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Read this post in the past? Well, now it’s a lie. I’ve been meaning to say something about it but I never found a right angle for a post about it until now. So yes, I have joined Facebook, a long time ago in fact, and I am hopelessly addicted to it. I play the silliest and most childish applications and I do it almost as obsessively as I blog, which by normal standards can be considered obsessive, since I can be online practically my whole waking hours. So, if any of bloggerdygook‘s readers are on Facebook, let me know and I will hunt you down through Friend Finder!!!

Right, the reason I want to talk about Facebook. See, I love the applications, really I do. I love to spank my friends through SuperPoke, and I love to send a Hatching Egg or two of a cute animal to friends who I am reminded of when I see those animals, and all those super cute yet super lame apps. The problem with some of these apps is that they require you to send kisses (or whatever virtual thing the app sends) to 10 other friends in order to get 3 new types of kisses. And since I’m so impatient to reach to the next level to get more types of kisses, I practise what I call Facebook ‘Love’.

If you use Facebook, you know how annoying it gets when your friend or friends send you invitations for the same app repeatedly? And you have to keep ignoring those invitations?

That’s Facebook ‘Love’. 😀 As in, I send repeated invitations to selected people in my friends list to make use of them to get to the next level of the app. (Notice I said people and not friends, because these are people I used to know but have lost touch since and they have found me through Facebook and added me. While I am too polite to say no, I am too arsed to care about them as people I would really consider friends, so they make up for it for being the recipients of Facebook ‘Love’!)


Okay, now, secret blogs. If you’ve been reading lately, you know my blog’s cover has been blown to two of my friends. While I would’ve love it if my blog is still a secret, I guess that’s not possible since I do reveal parts of my life easily recognised if you knew me in real life, and when you have a public blog it’ll only be a matter of time before your hide n seek game is up. I’m glad though that my two friends were honest with me, even if it took them a while before they said it. Even though this blog is public, it is still very personal to me, which is why I blog pseudonymously. I just want to connect and reach out to people outside of my real life, like strangers in a train pouring their deepest, darkest secrets out to each other sort of thing.

So when I found out that someone I know in real life is reading my blog secretly, not telling me that she knew of its existence, I felt indignant initially. I felt like I had the right to know, and that if she really thought of me as a friend she would’ve told me, like my two friends did (because they felt like they were reading my secret diary, did I say how personal this blog is?) It’s kinda like if you saw your best friend’s boyfriend cheating on her, would you tell her? That sort of thing. Incidentally, my answer to that question is yes, I would tell my best friend I saw her boyfriend with a girl acting rather conspicuously, because I would want my best friend to tell me if she saw my boyfriend doing something like that so I can whoop his arse when he comes home. (Err, after interrogating him, that is.)

Anyway, after thinking about this for a bit, I guess she doesn’t owe it to me to tell me that she knows. (I am actually secretly reading a classmate’s blog too, but the difference is that I don’t consider her my friend, so I don’t feel obliged.) And I guess I’m not that much of a friend to her since she doesn’t feel obliged to tell me, the way my two other friends did. And in a way, I can’t say much about it. I mean, this blog, as much as it is so freaking personal and so precious to me, is public domain, and I can’t stop people in my life from reading it if they wanted to. (But I’m not stopping anyone here, see, I just wish they’d be up front about reading my blog, is all.) So, just to make my point: if you are my friend (or think I think of you as my friend) and you’re reading this without my knowledge, I would really appreciate it if you tell me. I just want to know.

(If you plan to read it secretly still, well, remember you can’t keep that secret too, the way I’ve tried to keep this blog secret; I’ll find out eventually, and I wouldn’t tell you too.)

Now I wonder how many people in my life are secretly reading my blog.

Comments on: "Of Facebook ‘Love’ And Secret Blogs" (13)

  1. 😆 You keep this worrying about secrets up and you will be in therapy with some shrink before long. Everybody has secrets. It does not matter how close a person is to you, there are always parts withheld from each other. The reason you tell or do not tell is all about comfort zones, not because you think any less of each other. Somethings are just private. And if the secret is found out you just have to accept your exposure and hope the person will not further your exposure.

    sulz: i’m not so much worrying as being insufferably nosy. 😛 i just can’t stand secrets or surprises, i must know if i can! i understand that people have their secrets, even i do, but sometimes i marvel at some people who just seem to able to tell their deepest, darkest secrets to their best friend or husband or just someone. how can their life be such an open book?

