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Haha, the title sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Anyway, it does describe aptly my first ever face-to-face meeting with one of my oldest blog buddies, Lovelyloey!

During my one-month stay in Macau, Lovelyloey visited Hong Kong for a week. When she knew where I was going (after my sad and unsuccessful attempt to make the destination a secret to tantalise my readers), she immediately and excitedly e-mailed me and said it was karma! I think. Anyway, we do have a lot in common. We study English at university (well, I studied, at least, sob, missing my student days), we had a Francophile thing going (her love for French burnt out as the conjugation of verbs got harder, mine got sidetracked with other languages, notably the one I studied in Macau), we are true bookworms (we keep a reading list and consistently devour books), we love to shop (though she likes to do it alone and I prefer to do it with my bestest shopping buddy ever Angel), we are punctual to the T… which is why I call her the Singaporean version of me. Or am I the Malaysian version of her?

Anyway (sorry, I get sidetracked so easily, I don’t know why I’m so restless mentally like that!), we arranged a date to meet weeks before once I knew what my summer course schedule was like. I have to admit, initially I felt afraid of meeting her because I had really bad experiences of meeting friends made online. The problem wasn’t the people I met, it was me. I get really shy and easily flustered, even though I might have told them my deepest, darkest secrets on the computer.

In the end, it turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip. When I first met Lovelyloey at the lobby of the Greek Mythology Casino / New Century Hotel, it was kinda surreal. I recognise her from her pictures and at the same time she is a stranger in the physical sense. Familiar yet strange. But since we are in a foreign place, there were lots of things to talk about – what she did in Hong Kong, what’s the difference between Hong Kong and Macau, what have I learnt about Macau… okay, the topics seem to revolve around Hong Kong and Macau, but that was plenty to talk about also!

We went to Senado Square, which is the place in Macau (you haven’t been to Macau if you haven’t been to Senado Square). Lovelyloey got excited about the buildings, particularly the post office, haha. I don’t understand it, but then again she was the one who sat for an architectural course or something. Then after our hot and humid walk to St Paul’s Ruins (the landmark of Macau, just as the Petronas Twin Towers are to Malaysia), we went to Macau Tower. I went a bit crazy there, shopping for souvenirs and taking photos for the blogging project. This was my favourite tourist spot of the day.

After that, we had lunch at this pretty expensive cafe – food is pretty much expensive anywhere in Macau, actually. I had my first ever quiche lorraine (yum!) and she had Asian chicken salad or something. I would’ve like that too. Okay, right, then after that we took the bus to the ferry terminal because from there we can take the free shuttle bus to the Venetian Macao! It’s supposed to be this 7-star hotel and casino, though some people dress like they’re going to the beach in there. So naturally we went to visit the casino (Lovelyloey wanted to play the slots, I bet!) before going for some more shopping at the mall. We finished about half past eight, so sat the free shuttle bus back to the ferry terminal for her to catch her ferry back to Hong Kong and for me to take another free shuttle bus back to a hotel, which is near the place I was staying.

Phew, that was tiring to tell as the actual meeting was! I’m glad I met her. Is she different than she is in blog? Yes, I don’t deny that. I think that element of reality will always make you in person very much different than you on blog. That said, different doesn’t mean bad. For instance, she is not as scary as she can be in her blog sometimes, haha.

My only regret is that I forgot to take a photo with her!! See, told you I’m shy and easily flustered. 😦 Never mind, Singapore is only a 6-hour bus ride away. Only! 😆


Found this really cool blogging award site through Poonam. You can send blogging awards to your blog buddies through e-mail – I sent a bunch to some! If you get one, would you tell me in the comments which one I’ve awarded you? (Trying to keep tab and see if I’ve managed to send different awards to every blogger and not repeat any.) And if you haven’t, tell me so I can send you one!


