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Up Close & Personal

In a bit of a blogging block now, and since Durian has lent me his camera again, I decided to show off my terrifically atrocious camera skills. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This is the bruise on my arm after donating blood yesterday. I’m a freaking masochist, I love to touch bruises. The pain is so delicious, I tell you. I’m serious. There was once when I got a bruise and I can’t remember how I got it. But I punched my other arm at almost the same location so I would get a matching bruise. I know, I’m crazy. Even crazier is today, when I went up to my unsuspecting classmates and told them to press my bruise. When they did, I yelped very loudly, held my arm protectively and glared at them. Not because it hurt, but because I was being stupid.

That is my left hand. I think it looks fat here. It is actually very small; my fingers cannot play notes over an octave on the piano. I don’t like how it looks here, but I like my hands. They are small and cute and will fit into any guy’s hand.

This is my left palm. It looks better than the back of my left hand. As I’ve said, my hands are small, but they’re not yours, they are my own. As the song by Jewel goes. I like the look of my palm here.

This is a picture of my left hand doing something very freakish. If you can do it, then maybe it’s not so freakish. But it looks freakish, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it??

This is my right knee and my love-shaped birthmark. Dee used to tease me when I was a kid, saying that he had it tattooed. I love it. The birthmark, not Dee’s nonsense about tattoo.

These are my feet. They are wide and small. Size 5 to 5 1/2. Often tortured by my fashion choices. I always say, we must suffer for fashion! Even when I’m hobbling. Told ja I’m a masochist. Anyway, my feet look tubby here.

This is the outside of my room. I’m going to take you to a grand tour of my room. None of my friends have ever seen my room. I mean it, no one, ever. It’s very simple and blue, like me.

Okay, we’re going into my room now. See that mark above the latch of my sliding door? It’s a sticker that says sulz! You can’t see it but I’m telling the truth, don’t worry. Okay, going in now…

On the left is my drop-leaf table which I never use. After that is my full-length mirror where I camwhore most of the time and poke my pimples. Haha, I know, I’m gross right? Then there’s my closet, where I have lots of black clothes and black undies and black t-shirts. I’ve stopped buying black already. Honest.

Those are my blue walls, which I roped some guy friends into painting for me 7 years ago and treated them to pizza. Those blue curtains are even older, and they hide really grimy windows. I know, I’m gross and filthy. Good thing I’m not related to you, huh? And then we have my queen-size bed which I can feel the springs because I keep stepping on my mattress to get to the cabinets above my bed, which are not visible in this picture. I keep all my junk in those cabinets, along with my books. Anyway, my bed. It’s my sanctuary. I shed so much tears here. And thought lots of thoughts; some of which I turned into blog posts. And yes, I never make my bed. Gross, filthy AND untidy. I’m never going to make a good wife.

Looking at the pictures, I feel it does not do any justice to the real thing because it looks much better. Well, I did say I have atrocious camera skills. Which I am perfectly proud of nonetheless!

See, told you I’m getting up close and personal.

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  1. Yay I’ve seen your room now! πŸ™‚ You made the tour very entertaining.

    sulz: thank you! well, i have to make up for it being so small. and gross and filthy and untidy. haha! :mrgreen:

  2. OMFG, all that skin show in the first two pictures got me excited big time! I was expecting..uhmm don’t even make me say that. πŸ˜›

    And you totally destroyed it with that freaky picture of your hand doing something weird. That’s actually scary. Are you sure you’ve got all the bones in the right places in that hand? Please tell me you’re not a corpse from one of those Resident Evil kinda movies. Good to know the nail on the fifth toe is alive. That’s something that tells one cares for their feet. Most people have it looking all awful and stuff. Such people should wear boots full time, if I was asked.

    Your room is cool, and omg I wish I had that bed. I love my room but the only thing that I hate in it is my single bed. I love moving when I sleep so a single bed doesn’t work as well as a double one does. Do I get to sleep on your bed sometime. You can sleep with me, I don’t have any issues with that. πŸ˜› But don’t do that scary hand trick because I don’t wanna die while I’m having a sexy dream and suddenly I wake up to see that. No way. πŸ˜›

    Did I tell you I lurve filthy chicks? If we get married, we’ll have the dirtiest room EVER. πŸ˜€

    sulz: pervvvvvvvvv! *slaps your wrist* :mrgreen: haha, see i know my hands are freaky. after all that skin, you think i’m a corpse?? i don’t know about caring for my feet ‘cos i said i do put them through real torture sometimes when i wear ill-fitting shoes to suffer for fashion!

    heh, you’ll get a bed that size one day. and honestly, you don’t want to sleep on that bed. only i know which spots to lie onto so i won’t feel the springs!

