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Letter to Me

Angel introduced me to some Brad Paisley songs, and this one called Letter to Me has lyrics that struck me. It’s about how the persona could write a letter to himself in the past, back when he was a teenager to tell him that he should worry less and let it be, even though it’s hard to see it that way when you’re seventeen and you have to stay home on a Friday night to study so you don’t flunk your algebra test.

I wish I could write a letter to myself too. If I could get my 27-year-old self to tell me right now how life will turn out…

I hope she’d tell me that even though I’m terrified of college life being over, I would go on to get jobs I’m actually good at – after several lousy jobs, of course.

I hope she’d tell me that even though I don’t think highly of my own capabilities, I would go on to show myself that I can be independent.

I hope she’d tell me that even though I’ve lost some friends right now, I would go on to make new ones and even one or two special ones.

I hope she’d tell me that even though I don’t have luck in love now, I would go on to find someone who will love me just as much as I him.

I hope she’d tell me that even though there are things I wish I haven’t done in haste, I would go on to realise my decisions were the best for myself at that moment in time.

I hope she’d tell me that even though things look uncertain in my life now, I would go on to make my dreams come true; all I have to do is work hard and just believe in myself.

And you? What would you tell your younger self? Or what would you like your future self to tell you right now?

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  1. This is one of the loveliest things I’ve read in a while, sulz. 🙂 That’s a very nice letter to you from your future self, and if I were you I’d believe every word! I might quibble about the need to have some not-so-great jobs first—I can certainly imagine people falling all over themselves to employ such a talented, intelligent person as yourself. I liked the song very much, and how you took it’s inspiration into your own life. I have sent messages back to my younger selves, but never thought of writing one from a future self. You’ve got me thinking about this, and I’ll let you know when I do it. Thank you for a very inspiring read!

    sulz: wow, thanks! i didn’t expect that reaction from this post. honestly, i was a bit embarrassed after it was published because it sounded so naive and idealistic. (i forgot that i set to publish then and it did, so… ) 😳

    well, the restaurant where i applied to be a hostess didn’t fall all over themselves to hire me. 😉 (which in a way, is a good thing since i don’t know if i want to be a hostess) wow, you actually write letters to yourself? hmm, how funny would it be if you were to write a letter now, seal it, keep it for some time, before posting it back to yourself to read it?

    woot, today i am muse’s muse! 😀

  2. This is so nice.

    I have fantasized about this several times. When I was like 15, I wanted a future me to tell me everything was going to be alright and that I would stop being the way I was and become better.

    Later I wanted to go back to the past and tell the younger me that everything was going to be okay.

    And lately I want a much older me to tell me that everything is going to be okay.

    Many times is just a non depressed me who would like to be there for when I fall down and tell myself that it will be okay.

    It’s so much… we have to do by ourselves without help.

    I might make this into writen form soon. I loved what you wrote here, since these are things I see you doing easily, but they seem like big challenges for you now.


    sulz: despite my fantastic imagination (if it doesn’t seem so, yes, i imagine rather fantastically) i strangely never thought of talking to my younger self or have my older self talk to me. and now i think why not? i’ve always wished someone would help me in my times of need, and who better to help me than me, because she would have gone through it and really knew how to help? unfortunately, only we ourselves, the present we can help ourselves right now. fortunately, i believe we can do it. 😉

    i hope you are right. *hugs back* thank you for being such a sweet friend to me! 🙂

  3. Why 27? And I am with Muze, this is a lovely post and the job thing Sulz…..isn’t it really that you keep on learning as you work as a teacher? Think of it as a paid internship where you are learning from older….over 27…. people whose skills as teachers you admire. Do you have to work as a fill in teacher [all over town] until a position becomes available as they do here or are you able to apply straight away to schools?

    I would tell my younger self from 27 that there was someone for me, that I did not have to be so self sufficient and independent.

    I would tell myself that this is not all there is to life, that there is a spiritual dimension.
    There is not actually a lot at 27 as I feel that personal growth is an ever evolving
    thing and dependent upon life circumstances, however after 50 is truly a time of freedom, especially for women, so I would say to my younger self:

    Do not fear new things and by that I mean do not be afraid to try new things and to ask questions if I do not know how to do something.

    That I should not allow my friends or extended family to use and humiliate me, that I deserve better than that.

    That I should know when to pick my battles.

    What I thought was difficult or impossible to come to terms with is possible with time.

    sulz: i don’t know… i have this silly dream to be married by then. 😳 which is a laugh, since i don’t even have any special guy in my life right now!!

    as for my teaching ambition, i may take a while before realising it… i’d want to try out other occupations first. though, if a teaching opportunity comes to me now, i’d take it up for sure! my teaching opportunities will be quite limited though, since i do not possess a diploma in education (required if you want to teach in public schools and most private schools too, but possible in private language centres or colleges).

    why would you tell yourself not to be so independent?? it’s a great quality! i wish i were more independent, and i think i will have to be soon… summer course? 😉

    what you’d have told your younger self from when you are/were 50 is great advice! especially not allowing friends or family to use you (i have experienced that before) and about knowing when to pick battles (i don’t!).

