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Sick because I’ve had the cough since the previous weekend. I was almost alright by Wednesday when I had my awesome lunch at Finnegan’s… and I got it back by stupidly eating a couple of dumplings with black pepper chicken filling. I love those crazy spicy dumplings, and I guess I should’ve known better than to eat them when I wasn’t even properly healthy. The thing is, I always think I’m as fit as a horse when it comes to my health, since I hardly ever get sick and if I do, it’s intense but goes away just as quickly as it came.

So yeah, I’m still sick typing this now. After my dumplings, my throat was sore whenever I swallow, so scared it was going to have that real intense pain that I sometimes get when my sore throat is really really bad. Luckily it just felt sore for days and nothing more painful than that. Still sick as I type this now, but I should be good as new come Wednesday, hopefully eating my lunch at Finnegan’s again with friends before the final semester is truly over!

Stressed because of personal problems and as I’ve said before, when I’m fussing about my life and whatever that seems wrong about it in that moment in time, I can’t concentrate well on my schoolwork. Furthermore, I’m as sick as a dog lately, so it was hard to make myself do work. Also, I’m really freaking lazy, so I just need all those excuses so I could play more computer games or read more books instead of doing college work with urgently approaching deadlines!

Skinless because my CSS upgrade is expiring today! 😦 Feast your eyes on my lovely Bus Full of Hippies skin for the last time, since I won’t be using it anymore in the future. Sigh… all those lovely cascading flowers… gone, forever! 😥

But… I’ve got a surprise on April Fools Day! 😉

And no, it’s not some lame prank. This is not a prank. This is a surprise!


Totally random and unrelated, but can you help me think of words with the word milk in it? This is what I have so far:

1. Buttermilk
2. Milkshake (I don’t like this word, because it reminds me of that song by Kelis, and though I like the song on its own, I don’t like the connotations)
3. Milky Way

edit: It’s 26 March and my skin’s still here? The upgrade was supposed to expire on the 24th! 

Comments on: "Sick, Stressed & Skinless" (22)

  1. Aww man, I can understand sore throats. I have them quite frequently and they are very annoying. Try Chicken Soup, it always seems to help me.

    And Aww man again because of the expiry of the CSS update. I’m really gonna miss this theme, and all the flowers. *sob sob sob*

    And I can’t really think of any Milky words. But I used to love the milkshake song! My milkshake brings all the boys to the bar..damn right it’s better than yours..damn right it’s better than yours..I could teach you, but I have to charge. Funny I still remember it. It used to be hilarious!

    sulz: haha, i didn’t know you like flowery skins! but it is rather nice, isn’t it?

    i know, that’s why i liked it! it’s hilarious on its own, but in the general scheme of things, kinda goes against what i believe and all. but i always thought it was ‘yard’ instead of ‘bar’, heh.

  2. Hey sulz, it’s not the skin that counts. A skin is just window dressing for your excellent content. I recommend hot lemon drinks with honey for soothing your throat. Get well soon and keep smiling, little one.

    sulz: aww, thanks! 😀 *HUGS BACK* i know, but like me, my blog likes to dress up too. 😛

  3. In reverse order:
    chocolate milk, milk chocolate (You must be sick, where’s your chocolate radar?) 😉 milkweed, Liebfraumilch (German wine, don’t ask), milk toast, milk cow (as opposed to beef cow).
    Looking forward to April surprise.
    Awww. I thought they might give you another upgrade since you’re so nice in the fora. I’ll bet you can make the most out of a standard theme, though!.
    Sorry you’re sick and stressed. They might just be related. I send good thoughts, wishes, and hugs to get better!
    —“Also, I’m really freaking lazy”—I beg to differ. If you were, you wouldn’t write in your blog nearly every day!!! You are naturally drawn to put the most effort into what gives you the most satisfaction! Be well, sweetie!

    sulz: ooh, chocolate and milk, i like. 😛 hmm, i like milk cow too… never heard of milkweed or milk toast!

    well, i haven’t been very active since the forums uh, recent activities, shall we say… yeah, i’ve been wanting to try out some of the available themes anyway.

    ooh, thanks! i don’t think i’ve received them yet though… you know, air mail and all. 😛 yeah, but being lazy also means that if i don’t like it, i won’t do it if i can get away with it… and we know we’ve got to do lots of things we don’t want to in life!