  3. The first pic was scary. Especially with the odd lighting. I thought you got bitten by a vampire or something. And that picture of your hand doing acrobatics is just freaky. Now I’m sure you were bitten by a vampire. Nice room by the way. My room is much messier. Even has a broken bed.

    sulz: well, my blood was sucked out of me so yeah in a way i was ‘bitten by a vampire,’ haha! yeap, that’s me, freaky. πŸ˜›

    how do you sleep on a broken bed??

  4. Sulz,

    I like that heart shaped birth mark πŸ˜‰ I’m sure the guys find it to be very cute, no?

    And that “sulz” sticker on your door is cool. I should do something like that too. Heh.

    sulz: sigh, i wish, ruhi! no guy has ever actually told me my birthmark is cute. but i do think so too! πŸ˜‰

    haha, can you see it? well, that’s my only secret reference to this blog!

  5. Nice – we finally see Sulz feet! Hawt! πŸ™‚ Watch, that will be like your top post now. I had to learn to appreciate Asian feet when Amy was pregnant with Randy. I’ve learned to see beauty where once was just…..well, feet.

    That’s hysterical about the trick you played with your bruise. I always bruise up from giving blood too. I gotta use that one next time.

    sulz: they are not! really… i don’t see anything special about ’em. i’m glad they’re very normal, though, all ten toes on them. and of course your wife’s feet are pretty… they are your wife’s. πŸ˜‰

    i love donating blood. i really must do this more often. and i shall play my stupid game the next time too, haha!

  6. You PUNCH yourself so your bruises match? Have you ever tried looking for a boyfriend in the Emo community? You’d be awfully popular!

    I can do that with my hands, too: the right hand is better than the left, though. Are you ‘handed’ when it comes to freaky knuckle bending, or ambidextrous?

    sulz: i know i’ll be a hit if i live in north america or europe. πŸ˜‰ i can do that with both my hands. what do you mean ‘handed’? and nope, not ambidextrous – i wish!

  7. I mean, is one of your hands bendier than the other? My right is much more mutant-looking than the left, which doesn’t bend nearly as spectacularly.

    sulz: nope, both my hands can do that just the same. i can bend my knuckles in such a way that i can hear the bones go prrk when i put my finger next to my ear. haha!

  8. pls include your house address and nama jalan in your next entry yah? also don’t forget profiles of your family members too… (and if possible, pls include your bank account details as well) ta! πŸ˜›

    sulz: sampat! don’t want to see then don’t comment lah!

  9. sulz: nope, both my hands can do that just the same. i can bend my knuckles in such a way that i can hear the bones go prrk when i put my finger next to my ear. haha!

    Eww! Stop it Sulz you’re making me sick now. 😐

    I have two friends and we sit on the same bench in the physics class and they both can do things with their hands. When I’m sitting in between, they start competing to see who does the weirder stuff. Ugh, it’s disgusting. Why can’t you let your hands be for God’s sake?

    sulz: rotflmao… but my hands are like that! it’s not like i trained them to be freaky. they just are. i can’t do stuff with my hands, though. the only thing i’m good at with my hands are writing and typing.

  10. “sampat! don’t want to see then don’t comment lah!”

    ?? sorry.. tak paham. ?

    sulz: it’s okay, i don’t get your friendly sarcasm either in the earlier comment. πŸ™‚

  11. ROFL! You know for someone who has blogger’s block, sulz, you always come up with interesting posts. I’d never have thought of doing a photo tour but it’s perfect. Fun – and a bit freaky. You can really do that with your fingers? You should put it on YouTube. You could be the next Chris Crocker. 😯

    Your room’s not that messy, btw. I’ve seen (and been in) much worse. I make a big deal out of keeping my place clean as it’s my sanctuary but I don’t like doing it much… I always seem to misplace things. When everything’s on the floor, I know where it is; when I put it away, I’ll be lucky if I ever find it again.

