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I could have been in 3 minor car accidents these past 2 days, and none of them would have been my fault.The 3 other drivers tried to turn into the main road (which I was driving on and therefore have the right of way first) through impatience, carelessness and pure idiocy.

The first would-have-been accident was a driver who tried to make a U-turn into the main road; I have just turned into the main road myself, but since I am there first therefore the driver should have waited for me to pass first, but he was so impatient he tried to turn first. I was driving in a nearby neighbourhood, one that I am very familiar with and therefore my driving was sure and fast, despite having just turned into the main road (yes, I drive an auto). There are drivers who would have given him way just to avoid an accident – not to say that I wouldn’t but I just don’t think of avoiding accidents when I’m driving, when I’m clearly in the right of way! We both had to break and jerk our cars forward within inches of each other, and naturally I blared my horn and gave him a what I call my tulan face (a furious scowl of sorts).

The second would-have-been accident was a lorry driver who tried to turn opposite my lane, which is the main road. There was another bigger lorry which is trying to turn and was blocking this lorry’s driving vision, and because this wasn’t a very busy road, the driver assumed there wouldn’t be any cars and tried to turn across my lane to the opposite direction. Again, the lorry had to break and jerk itself forward and I had to rely on my trusty horn to express my anger. (I am very hot-tempered in the car and spew foul words like a candy shower in your dreams. I also love my car’s horn because it has a very angry tone to it when pressed for a few seconds; some cars have toots than horns, which makes them sound like they’re squawking rather than screaming at errant drivers).

The third would-have-been accident was a driver who was also trying to turn across my lane into the opposite direction. I was just about to turn into another lane which is just after that driver’s lane. So I was slowing down just before I had to turn, but the driver had to wait for me to pass before he could make his turn. I don’t know what the fucking hell is wrong with him, he thought that he should turn first because I was slowing down!! Again, break and jerk and horn. 👿

I get really riled up by driving situations like this because these drivers’ attitudes could have cost me time and emotions and trouble, when it’s not even my fault. If you raise the degree of these would-have-been accidents – if instead of just having broken or dented bumpers, someone could have been killed in the accident, I would rather be the one who died but was faultless than the one who caused the accident but survived, because I couldn’t stand the guilt.

Bloggers Unite

My point is even though I know life isn’t fair, but what I wish, other than life to be fairer, is that people are treated as equally as humanly possible. Right to be treated as equal as others who are of different sex, ethnicity, body size, et cetera. Right to receive basic necessities as those who are getting them in abundance in other countries. Right to freedom, whether in speech or liberty. Right to basic human rights, and also non-human rights.

I know my would-have-been accidents doesn’t really relate to my wish of equality in rights among all humans, but I think what they both lack is fairness… Life isn’t fair, and I sure wish it were a little bit more that. Fairness is justice, and justice is right. Right should be ours to have as creatures equal in the eyes of God.

ps. About this post’s title, of course I don’t mean it literally! I mean, it’s stupid to want to die just to be right… I rather not die, but I still want to be right if I can. 😛 I mean, sometimes you just feel like that, don’t you? That the only way to prove your point is to go all the way with it?

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  1. sis!
    i’m glad to know you are safe and sound and have been all three times. unfortunately, one of my friends wasn’t. he was traveling with friends by bus, to the countryside, when a truck hit the bus head on. seven passengers died in the bus. his friend cut his forehead. and he almost broke his tooth. he now has stitches almost all over his face and swollen lips. he has stitches on his arms as well.

    i feel numb, i feel scared, i feel helpless.
    i TOTALLY hate bad drivers.

    oh, btw, thanks for this post. i was hoping to find a non-mainstream issue in this blog and sure enough, i got one! 😛

    sulz: your poor friend. 😦 thank goodness he came out of it alive!

    thanks! i woke up feeling a bit meh having seen no comments made on this post (i have been too spoiled because i hardly ever not have comments in a post unless i disable it) but yours got stuck in spam so now i feel a bit better. 😀

  2. lovelyloey said:

    I shouldn’t drive. I gather I’m the sort of driver who’d speed up when I see a jaywalker and stop just short of her knees just to scare the life out of her. I’d rather be seen as a monster and be right than to fit in with the majority’s crap.

    sulz: i don’t want to sit in your car oh! *scared* haha… for the safety of others, you better stick to mrt and the bus. 😛

  3. LOL oh man this post took all the words out of my mouth!! The horn is definitely my favorite part of my car 😉

    sulz: yeah, you love to push spencer’s button, eh? 😉 :mrgreen:

  4. Oooh!!! What close shaves. 🙂 You must be feeeling like Speed racer.

    sulz: haha, i wouldn’t know – didn’t watch the movie. 😛 i do like playing car racing games though, but in reality it’s not fun at all, close shaves!

