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Why I Wear Sexy Clothes

I would be the first person to tell you that I’m fat. It doesn’t really matter whether I am or not, point is, that’s what I’d say.

But, that doesn’t mean I see myself lowly for being fat. Well, at least not all the time. I may have flabby bits, but I also have curvy bits. (And anyway, I think no matter how in shape you are there’d always be something you’d prefer to have, like bigger lips or rounder butt or something.) I know my body well – how it looks, what goes with it, what doesn’t go with it. I have my own personal style, and I like my style, repetitive as it may be at times (like the ratio for black and non-black clothing is 1:1 – I just can’t help buying black ‘cos it hides the tummy so well; I must say that I’m buying more colours these days).

So even though I’m fat, my arms are flabbier than what I would like them to be, my legs are chunkier than what I would like them to be, my tummy sticks out even though I’ve been practising sucking my tummy in since teenage years, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel sexy. There are days when I feel like the fattest, most bloated being on earth, and on those days I couldn’t be bothered to dress up. I’d wear my ugliest, most unflattering things. Then there are days I feel I look good, and I want to dress up to fit my mood. It makes me feel happy, confident, pretty. So there are times when I’m underdressed or overdressed for the occasion simply because my mood dictated how I should dress. (But obviously I have enough sense not to dress provocatively if I’m walking about the streets for the most part of the day, alone, at night!)

I wear sexy clothes for me. If I feel like dressing up, I would do so because I want to look good for myself, not for anybody else. (It’s like people who wear nice underwear – which I do – ‘cos even though nobody sees it, you just feel good knowing what’s there yourself, you know?) I never wear something sexy for a guy. (Or rather, I have yet to. I may stand corrected in this claim if I have a significant other in future.) In fact, the brief time I had a boyfriend long, long time ago I would deliberately not dress up even though I wanted to because I didn’t want him to think I’m wearing whatever I wanted to wear for him. Besides, I’m not sexy all the time, so he should get used to the fact that I like wearing baggy t-shirts and pants when I feel like wearing them.

I don’t wear sexy clothes for a guy’s attention. I actually hate it when I think a guy’s staring at me because of what I wear. I also equally hate it when a girl does that. But I might wear sexy clothes to annoy Em, though, who believes that wearing sexy clothes is an invitation to rape. Excuse me, so if you bought a new Ferrari, would you keep it in the garage because if you flaunted it on the streets, it would be akin to inviting thieves to steal your car?!? 😕


And I was talking to a friend the other day, and I told him that there’s a difference between being sexy and wearing sexy clothes. As in, you could be wearing a trash bag but if you’re sexy (or is it if you feel sexy?) you’d still ooze sex appeal; you could wear the sexiest outfit and not look sexy at all. What do you think?

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  1. lovelyloey said:

    (I was looking forward to a post about your newest shopping victories 😛 never mind me.)
    Well, I agree with you, mostly.
    I sometimes wear the crappiest clothes to school (like t-shirt and jeans) and sometimes I dress up (might or might not be sexy depending on … who’s teaching that day 😛 )
    I’m the sort who dresses for myself, as well as other people, if you get the drift 😛
    But I’d only like selective people to look at me, I don’t like to be ogled at. But then the world doesn’t work this way; it so happens only people you want to look at you wouldn’t, or at least not in the way you’d like them to, and those that you don’t want them to look at you, will stare at you for the longest times. Sheesh.
    But then again in Singapore, I’m sure 99.5% of the girls would rather be skinny and not sexy than curvy and sexy.

    sulz: eh, how you know i just went shopping?? anyway, just for you, i bought

    an mng racer back tank top for rm35 in army green,
    black flats (for the summer course! an excuse, of course, haha) in felt cloth (i love felt) for rm40,
    boyshorts from dorothy perkins for rm 26 (pink and white with cows all over, saying peek-a-moo!),
    blue hipster panties (the kind that won’t give you vpl) for rm30

    that’s it, didn’t dare spend anymore ‘cos i know i’ll be spending much much more! 😦

    yeah, exactly! if i dressed up for anyone, it’d be maybe my fashion-conscious friends, who may notice i’ve got a new top and can appreciate it. 😛 but if they didn’t notice i’m fine; i wear it ultimately for me. yeah, why does murphy’s law work when it comes to dressing sexily? 😕

    i think the trick to being curvy and sexy is to believe you’re hot even though you’re like tens of pounds heavier than the skinny girls. and when you dress to accentuate the right curves and you look like you know you’re hot, i think guys will fall for it. 😛 and i think those that do are the good kind because they know how to appreciate beauty in different sizes than the slim norm.

