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Is this your first time here? It is? Well, I hope you enjoy what my home has got to offer! Step this way, please… would you like a cup of coffee or a mug of hot chocolate while you browse around? No? Sure? Okay, this way please…

Hello, how are you? Have you been here before? Yes? I knew it! That shirt looks mighty familiar… So you know your way around here, don’t you? Please make yourself at home, and excuse me while I attend to other guests…

Oh, it’s you! *Hugs* I’ve missed you, where have you been?? It’s been ages since you were here! You’ve got a lot of browsing to do, my friend…

Now, if this is your first time in my home, it’s a very simple and humble one. There are 13 buildings altogether, and in each building there are an indefinite number of rooms. Some buildings are bigger than the other, because I’m more inspired to furnish rooms in those buildings. Some buildings are very small, with very few rooms, but I hope you like what I did with the decorations there too.

You are always welcomed to enter and explore virtually all rooms. I’ve taken great pains to furnish and decorate each room with thought and care (though sometimes when inspiration strikes it is done very quickly) so of course I would like to hear your perspective on my decorations and furnishings.

Usually I decorate with bright, cheery colours, very inviting for visitors. These rooms are usually quite popular because they are comfortably furnished, yet with space to wander about the room. Sometimes, I do not furnish and decorate very meticulously because of inspiration (or the lack of it), so a room might come out with neon colours or dull, pastel colours with barely any furniture. Yet, strangely my regular visitors enjoy some of these rooms. Just goes to show you never know which is truly a good work! And that you don’t necessarily have to put so much effort in something to produce something good too; people can be quite content with the simplest ways in life. πŸ™‚ And then there are those dark, angry rooms, with black or purple or red walls, flashing lights and torn furniture. Some of them can be fun to enter – you just go crazy with it, go stark raving mad together with the other visitors! There are very few rooms which you cannot enter, but can only observe from outside the door… these rooms are very personal to me. You can see the sadness in my decoration…

And not many of you know, but I also have a secret room in my house. Only accessible to select regular visitors. To get access to the secret room, you just need to find one room, among all the 13 buildings, which is not named. Simple! πŸ˜€ In my secret room, you get to see the real me and all that is private and personal to me.

Well, that’s about it about my simple home. Please feel free to roam around the newly decorated rooms, and of course the older rooms are still accessible should you choose to venture back in there. Allowing visitors into my home means sometimes it isn’t as clean as I would like it to be, but it’s okay, at least it’s proof that someone was actually there. πŸ™‚

So, I’ll leave you to wander as you please. Take your time, my home is always open, always here… πŸ™‚

ps. This isn’t the fantasy post. That one’s going to be better. πŸ˜‰ (Hmm, this could be the prequel to it, though.)


Oh, you’re leaving already? Well, thank you for taking the time to visit my humble ablog. I hope you liked what you see, and I really hope you’ll come back soon. I’m always decorating new rooms, you know. πŸ™‚ Oh, I meant to ask you just now, do you like how I’ve decorated the outside of my home? You don’t? That’s okay, I’m planning to change its looks soon, so you must come back and see the new home! πŸ™‚

You’re going too? When are you ever going to leave a mark in one of my rooms? I know you always come, but I never know which room you’ve visited! Well, I hope some day one room will inspire you to do that, but until then, thank you for your visit and see you again. πŸ™‚

Oh, do you have to go so soon? You know I love it when you come… I always know which rooms you have been to, there’s always a trace of you that I can tell. *Hugs* Thank you for coming, will I see you here tomorrow? πŸ™‚

Comments on: "Hello, And Welcome To My House…" (16)

  1. So first I was going to say no quilts in this home but then I realised you keep your guests warm with your personality and you decorate your home with your wit and imagination.

    Interesting sure there is a term for what you just did here but am clueless to what it is! And you said that you did not know what to say on my last post!!!! Is this payback?

    sulz: wow, you made me sound so… awesome. haha! thank you… is there a term? i’m not sure myself. hahaha, of course it’s not! i do have something to say about your latest post though, so there. πŸ˜› even if it’s just asking whose bed it is!

