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Of Awards, Duties & Treats

First up, I got a present!


I received this brilliantly colourful award from Nikhil – thank you so much, Nikhil! And happy birthday too! – and now I must pass the blogging karma to 8 people.

I bestow this honourable award to: Lovelyloey, MusEditions, Ish, BobbyG, Crazyasuka, Virgilius Sade, Thescoundrel and Dave for being brilliant blog buddies to me.

That ye are anointed now, go forth and bestow thy blessing upon others!

(yes, I’m a bit full of myself today, please excuse me, I hate work and I need to find my fun somewhere, even if it’s just pretending to be obnoxious!)


Okay, on a less obnoxious note, Muse’s latest post, in particular this comment, has got my brain wheels spinning.

Previously, I mentioned that I feel ‘responsible’ to my readers, in the sense that I would not stop blogging and leave my blog buddies wondering what happened to me, or if I’m doing okay. To me, blog buddies can be closer in some sense than ordinary, everyday friends you meet at school or work because they read what you think, issues that can be very close to your heart.

Do you think that that should be a good blog buddy’s duty, for a lack of a better word? Let me try to elaborate better on that idea.

When you make friends through blogging, it is different than making friends the ordinary way in real life – that is, through proximity in most cases. Blog buddies are usually buddies because they have something in common with you, whether it is interests or mentality. For instance, my friendship with Lovelyloey was forged on the basis that we share many same interests and have the strange coincidence to be involved in similar things. With MusEditions, though, it’s different. Other than blogging, I’m not sure if we share many common interests (with the exception for the love of chocolate ice-cream), at least not the way I do with Lovelyloey. (Or maybe we just haven’t discovered all the interests we may share yet.) Nonetheless, I get along with her very well (oh, who doesn’t with Muse?) and I admire her many qualities, which shines through in her writing.

So when I’ve made such good blog buddies with such great people, what happens when I don’t feel like blogging anymore? I’m sure you’ve come across such bloggers. They blog so fervently at one point of their lives, and then when something in real life comes up blogging takes a back seat, and ends up being booted out of the car altogether. Or perhaps blogging has lost its appeal for them; it was fun to do for a while, but not forever and they’ve moved on.

People can be like that in real life too, can’t they? They join a club, full of enthusiasm for its activities, before the appeal loses its lustre and they drop out of it. But what about the friends you made through the process? In blogging, you have regular readers and commenters who not just share something in common with you, but have also invested themselves emotionally to the issues you bring up in your blog, especially if it’s a personal blog.

As I’ve mentioned above, I think friendship forged through blogging sometimes can be closer than the kinds you have in real life. I mean, blog buddies are essentially strangers who knows your deepest, darkest secrets, or thoughts you have never revealed to anyone else but on your blog. When you share something as personal as that (not necessarily secrets, but just things you might share without hesitation to your best friend but not just any other friend), there is bound to be some emotional involvement among blogger and readers. So if you leave blogging, there’s nothing to connect you with these friends anymore, not unless one party take the initiative to continue keeping in touch through other methods (facebook or e-mail or snail mail).

So, if you do decide to stop blogging, to leave the blogging world forever, is that it? Just like a storybook, does it just end like that? Unlike a storybook, your life does continue, but we will never know what happens. You could lead a banal, uneventful life. Or you could be dying from cancer, and we would not have a clue.

Sigh, I’m not really sure what I’m asking from this. I mean, on one level, I understand friendship can’t be forced and nobody should feel obligated to blog just for friendship’s sake. On another level, is our blog friendship that negligible? That if you decide to leave blogging, the friends will go along with it too?

I’ve mentioned in passing here and there that I don’t like to read blogs by erratic, sporadic bloggers, who maintain a blog but posts only one or twice in a month. I don’t like that because I’d be wondering what’s going on with that person. The blogger does not ask me to worry, but I do. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and it is easily tugged by a moving post, or a kind word. This is just my problem, of course I realise that, hence the reason why I try to avoid such bloggers.

So, yes, I would like your two cents on this, please. I hope to gain a different perspective than the one I have currently.


Finally, about treats aka my present blogging project. People seem wary of receiving something in their mailbox for reasons or other. Currently, there’s only one person up for it, and if it stays that way until the deadline, I’d just spend all my allocated budget on her! Some people have suggested that I give my treat online instead (which requires some payment, of course, otherwise a free treat is not exactly a real treat, now is it?). I’m up for it, but I don’t know what’s cheap enough (it depends on how many people signed up for the project too) to give. Any links for suggestions would be appreciated! Is there anything you’d like online?

Gosh, long post, oops. 😳


Sorry to make this longer but this is such a blogging trip! First time on Hawt Post on the main page of!!

Comments on: "Of Awards, Duties & Treats" (19)

  1. New to this blog, I like it, very cute!

    sulz: thanks! not as cute as you, though! 😛

    a little tip, if i may? you can edit your profile (top right hand corner in dashboard, click on your username) so that your username will link to your blog. that way, you don’t have to keep typing your url every time you comment.

