowed from the indian penal code (back then).” 😀

  2. I heard about the minister, but illegal? Hahaha, that’s quite funny.

    sulz: hence my bridget jones-ish hyena laughter. 😛

  3. well put. legislative acts such as these are basic violation of human rights.

    (maybe those who drafted the acts got bitten where it hurts the most before… hence, the act)

    sulz: haha, didn’t think it like that before… i just think whoever borrowed this from the indian penal code were a bunch of extremists.

  4. ROFL, Indian Penal Code? Hahaha, I should have known it was us who started all this! Just another weird and crazy law from our good ol’ judicial system which refuses to grow up then.

    sulz: if you could, you should check if your country still upholds this law. you wouldn’t want to be caught… 😛

    oh, thank you for the plugs at your blog too. 😀

  5. And btw, why don’t you put your blog’s label in place of that “bus full of hippies”?

    sulz: i was waiting until i got bored of it before i put the header. i kinda like the name of the theme, sounds crazy! haha…

  6. LOL, are you seriously waiting to get bored of it or is that plain laziness?

    And you’re welcome about the plug, stop thanking me about it because I believe you’re gonna be the star of that place. This is your second time in there in like 4 days. You must be good. 😛

    sulz: uh, a little of both! hehe.

    so nice mar of you to do it. i think all the indian readers i have came to my blog from your place!

    and you are my official stalker. look at my recent comments widget!

  7. And being caught while having sex is the last thing that’ll happen to me I’m sure. Because for having sex, you need a partner. And to have a partner, you need to talk. And to talk, you need to NOT be me. 😛

    Moreover, I think I’ll probably lose my virginity by having cyber sex, if that’s even possible lol. I’ll have to make sure I don’t get caught doing that though, because even that must fall under the list of unnatural things. Just imagine the headlines – “Latest scadal – Kid caught having cyber sex and arrested because it’s the most unnatural thing ever..even more unnatural than Pamela Anderson’s boobs” 😛

    sulz: lol! gosh, you are such a innocent little boi, never had cyber sex before?? not even for curiosity? please tell me you’ve watched porn before. otherwise i’d think you’re damn unnatural!

    (okay, that doesn’t sound very right, does it? asking you to tell me you’ve watched porn before! hahahaha…)

  8. Indians can reach anywhere, anytime except on the time they’re supposed to reach I tell you. If it wasn’t me, it would have been through somebody else. It’s because you’re really talented, woman!

    I don’t mind telling you my porn histrionics, of course I’ve watched it, a lot of that too. It’s not the same feeling anymore because it’s not illegal anymore. And it’s not all that fun when you know you’re not breaking the law. 😛

    I never had cyber sex because my parents never bought me a webcam lol. And I had no legitimate reason to ask them to buy me one. 😛

    I can see I’m your official stalker lol, this comment just cements my position further. 😛

    sulz: aiyoh, you just have to make me blush, right? 😳

    huh, it’s not illegal in india? i think it’s still illegal in malaysia; the radio station i listen keeps airing this ad about surf smart, not smut! and i hate the way the ads go my mamma says if you watch too much porn your eyes will go blind. i don’t know it’s sarcasm or really meant earnestly in that context.

    eh, i thought cyber sex is just text?? as long as you don’t bombard my inbox with requests for naked photos of myself, i don’t think i have to worry just yet! hahaha…

    hmm, and you just have to choose this post to reveal your true nature, huh? 😉

  9. Porn is not illegal in India, I believe. I think it’s illegal if you’re below 18 which I’m not. But wait, it must be illegal because they keep shutting down those shops which sell porn cd’s. But then again, southern India has a huge sex industry. Haha, I dunno, you see I’m clueless right? It’s no use if it is illegal because everybody watches it anyway.

    Surf smart, not smut and You’ll go blind if you watch too much porn are two of the best lines I’ve heard in a while. Excellent lol. Seriously lol, how can watching porn make you go blind.

