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My Blog is Hopeless!

Hopeless at keeping itself secret from real life friends, that is. 😛

Yeah, another friend stumbled upon my otherwise very secret and private but at the same time not that secret and private since I am actually quite open with you guys in the sense that I talk about things here I hardly ever talk about elsewhere with my real life friends. (And you know I don’t distinguish you guys from my real life friends as being less than real simply because I haven’t met you in person, it’s just easier to refer to them as such because I guess the double life I lead with my blog makes it secret and therefore less real than real life… okay, I’m shutting up, ‘cos you obviously know what the hell I’m trying to say!) 😀

So, to my classmate Sushi, hi! (Don’t know what name to give her, since she likes sushi, call her Sushi lor! 😛 ) Say hi to her, friendly readers! 😀

For those of you who might remember, I entered a newspaper-making competition in Form Six with my friends and we won first prize in the nationwide competition. I also promised to show the newspapers, so head on to the protected post to download it. Please tell me what you think of it – bad or good, I don’t really care, ‘cos I’m not emotionally attached to it anymore since it was done so long ago. In fact, I can see how lame some parts of it were and how I could’ve made it better now if given the chance!

And now, I’d love to know where the readers of bloggerdygook come from! I’ve set up a Frappr map, and I would really appreciate it if you put a pin on the place near where you live. I understand that some of you may want to keep this information private – even the pin I placed to mark where I live isn’t exactly where I live – so putting it near where you live would be really nice for me to have an idea where you are in this great big wide world! But if you feel uncomfortable telling where you live, it’s okay, I can understand that; take a look at my map anyway so you know where my country is. 🙂

Edit: why are there so many anonymous readers?? I’m dying to know who they are now!!

… Ahem. Don’t mind me. 😛


Am I being impersonated, on top of having my post scraped word for word?

I don’t know whether to feel flattered or furious! 😆


Oh, I forgot to write here that last weekend, my friend got to know of my going to a summer course through a source and asked me why didn’t I tell her. Long story short, I told her why I didn’t, not expecting her to apologise or anything because technically she can’t help being busy, I just happen to not like busy people is all, but she did. Well, she didn’t say sorry, but she basically said she’d try harder to not lose touch and stuff. That was nice of her. 🙂 I’m trying not to keep my hopes up; I won’t distance myself from her as I wanted to, but I don’t think I’d start spilling my deepest, darkest secrets just yet.

Comments on: "My Blog is Hopeless!" (18)

  1. Hi Sulz…
    I came across your blog from a mutual friend’s blogroll… You write very well!! count me in as a regular… 😀
    And Hi Sushi!! LOL…

    sulz: hello and welcome and thanks! 😀 do you have a blog?

  2. Hiya sulz,

    I guess it’s not hard to figure out where I am. 🙂

    sulz: are you anonymous visitor from anonymous location? but i thought you live in germany; the marker shows somewhere in the us!

  3. Woah, this is one funky looking theme you got here!! Nice 🙂

    Anyhow I would have commented about the article you mentioned but it’s page protected so I am unable to review it hehe…

    Ah well, keep up the good work anyhow:D


    sulz: thanks, thanks to juan who ported this for me. 🙂

    well, as a rule, most people who have access to the protected post searched for the hidden post, so if you find it, i’d love give the password to you. how’s that sound? 🙂

    thanks for visiting!

  4. *waves to reflection in mirror*

    A couple of kids from my class had also entered the competition, though I doubt they made an impression since we never heard about it ever again. *sweat*

    sulz: haha, i think your friends weren’t that motivated by pizzas. 😉 the amount of pizzas we won was crazy, seriously… like rm300 worth i think! 😮 but knowing my tendency to exaggerate, at the very least it felt like we ate that much worth. 😛

  5. 1. Hello Sushi! HAHA I love the name. I want to be named like food.

    2. This is so messed up! There are several of my post scrapped word by word on that site aswell!

    3. Marked my country on map!

    4. Runs to “protected”.

    sulz: haha, maybe i could write a post and give all the regular readers food names. :mrgreen:

    several?? i thought i saw only one! 😮

    omg, i totally lol-ed at your pin on the frappr map. frantically? so cute. 😆

  6. Now that I know you are awake, I cannot work out how to move that thing on that map…its a job for CJ I am afraid.

    sulz: oh, you don’t have to move the pin, just type in your city and it’ll go there on the map. 🙂 anyway, yes, that’s what cj is for. 😛

  7. Okay now I am sweating like a stuck pig but I did it although for some reason I kept going to Antarctica…I do not know anyone who lives there…I really need a decafe after that, its really taken it out of me. Give me a complicated pattern any day. Whew! Night Sulz.

    sulz: hahahaha, antartica!! you’re such a riot. 😆 sorry to have put you through such a sweat-inducing experience! at least you’ve mark a notch up your blogging belt. 😉

  8. Hiya! Thanks for commenting on my page (and so fast too! I’d posted it maybe just 10 minutes before you commented! :P). Anyway, your blog’s really cool too! I’ll definitely be back, so I guess I’ll see you around! 🙂

    Oh, and hi to Sushi! 🙂

    sulz: i was tag surfing when i stumbled across your post, that’s why. 🙂 thanks!