A pair of clean underpants

Awarded by
to Sulz

I’ve got clean underpants, how about you? 🙂

The Addicting Blog Award

Awarded by
Virgilius Sade
to Sulz

Wow, addicting huh? I guess when you have clean underpants they can be quite appealing… you know, hygiene and all that. 😆

Awarded by
to Sulz

Wow!! Speechless! 🙂

Comments on: "Blog Friendship: The Next Level" (25)

  1. You sent me the bear hug. Made the middle of my night 🙂

    Of course, the only reason I’m up (ok, besides chronic insomnia) is that I managed to slam my finger in the sliding door trying to close it.

    sulz: i’m glad it did! 🙂 ouch… no wonder you’re so active in facebook. 😉

  2. How could you forget to take a photograph?? 😯
    Well!!! I would be a little apprehensive too about meeting an online friend. But its great that it turned out so good for you.
    And thanks for that Award. Just saw it. It was sooo sweet of you. 😀 I’ll definitely flaunt it on my blog. 😀

    sulz: i’m very forgetful about things like this! it’s the kind that i should forget that i remember. 😐 heh, you’re welcome! 🙂

  3. I would be nervous about meeting someone I knew online. It must feel weird, because you’d know them really well, but you’d only just met them.

    Even if the meeting was tiring, it sounds like it was a lot of fun and a nice experience.

    As for the award, you awarded me large quantities of porn! 😯 Thanks… I think…

    sulz: initally it was, then it was alright once we started talking. it was tiring because we visited 3 places in one day – talk about condensed! haha.

    hahahaha, for a laugh… who knows, it might come in handy for your blog fiction? 😉 i did say sex spices up anything! lol.

  4. I got the award of a high five from u. Thanks!! Poonam has also awarded the same to me just 2 days ago.

    sulz: haha, lots of virtual high-fives around the world for you! 🙂

  5. I still can’t believe you didn’t take a picture of you together! :O

    I would meet an online person just for the picture… er… haha. 😛

    You gave me… well, you’ll have to visit my blog to find out! (shameless promotion)

    sulz: i know, blame it on my reticent nature, haha. i don’t like taking photographs so i usually forget about them. 😳

    hmph, i’ll just send you mine and you can photoshop it, save the air ticket! haha.

  6. haha… why is mine ‘beautiful’ eh? 😛

    sulz: disturbing you lor, make you perasan a bit, haha! 😀

  7. lovelyloey said:

    First, did you get the clean underpants I awarded you? Haha. Display!
    Anyway, something to supplement:
    Before meeting Sulz in person, she texted my Hong Kong mobile and said she is a “paiseh” (shy) person. And I said then I can be “paiseh” together with her. But it turned out there wasn’t a moment of silence between the both of us. Ha!

    Anyway. Yes, we’re 6 hour bus ride apart! You ought to come here someday!

    sulz: i did, i did, my internet connection sucks yesterday and today, that’s why i was cut off halfway into our conversation at facebook. will post it soon. 🙂

    aiyah, i still very paiseh lah. and of course i’m going to singapore. definitely before my passport expires, haha!

  8. […] Kong (Part 5 of x) Published August 13, 2008 Travel Since Sulz posted about meeting me for the first time, I guess I should complement it with some pictures and my […]

  9. @Reema: I also gave you most generous blogger award, only it was bot there in the award link.

    @sulz: It happens to me too. I met an old friend who is now mother this weekend. We were meeting after years. I forgot to click pictures of us together. We were best buddies at college so we spent most of time talking to each other. I too forget.

    And thanks for awarding me most educational blogger award. I am flattered. 🙂

    sulz: haha, at least now i know i’m not the only one! that’s ‘cos i loved your guest post so much, i really related to it. 🙂 and your blog does always try to educate its readers, i believe!

  10. Tch Tch.. “A Fast Moving Pig Who Farts Jet Fuel”? Really Sulz? 😆

    sulz: hey, it’s one of a kind… just like you!