  2. Oh blimey! Thank you sulz! 😀

    I’m afraid I doubt I’m going to say anything that will change your perspective, since I pretty much agree with everything you said. If someone decides to stop blogging, I think they should leave a post saying as much, and preferably stay in touch with blog buddies.

    Congrats on making hawt post! 🙂

    sulz: blimey, haha, i used to read that word a lot when i had a teenage phase of devouring smash hits. do they still have that mag?

    so you think they should stay in touch, huh? i wonder how different the dynamics would be then. as in, will they be good e-pals, or write a few e-mails to update each other before dwindling to nothing from the lack of having something in common anymore? i mean, when you blog, you’re sort of telling everybody whatever it is you want to say. in keeping in touch, it’s one-to-one, which may be harder to keep the conversation going if one party is more reticent than the other.

    thank you! i’m stoked. 😀

  3. Award winner.. and you are the “Hawt post” on!

    sulz: yeah, such an blog ego trip today, haha. thank you! 😀

  4. Afraid I’ve never heard of Smash Hits, sorry!

    Forgot to mention, I really like this current skin. It looks really sophisticated!

    Well, if people thought emails were too much, maybe they should update their blogs just occasionally, to let people know how they were doing. That wouldn’t kill them, right?

    sulz: haha, i thought they were big in the uk. maybe not now anymore. hmm, you think so? thanks. 🙂 i chose this because it was one of the more colourful ones, but without being too hard on the eyes. 😀

    haha, yes, wouldn’t kill, though they’ll be right back into something they wanted to stop doing in the first place. 😛

  5. Congrats on your fabulous award!

    It’s funny, I recently received my first award from a blog buddy (NotSoSAHM) and, even though I’m not sure what to do with it, I’m finding myself wanting more of them! She awarded me the “Kick Ass Blogger Award” (and being a blogger for parents, I’m not sure I can put that front and center on my blog….ummm, can I?) which, of course, made me feel honored!

    I apparently became worthy for the “reply post” I did having to do with “The Disney Princesses Sexualizing Our Daughters” after she had sent out a plea for help regarding her daughter, Reagan, and her new obsession with Disney Princesses).

    If you’re curious:

    But anyway, if you’re handing out awards, I’ll take a few!

    Dr. Robyn

    sulz: thanks! maybe you can, just edit the word using microsot paint or something. 😛

    my awards quota have been filled up, so sorry! but treats are still up for grabs. 🙂

  6. hawt post…whew! congrats…

    sulz: thanks! 😀

  7. lovelyloey said:

    yay! Hawt post!
    Yeah we constantly amaze each other by how much we have in common.
    I think when we focus on our commonalities instead of differences with other people, that’s how we make friends and build bridges. 🙂

    sulz: yay indeed. this post alone has 60+ views within the hour of publishing!

    oh yes, that’s true. it’s just that finding what we have in common that can be tricky sometimes! you know how you try sometimes and that just gets nowhere?

  8. Thank you for the award! And wow, neW skin?

    Hey, this triggers something strange in me, because like you know, I have just made a pause in blogging… I am uninspired and not in the mood. I love blogging and I hope I can get something out of my chest, it surely would help me to blog about it but I can’t do it for some reason…

    It sucks, because I do worry. I hate it when fellow bloggers stop posting and I don’t have the first clue of what happened to them. The close ones because I worry, and the not so close ones, well, maybe because I’ve started on a story they’re telling, and if they suddenly stop it’s like someone took a book I’m not finished reading and threw it away and there was no more copies of it. So, I’m left with this weird hole… so no, I don’t like it when bloggers just go. I don’t know if it’s a “duty” for them, I suppose not, all I know is that I don’t like it when they do it.

    I talk to my closest people by email anyway, so I suppose sometimes I might neglect the fact that there might be bloggers that have no idea of what happened to me and want to know… that’s sort of why I posted my last post. But it could be misleading maybe.

    sulz: you know me. 🙂 no, your latest post, scary as the image is (i wasn’t saying that it suggested anything by being scary, just looks so to me) 😛 at least informs your reader that you’re not blogging for your own reasons, not because you can’t blog for some unknown reason!

    well, there’s nothing much we can do about this when your blog buddy (or at least you thought the person was) decides to go awol permanently.

  9. Life is full of ebbs and tides. So far blogging has been a similar experience for myself. Even when my head is full of ideas it does not mean I will be in the mood to blog about the subject anytime soon. My computer is backlogged with ideas I have had about subjects to blog on. Maybe I will blog on the ideas or maybe, like some considerations, I will ditch the idea. Though blogging has become part of my life there is no way of telling where the tides will take me along this path.

    sulz: i know what you mean, i have a short list myself. i do hope if you ever decide to take a break from blogging you’ll tell. 🙂

  10. […] so of course, I’m flattered. And I’m doubly flattered. First, I received a link from sulz, who also awarded B0bbyG, who then proceded to award me as well! Thanks, both of you brilliant […]