  2. I need to confess that I’m secretly reading your blog. 🙂

    What can I say? Getting a portal to view in the inner thoughts of such an absolutely fabulous girl is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 🙂

    All kidding aside, I don’t think we have a right to be angry. We are putting this out there in public after all. It’d be quite different if it were a subscription based site and someone had “hacked” into your blog.

    That being said, what really ticks me off is lurkers that don’t comment. Don’t they know we live for comments? Leave comments people!!!! 🙂

    sulz: *gasp* wow, i never knew that! oh, me, fabulous? *blush* 😳 haha.

    yeah, i know, which is why i’m not anymore. 🙂

    yeah, word!!! 😀

  3. Nice blog 🙂 and great post yes i lurk here alot 🙂

    sulz: thank you! 🙂 and thanks for delurking!

  4. Well now she knows that you know that she knows about your blog! I think that we should inform people we know that we are reading their blogs otherwise it is a bit like listening in on a telephone conversation…or reading a diary. But then again would you censor yourself if you knew your friends were reading if you were annoyed at them for any reason?

    As to the Facebook thing
    [a]I can’t work out how to use facebook

    [b]The one time that I checked it out when my friend’s daughter invited me to her party via facebook and I had access to all her online conversations and friends and “flirting”…felt worse than if I had seen her naked [but that probably would not bother her either]…just too much private stuff out there for too many “friends’ and who knows how sane those ‘friends’ are? And no I did not tell her mother, I emailed her frantically and asked if I should have been able to see all that and she said she did not have a handle on Facebook yet but she did not seem embarrassed or worried that I saw what she was up to…and I did not tell her folks.

    [c]I can only handle a certain amount of friends in life or in online life…so to speak.

    Any news on the job front and how do you fit your studying into your busy online schedule?

    As an aside what’s with the Kevin Stafford, did I miss something, wasn’t it K Stafford? Not that it bothers me, just nosy. Especially since CJ got attacked, and that is putting it mildly, for using his initials in his name on his blog…

    sulz: hmm, i might think twice about writing about that person, perhaps phrase it in such a way that i can express myself and yet not offend the person. 😛

    as for your friend’s daughter, that’s a tough situation to be in. should you tell her mom, or keep quiet about your concerns? would you be overreacting, or are your instincts right? i’m not sure myself, but i would probably be doing the same thing as you did!

    oh, totally agree about having so many friends, whether online or offline. if you have so many the quality of friendships that you have won’t be very good, in my opinion. you need a few people close to you, and concentrate on these relationships.

    as for the job, they didn’t call me back… and i’m half glad they didn’t, because i honestly didn’t want to work there after applying. i’m in the midst of looking for a part-time job more suitable to my personality… hopefully i will strike gold soon!

    haha, i don’t know myself. you want to explain yourself, kdawg? 😀

  5. Just realised I said that I did not tell the girl’s folks twice…think the universe or my subconscious is telling me something. I did not tell them because I think they are just pleased she has friends..quantity over quality has always been their mantra. And yet when she had life shattering private news about an issue too huge to keep to herself she told her one real life best friend and me. So I guess the moral of this is know your friends and anything that causes you to pursue friends en masse is in my middle aged opinion suspect…would that also apply to the “love” thing on Facebook?
    Rant over, sorry. Maybe this answers your other question about do CJ’s friends think I am a cool mum…..and they do and in this instance it was a very tricky place to be… I had to juggle friend to new young adult and mother/aunt figure at the same time.

    sulz: well, it sounds like the girl knows who her real friends are, despite her attempt at socialising via facebook; that’s good! the ‘love’ thing is my way of showing that i don’t really care about these people because even though we add each other as friends on facebook, we don’t even keep in touch; what’s the point of calling each other friends on facebook? it’s not real.

    tricky, but it sounds very fulfilling, for you to have friends of all ages. it keeps you young and shows you different perspectives. i want to be like that when i’m older; i’d like to have friends of all ages too. 🙂

  6. I think I saw your blog a couple of weeks ago, then I forgot all about it. Then just for a whim and fancy I decided to come here today and I saw this post, LOL! So I guess I’m telling you now. 😉 I’m sorry I don’t check back often though. I know you read my blog a lot, kinda paiseh that I don’t read yours so much… LOL!

    sulz: haha, the post was aimed at you, so mission accomplished. 😛 i don’t care that you don’t read my blog as much i do yours, i’m just curious of lurkers of my blog, in case they are people i know from real life!

