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Yesterday, I watched Wall-E. It’s good, by the way, go watch it immediately. And make sure you go with company, ‘cos…

when my friends fetched me home, some fucker threw a brick into my friend’s car, while we were all still in the car. Her car’s back windscreen shattered.

She parked in front of my house, and I was just about to say goodbye, when I heard the loudest explosion. I screamed instinctively, I thought the explosion was from outside the car. Maybe a car exploded or there were some absurdly loud fireworks or something. When I turned around and saw the shattered windscreen, it still didn’t occur to me it was broken by something. I thought it just combusted by itself. I was sitting at the back and my two other friends in front. But I’m alright, nothing but a cut little toe from stepping on a tiny shard of glass.

So of course we came out of the car, which was a stupid move. I mean, that’s the point of breaking the windscreen, isn’t it? To get us out of the car. Most fortunately, whoever threw the brick left immediately after throwing it because there wasn’t anyone around. But see, I for one didn’t realise the windscreen broke because of a brick because honestly, I didn’t feel any brick. I didn’t even know there was a brick in the car until my friend pointed it to me. I didn’t feel anything at all, other than shattering glass. Yet my black tiered skirt had a mark on it; I guess it touched the brick.

Anyway, we were very lucky that the fucker left. I was very lucky I didn’t even feel the brick, much less hit my head. My friend may not be as lucky, financially, because her insurance doesn’t cover broken windscreens. My friends called their relatives over so they could take pictures for the police report.

This is obviously a case of being at the wrong place and the wrong time. Yet parents seem to think this incident is partly our fault. My friend was admonished by her mother because she has been telling her to be careful and not to go out so much at night and all that. Even Dee, who never says a thing whenever I tell my parents I’m going out, suddenly goes about yammering about how he’s always told me not to go out at night and to be careful and all that shit.

If this is disrespectful against the parents above, I’m really sorry, but honestly, this is something totally unexpected. While crime cases in my town are not uncommon, my street has never experienced brick-throwing motorcyclists. When you go out, do you foresee yourself having your handbag stolen or your car tyres deliberately slashed, etc? You don’t, do you? Okay, so maybe you should, ‘cos when you expect the unexpected you can take the necessary measures to prevent or minimise the risk of it happening, blablabla…

To me, that’s not the way to live life. If you are constantly fearing bad things happening to you, you can never enjoy whatever you’re doing. I’m not saying throw caution to the wind and be reckless. I’m saying that what we did was something totally normal. I always go out to the movies with these friends. And we always fetch each other home. What we did was routine and reasonably safe. It wasn’t even a midnight movie; the incident happen just before ten o’clock at night. This was nobody’s fault. At least, nobody but the fucking brick-thrower. So why are we girls getting scolded for doing something totally normal? It’s not like we went clubbing and got back at 2am and got thrown a brick to our car. And even if that were the case, it’s still not our fault! Why do parents do that??

Do you think I would’ve been admonished like that if the brick hit my head?

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  1. This reminds me of the time some friends and I were driving through Oregon. I was in the back seat, and suddenly we heard glass breaking and this logging truck went barreling by. It took us a minute or two to realize that the rear window was shattered and there was some kind of metal hook lying right behind my head. So, guess you and I are both lucky to have our skulls still intact….

    sulz: wow, you too, huh? yeah, we were sure lucky. i don’t have personal insurance! i don’t think the logging truck deliberately did that the way this horrible motorcyclist was. πŸ‘Ώ

  2. lovelyloey said:

    That fucker must be a nutcase! Sheesh. That fucker must be such a loser in life! Not like he gets anything but sick pleasure out of this. But … you know certain groups of people in Malaysia would be antagonistic towards a group of Chinese girls, right? Or even the car she drives …
    But at least you all are all right. Just be careful around your neighbourhood ok.

    sulz: dunno nutcase or trying to rob us or what. i didn’t see anybody tailing us (cos i wasn’t driving) but my friends said they saw someone on a motorcycle who stopped to throw the brick. anyway, if he was trying to rob us it was kinda stupid to have left after throwing the brick. i think he thought there was only 2 girls and didn’t expect my friend to stop the car so soon?

    well, that one i don’t know lah, it could be. oh, definitely not the car, it was just a small, inexpensive malaysian-made car! yeah, i really was quite lucky. and this was the first time such a thing happened in my street.

