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Do you think the blog’s easier to read now than before? FEEDBACK!!!

Please. 😛


I was inspired to write about my 5 favourite toys as a kid after Nightwriter got inspired by Ish‘s toys.

1. Lego
I absolutely love Lego!!! I bet if I were given a set now, I’d be playing as obsessively as I used to. I don’t build stuff that boys build with Lego pieces; rather, it was like my dollhouse set. I create houses, small towns, with people and characters just like a girl would with her dollhouse. (Which is why I love playing The Sims… I haven’t played in since several years ago, though. I don’t dare to start again.)

2. Barbie & Polly Pocket
This was of course, the toys I played with before my Lego obsession. I never owned a Ken before, but that didn’t stop my Barbies from having boyfriends. When I was younger, I loved Polly Pocket to death. Once, I was third in class for my Standard One (first grade) mid-year exams, and for my reward, M bought me a Polly Pocket stationery box, with the miniature dolls complete with a stationery set. I still have one Polly Pocket pencil!

3. Masak-masak
Masak is a Malay word for cook. Masak-masak is what we call when kids play pretend with the toy cooking set. My parents don’t really buy me brand new toys; instead, they bought them from garage sales and yard sales. Honestly, even though those toys were secondhand, they were much better than if my parents bought me brand new ones. If they bought brand new masak-masak toy sets, they’d only buy the cheap kind, whereas the ones bought from those sales were cheap but the good ones, like from Fisher-Price.

4. Batu seremban / Five stones
This is a game I used to love playing just before my teenage years. It’s a bit hard to explain what batu seremban is about, so please read these links if you’re interested to read about this traditional Malay game. It’s a game played mostly by girls, and I was pretty good at it, if I may say so. At one point, I could even play it with my left hand! Not as good as the right hand, of course. And this 5-second YouTube video shows you how to play it; it’s that simple and that hard!

5. Getah / Rubber band game
Another traditional Malay game I used to love playing in school, when I first started primary school. I used to go to school about an hour earlier just so I could play this Malaysian version of jump rope (made by linking rubber bands). It was great exercise too, since we have to run and do cartwheel-like movements to get over the rubber rope. My dad would buy special, extra-thick rubber bands in bulk just for me to make or mend my rubber rope. Anyway, read this link about it.

Now, the only games I play are the ones online, or card games. I love playing this one called Tai Ti, literally translated as Big Two. I could beat anybody playing that, I’m that good! 😛

Comments on: "Before Boys, There Were Toys" (18)

  1. Hey, I was going to do this TODAY!

    I have pictures ready and all…

    Well, mine was about my current toys anyway.

    I spent entire days obsessed with LEGO and Kitchen sets!

    sulz: woot, i’m a psychic bot! 😀

    wow, who knew kids all over the world play the same stuff? i always thought it’s different… like american girls and their dollhouses and stuff.

  2. nizzywizzy said:

    I love legos! and yeah, it’s easier to read now…. hey is it just me or did the background use to be all yellow? now it fades into black… or maybe I’m crazy? 😛

    sulz: lego rocks! i’d love to visit lego land in denmark!

    great! no, you’re not crazy; yes, it fades into black which is part of the easier reading strategy… i think the yellow hurts the eyes of some?

    anyway, what’s up with the new nickname! 🙂

  3. BTW, your link about Five stones is broken.

    sulz; damn, you’re right; thanks! it was fine when i wrote the post a couple of weeks ago… okay, fixed! the link in the getah also talks a bit about batu seremban too. 🙂

  4. nizzywizzy said:

    nizzywizzy=NightWriter …okay, so my gravatar account was acting silly and I had to change my username…so that’s why in my comment it says nizzywizzy. 😀

    sulz: ah, that’s the explanation!

  5. The text is better but I’m still having a little trouble with it; the words seem to blend together when I look at them, like there isn’t enough space between them… does that make sense? It’s much better than it was, though! Stands out against the black much more.