  11. Aww, sulz!!! You said the nicest things about me. I’m very touched. {{hugs}}. You mentioned one of the many reasons blogging is so great! With my interests, I might not have met someone like you (Shopping? Noooo) and I can’t imagine my life without you now.
    I don’t usually go on long trips, but when I do, I post before I go. I don’t really worry about people so much as wonder about them, and when they haven’t been blogging for a while I first wonder, and then kind of get mad (a little). When I’ve had a relationship, and the blogger just…stops, or only comes back every 3 months or so, I feel that we really didn’t have that strong a connection. I know I can enjoy a blogger for a short time, and then let them go, but I’ve expressed before that this is one of my communities, so it can’t be that if people don’t show up to it, right? 😕
    On the other hand, I don’t know if a friendship can continue if one of the parties stops blogging. I have sent an email or two when someone hasn’t been around for a while, and they either didn’t answer, or it seemed we didn’t have much to talk about anymore. 😦
    So, I think this community, like a class, or a club, really supports people who attend the community. Otherwise, MOST people move on. There can be some exceptions. Like, I had two friends from a philosophy club, and they are the only two from there I still see. That seems rare, but possible.
    I like your theme! It has your flowers! Very nice, it suits you. (Until it’s time to change again) 😀
    I SAW you as the HAWT post!!! I bow to your excellence! I’ve made the front page a few times, but NEVER the HAWT post, W00t!

    sulz: awww, and i you too. *hugs* yeah, i was wondering if a friendship forged through blogging can survive outside the blogging environment. with years of friendship and strong bond it’s possible, but not with a sporadic blogger. you might stay in touch every once in a while, but it’ll never be beyond anything superficial. i guess friendships like that is like a gamble; you just get lucky when you do. 🙂

    thanks! haha, yes, gotta have my florals for now. 😀 i just got lucky! i heard it’s random. who knows, your time may come soon. 🙂 haha, i think this is the first time i’ve seen you hollering, so excited you are! 😆

  12. Awesomeeeee!!! And Congrats on the hawt post!!! Thats incredible!! 🙂

    way to go! 🙂

    sulz: thank you! 😀 we all will have our moments, maybe yours will come soon!

  13. I feel like I’m looking at the yearbook all over again! I’m right, you know; you are like a mug of hot chocolate 😀 😉 By the way, that’s one hawt shot! 😛

    sulz: that’s ‘cos i consume lots of said confectionery. you know, like, relations through consumption. 😀 hehe, thanks mate!

  14. Congrats on award and the Hawt Post.

    sulz: thanks! you hit a milestone yourself as well. 😉

  15. Hey 🙂 I myself have been blogging for two weeks now, and I am so into it right now. And being on the ”scene” for only two weeks has lead me to meet so many interesting people on the internet.
    So I do agree that when I look at things from your point of view, the people I’ve met and the blogs I’ve read, do mean a lot to me and if I ever make a long term friends by blogging, they will be very dear to me!

    But I think that, when you do something for a very long time (like blogging) .. and you suddenly feel that you don’t want to do it any more, then hey – take a break! 🙂 We all need it once in a while and deserve it!

    🙂 Never stop blogging, just take some vacations along the way 🙂

    Take care..

    sulz;: hi and welcome! glad to hear you’re having a great time blogging. haha, great tip! i hope those sporadic bloggers are reading you. 😉 blogging is like life to me, you don’t just leave it ‘cos you’re tired, just like life. so take a vacation, as you suggested!

    you take care too. 🙂

  16. haha… what an honour. got medal or not? would like it if got certificate too (can add into my resume) 😛

  17. eh… i thought i left a msg… o.O?

    got certificate or not ah? i want to add to my resume. XD

    sulz: haha, got what. certificate as a treat or from your brilliant award thingy? anyway, that is just plain sampat! 😀

  18. I read a blog where the blogger rarely updates, but I’m used to that, so I don’t get concerned. Another blogger, who posts something like twice a day usually, didn’t post for six weeks and the blog disappeared from the net. It’s back now, but I was really concerned. So yeah, I think when your blog is intensely emotional or personal, if you’re going to take a break you should tell people. And on mental health blogs, you get people talking about suicide and how depressed they are, or even farewell notes, and then the blog is deleted, or they never post again.

    That is really, truly upsetting.

    And on that pleasant note… Oh no, I feel like I missed out on the rush of congrats – but better late than never; congratulations!

    Suzy x

    sulz: hmm, i guess if you know a blogger who rarely blogs to begin with, it’s not as upsetting, as you say, as with a blogger who talks about depressing stuff, who then later stops blogging for some unknown reason! that can be pretty scary indeed.

    oh yes, i believe in that saying too, so thank you very much! 😀

  19. Sulz on hawt post!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    Plus, I think I may have an asnwer for you. You’re right – it’s just like real life. You lose touch with friends you actually know in the “real world” just like those from the blogosphere.

    The solution – myspace and facebook!

    Half joking, but half serious when I say that. I’d lost touch with virtually all of my college/high school buddies after moving away/starting a career/staring a family – but now I’m finding them all again, and in most cases it’s as if not a day has passed since we last talked.

    sulz: hehe, thanks. i agree about facebook, because i do get to see what’s up with the people i used to see every day. but it doesn’t really fit the purpose because many people i used to know add me as their friend and i them too but we never exchanged a word. never. which makes it so superficial – i’m just a number in their collection of facebook friends!

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