  4. Hi Sulz…I had a very rigid upbringing and had no say in my life so when I left home at 17 I became fiercely independent and moved to the city and became ‘quite able to take care of myself thank you very much’…but to have a deep and committed relationship you have to be prepared to be vulnerable to the “other” and so I was terrified before I got married that I would lose that.

    It also puts an invisible wall around you which can put people off without one realising.

    So what does your course qualify you to do….have you thought of teaching in childcare centres? Or nannying as you love babies and the sound of babies and I imagine would be very good with them…you could even live in and have independence from your family while being somewhat protected from the rigors of life! I was a nanny for many years after being a nurse and air hostess so speak with some knowledge here!

    sulz: and yet all these while i’ve read relationship articles which talk about not relying on your partner too much? my problem is that i am quite dependent, which i don’t think is good for any relationship! i guess one has to find a balance between those two. 🙂 but i do get what you mean about turning people off by being too independent… i’d like to think that my significant other can count on me on some things in life.

    my course doesn’t really qualify me to do anything specifically… which means my options are virtually limitless! what i need to do is discover my niche… what i am good at doing. teaching in childcare centres doesn’t pay much, unfortunately… much as i love babies, i don’t think i want to be a nanny! 😆 in malaysia, being a nanny is a full-time job; we don’t have the american version of babysitting where you take care of kids for a few hours while the parents enjoy a night of romantic dinner. let’s just say the only kids i plan to take care full-time are my own. 😀 if it’s part-time i wouldn’t mind considering though!

    wow, air hostess huh? any pictures to see of those day? 😉

  5. My brothers high school class did something similar. They all wrote letters to themselves talking about their personal expectations and what they thought their lives should be like. Then they each stored them away to open up ten years later. I always thought it was a good idea. It kind of lets you have an inside track to who you were and what your dreams were. Sometimes they can get lost in the shuffle.

    sulz: hmm, a time capsule thing huh?

    … wow, i’m inspired! thanks so much, scoundrel! *hugs* wow… *mind wheels spinning furiously*

  6. lovelyloey said:

    Off topic, but Brad Paisley has some really great songs. Such as “Whiskey Lullaby” and “What if she’s an angel”. Really touching and soulful.
    Anyway, I’d like my 27-year-old self to tell me that whatever choices I make regarding my academic and career life now will not come to naught. And possibly all the love I am holding back now will go to someone who deserves it. 🙂

    sulz: ooh, thanks for the recommendation. i actually need to hear a new song a few times before it grows on me, but his songs i like the first time surprisingly.

    honestly, i think our degree is good lor. we may not specialise in anything, but we are proficient in the one thing everybody uses all the time: language! so we’d always be needed in some way. cross fingers! 🙂

    wahhh, finally you admit you want love, muahaha! 😀 and you will find someone, really. especially if you go abroad; i’m going to sound quite spg, but i think caucasian men are hot. 😛

  7. this is a lovely song! one of my favs!
    on the same note, there’s this video called “Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen”… here’s the link… i think you’ll like it 🙂

    sulz: haha, you too? 🙂 the song has a nice message! i think i heard it before but at the same time is unfamiliar to me, haha.

  8. study harder at school.

    sulz: haha, why? did you miss out on your dream job due to your grades or something?

  9. Sweet, I like it!

    I’d like my older self to tell me that I’ll finally graduate out of a reasonable college and will get a job. I’d like it to tell me that my parents would start liking me again and wouldn’t be ashamed of me just because I wasn’t getting the marks. Basically yea, I’d it to tell me that everything will be okay.

    And I’d like to tell my younger self to spare some times it wants to do. I’d tell it to indulge in other activities, be more creative and stuff like that..not just keep studying all the time.

    sulz: you like the post? or you like me? 😉

    haha, joking aside, you’ll definitely be able to get all those you hoped for, just maybe a little longer than you would like? that’s what i believe, anyway. 🙂

    hmm, i didn’t really study when i was young, haha, so no regrets in that department! 😛 but i do wish i did some things then, like you… maybe i wouldn’t be the introvert i am now.

  10. This is one of the most beautiful post I have read in recent times. 😀 I have to do something similar on my blog. 🙂 There are so many things I would like to know from my older self….
    Its a lovely post.

    sulz: it’s so strange because i thought this post was overly sentimental and quite self-absorbed! as i said in a few comments above, i was a bit embarrassed when the post published… goes to show that you never really know what you readers might like! so thank you for the compliment, amit. 🙂 i’d love to read your letter to yourself!

  11. I love your post…

    I’d tell my younger self to stop trying so hard at winning. This sounds very cliched, but I’d tell her that it’s the journey that matters — not the destination. So many people hear it, but few ever really listen.

    sulz: thank you, i appreciate your compliment! 🙂 i know what you mean; i definitely have been guilty of worrying about the result of something over the means to it, when really if the means doesn’t justify the end, then whatever you do will not have much, if any, meaning.

