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Change is so hard…


Don’t you think this South Park character Crazyasuka made looks like me??? (If you want to make your own South Park character, click on the link to get the link, heh. Lovelyloey did a pseudo-dominatrix one that I find absolutely hilarious and Juan made a couple of himself, as well as Nightwriter, but I think he has an immodest opinion of his so-called cuteness. :mrgreen: ) Well, I think so, especially the hair! I just love the expression! 😆

I think I’m feeling sort of like that too, because I’ve just returned from applying a second part-time job, as a host at a restaurant. I thought this could be a suitable job to go along with my current part-time job as a telemarketer (which pays really well, but I can only work a limited number of hours a day) because I could work during weekends (when I can’t do telemarketing). I don’t know if I want to now…

I just didn’t feel right when I was filling out the application form. It’s a place where I would eat, but I don’t know about work… Am I being too negative? Perhaps I’m just resisting change, hence the pessimism. I’ve had my telemarketing job for 3 years, so working at a new job is just the thing I’m not used to. I didn’t like the guy who took my application form to pass to the manager – he was sort of mocking and condescending – but kitchen staff are kitchen staff for a reason, right?

Pros of taking up the job
1. Suits my other part-time job schedule; I can work as a host when I can’t do telemarketing.
2. Not a very difficult job; just a matter of setting the table, planning the seating for reservations and showing diners to their tables.
3. Prepare myself for my summer course, in the sense of doing the unfamiliar and gaining life experience.

Cons of taking up the job
1. Doesn’t pay much
2. May not enjoy co-ed work environment; in all my former jobs, I work only with females, and under close supervision by the boss. Yes, I’d have to work somewhere where there are male colleagues some day, but I think it’s probably easier on me if I did that in a office setting than a F&B one.
3. May not be suited to such jobs personality-wise (am introverted, slow learner, easily intimidated, easily flustered); perhaps should stick to jobs am more comfortable and confident of doing.

Has anybody worked in a restaurant before? Perhaps you can shed some light about working in such places, like what to expect, what not to do, what sort of personality would suit this job etc. I hope to get quick replies, ‘cos I need to decide before the manager calls me!

(But if he doesn’t, I’m taking that as a sign that I shouldn’t be working at this job. I could call up my former boss for the job I used to work, a salesgirl at a department store, but it doesn’t pay that much more from the restaurant host job and it’s much further away from my home… Maybe I need to look in the classifieds.)

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  1. I think your pro and con lists are excellent. Those help me make decisions, too. Somehow seeing it all spelled out can make things seem clearer. The thing that struck me most about what you wrote here, though is: “I just didn’t feel right when I was filling out the application form.” To me, that is very telling. In your situation I would not take the job if I felt that way, and your comments about the staff just add to that feeling. If you don’t take this one, I just know there will be something better and more suited to you. I also think you’ll find your summer course will ease you into the world of working with diverse people, so it doesn’t seem to me that you need to do it ways that don’t feel good while you’re still at home.
    You asked for advice from people who had worked in restaurants, and I am not one of them, but am very opinionated (besides which I care about you) so I couldn’t resist chiming in.
    Your South-Park Self is wonderful! Love the expression, too, but hope you don’t look that way all the time! 😀

    sulz: haha, if i looked that way all the time maybe it wouldn’t be that bad since it’s so cute, cuter than me i think! 😛 and great hair too, haha.

    oh, i didn’t mean to limit comments only to people who’ve worked in restaurants! of course i welcome your chime, i always look up to what you say. 🙂 i definitely agree with you about what i feel, but at the same time i’ve had experiences where i don’t feel good about something, but my fears were unfounded and i thought, if i let my fear decide then, i would’ve missed out on such an opportunity (like my summer course, for instance). but then again, i don’t see what is there to miss out by not working at a restaurant. 😛

    i think i’ll start reading the classifieds to see what options are out there. maybe i could find something that sounds good and pays better. wishful thinking, but still! 😀

  2. That’s you alright

    sulz: yes, it’s me, totally sulz! 😛

  3. The South Park you is so awesome!

    I’m afraid I’ve never worked in a restaurant, so I can’t help you there, but I agree with Muse: I would be very cautious about a job if you didn’t feel comfortable when applying for it.

    sulz: thanks to crazyasuka! 😀

    yeah, i guess if i did take the job and things turned out as i expected them, then i’ve got no one to blame but myself because i didn’t listen to myself. i guess i’ll look at the classifieds while i think about this.

  4. Yay! I’m glad you liked the character! I thought you were adorable with the book, probably reading something that caught your attention. HEHE.

