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Malaysian students, by and large, are respectful of their lecturers. Maybe not teachers, because as teenagers full of hormone-driven angst and lust, you may be prone to utter things you later regret to your teacher, but as college students, you’re young adults, and almost all the acne on your face is gone by now. Almost.

Anyway, yeah, my point is that Malaysian students, or rather college students, are quite respectful of their lecturers, no matter how idiotic or contradicting they may occasionally sound. But even Malaysian students have their limits.

In this final semester of what was supposed to be my most memorable (because it’s the last) and best (because you always hope to go with a good bang, and all) semester, we have the most unfortunate luck to have a lecturer who is not only anal, but also contradicting and spiteful just to keep to her anal standards.

Anal – she made us pass up a proposal of a group presentation of 5 people, in alphabetical order. There’s only 5 people in the list. And we were not even grouped according to our names but randomly picked by her. I repeat, an alphabetical list of 5 people.

Contradicting – she tells you to do something a certain way one day, and another way another day. And when you tell her that’s not what she said, she will deny it vehemently. Another instance: she made me read out loud a passage in the book. The passage was about something depressing. I can’t act, and I don’t do voices. So when I read the depressing part, I just read it like I normally would. She told me to read the passage again, and try to insert a gloomy tone to fit what the passage was about. As I said, I can’t do voices, and the more I tried, the more I laughed and snorted, and the more I laughed because everybody laughed when I tried sounding depressed. In the end, she got fed up and made another classmate read it. And she asked the class, can you hear the difference between how she read and how I read? And I said, she sounded as if she was reading normally, in her normal voice; I don’t hear any difference. And she exclaimed, EXACTLY!

-_- *bangs head on imaginary wall*

Spiteful – when we were supposed to do a public speech as an individual presentation, I thought I could go first so I could get my speech over and done with. Usually, nobody wants to go first, but on that day another classmate was feeling rather nervous, and she approached the lecturer to ask if she could go first. The lecturer gave permission, so I asked if I could go next. She said I couldn’t do that, because she only allowed my classmate to go first on grounds that she was suffering from stage fright. I said I suffer from stage fright too; the whole class knows how nervous I get doing presentations. I mean, I have sweat pouring from my face when I do presentations, if that’s not a clear indication of stage fright, I don’t know what is. Anyway, she said that I couldn’t use the same excuse.

What the fuck??? And what the hell is wrong if I went after my classmate?! None of my other classmates were complaining about me trying to go next! Nobody could care less who went next!

So in the end, I was around the fourth or fifth person to do my presentation, luckily – we didn’t finish all the presentations on that day and some of my friends were dressed up for nothing. I didn’t sweat when it was my turn, but probably because I was too damn pissed at her for being so fucking spiteful anal!!! πŸ‘Ώ

Okay, my real point is coming up now. We are all so fed up with her antics and anality that today, only two students – out of a class of twenty – showed up for class. The rule is that class is cancelled if there are less than 7 students.

No class has ever been cancelled because not enough students turned up.

So if that doesn’t make her wonder about how we feel about her… she’ll never get it. Really.

You’d think someone like her would get a clue when you sat on a dead cockroach. Conveniently dead on your chair.

I guess you wouldn’t, because you wouldn’t have known that it was your students who placed that dead cockroach on your chair in the first place.

(Not my class’s doing. It was students of some other class. Honest!)

Comments on: "If You’re Anal, Like, Really Anal, Don’t Be A Teacher" (2)

  1. did the teacher get the message?

    sulz: i don’t know. i’m having her class tomorrow, so we’ll see… πŸ™‚

  2. Some instructors are drawn to that profession because it gives them an air of authority. I think some people need the validation their students give them, but after a while they develop “control” issues. It becomes less about facilitating your education, and more about their self perception. I’m sorry you have an instructor who isn’t able to sort out her priorities. Perhaps she’ll learn how. You would be a very different kind of teacher if you were to pursue that! πŸ™‚

    sulz: true, and i’m afraid i could be like that if i teach… i realise that in some ways i can be quite anal, but at the same time i also want to please my students if i can. and i also admit that i like the idea of teaching because it makes me feel good to teach people the right way, or at least what i think is the right way to go about things, to teach people how to think for themselves… that in some way is a power in itself…

    but i hope i’m not as clueless and that i would emulate the ways of the teachers i look up to throughout my student life. πŸ™‚

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