  11. Yay, I’m Kitten Friendly! Kittens, you may visit my blog without fear of GBH. Come, come… gather round my cooking pot… 😛


    Suzy x

    sulz: gbh? welcome. 🙂

  12. GBH = grievous bodily harm.

    sulz: haha, so i gave the right award huh? 🙂

  13. Macau is wonderful… M glad u had a good time 🙂

    sulz: hey you! how are you? thanks, macau is indeed quite a lovely place. 🙂

  14. Hey its a nice theme… but fonts are way too small and you need to strain your eyes to read the links…

    sulz: thanks for the feedback. i agree about the small font, but i think it suits the way i feel at the moment, which is not very good! when i’m happier, i’ll find a cheerier theme with bigger fonts, promise. 🙂

  15. Heyyy!
    Thanks for the hi-5!! 😀
    And I think my underpants are clean! 😀
    hopefully! hhehe…

    sulz: welcome! 🙂 hopefully? someone didn’t do their laundry, it seem! 😛

  16. heyyyaa …iam back!:)
    lucky gal! got to meet an old blog buddy!
    really it was karma !
    anyways nice post :)…..but i suggest you to change the theme it looks a little dull

    sulz: hey, welcome back! you think so? i hope for more blogging karma then!

    haha, it is rather dull compared to my usual standards… i will change it soon. i am feeling rather dull lately, i guess that’s what working life does to you, sucks out all the fun in a person!!

  17. I have clean underpants even though I’m a blogger and don’t need them for that. 😉 sulz met a blogger! sulz met a blogger! That is just so cool! I think I’d be very afraid to meet any of you, because it is such a different experience. I wouldn’t be sure if it would enhance or change the relationship, and I like most of them the way they are. lovelyloey rocks, though, and it seemed like you two should get along. Only a six-hour bus ride? Oh, you must go there then, Singapore is reported to be very beautiful! And now you have friends!
    Thank you for awarding me the “Insightful Blogger” award!!! Of all the ones they had, that is my favorite and one I’d most wish for. 😀 (except for sexy blogger award, and that would not be right coming from you, anyway). I’m working on resizing it so it will fit in my sidebar. Since I have a three-column theme it’s to big—but I’ll fix it. Yay!

    sulz: oh my, could it be your undies are clean as a blogger because you don’t use them when blogging? :mrgreen:

    i think when you meet your blog buddies, the dynamics of the relationship changes for the better. you might have certain expectations disillusioned (maybe he’s not as cute as he says he is) but the more you meet your blog buddy, the more likely you will rediscover your preconceptions are true (maybe he is indeed quite cute after all). well, that’s how i like to see it.

    hmm, a hint for your male readers to send you that award, huh? 😉

  18. oops, should have been “too big”. Death to typos!

  19. might be……..but off late i would say…studies also drain on most of your energy…….and it was like after 1 mth or so…i finally posted my new article…check it out…u will find it interesting 🙂

    sulz: will do. 🙂

  20. thebeadden said:

    That’s great you got to meet another blogger. I’ve met a few people from the internet over the years and had a blast!

    You awarded me the Strong Cup of Coffee Award. Thank you, it was much needed!

    Take care, Sulz!

    sulz: are you still friends with them? probably, judging by what a blast you seem to have had. 😉

    great, i was hoping you like coffee! you take care too, don’t be too scared of your mother-in-law’s new wheels, haha! 😛

  21. I know my blog isn’t good, but seriously, a COW FART??

    sulz: it doesn’t mean your blog isn’t good! i was just being naughty… i like cows, you know!

    but now that you mention it, your blog could be a bit more frequently updated… 😛 ‘cos, you know, it’s good!

  22. […] is interests or mentality. For instance, my friendship with Lovelyloey was forged on the basis that we share many same interests and have the strange coincidence to be involved in similar things. With MusEditions, though, […]

  23. I have met three people in life from the internet, and I can absolutely identify with that surreal feeling. You know them, yet the physical is now before you…and you’re not quite sure at first…

    sulz: totally accurate how you described it!

  24. […] with blog buddies. When I first met Lovelyloey, we went to Macau Tower among other places. Last month, I met Dave at Kuala Lumpur Tower. I only met him briefly because I had to leave at the […]

  25. […] Sulz posted about meeting me for the first time, I guess I should complement it with some pictures and my […]

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