    I love lego! I used to have masses of it as kid and I loved collecting the pirate sets. I remember building one of the pirate ships once; I didn’t take it down for months! 🙂 My favourite toys as a kid were Transformers. My battles made the movie look like nothing. 😉

    I think I know Big Two… we call it Thirteen here. Good game but I’m not very good at it. I suck at Poker too, which is probably why. I like Chess and Risk; I wait for my opponents to realise they’re going to lose, then crush them! 😛

    sulz: thanks for the feedback, i’ll see if i can do anything about that.

    you sound like a ruthless player in games and cards! 😀

  6. … after toys, there were girls and more girls… XD

    yesh… blog easier to read now. *thumbs up*

    sulz: and there will be more girls after you finish up in aussie. 😉

    great! 🙂

  7. lovelyloey said:

    I like all the games you liked!
    Well. I often fuse my Lego and Barbie together, since I didn’t really have Barbie furniture so she slept on lego beds. Haha.
    Five stone.. those are the days. Here there’s the 2 handed version as well, I think it’s one of the highest level or something.

    Big Two. Fun but infuriating sometimes. Love Uno (quite a similar logic, but no need to worry about some lowlife who put down flushes after flushes).

    sulz: you spooky alter ego! 😀 haha, you must have had lots of lego bricks to make a barbie bed! wah, didn’t know kids in singapore play five stones too, and yes uno! i love uno too, especially when you play it with many people; on one hand, you want to be the one to win first, but on the other hand, you miss out on the fun if you are! oh i could never get bored with big two… they even have a computerised version like solitaire! i used to have it, but it got infected by virus, so i had to delete it. 😦 hehe, the 5-card moves are my speciality in tai ti!

  8. Do you have any screenshots of the old background? I really cannot see a difference… I SUCK AT DETAILS! If you put a giant orange in the middle I won’t notice it unless it gets in the way of commenting or someone points it out!

    sulz: oh, i should’ve saved a screenshot. anyway, the difference is that previously, the text in the post was white – now it’s grey and the sides were all yellow (now the yellow changes to black as you scroll down). that’s all!

  9. Haha it looks good to me! But then again… it looked good before aswell!

    Meh, trust the opinions of people who DO have powers of observation.

    when i wrote the post a couple of weeks ago…

    Weeks ago? o.O

    You have posts ready and in line to be posted?

    sulz: haha, if you’re fine with it, that’s good too.

    yeah, i pre-publish my posts sometimes… don’t want to spoil you with a post every day you know! 😉 and remember, i’m a bot!

  10. Whinny me: I liked it better all yellow because it made the contrast better, I thought. And I even liked the pure white text better because of more contrast. I’m all about the contrast. It’s still harder to read white on black than black on white or a light color. Oh, I also liked the very cheery yellow it used to be. This is a little grayed and not quite as sunny. But I will always read whatever you do, and I often will cope by hitting {control plus} twice, to make it bigger, and then following Sanjida’s suggestion to highlight the whole thing, and that works fine. It’s fun to look at with or without reading.
    I think I still do love Lego. I visited a shopping mall (fortunately far away from where I live) that had an all Lego store. My friends had trouble getting me out of there. Do you know about Legoland?
    I like to build things, but don’t like competitive games very much because I’m not very good and I get cranky if I don’t win. 😦 My other favorite toy was this sort of easy-bake oven thing, but you got to bake goo in molds and got lizards and snakes and things instead of cakes.

    sulz: *neighs* (cos you whinnied :mrgreen: ) i know what you mean, this isn’t very me; it reminds me of juan’s blog because his has grey text on black too!

    of course i know legoland, all lego fans must surely know about legoland! haha, me too, which is why i don’t like playing many computer games; i like racing games, though. 😛 oh, do you mean playdough? i went through that phase once, but didn’t last very long ‘cos playdough is expensive! but they had a nicer smell than plasticine. 😛

  11. You funny, girl. I knew as soon as I pushed the post button I had too many “n”s in that word. I thought, “Maybe she won’t notice”, but who was I fooling, waaay to smart, you are. {WHINES about that}.
    No, not playdough, it was liquid that came in bottles, and the oven thingy would harden it into a rubbery substance. It came in really cool gross colors. Do you have rubber spiders where you are that look real, so you can scare your friends? Like that, but I could make them myself!
    Well, I’d better TROT off, now. ?)