  12. Amy’s into country music (strange…I’m the white guy from Alabama and I can’t stand the stuff, and she’s the Chinese girl that loves it??), so I’ve heard that before. It is rather poignant. It’s one of the country songs I can actually stand. 🙂

    What would I tell my younger self? Don’t be afraid to take chances. I think I tended to gravitate towards stability earlier in life -both career wise and personally. I’d also tell myself to slow down and enjoy life a bit more. Kind of had to grow up a bit too fast for my liking. 🙂

    sulz: haha, so it must be really good if it passes your standard, huh? 😉

    it’s strange that we can’t quite learn from other people’s mistakes or regrets; we have to make them ourselves in order to really learn. i mean, reading what you would’ve told yourself, i could apply them to myself, but knowing me, i won’t until i realise it’s a mistake! 🙂

    anyway, i think what you have is really good… a loving family and a job that provides well.

  13. Oh yes, forgot the last part (you know I like to answer your discussions thoroughly). 🙂

    I wouldn’t want to know anything from my older self. I’m not sure I could handle the pressure of knowing the bigger questions, such as when I’d die, etc. Maybe my older self could give me some winning sports bets though….yeah -that’s what i’d ask for – a list of sports championships for the next 10 years! Hello Vegas!!!! 🙂

    sulz: and i love reading your very thorough answers! 🙂

    hmm, i’d think that your older self would know what you’d want to or not want to hear, haha! 😀 not just vegas, okay, you got to have your own blog party and you’d fly all of us to your place! :mrgreen:

    oh yeah, don’t know if you know, but i read your guest post at and left a comment there! 😀

  14. Huh! Interesting what happens when we hit that “submit” (or “publish”) button before we’re quite ready! I’ve done that with emails a couple of times recently {screams “Noooo, come back!!”} and that’s uncomfortable, too. I’ve written letters to myself in the present, and to “me” a year from now (sort of a new year’s ritual), but haven’t written to former selves, there was another process involved in sending messages there. Don’t want to get too weird on your blog, though. 😉 As for the restaurant, well they just were not worthy of you, that’s all! 🙂

    sulz: yes! thankfully, this one turn out alright, but it may not if i am careless in the future… the only time i accidentally send e-mail i don’t mean to was when i e-mailed angel and forgot to erase my signature which had my blog url! haha, i don’t think it’s possible to send letters to our former selves! 😀 yeah, i’m more of the kind to eat in restaurants rather than work in one. 😛

  15. I like you obviously. 😛

    But yea, just the idea that everything would be fine in the future and that I wouldn’t be on the streets without any food or any place to live makes me happy. Otherwise things just make me wanna die..which would be such a waste of life.

    There are other things I would’ve told myself. I should have opened up to people more and thought for myself more. That way I don’t think my relationship with my parents would be like it is now. Since I started thinking for myself and expressing myself only recently, they can’t understand the change.

    sulz: hah, you knew the right answer. 😉

    of course you won’t be on the streets!! that’s preposterous… i mean, yeah, something fantastic could happen, but it’s unlikely to happen, you know? and if bad things happen to you, i believe you’re strong enough to take it… our survival instinct kicks in when life-threatening situations happen.

    i would like to be more open too (as open as i am here, there are lots of things i can’t bring myself to say here or to anybody because, well… they’re wrong); glad to hear you are trying to do that! 🙂 hopefully, things will work out with you and your parents… it seems like people get along better with their parents as they grow older, maybe that will happen to you (and me) too.

  16. […] day Sulz wrote a post on what she might want a 27-year-old Sulz to tell her 22-year-old self, crossing time boundaries (and sounding eerily like The Lake House, but no matter). I responded to […]

  17. thebeadden said:

    Wow Sulz. What a post. I think your future is in safe hands. You never cease to amaze me with your writing.

    I would have told myself to not be so uptight, enjoy life. To never sell myself short. And that life is what you make it. Never rely on anyone for your own happiness or well-being.

    sulz: thank you! i’m amazed by the response this post received, because i’m not sure if it’s good when i published it.

    i’m still uptight, but hopefully i will learn to take things easy when i do my summer course… i’ve marked it as a time to reflect on myself, to explore my capabilities and hopefully to find lifelong friends there! 🙂

  18. […] But then, when I realize I am doing better I also come to the conclusion that I was right. Not about the guilty thoughts (especially NOT about the guilty thoughts), but about the other feelings. It takes me going back to being strong and realizing how much I am capable of, and how many problems I can take and solve effectively, to realize how bad it was before and how uncontrollable it really was. On those times I strongly wish I could send a note to myself to the times I am depressed to tell myself that all of those feelings are justified and to stop torturing me without needing to. The idea of the note was brought back to me by Sulz with her post Letter To Me. […]

  19. […] to Me Posted in Uncategorized by lovelyloey on July 23, 2009 Last year Sulz wrote a post titled “Letter to Me” as well, about the things she’d like her 27-year-old self to tell her. I too did something […]

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