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not well. 😦 I had a sore throat quite recently, so I know how lousy it can be. I hope you get better really soon!

    As for words containing milk (the picky grammarian in me wants to say “terms” or “listemes”, but I’ll stick with calling them “words” for now) here are a few more:

    * milkman
    * milksop
    * milkmaid
    * milk powder
    * coconut milk
    * breast milk
    * milk tooth
    * milking shed
    * milkbar
    * cry over spilt milk
    * malted milk

    That’s all I can think of. Hope that helped. Just curious – why do you want words with “milk” in them?

    Get well soon!

    sulz: thanks for the kind words! 🙂 no particular reason, really… my nickname as a kid was susu, which means milk in malay. i didn’t like it then, but i do now, and so milk is something of significance to me. i’m also born in the year of the ox, and as you can see, my header has a cow in it! 😛

  5. Sore throat = bummer. I have sinusitis and I get very frequent sore throats and colds. So I know how bad that feels. I don’t bother watching what I eat since I will manage to get a cold anyway. 😛

    Maybe the stress is also contirbuting to the illness? it happens at times.

    And personally, I never liked this skin. ;p It always takes forever to load. I prefer simple minimalist skins anyway. 😛

    Also, Bus Full Of Hippies is an interesting name although hippies aren’t exactly what come to my mind when I see it. :/

    sulz: i don’t watch i eat too, hence why i got a relapse! 😦 yeah, i think definitely stress is a factor to my relapse. does it take forever to load? it loads fine to me… i’m a girly girl who likes to dress up, and i think that skin reflects that side of me. 🙂 haha, music albums always have strange names too, maybe the theme designers took after that!

  6. Hey, girl get well soon. Is the new surprise your new CSS upgrade?

    What about the word “Milkman”, would it do? 😛

    sulz: thank you. 🙂 well, nobody’s suggested that, so that’ll do, yes!

  7. Don’t tell me I never told you how much I loved this skin? It’s fucking brilliant!

    And maybe it’s yard instead of bar. I wasn’t exactly sure either but bar makes more sense than yard because it was shot in a bar right?

    *does a google search*

    And turns out it is yard indeed. You win! 😛

    sulz: haha, awesome! 😀 heh, what do i get? and yet, i’m always the one who mishears things! seriously… the things i mishear, you’ll just laugh.

  8. Too bad you are not feeling well. Being sick does make you not want to do things. I have not hit the weight room since I hurt my foot over a week ago. Is the sore throat cause by allergies from sinus? If so try what I do. I used to have sore throats a lot. Mostly do to allergic reaction from sinus problems. One even led to a case of pneumonia. Yuk! But the last few years I have taken to rinsing out my nostril passages when I take my daily shower. I shoot some water up inside my nostrils several times and rattle it around inside then blow it out each time. My sore throats and sinus infections are way down since I started doing that. If it is not sinus I find gargling in hot very salty water does well in temporarily relief of the pain. I also used to chew a lot of Aspirgum when I had sore throat problems. It deadens the pain.

    I am not big on blog skins still it is too bad you are losing this format you like so well. I experimented with several format styles until I found the one I am currently using. I like the fact that it allows me to change the picture at the top of the page whenever I get the urge to change the look.

    sulz: eew, i don’t like water up my nostrils, nor do i like gargling with salt water! i think i’ll stick to sickly sweet cough medicine. 😛 i’m just drinking a lot of plain water. the only thing i like about being sick is that i eat much, much less because i don’t have any appetite whatsoever! not that that does anything for my weight, since i make up for what i couldn’t eat when i’m all right again! haha.

  9. You can’t let a crappy song ruin a perfectly good word. Milkshake is so much more than that horrible song. 🙂

    Would “milquetoast” qualify? It’s milk-sounding at least.

    breast milk comes to mind as well. So does soy milk.

    So what theme are you going with next once the CSS upgrade is gone? I’ve been thinking about buying my domain from wordpress but am not sure what the pros/cons would be and have felt too stupid to ask.

    sulz: haha, milkshake is nice but terribly sinful! damn, all these milk words are making me think dirty. :mrgreen:

    i don’t know. i’ll choose one soon before it expires and goes to the default sandbox skin… you’ll just have to come back and see. 😉

  10. Sorry to hear about the sore throat. They’re really nasty when you catch one; sort of throws your whole body out of sync, doesn’t it? I’d second brightfeather’s recommendation about lemon drinks; they help me more than anything else, with some lozenges to numb the throat. They work like magic with me.

