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sulz At The Movies

I was tagged by Poonam and Nova to write about 10 movie quirks I have, because apparently I’m a busybody. Haha! 🙂 (It’s true, by the way.)

1. I buy VCDs instead of DVDs, because I’m too damn cheap and poor. 😛 Hah! (Actually, I rather spend on clothes, shoes and books… hehe.)

2. Even though I buy VCDs, I don’t really like to watch movies on my own at home. The crazy thing is, if a movie is playing on tv and I also have the VCD, I’d rather watch the movie on tv, I’d make a point to catch it, even though it may be heavily edited (to fit the two-hour slot).

3. I don’t like the process of going to the movies by myself, but I like it once I’m seated in the cinema and the movie starts playing. I find that I can concentrate better watching movies by myself; I just don’t like buying the ticket by myself, walking around waiting for the movie to begin by myself… you get the idea.

4. I get really irritated by people talking out loud during the movie. I’d give an irritated shhhh!! Malaysian movie-goers are however, pretty inconsiderate people and it usually takes me a few shhs before they eventually stop. I also hate it when person behind kicks at the back of my seat.

5. I feel embarrassed when there’s a kissing scene in the movie. I think passionate kisses are something very intimate, and watching made me feel a little like a voyeur, ‘cos you don’t watch people kiss like that in real life! I usually look away.

6. I don’t like drama / war / artsy-fartsy movies. I like blockbusters, comedies, chick flicks, and anything else as long as it’s received good reviews.

7. I’d watch a movie for the actor, rather than the director.

8. I like to sit in the cinema before the sneak previews and ads start. I don’t care much for the credits, so I usually miss out if the movie has extra scenes after the credits.

9. I don’t buy popcorn when I watch movies. I’d eat out of my friend’s bucket. I rather buy chips or outside food usually not allowed in the cinema.

10. I don’t sit properly when I’m at the movies. I’d prop my feet up on the back of the seat in front if I’m feeling naughty enough, but usually I sit with my feet on my chair or with my legs crossed. Oh, and I also like aisle seats best, because I can make an easy exit once the movie’s over. Also, it prevents me from sitting next to some stranger. I don’t really like that, especially if it’s a guy.

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  1. I’m the same when it comes to number 5. but i think for me it’s because i have not had such experience before and prob wont for a long time.

    sulz: love comes when you don’t expect it… so stop expecting, and maybe you’ll experience your passionate kiss soon. 😉

  2. lovelyloey said:

    I do #1 too! I’m not big on director’s cuts or extra scenes of movies; so a VCD suffices. And I usually only buy VCDs of shows I already watched and liked (like Night Watch, Day Watch), or cute French flicks. (I get them from Gramaphone – not sure if they have that in Malaysia, for like $7-13 SGD! )

    sulz: haha, me too, i don’t buy vcds of movies i haven’t watched unless it’s super duper cheap. no gramaphone here… just tower records and the local video shops like speedy. vcds cost about rm16.90 to rm29.90, depending how much of a blockbuster the movie was. 🙂

  3. People talking loud in movies is really annoying. And back here in India, there are people who can manage to do an entire business transaction inside the cinema hall. People never switch off their mobile phones. At least they should put them on Silent mode, but they never do. And they never bother to go out of the cinema hall to talk, that is really annoying. And they don’t even listen to the “Shh”ing in here. They’ll simply tell you that they’ve bought the ticket also. As if they own the damned cinema hall. Can’t even fight with them because almost always, they’re rather huge.

    Kisses are not fun in a cinema hall anyway because the people are very narrow minded. They have to keep shouting and make lewd remarks about the actress whenever a kissing sequence comes. They always have to destroy the feel which the director tried to put into the kiss. No kiss is allowed to be aesthetically done in here, it is always cheap and downmarket.

    sulz: haha, note taken – do not watch movies in india! 😛 yeah, i heard that indian folk are very conservative when it comes to kisses in indian movies. malay movies in malaysia do not have lip-kissing scenes at all, i believe… if there are, it wouldn’t be a malay kissing for sure.

  4. I was about to comment on the same things that Ish has already commented. Actually thought whatever Ish has said is true and it does sound very extreme. But I would still say, movie watching is fun in India. Only recently, hype about movie stars and their kisses has been caused by stupid media. And yes,people can be rogues too but for every rogue, we have well-behaved souls too. 🙂

    And we have part of last point in common. I too put on feet on the front chairs, but I do it absent-mindedly. Once two women sitting in front complained. 😦 I try not to do it, happens unconsciously.

    sulz: yeah, it’s like that in malaysia too, for those who believe we’re extremists and stuff.

    haha, you should buy seats further down the front, less likely to have anyone sitting at the seat in front of you then. 😛

  5. lol yeah sure, but I’m not really expecting love…. more like expecting the lack of it for many years to come.

    On another note, I also hate the annoying cell calls in the middle of the most important scene of the movie, I have leeway for crying babies since they can’t really help it, but mom’s shouldn’t be brining babies to watch rated r movies any way.

    I don’t mind going to the movie alone, besides, the times i go with my friends is really more focused on spending time with friend not the movie, which is why we usually end up watching the latest disney movie…. just for fun you know?

