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I’ve been tagged by Bharat, and since I’m such a self-absorbed bitch… :mrgreen:

And since I like to mix things up a bit, the following six facts are related to my nonexistent love life yet again. See previous related posts here and here.

1. I had a crush on… Ishmeet. 😳

2. I had a crush on… CJWriter. 😳

3. I like someone… in a romantic sense. (Not necessarily the two gentlemen mentioned above. 😉 )

4. A reader of my blog has romantic feelings for me.

5. The person I am romantically involved with is said blog reader.

6. I am technically available.

Yet another six more things you didn’t know about me. Or is it? I’ve added a false fact… or two. Or six.

Which is, or are, the false one(s)? You tell me! 😉

ps. Title of post refers to the fact that my lips are sealed and I will not reveal which fact or facts are indeed true or false. So let your imagination run wild!


I’ve updated the password-protected post which contains pictures of myself. If you’re a recent reader of this blog, you may want to find the hidden blog post and see how you can get the password. To those who have already received the password, the password remains the same. If you’ve forgotten the password, let me know.


Look at that cute kid. Don’t you want to see how she looks like now, all grown up? 😛

Comments on: "This Is All I’m Saying" (21)

  1. I’d say #6 is the false one.

    sulz: my lips are sealed, remember? 😉

  2. Sulz romantically involved with someone? Cool!

    I say No. 6 is false.

    Who’s the lucky guy?

    sulz: my lips are sealed!

  3. my lips are sealed, remember?

    yeah, okay. you could just e-mail the answer, I wont tell… I promise. 😉 seriously though, who’s this chap you’re romantically involved with, must get my approval before it goes any further. 😆

    sulz: haha, if i do that, i’d have to e-mail everybody else too! the whole point of this post is to make you guess and let your imagination run wild. :mrgreen:

  4. I know I know….. but you know how impatient I am. okay, second guess, #3?

    sulz: haha, guess the day away! i’m not telling. 😛

  5. From Me To You

    This letter is an official submission to the Your Life in Letters project.
    Dear Sulz,
    I was your best friend when we were 14 years old. Or at least that’s what I remember you told me. We were like two peas in a pod, inseparable and most of the ti…

  6. Wow, I’m flattered, sulz. Although of course I’m suspicious of #2. I reckon that’s the false one. Either way, I got an extra point on Technorati, so thanks! 🙂

    I’m thinking #6 might be false also. But that’s just a guess because of the “technically”, so could be wrong. Love the new photos, btw. The one with the book earrings is a nice shot and would you let up on the vampire smile? Sheesh!

    This whole post reminds me of playing knights and knaves at school. I sucked at making guesses then too. 😉

    sulz: haha. 😉 but ’tis true, it does look like a vampire. a bit. 😛

  7. lovelyloey said:

    I would say it #5. I don’t supposed #3 and #4 will collide so nicely. 😛 What strange logic!

    sulz: haha. i’d like to say something to that, but my lips are sealed. 😛

  8. My comment disappeared?

    Oh well…I thought #1 through #4 were logical. #3 and #5 seemingly contradict if not for the use of “not necessarily” in #3, which still leaves it possible.

    I’ll believe #6 as well based on some previous comments.

    sulz: haha, no it didn’t, you filled up the contact form instead. 😉 anyway, i thought your deduction is quite good, but that doesn’t mean i’m suggesting anything. 😀

  9. I read this post yesterday, didn’t know what to say. I still don’t, so there. Empty useless comment. 😛

    P.S. – The lameness of this comment doesn’t mean I didn’t do a little jig when I read #1. 😛

    sulz: haha! 🙂 it’s not empty or useless, okay.

  10. Oh, and yea, I forgot the password. 😳

    sulz: e-mailed to you already. 🙂

  11. Goodness, another ruse by you to get lots of hits! I see through you, muahaha! Nevertheless, I fell for it; clicked all the links; looked at all the pics.
    First, the pics: Glad we got some with teeth! You look very cute with teeth. Not much like a vampire at all. 😉
    Then, the six “facts”. You are very mean, you know, to do this to us. I still like you anyway. 🙂 #1 & #2: I believe both of these whether they’re “technically” true or not. Ish and cj are both such charming gentlemen it would be difficult not to have a crush on them.
    #s 3, 4, & 5: I have great hopes for your online romance, but, I don’t know how far you’ve gotten with that yet.
    And (#6) when you say you’re “technically” available, I’m guessing you mean you’re available through technology, online, until you meet up in real life….then we’ll see!
    The “Letter” was a good read. Very nice; poignant.

    sulz: haha, we’re all hit whores deep down inside, i’m just more… shameless about it. :mrgreen:

    haha, the way you said ‘cute with teeth,’ as if my teeth were some accessory!

    oh, i’m the big bad wolf today. 😉 hmm, what makes you think there is an online romance?

    thank you. 🙂 that is something i plan to write about soon, along with another post about my pre-u days that i promised some readers a few posts ago.