    If you’re stressed about schoolwork and other things, that’s probably part of it too… you sound like you need a nice long bath to relax! Fill the tub and take your favourite book in with you (maybe Bridget Jones?) and let the world drift away for half an hour… it’ll help! 😉

    That’s a shame about the skin too. I love this skin; it’s what you were using when I first started reading your blog, so I’m going to miss it… if you’re choosing a new theme, maybe one with a custom header would be good? At least then you can make it feel more like you. I’ve always thought Ocean Mist is quite a nice theme. Still, it’s a shame…

    Feel better soon, sulz, and look forward to your surprise! 🙂

    sulz: unfortunately, my house doesn’t have a tub! most malaysian homes don’t come with a tub, which is a total shame!

    it is, but all good things come to an end… maybe my nice surprise will make up for it. 😉

  11. hey sis,
    i suffer from a lousy throat due to sore tonsils every now and then. so i know how it feels.

    sickness does make you not want to do anything. also depression. i have many approaching deadlines – it feels like Armageddon. why does everything have to happen at the same time?

    i have three upcoming group exhibitions, pending assignments, a final exam and some theater shows – all in the same time-slot and nothing is inescapable. yet i keep on dilly-dallying.

    hmm, milk words? how about “cleansing milk”? although it’s not quite milk, it’s a milk word! 🙂

    minimalist skins suit me more – i love the design of this skin, but the colours are a little bit too loud for me.

    sulz: hey you! you sound much, much busier than me, yet you’re still around reading me blog? 😉 that’s so nice of you.

    it’s a milk word indeed, and it reminds me of nivea’s body milk lotion, haha. well, that’s me! i love to wear colours, though i have too many black clothing from last time when i wore nothing but black.

  12. Why is this skin not vanishing? Not that I want to to, I’m just curious. 😛

    sulz: you want tutu? damn, you’re sure in touch with your girly side! :mrgreen:

  13. want *it* to

  14. Okay, now it did.

    sulz: finally! 😦 haha. never mind, everybody will like me surprise on april fool’s. 🙂

  15. I’m looking forward to it. 😀

    And this theme is kinda nice. Why didn’t I ever use it?

    sulz: because you’re waiting for me to use it. 😛 haha, anyway yeah, it’s been a while since i last saw you use a theme with a header. with the customised header ability, we can at least show a bit of our personality on our blogs.

  16. wow, shock to my system! I miss the bus full of hippies theme! this ones okay, but I’ve been spoiled by pretty flowers.

    sulz: haha, it is very different from my old skin, but a good change i think. though yeah, can’t beat cascading flowers!

  17. I think you still have the CSS upgrade…how else did you manage to put the thingie on the top? 😐

    sulz: oh, that’s in a widget. i left my skin up until i saw the formatting of my old skin was gone before i chose this theme. 🙂

  18. I like the blue-ness of it though, and the footer widget.

    sulz: yeah, blue’s my favourite colour. 🙂

  19. Yea probably. It’s been a long time since I’ve changed themes. Turns out I’ve become even more lazy than I was earlier. I’m in no mood to try out all the themes and then change the sidebar accordingly. And I never like a theme in the first try. It’s a pain in the ass. I wonder why is not bringing any new themes. There was a time when new themes were coming almost on a weekly basis. Everything’s gone quiet now. They don’t even make any new posts about any new features they’ve introduced.

    sulz: is not like what it was. i’m sure you know that by now, ever since the forums fiasco… i’m very annoyed by the bug in blog surfer, but i’m trying not to expect anything from them. so i won’t be so disappointed.

  20. @ sulz: mine too!

  21. The good things is… I absolutely love this blue skin too. So it’s not too bad.

    I’m sure you will see your bus of hippies again. 🙂

    sulz: yeah, it’s one of the nicer themes available on now if only i can find a good header…

    the only time i will see bus full of hippies would be on another person’s blog and that will make me miss it! 😦 oh never mind, let’s look forward to my surprised… 😉

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