  3. whoa… o.O scary.

    did you report polis?

    sulz: pretty sure my friend did. the only scary part was the glass shattering ‘cos didn’t know what was going on!

  4. That’s absurd. If some lunatic throws a brick at a car, how is it the car owner’s fault? How could you predict something like that happening – or even prevent it? It’s nobody’s fault but the nutcase who threw the brick!

    sulz: yeap, try telling that to her mom, who reminded her that she told my friend not to go out at night during the hungry ghost month (which is this month), though this isn’t really related to anything supernatural… at least dee stopped scolding me after i pointed those out.

  5. I do hope you are all right. Speaking as an oldie and a mum and someone who has screamed at you when I have been worried about you….its what parents and oldies do when they are worried and especially if its serious…which it was.

    Please take care…. although I know you couldn’t predict it and it was not your fault.

    sulz: thank you for commenting.

  6. It gets hard wired in their brains, right from the moment that their kids become teens, all that parents do is advice! Whether it the kids fault or not is secondary, they have to get into that mode, giving a bunch of crappy advises and ‘told you so’s.

    I have been through this several times and some times like in your case it is the last thing that we need. Unfortunately we have to live with it. πŸ™‚

    sulz: i argued with dee when he scolded me about that. he knew i had a point because he stopped mentioning it! πŸ˜›

  7. Why would anyone throw a brick through the window??? Scary!!

    sulz: the same question that puzzles us till now! i don’t think we’ll ever know…

  8. I will have more to say (don’t I always?) about irrational older parent-types, but I’m out the door, at the moment, and the most important thing is that YOU are OK!!!!!

    sulz: haha, okay, grandma. πŸ˜› thank you!

  9. thebeadden said:

    Thank goodness no one was hurt, Sulz. I wonder what people are thinking sometimes! I hope they get caught.

    The parent were probably acting out of fear and concern. After all children will always be babies in their heart and they will always feel the need to protect them, even as adults.

    Take care. πŸ™‚

    sulz: yeah. i don’t think so, we didn’t catch the license plate nor how he looks like.

    well, even babies would’ve cried if parents scold them like that! having disgruntled young adults should be better in comparison, lol.

    i will, thank you. πŸ™‚

  10. Hey, call me “grandma” all you want, missy, but I’m on your side about this! πŸ™‚ Your incident was very scary, and I’m sure rattled the “elders”, but hopefully they’ll recognize that it’s not in their best interest to impose their “worry” on you.
    I’m a firm believer that any emotion, like “worry” is the responsibility of the “worrier” not the “worriee”. Once they’ve calmed down, and seen that you are alright, I would tend to leave them alone until they stopped trying to make their issue your issue. But, I’m kind of snarky like that. πŸ˜‰ You and your friends have obviously been shaken up by this, but you are smart, and can make a decision about whether you feel safe, and act from that.
    As for your brick thrower, I cannot fathom what he was thinking. My sister’s side window was shattered by stray bullets once—and she had her kids in the car! (Everyone was OK.) It was one of those isolated incidents; she didn’t live in a dangerous area. It does make one think…

    sulz: haha, of course i know you love me! *hugs* i know it was quite serious, but i don’t feel it as such. i mean, i know it was bad, and i know i could’ve been badly hurt if the brick hit me, but i just don’t feel particularly glad to be safe, the sort one might feel after a near-death experience. maybe because i didn’t feel the brick? a very fine line between feeling safe and unsafe!

    gosh, your sister’s incident is much scarier! i hope ours is an isolated case too. in any case, i posted about this in my town’s online community website to warn residents in my area.

  11. I agree with u here. I hate it when people just give gyan when all hell is broke! Thats the last time u want to hear something like that!!

    sulz: gyan? haha. yes, exactly, last thing i wanted to hear. i mean, if i knew i was going to get a scolding for something that wasn’t my fault, i might have thought twice about telling the person what happened to me, you know? hmm, i must remember that myself.