    Nay, don’t worry, I’m not gonna ask you for naked pics. Dunno if cyber sex is via text too. That’d really be unnatural if you ask me. How can you expect one to moan and groan in text? That’s ridiculous. 😛

    My true nature? Lol I’m still the same ain’t I? But yea, what better place to talk sex and stuff than a post that is about oral sex? 😛

    Looking back at all my comments, this is getting really perverted and off topic now. I should stop, really. 😛

    sulz: exactly. you’re supposed to moan in real life and translate in text as ooohhh or ahhh or something. :mrgreen: if you stop getting hits from my blog, you know this conversation is the reason why! hahaha…

  10. Lol, girls do oooh’s and aaah’s all the time, does that mean they’re having sex when typing that? And I’d rather remain a virgin is that’s how it’s supposed to be done. We say every emotion can be expressed by writing but some emotions are better done verbally and they should be left that way lol.

    I know this conversation is the end. Hey reader’s, this is not me. Sulz provoked me to say all this, so blame her!

    sulz: context, ish, context!

    yeah lah, blame me. why did i start a post about oral sex in the first place, huh! 😉 ya think these qualifies as ‘cheap comments’? :mrgreen:

  11. lovelyloey said:

    Ay, oral sex illegal in Malaysia meh?
    What I heard is that the Muslim faith states that the wife must perform oral sex on the husband if he demands it. (Or something along that line) Even though Malaysia is a secular country, it’s majority Muslim there so …

    sulz: i don’t know if muslim wives must perform oral sex according to their faith, but according to this law it’s illegal lah!

  12. Oral sex illegal? Mental note, stay away from Malaysia. I’m obviously not welcome there. 🙂

    sulz: practically the whole world too, if you want to think about it! and please, i highly doubt it that the majority of malaysians are not breaking this law anyway.

  13. I believe you when you say that it was borrowed from the Indian Penal Code. We don’t recognize same sex marriages! The IPC has hardly been amended since it was coded by the Britishers in the 19th century! 😐

    sulz: so do you think that oral sex rule might have come from britain, from which malaysia borrowed it from? 😛

  14. LOL..I very much doubt that. I don’t know the legality of Oral Sex in India, but I think it’s legal. Even if it’s illegal, who’s exactly getting inside your bedroom to see what you’re doing? 😉

    Btw, tell me one thing- Since Oral Sex is illegal in Malaysia, does this stop a common man from indulging in it?

    sulz: it doesn’t, unless someone videotapes you in the bedroom and breaches your privacy!

  15. Many, many countries had similar laws until recently. It’s seems Malaysia and a few others are just taking their own time to catch up. If it’s against someone’s religion, then it’s up to the religious leaders to “educate” the followers. Even so, that could pose its own set of issues…
    @ish – take a deep breath, calm down, be patient! 😉

    sulz: hmm, didn’t realise that. well, it should be abolished soon in my opinion, because it’s redundant and generally pointless! like some have asked, how do you monitor the goings-on for an activity largely done in the bedroom?

  16. @sulz

    LOL are u telling me that,i will have to think twice before coming to malaysia for some fun..just joking…anyway this “illegal” shit is disappointing…

    and by the there any specific border line between natural and unnatural sex…fuck..i can say till u r making love with a human(from same species) its fine…

    sulz: why come all the way to malaysia for some fun? aren’t indian chicks already smokin’ hot? 😉 it is disappointing, and ironically it came from your country’s law! 😛

  17. Oral sex is actually illegal in parts of the United States as well. Many of the states within have repealed the law, however it does still in exist. (Just not enforced.) Alabama, Idaho, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia still have the law. There are others too, just fail to remember right off.

    It’s also illegal to have sex without a condom in Nevada. (A state within the United States)

    And it’s illegal to have sex with a corpse anywhere in the United States.

    Most of the population should be in jail. 😆

    sulz: gosh, didn’t realise this law is still in countries like the us. you’d think that seeing as some states have already legalise same sex marriages, they’d be abolishing obsolete laws like this! especially when it’s not being enforced either. totally redundant!

  18. Rushi-
    Oral Sex is illegal in India as well.

    A maximum punishment of life imprisonment .

    India inherited the laws in its criminal code from the British raj.

    sulz: jailed for life for fellatio or cunnilingus?! absolute tosh!!

