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Finally a happy post!

I’ve been meaning to post about this, but I wanted to wait for the pictures, which Angel took forever to upload! Ahem…

Anyway, before I begin, may I give my utmost thanks to Crazyasuka for giving me 400+ hits by surfing through my archives! That was a nice spike after the usual 100+ hits lately, so thanks for the smile at my face when looking at my blog stats! 😀

Right, now to the trip I was and still am excited for. A few weeks back – the day after Dessert and Dinner’s day out actually – I treated Angel, Angel’s relative and Sesat to a buffet at some hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur as celebration of my first paycheck. It’s not as expensive as buffets would usually cost because my dad bought some buffet vouchers really cheap so I just got them off him. 😛

Here are some pictures of the food we had.

My plate of pasta. I was so greedy I took all three types of sauces – marinara, bolognaise and carbonara – and it tasted a bit weird ‘cos they mixed, but overall it was alright. I preferred the chicken strips by the side though. 😆

Self-made ais kacang – this was Sesat’s or Angel’s, I think, ‘cos mine didn’t have ice cream on it. It may not look very appetising but it’s the most delicious local dessert, in my opinion.

Ooh, this was one of my favourite dishes at the buffet. The pancakes were palm-sized, and I drizzled it with honey and maple syrup and those nutty/sesame spinkles and topped it off with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. SCRUMPTIOUS!

We had a lot more food than that, of course, except that we keep forgetting to take pictures of them and tucked right in before remembering that we forgot to take a picture! 😳

We spent about 3 hours at the buffet. It was mid-afternoon by then, and it seemed such a waste to go home just like that, so we decided after a while that we’d go to Petrosains at Suria KLCC. I’ve said it before in my other KL trip and I’ll say it again, don’t get into a taxi if the driver refuses to use the meter! There was one who wanted to charge the four of us RM10 for the trip, but I refused on principle, even though technically it’ll only be RM2.50 per person. When we found a taxi whose driver agreed to use the meter, the ride only cost RM7. Not much of a difference, but the point is that we shouldn’t have to fork out RM3 more at the driver’s whim and fancy!

A couple of pictures from in the taxi on the way to Suria KLCC – you can see where we’re heading from the signboards 🙂

View of Suria KLCC from the top floor, where Petrosains is housed.

Petrosains is an interactive, family-friendly science exploration centre funded by Petronas, the national supplier of petroleum and natural gas in Malaysia. This is one of the cheapest and most enjoyable source of entertainment for anyone, even if you flunked Science. It will take you at least 3 hours to enjoy the entire experience, as the centre is divided into many sections – space, F1, petroleum, dinosaurs, etc. Among the highlights of the centre are the virtual helicopter ride, the F1 simulator, the dinosaur exhibition, and the live science experiments during peak hours.

Here are some of the pictures we managed to take, which we’re actually not allowed to! 😛

Look at the last thumbnail – that’s an adult-sized slide. See what I mean when I say family-friendly? I went on it twice! 😀 They give you sack-like cloths to maximise the experience. I felt as if I was sliding down Moon Face’s slide up at the Faraway Tree! (Enid Blyton, anyone?)

After racing through the science centre (we only had three hours before the centre closed), we watched Mamma Mia at the cinemas. We snuck kebabs into the cinema (outside food not allowed). I came home at 11pm that day, tired but happy!

More pictures at the protected post, please proceed!

Comments on: "Finally a happy post!" (18)

  1. I envy you!!! Wanna go on that slide!! 😀
    Nice to know you had a wonderful time and great to see a happy post from you 🙂

    sulz: come to malaysia and visit petrosains then. 😉 it’s a happy post a month too late though, haha. better late than never, i always say!

  2. Oh the pancakes look delicious! Drool!
    I m happy to read a happy post on your blog. Glad u enjoyed yourself.

    sulz: i know, wish i had more of them. 😛 thanks, i really enjoyed hanging out with my friends.

  3. I was obsessed with the Faraway Tree! I dreamt about that thing… I wrote stories about that thing… I reread the first one last week… obviously at some point in the near future I’m going to have to start growing up. 😉

    Suzy x

    sulz: i love the faraway tree too! i got the whole trilogy in one big tome. that’s my favourite enid blyton story of all. i also love the one called the three brownies (hop, skip and jump) but sadly i lost the book and i can’t find it at shops – not even online! you don’t have to grow up with enid blyton, i think. or you could just have kids, then you have a good reason to read her again. 😉

  4. Happy posts are the best!

    That food looks delicious, sulz! I’ve never had ais kacang, but I’ll have to try it some time. Those pancakes look lush.

    That science centre sounds pretty cool. I’ve always liked science, even though I don’t know any (not my fault – GCSE science is a lie)!

