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Lowbrow Blog Post

If you haven’t already observed this yourself, my posts of late were rather nostalgic and depressing. I guess the thought of graduating freaks me out. 😦 But also I’ve been very busy trying to make myself complete my assignments. Note my choice of words – make myself complete – because I have failed miserably in that. Assignments are piling and due in a couple of weeks and even though I’m mentally panicking, I do not know why this is not translating into making me do actual work as it has always done.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m the only busy one. Even blogs I subscribe to in Blog Surfer are not updating at their usual rate. Which I hope is the reason why I’m not getting as many comments as always, because otherwise it would imply my blogging quality is dropping! 😯 Heaven forbid that – I live to blog, and what would I do if me readers don’t like what I write about?? My soul will perish!!!

Okay, silliness aside, 😛 here are some random stuff.

I guess I’m like a kite, except that I don’t quite feel ready to be free and alone.


Funny road sign story


bedroom toys
Powered By Vibrating Toy

They forgot to put the word gazillion after the number.



Quiz swiped from raincoaster


What kind of witch are you?

You are a Dark Witch! You are more powerful than witches of the Four Material Elements, and everyone knows it. Your powers stem from darkness and the night. Many have shunned you, and called you evil, even though you may not be. Most of the time, you try not to pick sides, only maintain the balance of nature. You love people, but refuse to show it, afraid that people will use it as a weapon against you, even if you could kill them with a thought. But you wouldn’t do something like that….would you?
Common Powers: Telekinesis- the ability to move objects with ones mind
Astral Projection- the ability to project a copy of one’s soul to another location, retaining all the senses
Telepathy- the ability to read thoughts, and plant them
Night Vision-the ability to see in pitch blackness perfectly.Dark Weaving- the ability to conjure and control shadow creatures, objects, and spells that nothing can destroy or kill but the user.

Take this quiz!

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  1. Yea, I guess it is the busy season. At least my lack of comments and enthusiasm is because of the exams. Sorry though.

    sulz: hey, please don’t apologise! i’m not blaming anybody, and i do know you’re having exams. it’s good in a way, because i really need to buck up and finish my assignments. it seems like i’m getting divine intervention though. at this moment, i’m in a mini blogging block, my blog buddies seem to be busy and not updating regularly, hence i can’t get distracted by reading and commenting on their posts… it’s like ‘someone’ is taking away all the things i love so i’ve got nothing to do but my damn assignments! :mrgreen:

  2. I’ve been on a trip, and then I got a bit down and unwilling to talk. But then I commented on your last post and I’m all zippy again. Don’t you panic. I like your latest entries, they are very honest and revealing, and show many sides of you without self-pity or indulgence. I love them. Maybe people don’t know what to say when the entries are less cheery and happy, but that doesn’t mean they like them any less.

    Keep going girl.

    I’m stealing your quizzes btw.

    sulz: oh, i know that, looking forward to read about it. 🙂 aww, thank you for the lovely compliment, that does make me feel much better! yeah, frankly, i myself wouldn’t know what to say when people write really personal posts… i guess it doesn’t really matter what you write, as long as it’s sincere and shows that you were actually listening. which is why we all blog, ‘cos we want to be heard in a way people in our lives don’t listen! well, at least to me. 🙂

    take it, just don’t hurt me! 😛

  3. My computer is dying. The sound port is dead now, and I am in mourning because I can’t listen to any YouTubes lately. Every damn page takes three to five minutes to load and I’m tired of waiting around for these pages to manifest; it’s like being the priest of a religion where your God never actually manifests in any way, not so much as a burning potted plant.

    sulz: that sounds absolutely terrible! are you saving to get yourself a new computer, or at least a secondhand one? it does sound like it’s going to keel over anytime soon… but hey, i survived a few years without audio (had a similar problem till i got it fixed very, very expensively, may as well bought a new computer)… it was hard, but i survived!!

  4. You are a Light Witch! You are more powerful than witches of the Four Material Elements, but at first glance, its hard to tell. Ever calm and innocent, your soul shines bright and pure, and even the humans can see it. Though many may mistake you as a goody goody, you know otherwise. You fight to maintain the balance of nature, that above all else. Honor and duty are your driving force, and if that means you have to kill a thousand men, well… looks like you’ll be leaving a lot of lonely women in your wake.

    Common Powers:
    Telekinesis- the ability to move objects with ones mind Invisibility- the ability to be unseen
    Telepathy- the ability to read thoughts, and plant them.
    Premonition- the ability to see the past or future.
    Light weaving- the ability to conjure and control light creatures, objects, and spells that nothing can destroy or kill but the user.

    sulz: i’m the opposite of you, haha! i’m bad… 😛

  5. I’m a water witch!

    sulz: sounds heavenly. in an aquatic sense. 😛

  6. the witch looks hawt! (body that is)

    neck is a bit out of proportion.

    sulz: agree. don’t know about her neck because i’m not good at drawing and stuff, heh.

  7. lovelyloey said:

    I’m worth 1117 in bed. Slightly more than you. Ha!
    (See the kiasu streak in the Singaporean)

    sulz: must be ‘cos you’re fairer than me. 😛

  8. thebeadden said:

    What a great post! I love the kite story.
    The signs….too cool! Very funny and I needed a laugh.
    And I’m a Dark Witch. They must be wrong….. 🙂

    Take care sulz and goodluck with your assignments.

    sulz: thanks! glad you enjoyed it. maybe the dark witch appears when your sarcastic side comes out. 😉

    i have a cough now 😦 can i give that as an excuse not to complete my assignments?

