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Kstafford‘s comment inspired this post!

Now, being someone who enjoys shopping, of course I’d be a clotheshorse if I have all the money in the world. That said, with what I have from part-time jobs, I like to spend them on t-shirts with witty sayings or interesting prints. I only have 11 so far, seeing as I can’t afford the more expensive ones, and I can’t shop all the time.

If you’re looking for witty t-shirts to buy

This is for witty tech support t-shirts

This is a Body Glove t-shirt I bought together with Angel (same t-shirt) because there was a promotion: 2 t-shirts for RM46. So it’s quite a good buy for RM23. I like the print; this was my absolute favourite for a long time back then.

This is a no-brand t-shirt I bought at Sungei Wang Plaza, which is a mall in KL where you can buy nice-looking stuff (if you look hard enough) for half the price of branded goods. I think I bought this for RM15 or RM20. I like the Chinese motif.

This is a Baleno t-shirt I bought for RM40. One of the most expensive t-shirts I ever bought, if not the most expensive. And that was after discount some more! (Original price was RM50! That’s like USD$15 for one freaking t-shirt.) I just couldn’t resist the cute cube cartoon. It’s a joint venture with Coca-Cola or something too, hence the pricy price.

This is another Sungei Wang t-shirt, RM15. It says Music Pirate. What I like is the unintentional reference to the rampant phenomenon of piracy in my country. We get pirated CDs and DVDs very easily despite the authorities attempt to wipe it out.

Another Sungei Wang t-shirt for RM15. It imitates the eye vision test chart; inside the chart it says U don’t know me and u don’t know my style. Visually plain, conceptually full of attitude without being in your face.

Yet another Sungei Wang t-shirt for RM15. Yes, I do my biannual pilgrimage there for these t-shirts. It says We’re not gossiping, we’re networking.

Ah, yet another Sungei Wang t-shirt for RM15! This is one of my recent favourites. It says, Like I Need Your Approval above a picture of a sulky-looking girl. Attitude!

You know where I got this from and for how much. It says Same Shit, Different Day. Also lots of attitude.

This is the t-shirt I bought from Petaling Street, Chinatown. I don’t think I’ll wear this because it’s very transparent. You can see the hanger through the cheap thin pesudo-cotton material! And since all my bras are black (I know, I’m so boring) I can’t wear this!

This is a t-shirt (brand: Orang Utan) I bought from my recent trip to Malacca for RM30. Apparently it’s hand-painted (which doesn’t seem like it, but what do I know about these things). I don’t really fancy the print but I love the message. It reads: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brother hood (+ sisterhood!) – Article 1 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

And of course, this is my new favourite t-shirt, which I also bought from Malacca at Jonker Street, for RM25. It says absofuckinglutely single! I’d like to wear it more often than I dare to because I have to think if I’m going to meet anyone who might be offended with the curse word. I haven’t sent it for washing yet so I don’t know what M will think about it. Strangely, she didn’t disapprove of my Same Shit Different Day t-shirt, which I initially thought she might. Anyway, I bought the t-shirt already, too late to disapprove, muahaha!

So, which is your favourite? 😉


ps. Next post will show my next handwritten valentine! Whose will it be, I wonder?

Comments on: "(Witty) T-shirts Makes Me Tingle" (13)

  1. Wow – I really did inspire you! 🙂

    I love the reference to being a “clotheshorse.”
    I can see why the new favorite t-shirt is attention worthy. The lettering makes it stick out, plus I’ve always thought asian women look best in black clothing. I don’t know why that is, just an observation I’ve noticed.

    I love girls that are into a more casual style. Girls that can look cute rocking t-shirts and shorts or sweat pants are the absolute bomb. Such a refreshing change from the platic looking over accessorized types we see so much of. So much more “real.”

    sulz: i told ja! 😉 haha, that was especially for you!

    yes, i look awesome in black! :mrgreen: but actually, i like to dress up too. i vary between days where i don’t dress up at all (these t-shirts come in real handy then) and day where i am probably too overdressed for college! haha.

  2. Wow, nice collection! I love the music pirate one, and the sign language one too. Pity you’re not gonna wear it though.

    I don’t have many witty t-shirts. I don’t have any t-shirts actually. I don’t like shopping and buying clothes. I can wear the same clothes all week. Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna become another Steve Jobs (He’s Apple’s CEO and always wears a black t-shirt and blue jeans, I wonder how many pairs of them he’s got).