    Was Mamma Mia! any good? I haven’t seen it.

    sulz: i heartily agree. 😀 you have to come malaysia and try all the crazy food we have to offer. 😆 i’m sure there are malaysian restaurants in england, but they’re not the same, trust me! ooh yes, the pancakes were awesome.

    petrosains was so fun! there’s something for everyone there. mamma mia made abba songs cool again. 😉 it’s very cheery and cheesy and crazy! kinda like high school musical for older people. maybe you can watch it and compare the two. 😉

  5. gentledove said:

    OOHH! those pancakes, don’t you know they are my favourite food OOHH!

    sulz: they tasted better than they look, believe me! 😉

  6. eh, when are you going to write about our encounter? 😛 and when you wanna meet up? or you sked already? faster page me… my schedule is getting quite packed everyday

    sulz: oi, spoil lah you… i’m waiting for the photos from my friend. i’ll get back to you, don’t worry!

  7. Thank you for the link love. I also got a peak in my stats from it. Love the pictures.

    sulz: de nada e gracias. 🙂

  8. Love the pictures! Good that you are in a happy mood for a happy post. Keep them coming!

    I would be visiting KL some time mid-Feb. If time permits, perhaps we can meet up?

    sulz: thanks! 🙂 wow, you are? if it’s a weekend i should be able to! what do you plan to do in kl? you have to try ais kacang, of course. 😀

  9. Looks like you are going to meet some friends, if these comments are any indication! Yay!
    Ooooooh, SCIENCE and yummy FOOD in the same centre? I would astral-travel there, or something, but then I wouldn’t get to taste all the treats.
    Great pictures! I really enjoyed seeing what you were up to.

    sulz: oh, the food was in a different hotel, but at where the science centre is there are plenty of great eateries too, don’t worry. 😉 in malaysia great food is always around the corner! if you ever visit malaysia, the petrosains is a must visit for you! i bet you could spend the whole day there. 😀 hehe, i enjoyed recounting this trip too; i really enjoyed myself!

  10. sulz, are you trying to encourage teenage pregnancy? I’m fifteen! That is no age at which to be having kiddies!

    Though if I get to read them Enid Blyton… 😕

    Suzy x

    sulz: haha, not now of course! 😆 you could pretend to save your enid blytons for your future children, that’s a good excuse as any. 😀

  11. aiyaa, Sulz! I am a Malaysian lor. i love cendol and ais kacang 😉 I just thought to meet up with some bloggers while I am down visiting my families and friends. would keep in touch once dates are finalized. take care!

    sulz: doh, i forgot! i did read that somewhere i remember, sorry. 😳 heh, maybe you can introduce me to some good food places around kl! i’m afraid i’m such a homebody that i don’t know many places for good food except the ones at the mall, haha.

  12. lovelyloey said:

    Hey. You’re going to be my personal KL guide for the next few weeks. Am going over mid Dec with my family! Yay!
    Going to stay at Berjaya Time Square. Hoho.

    sulz: hehe, come, come. i need shopping partner too cos angel is going back to her hometown that month. 😀 berjaya times square has a mall there, though it’s quite lala, if you know what i mean! but if you shop hard enough, maybe can find good bargains!

  13. hey where is the party tonight? 😛
    congrats sulz on getting your first paycheck and for the increasing no of hits! keep it up! so the real sulz is finally back! 🙂
    am glad to see that……and what delicious dishes you had…pasta in 3 different sauce…….sounds yummy 😛
    and hey i too crossed 1000 hits after 5 mnths of blogging and nowadays the blogs rating are increasing on a good damn rate 😛
    …..i wasnt able to read the entire post…have to wake up early as i have to go to school after like 1.5 week …hurray..hope to read it tomorrow…till then happy blogging 🙂

    sulz: haha, this party was over a month ago actually! i could make another one soon though for you. 😉

    thanks, but the hits were more like inflated ones cos crazyasuka got a bit obsessed finding a particular post of mine! 😆 hmm, i think everything shown here, good or bad, is the real sulz, just that the latter is something i’m not too fond of displaying too much!

    good to hear that! now if only you’d blog more often… 😉

  14. hey we too have this kind of center you talked about…..we were taken there on educational excursions ……taught us all about dinosaurs , then space and how the principles of science works and all that stuff …but really such places are worth visiting 🙂

    sulz: oh, what’s the name? if i ever have the chance to visit india i’ll definitely want to check the place out! we also have a national science centre, but it’s very far away from where i live and hard to access with public transport. i visited it when i was 11!

  15. you said the name……its the national science centre its located in delhi

    sulz: oh, haha! i forgot, i’m psychic. 😀

  16. Sure. Would discuss more when we meet up. BTW, my family is from Cheras, which part of KL are you from?

    sulz: oh, that’s very far from where i live! i’d tell you but not here, shhh… 😉

  17. The pictures of the food look wonderful

    sulz: thank you.

  18. I think that was the first time we stayed in KL till that late huh? hay, you don’t want to show your readers the photos from our dinner at Ole-ole Bali?

    sulz: yeah, that was fun! haha, okay lah i put in later with our date at kl tower. 🙂

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