  19. no masturbation either. out of the question. that’s the law.


    what I do to my body while I’m blogging is entirely my business, thank you! 🙂

    sulz: yes, please, we wouldn’t want to have to report you, now would we? 😯

  20. I had not heard the Nevada condom law. That is kind of funny in way because that is the only state I know of where prostitution is legal. But it is true there are lot of unforced sex laws still on the books in many states. I remember the paper in the state I live in, Illinois, prints some of the outdated different state laws still on the books for fun reading at times. Some of them do involve sex rules some are just weird laws that are hard to comprehend why they had the law.

    sulz: 😯 so prostitutes must do business without condoms? i guess we’ll never know why. they could make great tv shows about how those laws came to place, with imagination. 😛

  21. Just so we can poke fun of all places equally for their weird and disturbing laws (how else can one classify an anti-oral sex stance as anything but “disturbing”?), here’s a list I pulled of weird laws.

    No doubt some of these are wrong, but it’s still funny as shit:

    I see my native state of Alabama is all over motorists being blindfoled while drivng.

    sulz: great link, thanks! goodness, are they are for real??? they sound absolutely ridiculous! totally absurd!

  22. he he think of like…if i come here,i can’t have fun…

  23. So if they’ll ban one part of the most oldest forms of pleasure, they might as well ban sex altogether since they’ve even banned something as harmless as The Wiggles from what I’ve read. Looks like the country with the motto of “Malaysia Boleh” has decided to give the green light on artificial insemination in the far future and depend on clones. That’s so Aldous Huxley!

    sulz: oh yeah they banned the wiggles, among many other children’s books. :mrgreen: are you sure we’d be that keen on clones? that’s against religion too… 😉

  24. A health minister doing such a thing like that!!! Ha!Ha!Ha!

    sulz: i think we’re all human at the end of the day…

  25. whoa whoa whoa. Did I understand that correctly?
    Malaysia has banned The Wiggles?
    Somebody is being funny right now, right? The Wiggles?
    That’s like rated less than G. What is less than G. Is there a rating less than G?
    (US ratings- not sure if ratings are different outside of US)

    The Wiggles?

    sulz: yeah, we’re kinda cranky like that! read this and the links in it. spongebob squarepants and dora the explorer were banned too. :mrgreen:

    (for the record, though, it’s not every single thing related to those shows that were banned, but rather a couple of books for some crazy reasons i’m sure.)

  26. Wow. I really can’t believe Oral Sex is illegal!

    Well, so, by some old Penal Code it is illegal. But what have the autorithies in Malasya said about it? Do they agree? Because then the problem is more serious than I thought.

    I have no idea if that’s illegal in Colombia, if it is, then nobody cares about breaking that law. 😀

    Haha, this post has pretty fun comments. And the idiot who laughts at them in the end.

    sulz: well, like the other countries which still ban oral sex, it’s not enforced. also, the health minister expose was a breach of his privacy so hopefully nobody will be charged under that. *cross fingers*

    and yeah, sometimes malaysian don’t care about breaking the law too. 😛

  27. An Aussie band/children’s show. I thought they were a little ridiculous, but everyone knows them here.

  28. Oh I know what the wiggles is. I’m in the US and I know what the wiggles is. I just can’t believe they were banned somewhere. Kids love them and learn a lot from them.

  29. A great Canadian once said: The State has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.

    That was back in the 1960s, btw, and it’s as true today as it was then.

    sulz: true! sad!

  30. I’m not surprised this came from the IPC. Anyway, how exactly can any country enforce this law? I mean, unless someone videotapes you having oral sex, there is nothing to support any such accusation. And videotaping someone having sex is a breach of privacy, and as such a punishable offence in itself.

    sulz: exactly as you’ve said. which is why i’m dumbfounded at this law; not only is it redundant, it is also making something many people practise and think of as natural and part of a healthy sex life as something wrong and illegal!

  31. Which is strange considering that humanity has been engaging in oral sex since ancient times. Hence the choices of the Romans and the Greeks for tasteful decor and the subjects of some of their poetry. Many of their members engaged in pederasty as well which was encouraged and some consider that a rite of passage, especially for males.

    sulz: pederasty? having sex on pedestals? 😛

  32. Pederasty is actually this, related to same-sex:

    sulz: ooh, boy love. i know that!

  33. Which is still a popular subject in comics today even if there are homophobes around, but it’s usually with pairings that are of similar ages.

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