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This post made me cry. I love it so much.

Hello. I am a regular commenter on Bloggerdygook, and I’m pleased to be able to call its author my friend. When sulz asked for guest posters to help fill in the gaps while she’s away on her summer course, I jumped at the chance. This date coincides, fairly closely, with my first anniversary as a WordPress blogger. To celebrate the occasion on my own blog, I plan to mention those bloggers who have been with me from the beginning, or very close to it. sulz definitely is in that category, and, not only are we still communicating after all these months, I’ve found her to be a bright light in the blogging world. I don’t generally heap lots of commentary upon a person’s character, but, since she’s away from her home country, and semi-away from her blog, we can talk about her behind her back! Here’s what I would say say about sulz when she’s not looking:

She is smart, sweet, kind, inquisitive, rambunctious, loyal, flirty, gossipy, trustworthy, nosy, talented, curious, exploratory…

There are actually a lot of other words I could use, but I’ll let you think of some of your own. I first came across sulz on the WordPress fora, as many of us did. I still don’t know what exactly started me reading her blog, as I don’t read everyone I come across there, but she seemed a cheery sort. I lurked for a while, and then commented on her post about whether we should or should not be able to edit comments we’ve made on other people’s blogs. (It’s still a contentious issue). This was in September, and I’ve been pretty much a regular since then.

Half way through my first blogging year I was privileged to witness a profound change in sulz. When I first began to read Bloggerdygook, she always referred to herself in the third person, like, “that means a lot to self”. This was partly because she wanted a unique and distinctive voice; partly stolen from a novel (as she says), but partly because she felt reluctant to really put herself out in public, to say “I” and “me” because she didn’t feel important enough to do that. I know she’d written that way for some time, but in 2007 she gained more and more self-confidence, and I, along with some of you, watched her bloom. At the beginning of 2008, she announced she was dropping the “self-speak”, and being fully herself (as it were) on her blog. It moved me to tears when I read that, and it still does when I think about it. I miss the self-speak sometimes, as it was very creative, but it’s a great trade-off for seeing who she is becoming. And, look at her now, off in another country!

One of the many nice things about sulz is that if you leave a comment on one of her posts, she will check out your blog right away. She did this with me, and I’ve appreciated her wise and witty comments. She and I have very different world views, in many ways, but she always respects others, even when she disagrees. Which is not to say she won’t leave a little “barb” every once in a while if she knows you well enough! I enjoy when she puts me in my place, as I can take myself too seriously at times. Her outlook is refreshing, and besides, she is very funny!

One of the things I noticed right away is that sulz responds really well to people of every culture. She always finds things she can relate to, and has one of the more diverse and international readerships I’ve seen. I think it helps to have come from a multi-cultural country, but even so, she has not traveled much (until now), and has made special efforts to learn languages and culture from other parts of the world. With her perspective, I feel she could be an American, like me, but I’ll bet her readers from other countries feel she could be one of them as well. This broad understanding makes her blog a delight to read.

Personally, she has been a fun and devoted friend, and I appreciate the confidence she has shown in me. I should stop pretty soon, as sulz’s big swelled head might not fit through the customs booth when she returns to Malaysia. 😉 I’ll just close by saying that this past year of blogging on WordPress has been an amazing journey of self-discovery for me, as I hope Macau is being for sulz. I’ll look forward to reading more of her posts about her trip and education. Bye, everyone, thanks for letting me visit!

*hugs to my Muse* Thank you for writing such an incredible post for my blog. I feel so loved!

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  1. […] An amazing person in many ways. So much so, that I used my invited guest post on her blog to talk about […]

  2. lovelyloey said:

    A very lovely post, thanks for reminding us of the days of Sulzspeak!
    It is indeed an honour to be able to witness this profound change in Sulz; it makes me feel like we had a part in this change and how that being a good thing (I hope) ties us all together, regardless if we know each other or not.

    sulz: of course you and my other regular bloggerdygeeks had a part to play in my personal development through blogging! oh, i love what you said in the last part of your last sentence, so totally true.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes…..two bloggers today did that and I pride myself on being as tough as nails! Damn am, slipping!!

    Okay am trying to think of some one word terms for Sulz that Muse did not cover. hhhmmm hhhmmm hhhmmm

    Oh and while we are at it thank goodness for Sulz on the forums…..usually get insulted when I ask anything on flickr so am glad it was she that you found Muse…and CJ of course.

    hhmm hhmm sassy, spirited, sexy, saucy, sarky, and these are just the ssssss’s

    sulz: haha, you old softie. *hugs* i haven’t been in the forums for so long, i won’t be surprised if i’m forgotten there already!

    sexy?? sure explains my singlebility. 😦

  4. Sympathetic, single!!!!sincere, sorry shes single, need to check a dictionary for the rest so shall shut up now!

    sulz: indeed, i’m sorry i’m single too! 😥 don’t shut up, i like you here. 🙂

  5. Ah, this is a brilliant post. She mentioned one thing that I think is what makes Sulz great. Well, there are a lot of things but this is one that’s your asset. It’s your general happiness and chirpiness. It’s almost infective. You can make anyone happy, I’m sure. As soon as bloggerdygook opens up, it brings a smile upon my face. Go Sulz!

    sulz: oh, i wasn’t like that at all here in macau. i’ve got such a story to tell about macau…

  6. Such a cute post. 😀
    Its so great to hear nice things about yourself. You can always come back to this post and smile. 🙂

    sulz: muse is cute, definitely! yes, this is one of the most cherished posts for me.

  7. thebeadden said:

    It figures I would get here so late and all the ways to describe sulz are taken.

    I missed out on the self-speak. I’ve probably missed out on a lot of things here. Since we are all talking about sulz behind her back. My very first impression of her was “This is one smart cookie.”

    You just get the feeling there is nothing she couldn’t accomplish if she wanted it. And she is still young. Imagine what we will be reading years from now.

    Not that I want to place some expectations on her, just that I think whatever she chooses to do in her life, will be because she chose it and she will do so with gusto! We are all in for a treat following her adventures in life.

    All the best to you, sulz. I know your future is as bright as you are.
    This was a wonderful post Muse.

    sulz: i always say better late than never! wow, you have no idea how true it is, what you’ve said behind my back. many things happened in macau that i did not expect and because of that i did things i never expected i could do. thank you for such a wonderful comment! *hugs*

  8. Hi, lovelyloey, what a nice thing you said! I’d like to think we all came together to support sulz in her change from “self” to “herself”. Magik Quilter, you had a lot of great “s” words for sulz here. She is surely all that and more. I agree sulz’s forum help ought to be acknowledged. Thank you ish! You are so right, it is almost always a joyful experience to come here. Thanks, Amit. It’s nice to think this will make her smile when she needs one! ah, thebeadden, you say nice things. I agree with all you’ve said about our host. We shall be watching her!

    sulz: you guys have such a great impact in my life you have no idea…

  9. This post is beautiful. There’s no other word for it.

    sulz: *nods vigorously in agreement* 😀

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