    Hey, I don’t understand something. Maybe I didn’t read it right or something.

    Why are you looking for a new job? Why don’t stick to the telemarketing thing and spend your free time doing something more related to what you want to do for real. You have to consider what the restaurant job has to offer YOU and if it is worth the inconveniences.

    I gotta tell ya, you’re brave. As soon as I find myself free from commitments, I go to sleep. My weekends, oohhh my weekends… *yawns* I’m sleepy already.

    I’m not making much sense now, am I?


    sulz: i love it. 🙂 i’m looking for another part-time job so i can earn more to use when i’m doing my summer course. while telemarketing pays well, i can only work a limited number of hours every day and i don’t think it’ll be enough to provide for my trip. i do have some money left over from my study loan, but i want to try to not spend so much from there, that’s why.

    i don’t feel very brave at all. 😦 but i understand you, haha.

  5. Ahhh Summer! Yeah! Well, go for it girl! After all, if you REALLY don’t like it you can always quit.

    Wow, quick answer of yours.

    sulz: i could, but i don’t want to start something half way and not do it; it’s not fair for the restaurant either. (this post is really depressing me for some reason!)

    i’m a bot, remember? 😉

  6. never worked in a restaurant, but do currently work in retail and can tell you that the perfect people for these types of jobs are: “perky”, fast learners, people who don’t let what other people say or treat them bother them… folks who can “put on a smile” even if they are crying on the inside.

    I’m not even like that, which is why I get in trouble at my job every now and then for seeming “unfriendly”.

    sulz: i’ve worked in retail and know exactly what you mean! hmm, i guess the answer’s laid out bare for me already, isn’t it?

  7. lol so it would seem

  8. Or you could learn to put on a face as you will need to do when you are doing your dream teaching job, you need those skills of pretending that you like someone, seeming to be in charge and sociable etc etc and maybe after a while you may come to be able to do those things automatically.

    As you would not be waiting on tables don’t see how you could be pressured into feeling flustered apart from the usual new job being flustered anyway and I do agree with what you say that sometimes our fear of the unknown can stop us from doing a lot of things, especially when we are young.

    However the issue of male female working environment does cause me to be wary of this for you especially since I do not know the ins and outs of the culture and the place of women in society over there. Is it considered an acceptable position by your father, does he have an issue with you working somewhere with booze etc?

    Apart from those issues of culture which I am unaware of I would not be concerned with starting something and then leaving as there are only two ways to find out what the position entails and that is by starting there or eating there a few times! I know for a fact that people who own restaurants regularly trial people and have no hesitation in letting them go after one day and it is no real reflection on the person.. as you say perhaps their personality is not suited to it.. I say good on them for trying anyway.

    sulz: my parents don’t really bother with stuff like that; they pretty much let me do what i want as long as it sounds reasonable. i guess part of growing up is learning to make the best decision for yourself… should i take the job up, perhaps it will be a test of my character. but of course i just happen to hate tests! 😀

    thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

  9. Have you decided yet? Also when are your exams?

    sulz: haha, no! 😛 my exams are next week. 😕 i have yet to study!

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  11. Hey Sulz, you can’t be depressed if you’re a bot!

    – this post is really depressing me for some reason!)

    – i’m a bot, remember?

    I say, go for it girl. I think you will enjoy working in a mixed environment! How did you not go nuts always working with women! Guys are great to work with… you just have to be careful, cause they are good at BSing.

    I am seeing more pros in this experience for you. It’s outside your confort zone, and it’s for a limited period of time, so nothing that bad can happen.

    I’ve had a very hard time with my work as a doctor. You have to think quick and have a smile on all the time even if you have had no sleep whatsoever. I’m not a people person and it’s been hard… I’m going to try and go for another thing because I don’t think I want to stay in such a job for the rest of my life. But if I count this as a limited time experience, it has been great. I’ve done things I didn’t think I could do, ever.

    I’ve never had a job as such, so this experience is all I have to tell you about.

    Do you know anything yet?

    sulz: haha, caught me there. 😛 actually, i prefer working with women because they’re either polite or irresponsible. yeah, that’s what i don’t like when working with guys. i don’t like to have to constantly be on my toes, not knowing if what they said is true or they’re just mocking me. 😦

    wow, you mean you don’t want to be a doctor? what are you going to do then?

    no, nobody’s called me yet. and i’m still undecided! but thank you for your perspective. 🙂

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  13. Oh My! I just finished creating my self as a character and then found you….. maybe we’re related 🙂

    sulz: haha, i saw your latest post and see what you mean. it’s the hair, i think. 😉

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