  9. I put my pin on the map. 🙂

    sulz: saw it, thanks! 🙂

  10. Hello Sushi, how you doing?

    Sulz, lol, your blog does have a tendency of getting found alright. I added my location, though I think you already had an idea about where I live. But I don’t think you knew the exact location in the country so.

    And wow, now you’ve got people impersonating you! You are getting popular alright. Maybe a couple of years down the line you’ll get so popular that we’ll be wearing t-shirts which will have your logo on them like the WP people do. 😛

    sulz: yeah, now i know which part you are, so thanks! 🙂 haha, yes, i should have my rainbow lips plastered on t-shirts, which i’d distribute at a wordpress blog meet or something. 😛

  11. You should definitely demand the creep to take down the post. Besides being unethical, if I’m not mistaken plagiarism is an offence in cyberspace and you can probably report it to Windows Live or something.

    Which reminds me very recently there was a case of outright plagiarism in DeviantArt and swift action was taken.

    sulz: i left a comment in the post, and i just reported to windows live. supposed to get a response by one day, so we’ll see! 🙂

    i think art is more accepted as being ‘more’ copyright than blog posts. i mean, if i wrote a post that just says my shit is green, how copyrighted is that?? 😛

  12. I’m glad to know you and your friend got things worked out. That means she does care.

    Stupid scraper… I don’t know if it would do any good but you should report him to Spaces. Also, I’d suggest to remove the link to his site… otherwise you’re driving traffic to it. My 2 cents.

    sulz: yeah, i guess she does. 🙂

    i’ve just reported, don’t know why i didn’t think of that. but, but… i want you guys to see the shameless, despicable blogger! haha. 😛

  13. Sushi is a nice name. I like sushi very much—little morsels of goodness. Hi!
    Hmmm, “sulz the blogger”. I did see your comment over there, and you were kind. But, that also gave that person hits. I hope they will take the post down, but it must be nice to be famous.
    I looked at your magazine articles, and will comment more later, and I put a pin on your map. Whew, you keep us busy! 🙂

    sulz: me love sushi too! 😀 haha, yeah juan pointed that out. i just felt like outing him out! 😛

    well, considering one of my dream jobs is to be a teacher, i guess i have a knack for thinking up activities. :mrgreen:

  14. hi sushi! *friendly wave*

    now off to see paper.

  15. @Sulz
    Sorry, I forgot to leave a link behind… Yeah, I blog at MirrorCracked… Please visit 🙂

    sulz: i think you edited your profile this time to include your link? in that case, it’s not necessary to leave your link in the comments. 🙂 but yes, of course i’d visit!

  16. i was so excited about the papers that I didn’t finish reading the post… I don’t understand how people can just steal someones post word for word…have they no ethics, no morals…. no shame?! i’ve been a victim of post copying, I just don’t understand why?

    sulz: because shame is easier to handle than hard work for these people, i guess! this one struck a chord with me because the blog scraper not only took my post but also my identity! haha.

  17. The other thing you can do is complain to google and they will block the search capability of anyone to find that blog. I did it with the porn/magic site listing my blog and now they cannot be googled..I tried and google must have got onto it straight away and blocked them.
    About your friend, that is good and you can have different levels of friendship even though you require more ….as other people have said once the full time job comes into the equation and the stresses of the corporate or whatever world take over things do change but if you are patient and give her space she may be able to be more what you require her to be. Or she may not be capable of more and when pressured may pull away. I personally think that it is not good to have BFFF’s as life has a habit of getting in the way.

    sulz: ooh, i didn’t know that. i’ll try that.

    yes, who knows i could be like that some day (i hope not!). i guess i’m very idealistic, having been brought up by books, but i think it’s okay to have ideals if you find the right people to have them with. and if you don’t, just have to make the best out of it, like i am with my friend. perhaps we could have a friendship that’s beyond my expectations, years down the road. 🙂

  18. […] be stolen was stolen. This means that, yes, the comments made here were stolen too. Comments by Sulz, and Satoru were made by the use of fake accounts impersonating them. The fake accounts also […]

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