  12. Thanks for the e-mail, you’re pretty spontaneous. About the pics, I really loved #1 and the last one. You’ve got a really pretty smile, y’know. I actually love the dress you’re wearing in the last one and looking at that, you seriously need to stop thinking that you have some extra weight. You’re perfect, by my standards, you are. And trust me, I’ve got good standards. If you go any slimmer than that, you’re gonna be anorexic.

    And I never knew you wear glasses! They make you look err..serious. 😛

    sulz: i just happen to be online, trying to desperately finish my damn homework. 👿 that aside, thank you for the compliment! 🙂 i love that skirt. i know i’m going to sound like i’m making excuses, but i seriously think my mirror makes people slimmer. i’m serious! i mean, if you’re 56kg and your bmi says you’re overweight, and you do lead a sedentary life… imagine how i’d look if i were fitter. 😛

    haha, i look like a grandma i think!

  13. I’d say #6 is false.

    I’m too lazy to go post-searching. 😛

    sulz: haha, okay. i don’t mind, one less person not knowing how i look like! 😛

  14. Multiple silly comments with no linking words:

    1. Sulz is Always online! That’s why she was able to send you that email so fast Ish! She’s a bot!

    2. Fact by fact: Fact No. 1 is true. Fact No. 2 migh not be true, seems like a distracting factor for me. Not that she likes CJWriter any the less, but the romantic kind of crush goes more towards Ishmet. Romantic being the keyword which also makes Fact No. 3 true. Fact No. 4 is obviously true, and Fact No. 5 has also very high chances of being true. No, not chances, I’d put my hair on fire if fact No. 5 is false.

    Fact No. 6 is false. Unless she took a plane and it’s going to knock on the lucky guy’s door TODAY! Beware boys, get showers and wear your bestest clothes just in case!

    3. Hey, that letter is awesome.

    It’s kinda what I would like to say to someone who used to be my best friend…

    Sulz2 will never get the letter or will she?

    4. OMGOSH OMGOSH OMGOSH Sulz with glasses! Sulz with teeth! Sulz with bookearrings! Sulz in a Skirt!

    Dude, if you think you’re overweight you probably have body dismorphic disorder…

    Great post you hit-whore, grrrr.

    sulz: hahaha, you’re very funny when you’re so random. kinda like alabaster but more enthusiastic. 😛

    1. yes, ’tis true! i don’t know how you discovered that, and now my identity is busted. 😦 haha!

    2. my lips are sealed, sorry!

    3. thank you. 🙂 i’m going to write a post about that too, soon. oh no, she won’t. let sleeping dogs lie, you know?

    4. haha! why won’t anybody take heed of what i said about my bmi?? 56kg, 5 feet 1, do the math… and seriously, that mirror makes people look slim.

    haha, thank you! 😀 great comment yourself. 😉

  15. I’ve been so rapt up in trying to get you to hint which one is false i forgot to mention i forgot the password. 😛

    sulz: i tried sending an e-mail to you but it keeps bouncing back. did you get it?

  16. oh, and your letter is getting some comments on my blog!

    sulz: i just read it. i didn’t expect that! but you will know more about the story because i plan to blog about it. i’ve always wanted to talk about it actually.

  17. yup, I got the email. it’s good that your getting it out now.

  18. I know you’re not telling, but my best guesses would be 6, or possibly 5, since I seem to remember you saying that none of your friends read this…

    Actually I’m pretty much clueless. Was fun speculating though!

    sulz: well, that’s the whole of this post really! 😀 who knows, maybe few years down the road i might dig up this post and reveal the false fact. 😉

  19. 2. my lips are sealed, sorry!

    It really doesn’t matter if your lips are sealed, as long as your fingers can type. 😉

  20. […] you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, cjwriter or crazyasuka? Hmm… I might have said that I might have had a crush on CJ, but in all honesty, I’d go with Crazyasuka. […]

  21. Hahaha that was a good one… You sure are enigmatic 😉

    So, who all gets to see the real you? 😛

    sulz: haha, i think i’m a huge tease, more like! 😛

    the guy who gets my heart. 😉 unfortunately, those who did get it before didn’t think it was very precious.

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