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Working Philosophy

1. My working life is as equally important as my personal life. Work is an important part of my life, but so is my personal life. This means I do not like overtime. I believe that to be a well-balanced employee, I need my personal life to be as least infringed by work as possible. Of course, I understand that every job will have some sort of overtime at some point, but I rather work in a job that has minimal overtime.

2. I like to be fully utilised during my working hours. I like to work non-stop during the hours I’m supposed to work. If I have nothing to do, I feel like I’m wasting the company’s money by being idle. I’d do anything, just give me work to do. Until it’s time to go home, that is. πŸ˜€

3. I like getting constant feedback for my work performance. Back in college, I only needed to compare myself with my classmates to know where I stand. At work, I can’t compare myself with anybody because I’m new. The only way I can know if I’m meeting my employer’s standards if s/he tells me.

4. I need a patient, understanding and caring boss. So far, I’m lucky that my bosses are patient and understanding enough. However, I have yet to work under a boss who truly cares. Maybe that is due to the fact that I haven’t worked long enough to discover this side in my boss. Or maybe I have yet to find such a boss. If I’m so lucky to get such a boss, I would probably be even more motivated to work. I remember in college, the assignments that mean most to me were of teachers I had the most respect for because I felt they cared about me, and therefore I would put in extra effort to get their approval.

5. I need to have friends in the office. I have very few friends of my own and I want more. Also, I need to feel as if the people in my workplace want to work with me just as I want to work with them and learn from them. I think work would be so much easier and fun if people cooperate and enjoy each other’s company.

What’s your working philosophy? If you’re still a student, what sort of working philosophy do you think you’d have in future? (Don’t use your studying philosophy because studying and working are worlds apart! You’ll see when you start working…)

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  1. I need a job now! πŸ™‚
    Anyways to answer your question…
    I need an understanding & efficient boss who does not waste my time or hers/his.
    As you say utilise the time I am at work and not make me work over time just to get to deadlines. The boss is supposed to plan the work. I don’t mind overtime when absolutely necessary; but that being the constant is something I cannot really accept.
    I don’t think I am going to call those I meet at work friends until the cross that line from being colleagues. I have become choosy about who I call as friends off late. Been hurt after trusting the wrong kind; but yeah have made friends too at each place. Some of them are still in touch with me after years & years. πŸ˜€
    I hope to have a fair appraisal each time it is done. The appraisal should be done without prejudice.
    I have decided that a marketing job is not my cup of tea…going around under the hot tropical sun! πŸ™‚

    sulz: well, all the best in your search then! πŸ™‚

    oh, yes. yes. yes. (no, i’m not aroused by your words, merely agreeing! :mrgreen: ) that’s of course another yes. i haven’t found a real friend at work, but they have been much nicer to me than my previous colleagues. i haven’t worked long enough to consider appraisals, but i suppose like you i’d want to be fairly reviewed too!

    hmm, have you done marketing before?

  2. I’ll want to put as much effort as I can into doing my job perfectly, I expect. I find that’s much more satisfying than slacking off.

    I would always consider my personal life more important than my working life, though. I know that sounds irresponsible, but I’d hate to “become” my job, no matter what that job was.

    sulz: of course; i hate not doing work at work, unless it’s a quick look at facebook. πŸ˜› i feel guilty if i’m not doing work!

    no, it doesn’t sound irresponsible, it sounds you know where your priorities are. i don’t want to become my job either, that’s why i put it with equal priority to my personal life (because to me my job is a big part of who i am too, but not entirely me!).

  3. lovelyloey said:

    Yeah I would try to make sure I’m productive during office hours.
    But I do value my personal life more than my work life, unless my work is the kind of stuff that has a special place in my heart e.g. if I become a killer whale trainer or something. HAHA!

    sulz: so far, i try not to mix my personal life with work time-wise, though i don’t exactly succeed doing vice versa with work. πŸ˜› a text message here, an e-mail there… but i get my job done, that’s most important! πŸ˜€

  4. okay here goes” my to be working philosophy”

    for me work is worship until and unless its of my choice…… first criteria……give me work which arouses my interest else you lose your money πŸ˜›
    secondly, i prefer to work all alone than in a group because i feel i as an individual i can be more productive than working in a group( because from my school life……in case of group activity i usually ended up as a leader and did all the work with my entire group sharing the credit)
    thirdly i want recognition …… and if i dont get it again you lose money πŸ˜›
    fourthly i do not want to hear words of wisdom from people who who do not even know the abcd of my work…….else get ready to be blasted off
    and lastly a bunch of colleagues cum friends with whom i can share my views and opinions and yes get to share my lunch πŸ˜›
    but i know the reel life is different from real life …but i had prefer the former over the latter
    what say about this sulz? πŸ˜€ and i hope that now you are feeling better !

    sulz: i like the energy of working in a group, but i admit it can be quite a headache often. i guess it’s not easy to find people you can work well with! i think you have a tall order of a working philosophy, but i wish you all the best in finding that ‘reel life’ dream job all the same! πŸ˜‰

    i’m feeling better now, and i know why i felt so bad before! shall reveal in the next post, hehe.

  5. My work philosphy is simple, when at work i work and when i leave work, my fist goes in the in the air similar to judd nelson in the breakfast club, its back to my life where work is seldom spoke of or unknown.

    But work goes by much faster with friends in the office, i must admit.

    sulz: haha, i remember that scene! yes, that’s why friends at work are important to me. i want to get along with everybody so that it’s a happier place for me.

  6. My work tends to slither like a snake into the rest of my life. Since I often work at home, and I like to multi-task, I will often be doing work things and personal things at the same time. {blog a little; work a little; eat a little, etc.}
    My ideal boss is cranky, easily distracted, moody, creative, has high standards, is relaxed about deadlines, but is very reliable! πŸ˜‰ (Yup, I work for myself! LOL).
    Take care of yourself out there, sweetie!

    sulz: hmm, do you like snakes then? πŸ˜‰

    i think i will make a horrible boss because i have no discipline!

    thanks; you too, likewise. πŸ™‚

  7. Yeah…my last job which paid me well but was a pain was indeed a marketing job! πŸ™‚

    Muse: I like your boss πŸ˜‰

    sulz: well, in life and jobs there are always pros and cons… but if it doesn’t make you feel good, usually the amount of money don’t make up for it.

    but muse’s boss is cranky! πŸ˜›

  8. often ! its “always” a headache for me ..i always end up shouting at people and then doing all the work myself 😦
    oh great! i could see that from this post! return of the old sulz :p hehe

    sulz: okay, no working with arpit for anything! *scurries away from scary arpit* πŸ˜›

    i’m getting there, i hope!

  9. Interesting…My working philosophy would be similar to yours except that I want an intelligent, efficient and caring boss. Getting constant feedback is not a problem in my profession as the college management keeps taking feedback of teachers from students like whether they are able to understand or not etc etc.

    sulz: so… your current boss isn’t all that? πŸ˜‰ that’s good, keeps you on your toes and in a way getting back what you usually give on your part too!

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