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Fluff Five

Meh, I didn’t like yesterday’s post, too whiny. Sorry about that! (Still undecided, but have decided that duh, change is hard! If it were so easy, I wouldn’t be here blogging about it. I think.)

Anyway. Tagged by lovelyloey.

5 Things Found in your Bag

  1. My blood donor card – you never know when there’s a blood donation campaign going on!
  2. Tissues – I will always have them, at least 2 packs, because I sweat so easily.
  3. Plasters – sometimes my pretty shoes hurt my feet and these come in handy.
  4. Antibacterial hand gel
  5. Purse – Glittery blue thing with faded gold edges; time for a new one!

5 Favourite Things in your Room

  1. My wardrobe, because it holds all my clothes
  2. My books
  3. My cow plush toy given by a friend
  4. My full-length mirror
  5. My smelly pillows!

5 Things you have always wanted to do

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Get a luxury handbag (Coach!)
  3. Get a good-paying job that I love
  4. Get in shape
  5. Get a boyfriend

5 things you are currently into

  1. My blog
  2. Baked potatoes
  3. Ballet flats (I have about half a dozen now)
  4. Oreo cheesecake *drools*
  5. Sexy clothes (a post about this tomorrow)

5 People you want to tag

  1. The one who started the South Park craze
  2. The one who loves thrift shopping
  3. The one who’s a happy blogger currently
  4. The one who’s somewhat MIA currently
  5. The one who thinks he’s *urk* cute

Comments on: "Fluff Five" (7)

  1. I’ve always wanted to do #4 and #5 under five things always wanted to do too. wait, did that make sense? any way, you get what I mean… off to go do mine. 🙂

    sulz: haha, that was a bit of a joke, since you can’t exactly get those like things you get off the supermarket shelves! 😉 but well, maybe this year will be lucky for us in the romantic department! then we don’t have to worry about #4. 😛

  2. I did it too, as one of your taggees tagged me. Re: get in shape, get a boyfriend–perhaps you could combine those? Put in a request for a personal trainer to a dating service? 🙂
    And, why are your pillows smelly? Then again, maybe I don’t want to know… 😀

    sulz: haha, sculpt my body, baby! :mrgreen:

    i think everybody has their own bed scent? that’s what i mean about smelly pillows. 😛

  3. lovelyloey said:

    Even though I’m a shopaholic, I can’t fathom why anyone would need half a dozen ballet flats. I have flats, but all in different styles. 😛
    Anyway, bed scent. I love my bed scent too. Hate the smell of new bedlinen, so I only change them once a fortnight 😛
    I love it when my mango scented body cream rubs off onto my bedlinen. 😀

    sulz: they’re different style mar! got casual flats, office-ish flats (with a small heel), glamour flats… anyway i just go putty when i see one that i like. 😳 hah, you smelly. 😛

  4. i would like to share five things that i always wanted to do…
    -get in shape
    -get a boyfriend that actually LIKES me
    -work from home
    -spend vacation out of town at least once every year
    -create art that will make history someday! 😀

    — i think my comment wasn’t posted. so i am trying again. if it’s a double post, sorry!

    sulz: you were spam! 😮 but i’ve despammed you so hopefully it won’t think so again.

    ooh, does that mean you had a boyfriend? *nosy* 😛 i want the same things as you except the last one; i just don’t have an artsy bone in my body! 😀

  5. The one who’s somewhat MIA currently

    Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. Would you believe I’ve been on a top-secret mission for the Federal Police? I’d tell you more but, you know, it’s a security thing. 😉

    I like the things in your bag! They make sense to me and I know a lot of guys wish they had somewhere for tissues or plasters. Not sure I understand the smelly pillows, though… I don’t notice a bed scent much. But then I’m obsessive about changing my sheets and things.

    And thanks for the tag. I’ll do it a couple of days once I’ve had time to think about it… the bag will be a hard one! I might have to do my wallet instead. 🙂

    sulz: excuses, excuses! if you don’t tell, i won’t. 😉

    i’m so practical, that’s why i need a bag whenever i go out. 😛 obsessive? like every other day??

    yeah, juan did his wallet; the only man i know who seems to carry a bag is my dad. 😕 haha!

  6. actually he has just broken up with me. he says he loves me. but he doesn’t really LIKE me. it’s hard to explain. i can feel it and i can’t accept it.

    and no, i don’t feel dumped. i am enjoying every bit of my freedom! he wants me back now, but i am like, excuse me? why don’t you just buzz off?? you see, he said b’bye too many times and begged me to take him back too many times. i am tired of being treated as a yo-yo and it has to be over now.

    sulz: wow, i didn’t know you had a boyfriend! and yeah, good on you for that. you should stay friends if you don’t hate him or anything like that. if he really likes you, he’ll wait. 🙂

  7. […] but I think a good meme can say a lot about a person without revealing too much. So thanks to Sulz and Ella for tagging me for this one. Looks like […]

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