  2. ungh. I kind of go brain dead during discussions of a) fashion (sexy or not) {…run, run away…} and b) sulz’s IMAGINARY fatness. {she’s just trying to provoke us, at this point!}
    I’m still feeling friendly though, so Hi! 🙂

    sulz: why? fashion’s fun! i’m sure there must be some sort of clothing or dress style that you like. somehow i imagine you being quite hippie; loose pants, indian-ish tunics and kaftans and stuff. 😛 hey, imagination can be pretty realistic to the person imagining! and no i wasn’t! that’s why i wrote it doesn’t matter whether i am or not!

    hi back! 😀

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more Sulz!

    Dressing and Fashion is something that can be done differently by different people. I also believe that one shouldn’t dress for anyone else. If you’re wearing something you feel nice and sexy in, it’s bound to show! That’s why me bought red shoes 😀

    My mum thinks they’re too jazzy but I told her that I don’t mind. What matters is that they should make me happy and that they’re doing. I bought them for me, not for the others.

    sulz: mmm, that’s hot. 😉

  4. I agree sulz, i wouldn’t say I have a “style”, I usually just wear whatever is in my size and is comfortable… but there are occasions when i wake up in the morning and feel good enough to actually color coordinate, accessorize and put on some eyeliner. just because I feel like it, not because I want attention or anything.

    sulz: i’m sure you do! even the muppets have a style… a muppety one, of course! 😛

    yeah, exactly. you want to look good when you pass by your reflection in the window! 😀

  5. The brief time I had a boyfriend long, long time ago I would deliberately not dress up even though I wanted to because I didn’t want him to think I’m wearing whatever I wanted to wear for him.

    o.O I actually did exactly the same with the only boyfriend I’ve ever had! On days when he caught me wearing something nice and complimented me for it, I would say “Ugh!” and come the next day with the first thing I would find in the closet and barely taking a shower!”

    I want to be appreciated for my mind, and get someone crazy about me because of who I am. Maybe when I know somebody who does, I’ll reward them by dressing up…

    HAha, but it’s not likely, since I also have a moody style. These days when I’ve been pretty down, I put on my baggy pants and whatever confortable thing I own and barely shower.

    Whenever I feel happy and in the mood for getting attention, I can dress in anything! Although it’s always something confortable.

    Hey, Skinny is not necesarily good, I agree. As a person who was skinny most of her life, and only this year has started to get a tummy and flabby arms and put up 10 kilograms, I gotta say I’m much sexier now…

    My life goal is not to be a top model, so why become ultra skinny like them? I like my current weight much more than the one I used to have. It suits me better.

    It’s also cause I have a huge head, so the bigger body makes it all look more proportional… I used to look like a lollypop. HAHA.

    And finally, I have wore school uniforms all my life, and then at uni, medical scrubs. So, I don’t really own much clothes. I have bought a few for especial ocassions and such, and then most of the stash is second hand from my older cousin. (funny to say the latter are highest quality and prettier than the ones I can find in my city, so I don’t mind that they are second hand…).

    Even like that, I do manage to have my own style.

    I love skirts for example. And boots. And strong colors. Like red with black. Or purple with black… hard to explain, I might be taking pictures someday to let you know what I mean.

    sulz: haha, yeah, you don’t want to spoil the guy too much! 😛 i don’t know about colombia, but in asia, if you’re not thin it’s very unlikely many guys find you attractive, at first glance at least. but it’s great that you think a bit of meat is good! 🙂

    i’d like to wear boots but my calves are too big. 😦 seriously, the boots here don’t fit me! and i love strong colours too! the only pastel i like is mint green / light turquoise.

    ooh i’d love to see pictures of you in your favourite sexy outfits! 😀

  6. I would like to inform of Sulz’ readers that I included her in the top women bloggers in blogosphere. check it out here!

