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I am really busy with college work, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog. I could, but I couldn’t find an interesting topic for a post. I think my brain’s totally clogged. I have yet to complete so many homework because I don’t quite know how to go about them, and unfortunately it’s happening with my blogging too.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to blog this, and this is a good time as any. I read this post, and I was wondering what would I do if I were placed in the judge’s shoes. (If you’re wondering what happened to the poor lady, she died in the end, a few days or weeks after I think – naturally.)

On one hand, you have someone who’s going to die anyway… why let him or her suffer any more than necessary? I mean, if it wasn’t a person, but an animal, there isn’t a question of killing in this case; some people actually think it’s cruel to keep a dying, suffering animal alive. Why is it not cruel to keep a dying, suffering human alive then?

On the other hand, who are we to decide who lives or dies? We are not God. (How is it that then we can decide if animals can live or die then in cases of dying, suffering ones?) As for atheists, well… if you believe your body and soul is your own, then why do you need to die legally? There’s suicide…

Okay, I’m not condoning suicide, but it is an option… But then again, why even bother with euthanasia when there is the other option of taking your own life?? I mean, you want to die, but you want people to help you die… if you want something done, then do it yourself, right?

Yes, I’m as muddled as this post sounds, but I think I have valid questions nonetheless.


Hmm, it was discussed here and some feel like me too.

Comments on: "Euthanasia: Merciful or Merciless?" (5)

  1. i suggest putting terminally ill patients in front of the tv while presidential debates are going on. sure, it’s going to be painful, but at least, their passing will be quick.

    sulz: i think they’re much tougher than that. 😉 they would probably scold the person who suggested it because they were made to go through something as tortuous as that but still lived! 😛

  2. This kind of story hits the news every now an then… It’s often hard to respect the will of someone in such extreme situation… Our values, pride, fear, faith and sometimes greed interfere… But there is maybe something deeper and stronger, some life instinct, making us fight for life all around us… It’s hard to let someone go…

    sulz: you’re right… but it’s sad that this upholding this instinct is at the expense and suffering of those who are dying.

  3. Hi sulz. I think this poor lady’s story affected a lot of people. Suicide is an option, but only if the person is physically able. I posted some comments about that on a recent post of dissfunktional‘s about the same issues, so I’ll refer you there for my thoughts.
    I commend you on your courage in bringing this up. Good luck with the final push through that schoolwork! 🙂

    sulz: thanks for the link, muse, i didn’t know dissfunktional wrote about this too; great comments there which helped me know more about the issue.

  4. She didn’t die naturally. She ended up taking her own life ODing with barbiturates. Nobody knows how she got them. It was probably hard.

    sulz: oh, she didn’t? wow… i can’t imagine the pain she had been going through that suicide is a better way to be. i can’t imagine how her loved ones cope.

  5. the choice of death is a manifestation of human rights. but we need to be certain that we take responsibility prior to dying.

    so yeah. this is the main reason i strongly support euthanasia.

    sulz: is it our choice that we were given life, then, to be able to choose death? just because it is our life and our body, does it mean we can choose to do everything and anything we want with it? i guess that depends on what you believe, because this question has religious or spiritual implications, or not, if you are a non-believer.

    i don’t know. i’m in two minds about this, maybe because i’m scared of death.

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