    sulz: hehehe. :mrgreen: hmm, i don’t know if we have that here, sounds fun! oh i don’t like those rubber creepy crawlies, especially the cockroach ones! i’m terrified of cockroaches!

    haha, don’t you go having nightMARES at my expense! 😀

  12. I love the heading of this post! 😀

    And I didn’t know about anyone of your toys. I still don’t know what the hype about Lego is. I’ve never played with it for some reason. I guess I should buy some now.

    And yep, it’s easier to read now. How about changing the colour of your bold font to something subtler than green? Or maybe some other shade of green. It’s just that the green shoots up at you after all the orange, black and white. But then maybe it’s just me?

    sulz: thanks! and you must play lego at least twice before you die, that’s an order. :mrgreen:

    the green shoots up at you… lurid images in my mind! 😀

  13. I used to have a life size doll but had to give her and any other toys up when we migrated to Australia when I was 7, or at least that is what it felt like, I think I was allowed to keep a baby doll and when we got here I had a pet joey, a baby kangaroo to play with. My friend whose parents had a farm used to have me over so I played there with the pigs..loved the pigs for some strange reason and after we got cleaned up we played Scrabble with her entire family. I do not know whether it was the Scrabble or being with an entire family that did not fight that I liked the most but I really loved it. What I really loved though was my shop that I made out of empty packets of cereal etc….had a whole room in our spare cabin for it until my father said it was a fire hazard….you would not believe the bushfires in those days and we were surrounded by bush. I always had books and writing pads….making up stories and writing things I would do in the future[when I escaped to the city]

    But I developed a whole new appreciation for toys when I worked as a childcare nurse/ nanny and found that a lot of children are not naughty they are just bored or under stimulated, especially boys. Once boys were presented with shorter activities I found they were able to amuse themselves and stay motivated in their play.When people complain to me about boys being so much work I am rarely surprised to see that there is nothing to amuse or stetch them.

    Sulz dear I know it was moi who said about the orange being like staring into the sun but I was getting used to it. This works but it is a bit murky and I do not see you as murky!!![where it goes into the grey cloud then into the black]

    Can’t talk about toys without saying I loved CJ’s lego especially his castle type lego and I am the one who originally worked the instructions out on all the playsets!!!
    Also loved his Transformers….how could they ruin our memories with that movie? I even enjoyed games for the first time since I was a child because of the joy it brought to CJ and all his friends.

    sulz: oh, you’re not born in australia? didn’t know that. anyway, you sound like you had an idyllic childhood; and is that how cj inherited his writing tendencies? 😉 oh, you were a nanny? someone in the family is a nanny too, which is how i grew to love babies. 🙂

    haha, yeah, it’s not very me but the top with the yellow and rainbow is still me; even i find it easier to read now, though i do prefer how it looked like before.

    oh, but i love the movie. 😛 shia laboeuf is so cute! hmm, has any of cj’s friends ever said that they wish their moms were as cool as you? i wouldn’t be surprised if they did. 🙂

  14. I am not big on the offwhite color. I prefer the bright white or orange/pumpkin colors like the link colors. The green is awesome though a little vulgar to the eyes.

    My toys were not always conventional toys. Words and information have always been a part of “my toys”. I liked playing word/information games with my mother and grandmother and great grandmother, race car sets and stuffed (shhh! – do not want to ruin my macho image with all the ladies) animals as a kid. I liked toy guns but after at age 5 I shot an old man with my BB gun they took the BB guns away. As I got older card games, board games and sports took over. My word games were limited to scholastic endeavors by then. Strange thing for all the different ways I have played games with words and information I have never liked crossword puzzles. After adult hood hit it was cars video games and I really did not play much with words/information until I started blogging. My blog has taken over the the toy spot I used for playing with words and information. One thing that is often discernible on my blog (if you follow my links) is my fascination with slang and trivial information (that sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with what I am discussing). 😉

    sulz: thanks for feedback. i love playing word games like scrabble and word searches. i don’t do crossword puzzles too! hmm, never thought of blogging as a big people’s toy, but it kinda is, isn’t it, in a way? 🙂 hmm, sounds like you like trivia books and games like trivial pursuit? haha.