  5. it’s just road rage dude. no fret. all you gotta do is drive your car into a scooter carrying a man, his wife, and a kid and knock them all down.
    trust me, i’ve never gone over 60 after that.

    sulz: omg, did you do that?? what happened after that?

    hmm, i never considered myself to be having road rage… i thought it’s just those crazy lunatics who think they are always in the right of way which is why they are always angry at every other driver. i know i mess up on the road sometimes!

  6. Your last two posts titles aren’t your usual optimistical self.

    “I am so annoyed with myself”
    “I rather die just to be right”

    They even sound like tittles I would put on my posts! 😛

    I don’t know much about cars… I can’t drive yet. But I get your point. My dad uses to think this way, but he did get in a few accidents, and it was never his fault.

    Now when trying to explain my point on this I picture a person with no legs saying “but I was on the right track!”.

    sulz: haha, yeah, i guess i haven’t got into the right gear yet. but it should be back to normal soon since i’ve finished the you-know-what i told you about just now? 😉

    haha, why no legs?

  7. I can’t stand stupid, inconsiderate drivers. Cars can be so dangerous, and when people drive irresponsibly, they put other people at risk, as well as themselves.

    At the moment I can’t and don’t drive, although most of my friends tell me that I should. Some people drive so dangerously that I’m nervous about learning how!

    And I don’t think I could live with myself if I caused a lethal accident. I wouldn’t choose death over being in the wrong though. I’m glad the title is an exaggeration!

    sulz: *nodding vigorously* oh, but you should learn to drive. it’s really quite fun, when you’re not busy getting into near-accidents. 😀 but the public transport in england is so reliable you don’t even need to, i guess. (in malaysia, the trains are alright, but the buses are horrible.) the trick to drive in jam-packed streets with horrible drivers is to ignore the horns, look in front (don’t care about your behind), after lots of practice. even i don’t drive in the city centre, yet. 😛

    haha, the title was just to get you read it. 😉

  8. Wow, those sound like very close shaves. I’m glad you’re okay. I don’t drive myself but I think it’s ridiculous that once people get their licences they can basically do what they want. A one-off test doesn’t reflect how someone drives and some people just don’t know how to be careful. I’d take them off the road if it were up to me.

    And I couldn’t agree more about human rights. We think we’ve advanced so far but all the issues are still there, under the surface; racism, bigotry, censorship… everyone deserves to be free, to have the chance to live a decent life, and I think we have a responsibility to speak out for those people who can’t help themselves. You just need to look at what’s happened in Burma to see what happens otherwise… what happens when governments don’t value life.

    It would be wonderful if things would change but they won’t unless we demand it. Perhaps that starts with just a few people standing united, like with Blog Catalog. People saying we don’t just want change, we need it… that fairness is justice, and justice is right. Amen! Great post, sulz. 🙂

    sulz: i would’ve been okay, but the poor car wouldn’t! i don’t want to give the impression that i’m an excellent driver by being not at fault at these 3 incidents; I’ve definitely been the cause of near-accidents myself, but I felt like at least I knew I was at fault, and sometimes when I’m not too in shock I know how to put an apologetic face! many malaysian drivers look angry when you point out their mistake on the road! which makes me doubly angry of course, haha.

    i applaud what blogcatalog is trying to do with the power of blogs, yet i can’t help thinking of john mayer’s waiting for the world to change. there are so many things in the world we need to solve now, yet the power isn’t really in our hands, is it? but i guess what little we can do, we must. and the littlest can grow into the biggest over time; the littlest starts with our mind.

    thanks! i miss your comments. 😉 (and you too lah! 😀 )

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