  12. On a lighter note , did u retain the brick for keeps, you could do your own investigation on the brick, besides it is your lucky brick too coz it saved you by not landing on you!

    sulz: nah, my friend kept it since it was her car and all. πŸ˜‰ haha, lucky brick, i didn’t see it in that way before!

  13. It does not sound all that random. I would tend to think it was somebody with a grudge against someone in the car. Usually an old boyfriend or someone who has felt wronged. I am glad no one was hurt. At least it was someone throwing a brick and not someone with a gun. We have had a rash of that here in the Quad Cities the last couple of years with drug gangs fighting for territory. Too often they drive-by houses looking for other gang members and windup killing some innocent kid or person.

    Doesn’t your friend have vandalism insurance on her vehicle? I have had windshields broken or cracked by flying debris and the vandalism section of my insurance policy always covered it.

    The only person fault was the creep that threw the brick. But parents and their shadows do look for reasons to rationalize why should not have put yourself in a position that exposed you to the attack in the first place. It is just their way f showing concern and how they worry about your safety.

    sulz: oh no, none of us have exes. well, i did but that was in my teenage years. and we’re relatively good girls who do not go for bad boys.

    there’s an option to insure windscreen but she didn’t opt for that, unfortunately. anyway, it didn’t cost much to replace it, about USD$30 is all.

    i know, but it’s not fair that they are putting the blame on our lifestyle for this attack. does that mean they would frown if we want to go out for a movie at night in future? they should cut us some slack instead; after all, we were the ones who could’ve been badly hurt!

  14. It just does not sound like a random act. It does not have to be an actual boyfriend. It only has to be someone that felt they were spurned by someone riding in the car. It can be someone that simply felt they were cheated or treated poorly by someone in the car. I would suggest everyone keep an eye out when in public as it may not end up being a one time thing.

    sulz: but we don’t recall any incident that happened during the movie or before or after either. it was very uneventful. maybe we offended someone without knowing it.

  15. Maybe its time to get away from your parents!

    sulz: nah, i’ve just been away from home for a month and i missed home terribly! not the nagging, though, of course. πŸ˜€

  16. “maybe we offended someone without knowing it.”

    That could very well be the truth. There are a lot of crazies in the world. And you can offend them and not even know you did something that offended them. Nor would you have a way of knowing if and how you tripped their trigger. They take it personal and retaliate. That is why I keep my softball bat under my car seat!

    sulz: i know what you mean about people taking it person and me not knowing that i tripped their trigger, seeing as it just happened recently on my blog…

  17. […] those are Angel’s and my feet a week after our pedicure (the night we went to watch a movie and got attacked). Angel’s design looks bolder and prettier than mine, but I love mine too; it looks daintier […]

  18. As a parent of two teenagers, I can understand the scolding…and it is not so much out of anger towards you girls personally, but more so to be true, the anger and fright of what could have been more tragic. Being a child myself, even as old as I am, I also understand about being on the receiving end of a good tongue you sit there and think, how old am I again?

    Thankful you and your friends were ok…and no, you cannot live your life in a bubble. Though, I think the idea of caring a softball bat is something to consider.

    Now then, time to nag my son as he is about to leave the house with his friends for the evening…. parents right of passage you know πŸ˜‰

    sulz: i do realise that, but it still pains me! yeah, life resumed back to normal the next day. if it hit me, i’d be at the hospital i think…

    we can’t carry softball bats to the movies! haha… maybe a switchknife? gosh, i sound like a gangster!

    well, maybe you can text message your nag, that way you won’t have to see his reaction. πŸ˜€

  19. […] Luckily, we spotted another way to get to Chinatown, which was through a Chinese temple. Feeling as though we aren’t exactly allowed to go pass to get to the stairs, we quickly splashed our way through and descended down the stairs under Angel’s umbrella. Suddenly, sulz felt a tap on her shoulder – a hoe nearly dropped on her! What’s up with sulz and heavy objects being nearly thrown at her?? […]

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