  2. Very different type of post! πŸ™‚

    sulz: yeah, i don’t know where it came from! who am i to argue with inspiration? πŸ˜‰

  3. Ooh, nice post! And I’m quite glad that I managed to figure out that the 13 rooms were categories in like 30 seconds. It wasn’t that obvious was it?

    Btw, I don’t like how you treated the regular visitors. You didn’t offer us Coffee, tea or Coke. Not even water. Having said that, you presumed that the first timers wouldn’t have them either. I liked that. πŸ˜›

    And you’re changing the look of this place again?

    And yes, you will see me here tomorrow.

    *goes into wondering what the fantasy post is gonna be all about and all his brain says is – Darn, this sulz chick is too good at creating anticipation* πŸ˜›

    sulz: thanks. πŸ™‚ smart boy! hehe.

    i didn’t offer any ‘cos you guys would helped yourselves by now! you ought to anyway, in real life i’m quite a lousy host. πŸ˜›

    yeah, before i go off for my summer course, to keep you guys occupied. πŸ˜‰

    yay! haha, don’t get too excited – in fact, just think it’s going to be awful so when you read it it’ll seem much better than you expected and you’ll have a great read then. πŸ˜€

  4. tenthredemption said:

    this is cute as hell. much enjoyed.

    sulz: thank you! πŸ˜€ don’t forget to come back. πŸ˜‰

  5. This. Is. So. Cool.

    ‘Nuff said.

    sulz: wow, thanks! πŸ˜€ few words, but says a lot to me. πŸ™‚

  6. This post is awesomeness incarnate. This is why I love your blog so much!

    This makes a pretty good advert for your blog actually. Maybe you should link here from the post about why your blog rocks?

    sulz: oh, that is too much! but thank you for the wonderful compliment. πŸ˜€ (if compliments were food, i’d have gone way over my daily calorie intake, haha. thank goodness it’s not!)

    good idea, i’ll put a link to it in my about page. which nobody ever seems to visit for some reason, hmph! i guess everybody here knows me too well. πŸ˜€

  7. This post made me all wide eyed like when I was a kid and someone told me a story.

    One thing. Why 13?

    sulz: is that good? haha.

    read ish’s comment. πŸ˜‰ or look at my category cloud.

  8. hmm… lol. aren’t you glad i’m not a freaky stalker?

    sulz: hoho, now that you mention it, i’m considering if you are… :mrgreen:

  9. I feel bad for not knowing about 13!

    I never think much about categories…

    sulz: there’s nothing to feel bad about! i myself don’t think about tags, haha.

  10. I don’t, either. Who thinks about tags?

    Then what do I think about?

    sulz: sex!!! :mrgreen:

  11. Hi!

    I know this is weird but i am hoping ud help. I am new at wordpress, created my account, i log in and see my dashboard absolutely empty. i dont see the options to write a post… i tried using help n saw the article u posted but its still confusing… looking frwd to hear from u.. but then whr exactly will i see your reply… am sorry to bother u like this but tht this might wrk… u can mail me if thats ok wt u at… thanks n ur blog’s cute.. i love the colors… πŸ™‚

    sulz: please seek help from support regarding blogging matters. although i do volunteer occasionally there, it is not polite of you to come to my house and ask for help here without even taking a look at it.

  12. destinycalling said:


    I came bk to tell u that i got the info i needed n wanted to thank u anyway but i saw that u thought i was impolite. i didnt want to read stuff coz i thought that was impolite. anyways, all the bst.

    sulz: well, clearly we have different ideas of what is polite or not. good to hear you have your problem resolved, though.

  13. I love this! Personally I’ve always thought of a blog like a window; you see through it to a person’s thoughts and ideas, but I like the home analogy too. Kind of gives me the image of old-fashioned storytelling, children gathering round and listening to a tale being told… definitely suits your blog. πŸ™‚

    sulz: thank you! your analogy is probably more fitting, because we can’t see everything inside a person’s mind, just like peeking through the window… my house analogy looks at the aspect of how the blog is like a storehouse for what your mind has churned out. this post may not talk about myself personally, but i found this to be quite personal. πŸ™‚ so yeah, definitely bloggerdygook material!

  14. A very innovative post!! and a very nice home. Adding it to my blogroll.

    sulz: thank you! πŸ™‚ visited your blog and i like it too, you’re on my bloglines now. πŸ˜‰

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