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Don’t know if you noticed, but my blog seems rather distant and neglected of late. (Even the comments are far and few in between. 😦 ) That’s because I lost my Internet connection – entirely my own fault and paid heavily for – and I took the opportunity of being Internetless to accept my friend’s long-time invitation to her hometown of Malacca.

I ate like a pig there! Until I got constipated even, haha. Now I know why my dear friend complains about the food in KL. Honestly, Malaccan cuisine is the bomb! Satay celup, satay babi, chicken rice balls, nyonya cuisine… I probably gained some weight, but nothing too noticeable without the scales. No matter, because I’m so freaking broke from shopping (and that daylight robbery of a computer repair) that I am officially not buying anything except out of necessity until I have finished my last semester!

So anyway, from the famous Jonker Walk in Malacca I bought:

1. T-shirt RM30
2. Another T-shirt RM25 – it says absofuckinglutely single! (my classmates love it, and maybe that’s why I was close to getting picked up for that)
3. Cow-shaped magnet that says: milk is thicker than water RM7
4. Keychains – one cow and one cat for myself and Angel RM10
5. Bookmarks RM9
6. Shorts RM10

And before I went to Malacca, I bought these from Petaling Street (Chinatown):

1. Small handbag RM30
2. T-shirt RM7.50
3. Flip-flops RM10
4. Black off-shoulder top with poofy sleeves RM49

So, my week offline was probably a good change, an interesting experience and an expensive lesson. That said, I am so very glad I’m online again. I enjoyed my offline times, but it certainly made me appreciate my online times more. Unfortunately, one week off the net seems like a long time to be so, because I feel so out of touch with you readers! I wonder how are you doing…

Really miss you lah.

ps. Tomorrow I shall show you the first handwritten valentine from me!

Comments on: "Back for good… cross fingers!" (13)

  1. Did I get a T-Shirt? Hm? T-Shirt?

    sulz: haha, i could give you the RM7.50 one from Chinatown! or better still, you could get a handwritten valentine from me… *ahem* 😛

  2. When we got married in Hong Kong in 1995 my wife and I headed straight to the airport, took a flight to KL, overnight there at the Istana, then min-bus north to take a boat upriver to Taman Negara – eight days of heaven. On the way back we stopped for a night in Malacca. I’ll always remember the laid-back atmosphere, the mixture of architectural styles, and of course the food. You’re lucky to live so close.

    sulz: oh, you’ve been to malaysia! i’m glad you loved your stay here. yes, i am! i plan to visit malacca again at the end of this year, bringing along my shopping-crazy friend with me. 😛

  3. For someone who’s been away for a week, your blog doesn’t seem that neglected, sulz! You’ve posted 5 days this week and defended yourself in a blog war. I’d call that a pretty normal week. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your Internet connection, though; sounds like an expensive mistake to have to learn but I guess better now than later… Malacca sounds like a wonderful place, though, so you gained a lot more than you lost in the end. And perhaps found some new ideas for blogging too? Breaks have a funny way of doing that. 😉

    Btw, will we ever get to see your bookmark collection? I’m curious to see how many you’ve got now and where you keep them! I’m up to 40 now and I’m already running out of room.

    sulz: haha, you can take sulz out of the internet, but you can’t take the internet out of sulz! :mrgreen: those posts were of course pre-published and actually they were not exactly ‘fresh’ content because I wrote it a few weeks back but didn’t publish it because I thought the posts during that time seemed pretty depressing already!

    i believe in karma. i’m going to win 10 million dollars, you’ll see. 😉 hmm, sadly no blogging ideas came from my trip to malacca! chinatown did the trick, though, haha.

  4. Ohhh you’re back!!!

    It sucks to be internetless, glad to see you posting again.

