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I got interviewed! Thanks to The Pakistani Spectator.


And son, now I really know why you are so busy these days. I can’t believe you opened a salon without me knowing! (You’re not secretly gay, are you? I mean, you don’t have to stay in the closet for that!)

ps. Sorry again I haven’t posted pictures of my blogging project. I’m really procrastinating, aren’t I? 😛


Edit: I’ve been quite pampered lately. First, 9 treated me to lunch as a belated birthday treat – we went to Wendy’s for lunch (I wanted to try the baked potato for ages) and had amazing brownie with vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce and Oreo cookie crumbs at Tony Roma’s. Then, Angel treated me to my first ever pedicure!! It cost a bomb, but it was so wonderful. My feet are never so clean and soft. 😀 I chose a turquoise flower pattern on white background, Angel chose a red and yellow floral pattern on black background. We were kinda funny because this was our very first time and we didn’t know what to do, it was so obvious… but I loved it! Angel also treated me to dinner at Logenhaus with Sesat. *hugs to 9 and Angel*

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  1. Woah! I didn’t even get to know when I made a salon. Wait a second, I’m not even getting any money from it? Somebody just stole my name! Do something, mom.

    And no, I’m not gay. I wouldn’t go in the closet if I were anyway. I don’t like closed spaces.

    sulz: haha… that’s what you get for keeping things from me! you’re a big boy, go sue them yourself. 😆

    you don’t like closed spaces? not even if a hot chick was in there? 😉

  2. Huh. So that interview thing was real after all. 0_0;

    That’s not a salon! It’s only salon-ish!

    I think ish should demand a cut of whatever profits they make.

    sulz: course it was! what do you mean?

    haha, haven’t been to the salon myself so i don’t know how salon-ish it is.

    ish, you heard him, go sue them already. 😆

  3. I thought the interview was from a spam-bot and Ish should do the only sensible; go American and grab a lawyer and sue the guy’s arse! 😀

    sulz: ’tis not, now you know. 🙂 haha, i think ish must be busy looking since we haven’t heard from him since the last comment!

  4. What I mean is, they left an identical comment on my blog, and I replied that sorry, but I don’t know the first thing about Pakistan, then BabaliciouS said it was spam, so I deleted it. Since then I’ve recieved 2 more totally identical comments from “The Pakistani Spectator”, so I figured it must be spam. Now I have no idea what to think… o_0;

    sulz: oh, like that… well, it’s not! will rhodes was interviewed too before i was. i think they contacted you because someone recommended you. 😉 (they asked that after i completed the interview.)

  5. They left a comment on mine as well. I haven’t got time to be interviewed this week, but if I did, I’d go for it.

    Congrats. And now you can get your hair did for free!

    sulz: you could always reply him next week. thanks, but it wasn’t those kind of interview. 😦 haha.

  6. “hair done for free!” —from ish! the not-in-the-closet salon owner! I read the interview, and it was actually quite insightful. Thanks for the mention! I got one of those a few days ago, too, and thought it was spam, but then went to the site. It’s another blog, and looks like they want to reach out and enhance the image of their country, a worthy goal. Your answers were very good and very you. 🙂

    sulz: oooh, haha, i forgot about that when i replied rain. as you can see, i’m quite daft sometimes. 😀

    hah, you’re the first to say you read it! 🙂 thank you and you’re welcome!

  7. I am glad that it’s close to be established that I am not a bot after all :). If it’s clear then the other interviewees could contact us and do us the favor of giving us interview.



    sulz: haha, yeah bloggers are quite wary of spammers. i checked the url out, so i knew it wasn’t spam. 🙂

  8. I got one of those messages in my comments today! Now I know it isn’t some spam tripe but something that’s real for once 🙂 So, what should I say in the email since my availability isn’t all day?

    sulz: just e-mail him and he’ll reply with the usual set of questions. 🙂

  9. I hadn’t read that interview earlier, now I did. I couldn’t find the link earlier. :/ I liked your answers but you didn’t mention me! They asked for 5 bloggers and you mentioned 3, and I was not in them. I hate you, mum. 😐

    Okay okay, just kidding. 😛 I never knew you read Melody’s blog too. She’s brilliant. And about the salon thing, well, turns out there are a lot of Ish’s around. To be truthful, I stole my avatar from one of them. 😛 I’ve been wanting to change it but never really found anything better. I really think I should change now.

    sulz: oops… 😳 i was too mad that you opened a salon without my knowledge! 😆 i recommended your blog, if i remembered correctly, maybe you’ll hear from them?

    i do, i see you commenting every now and then too, haha. no, don’t change, it’s a really cool avatar. but if you do, put your face or something. mommy’s boy is so handsome! :mrgreen:

  10. Ms.Johnny said:

    You’re welcome Sulz 😉

    It was fun & funny wasn’t it! hahaha…
    I forgot to take picture of our feet together after the nail art 😦

    sulz: yes, it was, i want to do it again!! i think i don’t want to do a manicure because i need short nails to put my contact lenses in my eyes. 😆

    yes, that’s what i thought too! 😦 never mind, we take real good care of our toenails, and meet up next weekend for the movie we said we’d watch, then take a picture then!

  11. […] a request to copy information as bots often do without permission. But soon after, we all received this, saying to us that all these interviews were legitimate and now spreading to everyone else like […]

  12. […] those are Angel’s and my feet a week after our pedicure (the night we went to watch a movie and got attacked). Angel’s design looks bolder and […]

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