    P.S. Sulz, i hope that you’ll take a sneak on it… best is to hear from you there. 🙂 and I want to join in Juan’s forum!

    sulz: of course i’ve left a comment there; it’s the least i can do after your lovely plug. 🙂 thank you very much again!

    did you hear that, juan? you better give me some serious brownie points from plugging your yet-to-be forum! 😛

  7. Nooooo, fashion is scary, and clothes shopping is hard! Now, put me in a hardware store, or an office supply store, or, better yet, a library, and I can be happy for hours. 🙂 Still, one has to wear something, and drainpipes, file folders and books don’t really work, do they? I think you have been peeking, because you got a pretty good sense of my wardrobe style. And, I appreciate your discretion. ( 😉 ) I see I overreacted to your feeling fat, etc. It’s just that the more we keep saying fatfatfatfatfatfatfat, the more that’s what we see (IMO). Actually I do admire that you don’t allow your body image to get in the way of dressing to feel good and sexy. And you do say you have nice curvy bits, too. (yay) Anything we can do to feel better about ourselves is a good thing. You are getting some interesting comments here. I like ish’s red shoes! nice!

    sulz: nooooooo it’s not!!! i adore shopping, even though it’s hard to get cheap clothes my size. the feeling when you find a cute top that makes you look good, it’s incomparable!

    nah, i can see where you come from, ‘cos i do moan a lot about my weight. 😛 and honestly, part of how i’ve come to accept my body is thanks to comments like yours in the protected post. see, i have improved since then! 😉

    don’t tell him that! i told him that and he says it’s one more reason he should be my boyfriend. 🙄 haha! (just kidding ish, of course the shoes are awesome!)

  8. lovelyloey said:

    Heh, I am psychic.
    Ouch, I wouldn’t spend RM30 on knickers loh. I usually wait for the big sales at Dorothy or Topshop to get knickers at 2 for SGD9 🙂 I am a cheapo. Heh.

    sulz: i’ve never seen dorothy having a sale! maybe i’m not looking hard enough. 😛 and so far all my rm30 knickers are good quality and last really long! i had one from when i was 18 years old… still haven’t torn or anything. :mrgreen:

  9. You’re absolutely right about the difference between being sexy and wearing sexy clothes. And let’s face it, isn’t the line between sexy clothes and slutty ones a very fine line?

    Style is something people either have or don’t. We probably all know women who pay no attention to what’s fashionable at any given time but always look great, often on a shoestring. It’s not fair.

    I always hope they have bad breath or something…

    sulz: of course; sexy is a combination of things, not just throwing on revealing clothes! i think a sexy look is something that reveals one part of the body, but not all. like an off-shoulder top with a full-length skirt, or a miniskirt with a long-sleeved sweater… too revealing and it becomes slutty!

    i notice that such women are often great in other aspects of their lives too, which secretly makes me hate them! haha.

  10. Style should depend on where you are and what you are doing. There are just certain trends that are not acceptable depending on the occasion. Always dress for success. That does not mean you cannot adapt your personal style into dressing for success. The thing to remember whether at school, play or work your future could be influenced by your choice of clothing and style. You never know when you might run into someone you want to add to your career prospecting network. Trendy clothes may or may not be acceptable, but never dress down below the type of career you are studying for at school, as you may need to rely on that teacher for a job recommendation. It is a sad fact of life but first impressions and visual impressions are your best chance for career advancement. In many ways you can relate that to all facets of your life. Dress to reflect the image you wish to express to people when you interact with them. Dress to be comfortable personally and dress comfortable to the image you wish to portray.

    sulz: true. even though i am influenced by first impressions, i do wish people in general are willing to look for a second impression! i think i get away with what i wear now is ‘cos i’m young and a student. 😛 that’ll be over soon enough! 😥

  11. Ms.Johnny said:

    I only wear sexy clothes when I really feel sexy and my tummy is not visible (hehe). And yes, this means that I wear sexy clothes for myself because I feel good about myself and I’m confident with myself. Not because I want to attract the other sex because that is just faking yourself.

    sulz: excuse me, since when is your tummy ever visible??? wah, i like sexy lea. 😉 but hey, can’t help it right if the opposite sex is attracted by the sexy clothes we wear for ourselves? 😛

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