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Guest Post by Ashish!

This is something totally Ashish and totally not sulz. That said, variety is the spice of life! (And he wrote the post with such panache, one of a belly dancer. 😆 I’m sure this would appeal to readers with err, eclectic music tastes. If not, you can always have a good laugh over it. :mrgreen:

(Oh, I didn’t authorise him to make my place a head-banging dance floor, nor do I condone male belly-dancing. I’m not home, so I’m not responsible! Muahaha. 😀 )

Rock DJ

Miss Sulz is on vacation and I’m your belly dancer of the day! Let me first introduce myself – proud to be a geek, lover of wrestling, Black Sabbath fanatic, the Ayotollah of Blog and Rollah [stolen from Chris Jericho] and am preferrably know as His Imperially Geeked Up Mightiness, the [future] Emperor of the World, the Geek Wrestler. Pretty long title, I know. As I am a firm believer in [non] productivity, and as it is not my blog to ramble about things, let me play your DJ tonite! To people who ALSO read my blog, I promise that there will be no Black Sabbath. 😀

So yeah, lets get starteds?

1. Nightwish – Dark Passion Play

Released last year, the pioneers of Symphonic Heavy Metal made their comeback with a new singer in Anette Olzon. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you do not know what Symphonic Metal is, well have you heard film scores? Violins and stuff? Well its almost like that. Dark Passion Play begins with The Poet and the Pendulum, a nearly 14 minute song and tells the tale of the poet [Tuomas]. It’s a favourite of mine, but its a song that you have to listen to UNINTERRUPTED. Other songs of note are Amaranth [its poppish], the Islander [a nice and slow tune, conjures images of a beach.. rain and night], 7 Days to the Wolves [rocking!] and of course Meadows of Heaven which combines the melodies of the Islander with the rockingness of 7 Days to the Wolves. Give it a listen! 🙂

2. AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Don’t tell me you don’t know AC/DC! The ultimate party rockers! Highway to Hell is party rock anthem after party rock anthem. From Highway to Hell to Night Prowler, if your feet don’t tap the floor, theres something wrong with you! 😀 My favourites from this album include Touch Too Much, Shot Down in Flames, If You Want Blood [You’ve Got It] and Love Hungry Man.. this is one album that you should have in your collection!

3. Rush – 2112

If you’re a fan of looooooong songs like me [that of course manage to keep your attention], 2112 must be in your collection somewhere. This album starts of with the 20 minute song 2112 which is the highlight of the album. The music brings to your mind space imagery and that is what the tale is about – the planet 2112. If you’re interested, I invite you to check out Wikipedia for the whole story. Other songs of note on this album [though paling in comparision to 2112] are A Passage to Bangkok, The Twilight Zone and Tears.

4. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

We’ll forget for a moment my hate for this band [I think they’re overrated.. my boys kick their arses. :P]. Physical Graffiti is my favourite Led Zep album. It is essentially a greatest hits album with all new songs. If Led Zeppelin IV stood out for its folk influenced epics, Physical Graffiti introduces you to the power of Hard Rock. Of course there’s Kashmir and Houses of the Holy, but the rest of this album is underappreciated. Check out In My Time of Dying, Trampled Under Foot or Night Flight and feel the power of John Bonham on drums. When I first got this, it was on my playlist for a month… and I believe in listening to an album, front to back… and this happens to be a Double Album. 😀

5. Iron Maiden – The Number of The Beast

Maiden! Frankly, I’m not THAT much of a fan of Maiden. In fact Maiden got old for me at Powerslave. But if there’s one album that is a classic, its got to be The Number of The Beast. This is where all the elements click and Bah Gawd, do they click! Invaders starts you off with pace [although I don’t like it much] and the album ends with a BANG! with Hallowed Be Thy Name, the most famous Iron Maiden song. Tracks of note on this album are Children of the Damned, 22 Acacia Avenue, The Number of the Beast, Run to The Hills, Total Eclipse and Hallowed Be Thy Name.

That’s it! 🙂 I hope I crossed the 300 word mark. I’ll leave you with a video to end my post. 🙂 Thanks to Sulz for letting me post this. As a sidenote, you can check this impressive music list which was originally made on my request.

