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Weighty Issues On My Mind

A couple of my classmates who are a little on the fat side – oh what the hell, are fat, has taken to dieting to shed the excess pounds. One classmate, who I am not so close to, is not exercising (I think) but is slowly controlling her food intake. Her strategy so far is to simply not eat suppers or as little as she can for dinner, and smaller portions than she used to for other meals. Smaller, but still a reasonable portion. I think it’s a good way to start; she’s not too ambitious but at the same time is making a pretty big change from her past eating habits. She’s still fat, but you can see the difference. I must say she looks pretty good too.

The other classmate is making her diet plan the biggest project in her life at the moment. She buys expensive low-fat food (but she can afford it), consults her calorie counter websites like a pious man reads his bible, starts to cook her own meals, plans her meals every day, measures her food in grams to stick to her 1000-calorie daily plan, records every piece of morsel she puts into her mouth in her food diary, starts going to the gym, the whole nine yards. There are results, definitely, for her dedication in losing weight. She too looks fabulous.

I’m happy for both my friends that they’re doing something about their weight (which are causing them some health problems), but Diet Girl is starting to drive me crazy! Is it just me, or measuring your food a tad too obsessive about your diet?? I’m all for eating healthier – God knows I should too myself – but damn…

It’s not much fun going out for meals with someone who’s dieting. You have to select restaurants very carefully to make sure there’s something on the menu that’s suitable for her. It’s already hard enough to select a restaurant when nobody’s dieting, because you’ve got to think of everyone’s budget and eating tastes. Add a dieting person to the list and your choice of restaurants are down to just a handful.

Then there’s that sour-taste-in-your-mouth factor when you do select a restaurant with great food that suits everybody’s tastes but you don’t feel as good because while everybody is having fun, enjoying their food heartily, there’s one person eating boiled broccoli, raw carrot sticks and baked potato. Kinda like going to a theme park with the most amazing roller-coasters with a friend who’s afraid of heights. Even though your friend doesn’t mind tagging along, you still feel bad for choosing something that it seems she can’t enjoy…

Well, she probably doesn’t really mind in actual fact, because she’s determined to stick to her diet this time after many unsuccessful attempts. She also said one gets used to eating this way, and she feels healthier right now; not as tired or sleepy or sick so easily. How does she do it, really? Doesn’t she have hunger pangs eating just 1000 calories a day?? She does have days where she doesn’t stick to her diet – weekends and special occasions, mostly, days which she refers to as ‘cheats.’ That word kinda bothers me because if she eats normally on those days and is thought of as ‘cheating,’ what about the rest of us on a normal 2000-calorie lifestyle? Okay, she’s different, she has a diet to stick to to lose excess weight, but still… ‘cheat’?

On one hand, as I said earlier, I do feel happy for them that they’re trying to do something about their weight. On the other hand, Diet Girl is driving me crazy not just because of her ways of going about dieting, but also she makes me feel guilty for eating whatever I eat. I guess I’m jealous that she has more willpower than me, bah.

I know those of you who’ve seen my pictures insist that I’m not fat. However, my BMI is a little over 23, and apparently anything over 23 is considered overweight for Asians. That said, I do understand that BMI isn’t necessarily the only standard to judge yourself physically. I know myself best, and I know that I weigh what I weigh now is not because of fat genes (though I definitely know that I don’t have a high metabolism!) or is mere puppy fat, but because of what I eat and the way I eat sometimes.

I’m not exactly satisfied with the way I look, but what I have now, some of them looks alright to me. I may have flabby tummy and shoulders, but nothing some good fashion tips won’t be able to fix. I love my boobs, disproportionate as they are and though I wouldn’t mind them being slightly bigger. (How awesome if I could shift my tummy fat to my boobs!) I’m not satisfied, but I’m not beating myself up about my fatness the way I used to. Can you believe that when I was 14, I felt I was fat, when I really was not, because my waistline is bigger now. I actually have less issues about my body now than I did as a 14-year-old.

But I guess I should start doing something about my weight too…

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m too fucking lazy!

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  1. I think that going overboard with dieting doesn’t last. I mean, how long can one continue to live like that?
    I am not fat, but nor am I thin and at times I feel I should eat less. But mostly I don’t bother. But I do try to stop eating when I’m full! 🙂

    sulz: i know, and she said she plans to continue her diet after her target weight because no poin putting her body through the way she ate before. but maybe if she’s used to it she could do it?

    see, that’s a tricky bit when good food is around and you think you still have room for more. 😛 especially buffets! not that i go to those often!

  2. If anyone should be on a diet it’s me, and I plan on doing it, but I’m not going to sit down and count every calorie in every meal; or eat tofu morning day and night. I’m all for the thiner healthier me, but it sickens me the way society has pushed us to such extremes measures to reach an unachievable perception of beauty and health.

    sulz: yup, exactly. i think health should be the goal, not your waistline. but i’ve got to give her credit, both girls are definitely eating more healthily, even if one girl goes about her diet a little more determinedly than the rest of us!