  15. my barbie thought boys smelt funny and we should throw rocks at them…funny how life turned out…. 😆

    sulz: haha, well, sometimes men do smell stinky and instead of throwing rocks, we hurl loving insults (ie. go wash your smelly hide of a body! 😛 ).

  16. Sulz,

    I was away again for a week on travel. Just wanted to apologize as I always feel I’ve been a bad friend when I don’t stop over and visit.

    Favorite toys, huh? Well, heregoes mine, although their never was a time “before girls” for me. I even had a girlfriend in kindergarden for god’s sake. 🙂

    1.) the original Nintendo Entertainment System: Hopefully this qualifies. I was a young kid when we got it and spent years of my life playing the original Zelda, using the “30 man trick” in Contra (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start – I still remember it!!!), and playing the original Tecmo Bowl.

    2.) Army men. I had thousands of them. I’d spend hours setting them up – then get tired or bored (or both) and get angry when I had to clean them up.

    3.) Baseball cards. They were more than an obsession. They were a way of life. To this day, much to the amusement of my Fraternity brothers in college, I can still recite nearly every roster and stat, no matter how obscure, for any major league player from 1980 through 1989.

    4.) balls. Doesn’t matter what kind or whether they were regulation. As a typical boy I could find horus of entertainment with just a simple ball. I’d make “strike zones” on walls and go throuth entire mock games pitching to imaginary batters.

    5.) Playmobil – I had everything from Indians and cavalry to wild west towns, to a running model train that went with them.

    I’ll need to see what else I missed later on from home. I think I mentioned before, but I struggle mightily to read on a black background.

    Anyhow – been missing you a bunch lately. Had a bit of a falling out with the blogcatalog community (still love many there), and left. Just makes me appreciate friendships and people that don’t have agendas all the more.

    sulz: hey, don’t worry, i’ve been reading all about your busy-ness, and it’s quite telling when you don’t post in the off-topic too. 😉 i’m just glad you still remember me despite your glamourous, hectic life! 😆 (and just when i started getting into blogcatalog, or as they affectionately call it bc, you’ve left because of the meanies – which they can be, reading some of the posts in the forum there!)

    hmm, you sure started young on girls, didn’t you? :mrgreen: and your toys are so boyish, don’t you indulge in some dress-up every now and then? make-up? 😛

    oh, is this hard to read? some readers said the white text on black (previously) was harder on the eyes… bah, lesson learnt. never use any theme with a black background in future! meanwhile, subscribe to my feed through blog surfer! 😀

  17. […] was in an attempt to correct the first! I felt dorky and illiterate, but fortunately my friend sulz graciously decided to let me know about my first typo, allowing me then to come back and make the second. They turned […]

  18. Ms.Johnny said:

    Oh no….I can’t remember what toys I used to play with!

    definitely no barbies coz I was not aware there were such things back then. (kampung girl mah)

    Lego..hmm, I think I remember playing with this toy but it was not mine 😦

    masak-masak….YES! I used to play this alone at home. my ingredients would be my mum’s blossoming flowers which annoys her to the max 😛 naughty girl indeed, hahaha! Play masak-masak but now already young adult, don’t know how to masak real food. kakaka! 😀

    Batu seremban and getah…never liked to play those two 😛

    Since my house is nearby the sea, I always go to the beach to play with sands, catch little crabs, go fish netting with my parents, have a walk along the beach and enjoy the sunset. Or otherwise, I’ll be heading to the forrest nearby to explore ‘new land’….hahaha, or go fishing near the stream.

    sulz: wah, really kampung lah. 😛 haha, i’m worse than you when it comes to masak. you don’t like to play batu seremban and getah?? i loved it as a kid… wah, your childhood sounds very nice despite the barbie-less toys. sounds like how the kids in enid blyton books play!

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