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Today, my class gathered for the last time before convocation. To me, it is considered a really final gathering because not everybody in the class will graduate together. (I really wish you could, Rickey Manatee.)

Three lecturers arranged a party for us. Can you believe it?? It is we who are supposed to be throwing this party ourselves (we had one fancy lunch as a class last week, though, but not everybody came… their loss, the food was freaking fantastic), not lecturers arranging one for us!! I am seriously touched… I’m going to write them an e-mail tomorrow to thank them, and if I can send something in time, a card maybe. Thank you so much Ms K, Ms E and Ms M!!

The lunch started late because some classmates and the food arrived late, but once it started we had a great time. Actually we were enjoying ourselves even before the food arrived, except that I was moaning mightily about my hungry cow that is my stomach.

Anyway, after a stomach-bloating lunch of mee goreng (fried noodles), rendang (something like curry chicken, only spicier and more delicious!) vadai (don’t know how to spell this delicious Indian snack), lasagna, Oreo cheesecake, chocolate cake and cream caramel (tastes sort of like a sweeter version of egg tart), we played Pictionary.

Oh my god, I think we could be heard throughout the whole building. It is still the exam period, so there were no classes going on. Our class is notorious for our noise and for one last time, we showed why. Everybody was screaming out the answers (oh, we are very competitive), laughing and shrieking… I suck at playing Pictionary (I prefer Taboo), so I sat at the back and just basked in the happiness.

After Pictionary, we played Yankee Swop, which is a game where each of us had to bring a meaningful gift, and draw a number. Based on the order of the number, we get to choose which present we want from all the ones available. So logically, the last few people who finally gets their turn to pick would be left with very few choices, right? The trick of this game is that while they have to choose from the remaining few, they are also allowed to exchange with a gift which has already been picked… which means your real gift is the one you have in your hands after the game is over (because at any time someone could pick your gift as the gift he or she wants, and you have to take the gift they took!). I exchanged my gift of soap with a glow-in-the-dark cellphone keychain Rickey Manatee brought from Ms K.

It was over all too soon. We cleaned and packed up (I brought home a tonne of leftovers, because nobody else would… yeah, I’m cheap, I know), and I gave all my classmates a card. Hung around for a bit while one by one left the class… SAC 1, the class where we had our very first class and has always been our favourite class… the class with so much memories…

I drove home in a happy mood, the leftovers of my wonderful afternoon. But driving alone always makes me feel sad, because I am alone and depressing thoughts always come to my mind then…

Another chapter of my life has ended. People I have known for 3 years; some I might stay friends for life, some I might not ever see again for the rest of my life.

It’s true, what people say about university days being the best days of your life. I have grown, I have known. I have laughed, I have cried. In this period, I also experienced what I thought could be love (but alas, it’s not). I have, for a moment in time, made friends with the most amazing people I have known thus far. Despite the politics and bitchings (only natural when you are in a class where almost everybody is female… I have to salute Jelly and Rickey Manatee for surviving this sea of oestrogen for 3 years), we are really quite a close-knit class.

Knowing that this is over, that no matter how much more amazing things I will come to experience in my life later on, I could never replicate what I have gone through with my classmates, the finality of something so good in my life… I just started sobbing in the car.

(It also doesn’t help when you have a song like Colbie Caillat’s Realize playing on the radio.)

I feel so very alone.

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