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I like this post very much because it’s something I’d have like to write about myself!

Artificial Beauty

A few days back I was doing some mindless surfing, when I stumbled upon this video. I already knew about the digital touch-up of photographs. But, still I was stunned to see the level of manipulation done to metamorphose a plane Jane into a wow looking lady.

Fashion and lifestyle magazines play a huge role in spreading this “look beautiful” wave. If you think the celebrity model on the cover of the magazine looks oh-so purrrfect, think again! There could be loads of make-up, digital manipulations behind this goddess look. 😯

Talking about fashion and beauty, if the recent size zero hyped by Kareena took your breath away :twisted:, you are surely one amongst those millions who worship good looks like God. Her hot look post Jab We Met was plastered everywhere. She was on the cover of vogue magazine, modeled for Globus…looking mind blowing like a goddess.

I am sure many of the females must be knowingly or unknowingly trying to copy her. With reports of increasing number of surgery requests for beautification, there is no dearth of ladies who would go under the knife just to have a pout like Angelia Jolie or a butt like Jennifer Lopez! Sad but true that we pay more importance to the looks nowadays than inner beauty. 😦 But there is more to this story.

Sans make up, the celebrities look like one of us…true or false….very much true. Take a look!

So, if you are feeling sad that you just had a new pimple, or you have grown a little overweight, or you don’t have a flawless skin, or whatever…just don’t worry. Be happy with what you are and who you are. A genuine person with a beautiful heart and warm nature stands much higher than a plastic artificial beauty. 😀

Feel blessed and stay happy. There’s more to life than physical appearance. 😉

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Comments on: "Guest Post by Withering Willow!" (14)

  1. Yet another good post. So many people waste so much time and money trying to look like something unnattainable, all the while overlooking their own personal strengths and beauty. I’ve never understood the lengths to which people go to make themselves look like a magazine cover.

    sulz: maybe the attempt makes them feel good about themselves even if they may not necessarily achieve it? unlike me, i’m not even trying when it comes to make-up (i don’t use it at all)!

  2. gentledove said:

    yay you are, I,ve missed you. I have had a steady trickle of hits from dygook, judging from which you must have done pretty good yourself.

    sulz: aww, you did? so sweet. 🙂 they must have liked your cute limerick! 😉 nah, my stats are really average, less than 200. but thankfully my readers are extremely vocal!!

  3. Nice post this. This is all plastic beauty, not real beauty. But oh well, we’re all obsessed with beauty and looking good and in that we forget what real beauty is. It’s not just people you know. Hotels and Tourism departments touch up photos to make locations look more beautiful. I guess we’re just crazy about it and that’s why they do it.

    I like the normal Kareena better than the touched up version btw.

    sulz: yeah, the amount of touching-up they do in print is crazy! makes you disappointed in the real thing because it’s so incredibly different.

  4. sigh…pimples,my biggest facial problem ever since teenage years till now. i can’t help it…they just won’t stop bugging me. But one thing i know….i give up trying to worry too much about ’em. I used to worry so much about it that it hinders me from doing things i wanna do in life.
    I remember watching a Malaysian music awards 2years ago whereby Adibah Noor was performing. Adibah is a great singer, but she never got to be very famous coz she is plus+ size & she don’t have a commercial face. As the camera focus to her face while she was performing, i realize that she & i have a similarity which is facial problem (acne scar that is). I thought to myself, i wish i could be as confident as Adibah. since then, whenever i wanna do something but my noconfidence holds me back…i think of Adibah & tell myself that everything is gonna be okay 🙂

    sulz: glad to hear you’re past worrying about acne! i worried about my fat just the way you did about your zits. looking back, it seems quite silly to let things like this hold us back, but i think only with time can we truly get past our insecurities.

  5. Good post by Willow. People really need to look behind the face. As I always quote
    Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless: peacocks and lilies, for instance. ~ John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

    This hype for beauty and nonacceptance of one’s look by self also extends to obsessive desire for fair skin and cosmetic companies taking advantage of this. I have written about this too.

    sulz: haha, great quote! yeah, the fair skin obsession is sad, but what’s sadder is the way advertisements for such products are created!

  6. Well, it just goes to show you! Sometimes I wish my skin was not as fair as it is! Very interesting pictures, Willow, quite instructive. Most of us want to look nice or presentable, but it can get to be an obsession, and also sort of plasticy, and not real. Good thing sulz’s readers can see past all that. Thank you. You’ve given me something to think about it.

    sulz: haha do you really? you could always get a tan. 😉 that’s the irony – fair-skinned caucasians love tanned skins and naturally-tanned asians just want to be fairer!

  7. Like Ish, I too prefer normal Kareena than touched up Kareena… 🙂

    And I just had a thought, this was perhaps one of rare opportunities for Bollywood actors to figure on a Malaysian blog 🙂

    sulz: if only people would stop touching kareena up huh! 😛

    actually, malaysians are crazy about bollywood. it’s one of the few movie genres that malaysians of different races watch, not counting international english-speaking blockbusters. as for me, i need some tutoring in bollywood though. 😳

  8. Well, its a pleasant surprise to know about popularity of Bollywood in Malaysia. 🙂

    Let me and Willow know anytime you need tutoring. 😛

    sulz: will do. 😉

  9. What happened Sulz, what happened with the friend? Are you okay now?

  10. I have a thing about newsreaders and the heavy makeup that they use since HDTV …they look like middle aged Barbies and that is a scary look.

    sulz: haha!

  11. And what happened to the theme?

    sulz: under construction again. 🙂

  12. Are you okay Sulz?

  13. sweet sulz,
    Take all the time you need to recover from your fever and from the awful misunderstanding. Remember that in order to allow ourselves to heal we have to acknowledge the need for healing and the desire to see it come to pass. Warp yourself in our love and know that your readers will be here for you when you return.
    I &hearts you

  14. More to life than the physical. Couldn’t agree more 🙂 Most of the time, looks get in the way of knowing a person by the way of who they really are inside.

    sulz: that’s why i like making friends online; i know i wouldn’t known such people otherwise. 🙂

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