  7. See that is what I mean I just don’t get Facebook…so the love is opposite to love in the real world? Or just you and the facebook love? Good grief think I am too old for this!! Your comment just came through,too, spooky!!! Looks like the post worked if I understand the above comment.

    sulz: haha, yeah facebook ‘love’ is the opposite of love in the actual sense. 😛 haha you’re not that old… there are things you probably understand better than i do, like politics and quilting! haha. and yes, the post did achieve its objective, though i’m hoping to delurk more mysterious readers! 😉

  8. *raises hand*

    I want to confess that I’m secretly reading your blog.


    Now that you know the truth, I also wanted to tell you that I tried to run a facebook search on you, and I ended up poking a malasyan girl… if that was not you (most likely wasn’t), then some malasyan girl is thinking “wtf”.

    You know my facebook link! It’s in my blog about me. I’d love it if you would add me… if you want to. I am obsessed with facebook aswell… I thought I wouldn’t fall for that, but I did, what can I say…er…

    It is just so cool!

    Hey, but I don’t spread random love anymore. I got an aplication that “fools” facebook into thinking you have sent lots of invites, when you really haven’t. So I get access to all kinds of goodies without bothering people. I like them to know that when I DO send something, it’s because I really wnat them to check it out.


    sulz: haha, no you didn’t poke me, sadly. but i petted your (fluff)friend! did you see? i found your link while (fluff)hopping to earn munny, haha! 😀

    and your facebook link is not at your about page! but i think i found you through your e-mail. i hope it’s you, haha.

    oh man, you’ve got to invite me to that app! i would much prefer not to give facebook ‘love’ if i could!

  9. Wow, Magik Quilter you are indeed quite observant.

    I originally identified myself as “kstafford” thinking tht perhaps a tad bit of anonymity was a good idea.

    However, as I do aspire to get my name out there in the horse racing/handicapping world (I have a pipe dream of someday becoming an analyst on a major network. It’ll never happen, but I figure I’ll shoot for the stars and see where I wind up), I decided it was best to fully disclose who I was so their would not be any confusion.

    Adding to the confusion is that I’m known as “kdawg68” by many other folks. Of course, I’ve had problems with this as well as my mother googled that one day and it turns out their is some sick perv out there that uses the same handle. She couldn’t understand that it was possible there could be more than one person using that handle. It was madness.

    So, long story short (or really more like short story long, as is always the case with my brevity challenged existence), I’ve decided to just fully disclose who I am so that if someone ever does notice me – they’ll know who they were talking to.

    So what happened to CJ? Should I be rethinking this policy?

    sulz: ah, so that’s why. and you know, blogging can sometimes take you places; i mean, if i can get free stuff worth $15 from people who don’t even ‘know’ me in real life, there are bigger things to get out there if you blog hard enough! 🙂

    hahaha, funny story about your mom googling you! 😀 cj was trolled upon, accused for ‘stealing’ the troll’s name. 🙄

  10. @Crazyasuka

    “…I ended up poking a malaysian girl…”

    Dude – I spit cranberry juice all over my monitor snorting and laughing when I read that. 🙂

    That totally made my morning. Hope it was as much fun for you. 🙂

    (I have a sick sense of humor, I know).

    sulz: you big perv!!! 😀

  11. That was my initial interpretation of poke too!!! So there is a Facebook language that I need to learn if I want to understand what the hell you are talking about, not to mention the Malaysian words you pepper through your posts! Also was wondering about the kdawg thing so that’s one less thing to decipher!
    How are the exams going?

    sulz: haha, poke is just like the action you do with your finger, not the… naughty one! 😀 haha, manglish is fun and one of a kind. a simple usage would be to end your sentence with lah; you can’t do no wrong with that… lah. haha!

    exams has started today, thanks for asking. 🙂 but the hard ones are tomorrow and day after! 👿

  12. Hi sulz,
    I’m having a heck of a time adjusting to the eyeglasses (vertigo, nausea and headaches) and I’m behind on my blog reading. It’s great to come and read your posts and comments too and know that all are well.
    FWIW there are 2 Facebook posts that you may to read on Wolf’s blog
    Also there are posts on engtech’s blog that you may want to read too.
    Best wishes to you and to everyone 🙂

    sulz: is that normal? usually when it doesn’t feel right, the prescription might be wrong. anyway, hope you’re well. 🙂 thanks for the links.

  13. Okey dokey, here I am. Well, I’m not *really* a lurker, because I only found your blog today (through crazyasuka’s). But I thought I’d better ‘fess up because comments are such fun to find. 😀

    I’ll be back. I’ve got archives to read!

    Su x

    sulz: hi! thanks for leaving a comment. you’re right, i love comments. 😉 come back soon!

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