    But hey, I do have one which says “Fully Screwed” and it’s got a screw starting of the front and ending on the back. It’s MTV, what more can you expect from them anyway. 😛

    Here’s a picture of it I took right now. Nevermind the creases, haven’t ironed it. :

    I used to have a classmate who had this t-shirt which said “I was born intelligent but education ruined me”. I know that is fairly common but the times at which the guy would wear this t-shirt was amazing. He’d always wear it during the parent-teacher meetings at school. And somehow I always got to witness his mother slapping him in front of the teacher. Funny days those were. Now I don’t even go to parent-teacher meetings because of the fear that I’ll have to hear “things”.

    Ooh ooh, next greeting is gonna be me! me! me! Haha okay, that’s enough over-enthusiasm for the day.

    sulz: you know, i never liked the colour brown until i bought the music pirate t-shirt. for me, if i really like something, i could wear it every day until it wears out! i do that sometimes – wear the same outfit more than once if i’m going to a different place and would be sure not to bump into people who has previously seen me wearing it. 😛

    haha, nice one you have, a girl definitely can’t wear that! 😉 and your friend has a death wish sense of humour to do that!

    i think i’m going to disappoint you there ish… but trust me, it’s worth the wait! 🙂

  3. lovelyloey said:

    I love the absofuckinglutely single one. So attitude.
    Hmm. I have a plain t-shirt. I have fabric paint. I have a printer to make paper stencils.

    sulz: hehe, i thought you would. 😉 i have to go back to that stall again. they have another that says girlfriends are forever, boyfriends are whatever. :mrgreen:

    you don’t need stencils! go freeflow with your handwriting, it’s good enough for your t-shirt i’m sure. looks better homemade too.

  4. I’m thinking of making my own T-shirts, but we need the transfer and we have everything planned out as a part of our “project” between my sister and myself. But that’s not all we’re stopping at.

    sulz: what else does your ambitious plans include? 🙂 and you didn’t say which was your favourite!

  5. Yeah, I’ve worn that shirt to a couple of places but the fitting isn’t great. It’s too huge. Maybe if I start going to the gym, I’ll fit into it someday. That friend of mine was a daredevil anyway. He used to do crazy things ALL the time. All the teachers were frustrated with him but he was the entertainer of the class, definitely. Him and his good friend. How well I remember those days! We used to toss coins in our Physics class to annoy our physics teacher. Well, I did it to annoy her, many other guys did it to merely attract her attention. She was hot and all. 😛

    I believe a girl can wear that T-shirt, but yea only if she’s confident enough to carry it off, y’know.

    And Okay, I’ll wait for my valentine, guess it’s the best of the lot so it’s gonna come at the end. 😀

    sulz: will you be showing more pictures of yourself if you’re all buffed up? 😉 guys have better luck when it comes to hot-looking teachers since most teachers are female – not fair!

    no way, which girl would wear a t-shirt that says fully screwed? the connotations!!

    oh, yours is really cute, that’s all i can say. 😛

  6. Here’s my dilemma.

    I’m looking at a selection of t-shirts that are all boxy styled men’s t-shirts. I’m sorry but I only wear fitted t-shirts with necklines and sleeves styled for women.

    Worse still I’m looking a selection of t-shirts that all have slogans on them. I don’t digg the slogans and I don’t wear t-shirts with slogans on them.

    However, I do not want to be a wet blanket so, if I did suck it up and wear a man’s style t-shirt with a front side slogan then this is what it would say:

    “Brains And Boobs. The Best Of Both Worlds” 😀

    sulz: well, i’m not thin like you and i don’t fit most of the fitted shirts sold around here. that’s a nice slogan but you don’t have to suck it up for me.

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  8. Hi again sulz,
    This is a catch up on blog comments day for me and I see that once again you have called me skinny. I have the same measurements as Angelina Jolie so if you don’t think she’s skinny then you can assure you that I’m not either … 😀

    sulz: well, actually the word i used was thin, not skinny. if it bothers you, i can call you shapely, or whatever’s the opposite of my shape!

  9. OOPS! I said “skinny” when I meant to say “thin”. I’m shapely and that’s for sure. 🙂

  10. Sulz, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for the pictures I’ve seen of you… you’re hot!!

    sulz: eh, you’ve seen me before?? someone’s hiding behind a new nick… reveal yourself!

  11. You want me to reveal myself? sure, I’m Oleek!

    sulz: is that supposed to ring a bell? 😕

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  13. 1. Thanks for the great post keep up the amazing work.

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