    I was hoping we might see a photo of your computer, or all your books, but oh well – next time, eh? πŸ™‚

    sulz: haha, i was inspired by crazyasuka who put up pictures of her bedroom actually; i feed on other people’s ideas. πŸ˜› okay, i’m freaky, but nowhere as freaky as chris crocker!

    you know why it’s not that messy? ‘cos i dumped all the junk into the closet for photo-taking. :mrgreen: my computer’s downstairs in the living room, actually. and my books are in the cabinets which were not in view of the camera. maybe in my next blogging block. πŸ˜‰

  12. Well, I like the blue color of your room. And I very much like the idea of getting boys to do the same for me. Don’t mind treating a pizza to them. πŸ˜‰

    sulz: haha! if you put your mind to it, i’m sure you can round up some boys to paint your room. πŸ˜‰ otherwise, just ask ish, the perv. he’d do it for free! :mrgreen:

  13. lovelyloey said:

    Yay you donated blood!
    Aiyah, but whoever attended to you had no skill; I never had bruises from donation. Or it could also be you didn’t press on your hole hard enough after they pull out the needle. 😦

    sulz: yes, yay! i love donating blood. i don’t get woozy after it. but maybe cos i only donated 350ml. 😦 next time i’m going to persuade the doctor to write 400ml.

    i don’t care, told you i love bruises! this time one isn’t as big or bad as my first time though, which is sad in my books, haha.


  14. Oh my… what an errrrrrrrrr… interesting post πŸ™‚

    Freaky hand gymnastics you have there.

    I’m thinking of ripping the legs off my “bed”. Hah, bed is a generous description. It’s a mattress on legs. It would be so bad except there’s a huge area where the springs have popped. So I sleep in a huge depression.

    sulz: haha, interesting is good, right? πŸ˜‰ i know, but that’s the only special thing i can do with my hand, haha.

    well, it can be quite nice sleeping so near the ground ‘cos you’ll never worry about falling off… too far. πŸ˜› but if there are bugs around… eeps!

  15. There are bricks and newspapers and stuff holding up my bed.

    sulz: ah, okay. be careful! best to get a new bed, really. πŸ™‚

    ps. sorry i didn’t say hi back in meebo just now. i forgot to change my status because i was away from the computer. ;(

  16. You are a genius, someone here will not let me swear but you are a f****** genius!!!!!!!

    sulz: hahaha, wow! thank you for the awesome compliment! πŸ˜€ (though i’m not sure what exactly did i do that is so brilliant… πŸ˜› )

    and who wouldn’t allow you to swear? πŸ˜‰

  17. Creative, again Sulz. You always amaze me! The bruise thing wowed me, you made it all fun. Very kewl.

    sulz: wow, thank you! me, amazing, haha! people usually look at me weird when i say i like bruises. πŸ˜›

  18. You practicing on your standup comedy routine? πŸ˜‰

    sulz: huh? where?

  19. I thought following on from your previous post with this one was a stroke of genius. If you have not planned the sequence of your posts then it is truly amazing as they seem to flow into each other.
    My son and I swear when his dad is not around, especially in the wee small hours when we are working on our laptops, but it seems much worse in writing coming from a fifty something woman than from a younger person where it is part of the vernacular. [not sure if that is the right term, it is a looooonngg time since school days].
    It just seemed to fit the feeling I had about the way you have slowly revealed parts of yourself in written form and also through the photographic medium. If this isn’t all a long term strategy for your blog you are even more of a genius as it just is brilliant and quirky. Anyway I will stop usurping my son’s blog mates and leave you all to discover what lies beneanth the various personas. I will however be reading and enjoying.

    sulz: ah, i see. i’m afraid i did not plan them as such! as i said earlier, i felt like i wanted to blog but had no specific topic, so i thought why not the bruise on my arm, then it went on and on… πŸ˜›

    hah, my whole family swears, even the parents! i’ve sworn in front of them, though i do get told off if they thought the situation wasn’t that severe to warrant cussing. :mrgreen:

    gosh, thank you for your incredibly sincere compliment. 😳 and don’t stop, i think it’s cool that you and your son like my blog! (and i hardly use the word cool, so when i do, it really is cool! πŸ˜‰ )

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  21. I love the fact you’re simple and blue. πŸ˜‰

    Suzy x

    sulz: hehe, thank you! πŸ˜€

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