  9. I’ve been grumpy and sort of anti-blog, lately. Is there something going around? I have read and appreciated all your posts, though. I think you said it all in the religion one, and I didn’t have much to add there…
    Sounds like the blahs are getting to you regarding your assignments, too. And you’re so close! There’s something about getting near the end of a big project (like college) that can cause us to confront ourselves. We’ll pullin’ for ya from across the world.

    The kite and kid was lovely. The sign story; rather odd, kinda funny–maybe a little sad? I took the $ in bed quiz and I’m not telling the results. I’ll leave you to wonder why. Here’s this one though (I liked it 🙂 )

    You are an Air Witch! Ever the optimist, you try to lift the spirits up of whomever is around you. You have a great sense of humor, and though you may have the facade of being an air head, you really are quite wise. You like to make people think, and often have a riddle or two for a bored mind. You are probably the hardest witch to piss off, but if someone hurts someone you love, you’ll leave them breathless.

    Hope your cough is better, and your assignments, too.

    sulz: muse, grumpy? and here i’ve always thought you were a perpetual cloud of cheeriness instead of a human being. 😛 my mother’s said the weather’s making everybody sick, maybe it is the weather turning people off blogging too, haha.

    (thanks for letting me know you read the religion post. 🙂 )

    yeah, this semester seems to be putting me off studying for life! though i think i would miss it terribly once i start work. 😦 the ironies of life, isn’t it, to not know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…

    oh, your witch result is so apt, except for the airhead bit. why won’t you tell your worth in bed? :mrgreen: the real truth is that we’re all worth priceless in bed, because i don’t think any of us would really want to be paid to be laid!

    just taken some cough medicine, feeling kinda woozy! haha.

  10. Wow my quiz character sounds impressive although I had no idea of the last question…uneducated guess. There has been a blog slowdown lately…I have noticed it as well. Read all your posts but do not want to come across as stalkerish.!! Also have a weird habit of commenting on darker posts…often leave the lighter stuff to others. How’s the work going?
    You are a Water Witch! The Material Element of Water is at your command. You are always calm, cool, and collected, and are sometimes stoic to the point of being cold and heartless. We know this is untrue as you actually feel more than most other people. You try to go with the flow as much as possible, but you stand up for yourself when you know you have to. Hard to tick off, you rarely use your full power, but when you do, you give the term “Ice Queen” a whole new meaning.

    Common Powers:
    Aquakinesis- the ability to create and control water with one’s mind
    Cryokinesis- the ability to create and control ice with one’s mind
    Glamour- the ability to cast an illusion
    Empathy-the ability to feel what other people are feeling

    1955 other people got this result!
    This quiz has been taken 15771 times.
    12% of people had this result.

    sulz: i think you’re very impressive but the results doesn’t sound like you. ice queen? not to me. 🙂

    so it’s not only me who noticed it! maybe because it’s spring in countries that celebrate the four seasons, so they’re all busy getting out, smelling the roses, unlike me who lives in summer all-year round and i think in aussie the weather is the opposite, so it’s autumn now, yes?

    haha, i don’t think anyone would consider you a stalker! stalkers don’t make gorgeous quilts and go vintage shopping, now do they? 😉 but it’s really nice to know you read me posts! 😀

  11. Interesting that a lot of people don’t seem to be updating at the moment… maybe it’s just the time of year, everything’s winding down. I thought I’d cut back on my output for a few days to catch up with a few things. I’ve been reading your posts, though, and liked the religious one. I’ll be commenting on that once I’ve thought about it a bit more. 😉

    I just took the Transformers quiz and apparently I’m Optimus Prime. He’s a bit moral, but the one’s I liked as a kid weren’t in the movie, so I’ll take it! And apparently I’m a Fire Witch… or wizard? The summary’s good but I prefer the Dark Witch picture… she’s cute. 🙂

    You are a Fire Witch! The Material Element of Fire is at your command. Your soul burns as bright as the fire you can conjure. Many look to you as the leader, and you accept the burden. Though a good person at heart, you can get lost in the moment and your fiery passion, or sometimes anger can get the best of you, but its ok. Its not like they really NEEDED eyebrows….

    sulz: well, i hope the crowd will be back around april ‘cos that’s when i might have something new… 😉 okay, looking forward to that! hmm, you, angry? you don’t seem like someone with a temper, unlike me. 😛 the dark witch reminds me of angelina jolie… or rather, her boobs remind me. :mrgreen:

  12. Random but I’m 81% Jazz who is an Autobot..a rather techy one as the website says. But it’s so not fun because I wanted to be Optimus Prime. Bleh. 😐

    sulz: is he the one who’s rather showy-off in the movie, the one with a bit of attitude? i like me results because i like the bumblebee, he seems nice. 😀

  13. Another random one, I’m 80% Optimus Prime.
    I AM 80% OPTIMUS PRIMETake the Transformers Quiz

    sulz: he’s the good one! and i love the alter-ego truck he puts on in the movie. 🙂

  14. I don’t know which one he exactly is. But I didn’t want to be him, that I know. Bumblebee is nice, yeah. Plus he has Megan Fox drooling all over his engine, it can’t be better than that. 😛

    sulz: haha, wouldn’t you love to be in the engine in the scene when she opens the hood… 😉 and it’s crazy that a 17-year-old can look as hot as her (i mean, her character was supposed to be 17!)!

  15. I know I love Optimus Prime!

  16. […] else is doing and possibly leave some comments. While looking around, I came across sulz’s Lowbrow Blog Post that included this quiz (which she found from another blog […]

  17. I’m looking forward to Jennifer’s Body. Megan had no real meaty scenes in How to lose friends and alienate people. And in Transformers she was pretty much mute.

    Shes also up for the role of Leila in Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin.
    She would be a perfect Wonder Woman thought! 🙂

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