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Meet Dessert & Dinner*

Dessert & Dinner had dinner & dessert with Sushi yesterday night and my goodness, what a night it was!

It started off by Dessert & Dinner driving to meet Sushi at a premier shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur because that’s where this restaurant D&D were craving to eat. I mean, just look at the brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and drenched with chocolate sauce that D&D is ogling. The picture – taken with Sushi’s brand new phone – may not be of the best quality to truly convey what an orgasmic dessert it was, but let me assure you that D&D were highly satisfied with it – and dinner too, of spaghetti bolognaise which was recommended by Sushi and did indeed taste as good as she claimed.

Problem was, D&D nearly didn’t get their scrumptious dinner. They left the house at quarter to seven for a dinner date that was supposed to start at eight. The trip usually takes about a little over half an hour. But because of the coming holidays (Muslimes celebrating Aidilfitri), the road to the mall was jam-packed all the way from home. It took D&D over an hour to reach there. 😦 It was quite a harrowing experience, since D&D hardly ever get stuck in traffic jams of this magnitude. They were also dying for a pee by the time they reach the mall (parking at which was not a problem, thank goodness, traffic karma at work perhaps?).

But it was worth going through that horrendous traffic jam to have dinner with Sushi, because we talked non-stop the whole time. While we waited for a table, I moaned to her about my latest working woes, and she told her about her job, her darling and their plans, her present life. We exchanged the latest gossip of our previous classmates, and I told her about the recent drama in my blog she missed because she doesn’t read the comments. (So if you’re like Sushi, read comments from now on! Hehe)

I expected to be home after ten yesterday, but we chatted until the waiter sent us the bill himself without us asking for it because the restaurant was about to close, haha. We reached home after eleven! Goodness, to think that this dinner nearly didn’t happen, what with the terrible traffic jam. Truth was,  I cancelled dinner with Sushi the first time round before was that – other than the fact that I wasn’t in the best mental frame that night for a dinner – I was a bit reluctant to have dinner with her alone. I never went out with her alone (it was always with this circle of friends we go out together with), and I was afraid that maybe we wouldn’t have much to talk about because we haven’t met each other for so long and we hardly chat online anymore too.

Turned out that we had endless of things to talk about because we haven’t met up! There wasn’t a pause at all throughout the dinner. When she stuffed food in her mouth (not that she does, she’s definitely more elegant than me when it comes to eating, I’m just trying to sound funny here) I’d be yapping away and vice versa, haha.

I left dinner with a smile on my face. We’re definitely doing this again!

*Dessert & Dinner are sulz’s boobies’ names, according to The Boobie Name Generator. Refer to previous post. Poor Suda would probably have more troubles accessing bloggerdygook with Dessert & Dinner at display so brazenly now.

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  1. Oh my god!!! A whole post on D&D!

    sulz: would you expect any less from me? :mrgreen:

  2. You actually had your friend take pictures of your boobies for this post! sulz!
    You make it sound like they went on this adventure all by themselves without you! 🙂 But considering the activity and your boobie names (I can’t believe we’re talking about this online!) I guess that’s…appropriate.
    I’m very glad you had this fun night out and that you and Sushi had so much to talk about. I’m also glad you didn’t go out for sushi, or we’d really be confused. You don’t have any friends named Spaghetti, do you? 😀

    sulz: haha, no, she took a photo of me but my face looks terrible so i chopped it off. 😛 the way you say appropriate it’s like it’s really not, lol!

    hahaha… sushi loves sushi! we would probably end up doing that one day. 😉 hehe, not yet.

  3. Indeed we see D&D in the picture up there! I was going to comment on it when… oh wow, a whole entry on it.

    My boobies are named Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding! XD

    (I thought the letter D meant something and I would have to name mine something starting with the letter A.)

    sulz: i’m afraid i don’t know who they are… other than being your boobies, that is. 😆

    haha, definitely does not refer to the size, if that’s what you mean!

  4. what? only one picture?

    mooooaar! XD

    sulz: one is more than what i usually give in the first place, really!

  5. Do you know how many calories that was??????????
    I won’t even touch that with a barge pole. 😛

    sulz: don’t know! i shared with sushi. 🙂 well then you’re missing out on a real chocolatey experience!