    I HATE when people kick the back of my seat, but I do enjoy putting my foot up on the seat in front, only if it is empty of course.

    sulz: well, there’s always family and friend love too, you know? 🙂

    i can’t tolerate both phones and babies in the cinema, they are not supposed to be making any noise during the movie! can you believe that the time i watched the exorcism of emily rose, someone brought a toddler to watch it?? 🙄 i mean, disney movie is one thing, bringing a kid to watch a horror movie is not even another thing… it’s not even a thing you should do!

  6. […] the cinema Published 22 March 2008 Entertainment , Etiquette , Personal Read sulz At The Movies and there’s no tag but heh, I like going to the cinema to watch […]

  7. No no, it’s not like you shouldn’t watch movies in India. They’re always fun but every society has their negatives.

    And bringing toddlers to see Exorcism of Emily Jane reminds me of a similar incident that happened back here. An year or so ago, a movie was released which showed a love affair between a 60 year old married man and his daughter’s friend. There was this family with kids, youngsters and everybody who had come to watch the movie. They had also brought along their grandfather, the grand old man of the family. After the movie was done, I bet this was what they were saying to the grandfather, “Listen granddad, don’t pay attention to this movie okay? You can’t go around roaming with 18 year old girls okay? Next time we’ll bring you to watch a more logical movie”. 😛

    sulz: haha, i was only kidding. well, half-kidding. i mean, if i ever visit india i don’t think i’d want to spend the time watching a movie there, when there are lots of places to visit and food to eat! 😛

    haha, maybe that family approved of that relationship! maybe the granddad brought them all to see it so they wouldn’t disapprove of his relationship with a young lady! :mrgreen:

  8. You must mainly go to pg rated movies because if seeing people kiss on screen makes you uncomfortable – the sex scenes in R rated movies must be an even bigger problem.

    sulz: ah, those make me look away too! in malaysia, such scenes are usually censored, which may be why i’m prudish like that. i’d still watch the movie, though.

  9. Wow. So many Big Budget movies seem to have a lot of nudity and sex in them, that you folk must get a lot of chopped up newer movies when you get movies from the US. Most of the sex and nudity is needless in my opinion but they always seem to find reasons to show a lot of women topless in the movies. And if the movie is a romance the sex scenes can get steamy. Personally, I do not think you are missing much from the movies if they cut them out. It is rare when I think they actually needed the sex scene or the nudity that has become so prevalent in modern movies.

    sulz: well, they don’t censor as strictly in movies as they do on tv, since we have movie ratings here. typical kissing scenes are left in the movies, but if the sex scenes are explicit or show nudity, that would probably be censored. since piracy is such an industry here despite it being illegal, we don’t have problems watching uncut scenes. many people who protest on censorship in movies in malaysia argue that one of the reasons is that those love scenes are integral to the plot, so… 😆

  10. @sulz: well of course there’s family love…. now why would someone bring their baby to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose? people can be sooooooo stupid.

    @ish: lol poor grandpa. 🙂

    @thescoundrel: I totally agree about the nudity and sex scenes. It seems like movies are just turning into high budget pornos.

    sulz: there is plenty of stupidity in the world, unfortunately! well, that’s what makes us comparatively smarter. 😛 (but i reserve the right to commit the rare stupidity ‘cos i’m only human, heh.)

  11. Will Rhodes said:

    I’m a man – I like things blowing up KABOOM!!

    But I did watch a good film the other day – Atonement. I think you would like it, Sulz, if you haven’t seen it already.

    Another good one is ‘Mist’ – horror but well worth it for the ending. 😉

    sulz: i haven’t, but i’ve watched becoming jane, which i think is set in a similar period. uh, didn’t like that very much despite the gorgeous anne hathaway and james mcavoy; it was so depressing. 😦

    i don’t mind horror, i really like this one called the descent. if you haven’t watched that, watch it! 🙂

  12. I also like movies that go boom. I think it is something in the male genetics. But I also miss how they used to make movies before I was born where the movie was all about the story and not sex, nudity and over indulgent violence. Whatever happened to great romances like Gone With the Wind or good dramatic pieces like Citizen Kane.

  13. Sounds like we’re pretty opposite with our movie habits. I’ve got a pretty hard core home theater/big screen HDTV and an extensive film collectoin on DVD.

    I totally prefer certain directors (such as Stanley Kubrick) over others and am not really fond of individual actors as much. I see them as pawns in the director’s game.

    I LOVE War movies. Not because I like war, violence, or death, but because I love the moments in cinema where men are challanged to do things beyond their own perceived limitations. I’m also a military history buff – so films like Zulu, Gettysburg, and Black Hawk Down are very influential to me. Hell, I named my son after one of the commandos killed in Black Hawk Down (Sgt. Randall Shughart). One of my greatest lifetime memories was going to see Saving Private Ryan with my grandfather wearing his old WW2 uniform. It was emotional stuff. A younger kid came up to us as we were leaving and thanked him for his service. He finally started talking about what he had seen as a result of seeing that movie – all the things he had bottled up inside for 50 years. I got to hear about how his best friend died in his arms as their machine gun nest was overrun and the Germans surrounded them…….all that and he was just 20 years old. Talk about human interest – it just makes everything else seem so trivial in comparison.

    But, I never get to the movies anymore. I refuse to pay a small fortune to take the family out, especially when you have to put up with other people. I just wait for the DVD release and watch in “Stafford cinema.”

    sulz: wow, what an amazing experience you had with your granddad watching that movie… you still have a granddad, that’s even more awesome.

    i don’t know, i guess i’m too excited about some movies to wait! 🙂

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