Have a great day folks!! 🙂

Credits: All artwork stolen from Wikipedia.

ps. May I add that this guy is a real joker and you can leave a comment teasing his so-called majesty! Hehe…

Visit Ashish’s blog

Comments on: "Guest Post by Ashish!" (10)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    Oi, hardly anyone kept to your word limit! If I had know, I’ll whip up something long too! Haha

    sulz: lah, it wasn’t a limit in the first place! it was suppose to entice guest bloggers because i don’t want them to expect me expecting them to write mini theses or something, haha. anyway, you know i like yours very much. 🙂

  2. Ashish, you did much better than my guess, no BS. 😀

    I have no such eclectic music tastes (as sulz says), but I read whole thing for fun. 🙂

    sulz: haha, trust me to bring out the comprehensible side of him. 😉 i found it interesting, and who knows? maybe the information in his post might come in handy as a conversational topic with the opposite sex. 😛

  3. This was awesome. At first you scared me a little bit, but, as you’re sulz’s friend, I read it all. Your descriptions are very clear, and I see why you like what you do. I like LedZep too. 🙂

    sulz: haha, all that talk about emperorship makes him sound a bit loony, doesn’t he? 😛

  4. 20 minute long songs? Wow. And I thought GREENDAY’s Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming were long. They’re only like 9 minutes and some seconds. 20 minutes is long, don’t they get boring?

    And wow, no Black Sabbath?! Were you possessed when you wrote this Ashish? 😛

    sulz: i think he didn’t want to scare my readers too much. 😀

  5. Sulz: Some flaws:-
    Oh, I didn’t authorise him to make my place a head-banging dance floor, nor do I condone male belly-dancing.
    You could refer to my post where I said “Thank you sulz for letting me post this.” So by posting this you DID authorise it. 😛

    Second, males are the true belly dancers because those girls who do the belly dancing have no damn belly. We do. 😛

    make my place a head-banging dance floor
    Technically, while listening to music I appear to be sleeping so I can concentrate better… but for Black Sabbath I’m playing AIR GUITAR FTW! 😛

    Now for the peoples –

    Lovelyloey:- I actually thought that 300 was the minimum mark so I decided to go over it. 🙂

    Poonam: I suggest you listen to AC/DC, it’s good and fun rock, not emo crap like you find everywhere. and Thanks, I thought I’d throw a surprise. 😀

    museditions: Thanks. What part of Led Zeppelin do you like btw? The softer folkish ones or the hard rockingness or both? 🙂

    ish: Nope, take a listen to it. This is what you call a classic – something that long yet you can play it 20 times in a row and yet it won’t get boring. 🙂

    Well sulz guessed some part of it correct, plus if I wanted to include Black Sabbath, nothing else would have found its way on here. 😀

    Sulz (again): Loony am I? Hmph. Do no forget [Neon] Knight that you are speaking to the emperor! 😈

    sulz: i don’t care, that’s what i’m saying if the cops question me.

    hahaha, i’m your minister of defense, aren’t i? i’m not scared of you! 😛

  6. Wow what a post! I am surely feeling enlightened. 😀

    I haven’t ever tried to hear AC/DC or Iron maiden…but yes led zeppelin I have…isn’t it the one which rolled out stairway to heaven. I like this song.

    male belly-dancing….what a different idea …count me in to be the audience! It would be a sight seeing some hairy fellows shaking their bellies! Eeee…..;)

    sulz: you watch and tell me the visually traumatising experience. 😛

  7. Hmmm…I think I am quite rubbish as far as the knowledge of these albums go. But I liked the post. I liked the madness in it. 😛

    sulz: you described how i feel!

  8. DJ Ashish rocks!

    My tastes’ are clearly not his, since of the bands he mentioned, I like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Iron Maiden best, but I enjoyed reading his views all the same. The video is very good too!

    sulz: he’s one a kind, certainly! 🙂

  9. Sulz: How conveniently do you remember that you are a minister yet forget that I fired you and made you Minister of Tourism? 😛

    Willow: Thanks. Yep, Led Zep were the ones who made Stairway to Heaven. Do you have the full album? If not get it, it has some nice slow songs like Battle of Evermore and Going to California.

    You haven’t seen that Fosters Belly Dancing Ad have you? 😛

    Amit: LOL. Thanks. Listen to some AC/DC! 🙂

    BobbyG: Thanks mate! 🙂 Actually I love no wait worship Black Sabbath. I also like LZ and Iron Maiden but to a limit. My no.2 band would be Pink Floyd with the third being a battle between LZ, IM, Rush and AC/DC. So yeah, we more or less have the same tastes. 🙂

    sulz: oh, i’m fired, huh? fine!

  10. Oh and nobody teased my “so-called” majesty. Your readers are slowly moving over to the Dark Side Sulz! 😛

    sulz: they’re just too mature for such things! *pokes tongue out*

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