  6. Greeeattt now I read a blog post written by a pair of boobs. Seriously. I’m not even sure this is feminist or not. Unlike the Vagina Monologues, this has nothing to do with reinventing female stereotypes. LOL.

    sulz: haha. no feminist undertones whatsoever. just proof of sulz’s good underwear. lol!

  7. OMG. I really tried to concentrate on that ice-cream and the post but it didn’t really work out. I kept going back to the beginning again and again. 😛

    And then you blame Suda’s firewall for thinking you’re porn? You ARE porn, don’t you see? 😛

    Btw, I’m pretty sure this comment is gonna get spammed. The comment on the previous post got spammed too. With all the sex you’ve been talking, I think you should check out your Spam more regularly for all the legitimate comments that are gonna end up there for the number of times they use these words. 😛

    Long live D & D. 😀

    sulz: oi, you’re my son! *smacks head* as it turns out, akismet is more sophisticated than you think. the last false spam i got was by poonam when she was strangely thought as spam. maybe because her name rhymes with spam? spam, poonam (pronounced the american way, that is, haha).

  8. Yu’re impossible!

    Lol…double dode of D&D!

    What exactly are yu referring tu 😛 ?

    sulz: i’m only young once! 😀

  9. I can’t believe you ACTUALLY chopped off your head!

    Actually, you took the words out of my mouth. Reluctant would not be the word I’d use, but nervous. Still, I’m glad we finally went ahead with it because I had a blast!



    …though mine are bigger. XD

    sulz: my face really look spastic lah! i might put up the full version at the protected post, maybe. wouldn’t want people to have a false impression, haha.

    as if i need reminding! mine are perfectly respectable though, in my humble opinion. 😆 wanna do a double shot with me? :mrgreen:

  10. Crikey, it’s like sulz self-speak all over again. Only with D&D.

    (You realise that I’m never going to be able to read the abbreviation “D&D” the same way again now? Guess I’d better stay well away from Dungeons & Dragons from now on)

    Sounds like you had a great evening. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! *likes happy posts* 🙂

    sulz: hehe, one day i’m gonna do a post with the real sulz-speak. as in things i say in real life – like the lahs and mehs. 😉

    haha, sorry to have spoilt that for you! 😆

    i did! i had a great weekend, in fact. which i will post about soon, of course. 🙂

  11. I was about to say yummy…cos my eyes were looking only at the brownie, topped with icecream and chocolate sauce….reading the post of D& D; I better refrain. 😉
    See, you must have kept your end the other day itself 🙂

    sulz: haha, well you did say it now, but i know what you mean. 😉

    of course, when i say something i generally do it! 🙂

  12. The test says mine are called Betty and Veronica. :mrgreen:

    Suzy x

    sulz: cool, i love the archies! speaking of which, any archie andrews in your life currently? 😛

  13. maybe because her name rhymes with spam? spam, poonam (pronounced the american way, that is, haha).

    How else would it sound?

    sulz: i thought poonam was pronounced as [poo-nahm], as opposed to [poo-naem] as some might say it.

  14. The last false spam you got was Poonam? Where the hell did my comment on the previous post go then? :O

    Um, I tried hard but I still can’t make poonam and spam rhyme 😐

    Her comments were getting spammed everywhere anyway, it happens sometimes. I think it happened earlier with someone we knew from the forums didn’t it?

    sulz: you have a missing comment here?? i check and clear my spam box whenever there’s something new and i didn’t see anything from you…

    haha, it’s the indian in you. 😉 it happens, this issue. it could be because someone mark her comment as spam (whether accidentally or out of spite) and so akismet ‘learnt’ it as such. but it’s all good now since everybody unspammed her! 🙂

  15. Ms.Johnny said:

    Nice boobs…..hahaha…and of course the desert too 😛

    sulz: sampat! you have better figure wor… muahaha. 😀 oh yeah, dessert was awesome. we should go there together one day!

  16. […] In case you don’t know: reference to Dessert & Dinner […]

  17. Had heard of the headless horseman, but headless boobgirl? Ah, what evil time these be!

    Pun intended. :mrgreen:

    sulz: 😛

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