    I don’t know anything about Malacca, but it seems like you enjoyed it despite everything that happened and all the food and the constipation. 😛

    sulz: yes it totally sucks that i have to rely on the internet in my college ‘cos it wasn’t enough for my usual internet fix! haha.

    come down to malaysia one day, you’ll love it. you might hate the hot weather, but you’ll love everything else about it.

    well, maybe not the toilets… haha! 😛

  5. Oh, that’s what it was! I’m glad you had a wonderful trip, sulz! Your blog hasn’t seemed quite like you for a few posts. I know you wrote them, but they had a sort of different tone, or something; they weren’t quite fresh. And you are usually very fresh, sulz 😉
    Maybe that’s what people were sensing, and why they didn’t comment as much (including me).
    Yum, I love satay. I’ll have to visit Malacca after I visit you on my fantasy world cruise.
    Your purchases don’t seem too, too extravagant. All things you will use. And, boy do I know what being cut off from da blog an’ da internet is like! Whew! I sympathise with you there, and I’m sorry about the cash going towards that. Really glad you’re back, well traveled, well fed, and feisty as ever. 😀

    sulz: yeah, it felt like that to me too! interesting how a blog can have a feel like that.

    oh, you had satay before? where? seriously, only satay in malaysia tastes awesome. usually you get the chicken, beef or mutton kinds anywhere here, but only in malacca (i think) can you get pork satay. yum.

    haha feisty… yes i can be that sometimes! 😛

  6. I noticed you weren’t quite here. Especially on the off-topic forum. Countless threads without a post. I noticed it today as usually the “lips” kind of stick out. It’s so funny you mention it because I kind of came here to see where you’ve been?

    So, this t-shirt has taken on monumental proportions in your life it seems! 🙂

    Two posts and two gratuitous plugs for it? This must be some t-shirt, which suggests you have quality taste in t-shirts, so I’m with dissfunktional on this one, fo’ shizle (that’s right, I just busted out a “fo’ shizzle” for no apparent reason….which I find amusing to do).

    Also wanted to say “rock on” for getting sort of hit on the other day. See – it’s the t-shirt! I need a t-shirt like that!!!! No wait….I don’t…..but I’d like to imagine having a t-shirt like that, so if you’d be so kind as to allow me to live vicariously through you for a moment……no wait, I promised the therapist I’d quit doing that.


    Glad to have you back buddy!

    sulz: and i’m bloody glad to be too! 😀 of course i have quality taste in t-shirts… ohmygod, you just inspired me to do a blog post about my t-shirts! awesome!!

    haha, i think i exaggerated lah, ‘cos i think it was my friend he was hitting on. after all, he did most of the talking to her (though that’s because he wanted to borrow her KFC discount card, haha!). i wish my life is aa little more exciting… in a good way!

  7. That’s what I’m here for, buddy. Actually, it was my turn to pass the kharma on.

    Dissfunktional totally inspired me out of the blue yesterday to post about Barbaro’s death (one of my favorite horses).

    I come here today and inspire you to post about your t-shirts.

    See how the universe works? There’s good energy in the air tonight. Of course now that I’ve said the words “in the air tonight”, I’m totally doing the drum solo from the Phil Collins song of the same name in my head.

    sulz: i sure hope i could inspire someone else soon! 😉 paying it forward is such a wonderful concept.

  8. Glad to have you back Sulz! I did notice that you weren’t replying to comments as quickly as you would earlier. So yep, good thing you’re back. I’m sorry if this sounds lame but I’m out of inspiration, genuinely.

    Looking forward to the handwritten valentine though, I hope it’s gonna be for me! 😀

    sulz: yeah, not only was i replying to comments slower, but it didn’t feel as right… like replying a friend’s letter one month after it came. 😐 it’s not lame, it’s sincere!

    hehe, it’s not but don’t worry, yours will come soon and i hope you’ll like it. it’s cute, like you. 😛

  9. Being without an Internet connection does reek of extreme suckiness does it not? Anyway, I haven’t been to Melaka in ages! But I remembered getting my Mum something from there (a necklace which she has still kept) and eating Campbells seafood soup since we stayed at a hotel that had a view of a beach nearby. Yes, my memory is that bad 😀

    sulz: oh, i can’t believe i forgot to mention the sea! even though i could only see that when we’re on the road, the view was amazing… you have to visit malacca the next time you come back here, yeah? 😉

    and yes, it sucks to be involuntarily offline! 👿

  10. Oi, cute like me! Now I wanna see that soon. 😀

    sulz: very cute, even i like it myself. and all the girls who will see it. 😛

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