  3. I need to diet as well. I do really good when I stay away from carbs and sugars and just eat meat, fruit, and veggies.

    I think it’s natural to not be satisfied with how you look, and it’s good to hear this doesn’t overwhelm your thoughts.

    Speaking of which, I need to get my arse on the treadmill.

    sulz: but pasta is so good… 😛 you go man, kstafford! work that thang out. :mrgreen:

  4. exercise works! 😛


    disproportionate boobs?

    got sample ah? i’ve never heard of anything like it in my life. naive mah…

    sulz: as i said, i’m too fucking lazy. and what do you mean by sample? wah, that question borders on indecency…

  5. eh eh, what are you thinking? no need not be naked to show disproportionate boobs what, no? -.-‘

    sulz: then exactly how do you show disproportionate boobs if the term is not clear enough?? 😕

    cda expert wor you, heh.

  6. Serious things first. As depressing as it seems carefully measuring food for an individual that has problems with their weight is one of the few proven ways you can take off and keep off weight. Though your friend is correct in taking weekends off. If you watch what you eat the other five days, your stomach shrinks and you simply cannot eat as much on the weekends without your body telling you that you are over-doing it. Second, the world is unkind and unjust towards women when it comes to their bodyfat. At one time in history, Rubenesque was the preferred fashion traits in choosing women. (I have read where it was thought that Cleopatra was a Rubenesque goddess and not the pencil thin individual she is portrayed as in the media.) For some time now the world has decided that women should be warped imaged stick figures like Twiggy and Kate Moss. Sorry to all those stick figures, but that ain’t human. Too thin is even less attractive, at least to me, than way overweight.

    Now for the more sordid side, disproportionate boobs! That is human. Still there are disproportionate and then there are DISPROPORTIONATE BOOBS. And going back to your muse on men and sex; I can say this follows along similar lines of thinking when it comes to men and women. And I can also say for every woman I have met that is turned off by, ahem…, DISPROPORTIONATE BOOBS, there are many more men that are just as turned on the more disproportionate they get. Actually that is also another injustice towards many women that seems to make many of them feel insecure. Still despite being the average crazy male whose eyes grow when encountering oversized boobs (I admit it, I am adolescent), I have run in to some that even I thought were too large for her body that was carrying them. When I was younger I once met a stripper named Casey James that was so large on top I so not know how she stayed standing much less danced and did her acrobatics on stage.

    sulz: that’s true, since she is getting slimmer.

    haha, okay maybe i’m nitpicking, but ’tis true all the same. 😛 and i think people in the sex industry are very fit, what with their plastic boobs and contortionist positions in certain uh, acts. :mrgreen:

  7. what has cda got to do with this ah?

    simple what. wear tight tight clothes. then can tell. right right?

    sulz: you can understand why i inferred that from what you said mah.

    hahaha, as if it were that easy to tell!

  8. Good on your classmates for doing something. I know a lot of people talk about dieting but never do it… it’s great that they’ve taken the first step.

    I’ve always been a bit cautious about dieting, though. I think it works for some people, but for others it always seems to get them down to their desired weight, but then they go up again like a yo-yo; that seems much unhealthier to me than staying at the one weight.

    I try to eat healthily and I don’t have too much of a problem with my weight… but then it’s easier for guys, isn’t it? It probably wouldn’t hurt me to do more though. I mean, there’s no such thing as being too healthy, right? 😉

    sulz: oh, means i’m bad ‘cos i’m too lazy? 😉 haha, i’m just teasing you. yeah, i’m worried about that – not that i could stick to a diet haha. i am thinking more of starting to exercise, and of course watching what i eat, but that’s about it.

    i don’t know… being too healthy sounds a tad bit obsessive! but then again, so does being too unhealthy, which is the direction i seem to be going, haha.

  9. Ms. Johnny said:

    Tadaaa! Suprise!

    To tell you the truth, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. Just that I have no guts to leave you any comments. But I’m coming out now to let you know that YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME! ‘Why no guts?’ you may ask. Well, I remember laaaaaaaast time when you keep asking me to blog about certain things in Friendster,I reply by asking why don’t YOU blog instead since your English is so much better. Your answer was a ‘NO’ with the so typical reasoning of no time.hehe. So when I first found out that you have a blog, I was not sure how to respond to you. I was not sure whether you want me to know that you have a blog or not, so I just kept quiet. Till that night when we went for Pizza Hut with Sesat that you tried to hint to me bout your blog,then only I realise that you wanted me to know bout your blog :D. Wanted to laugh so much at that time that I had to cramp my cheeck muscles,hehe I know silly me. Please don’t be mad at me. LOVE YOUR NEW SKIN!

    sulz: i had a feeling you knew about my blog because i accidentally sent you e-mails from the address where i put my blog’s url as a signature. i actually wanted to keep it secret, but at the same time, if anyone has to know about it, i’m glad it’s you. *hugs* and thanks for saying my blog is awesome. 🙂

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