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I found a new love…

for food, that is. What, you think a hot guy will magically appear for me just because I want him to?? I’m not sure if I really buy into that whole Secret thing! 😆

Anyway, I can’t believe I’m turning into one of those bloggers who moan that they have so many pictures to upload for blog posts which they haven’t found time to write. (I went somewhere before finding this love and I’ve yet to blog about it, sigh.) Oh well, there’s a first for everything… like discovering a restaurant which serves good food at reasonable prices!

Last weekend, I went shopping with Angel. As with all our other shopping trips, we usually like to try someplace new to eat. This is where we went:


It’s the sort of restaurant along the lines of TGI Friday’s, Tony Roma’s or Chili’s. A local equivalent would be Italiannies, since Michelangelo’s Italian Kitchen is an Italian eatery too (not sure if it’s a local company or a franchise outlet). However, it’s nothing like Italiannies, price-wise; Italiannies cost even more than the 3 restaurants I mentioned above. This is the part where Michelangelo’s tugged my heart – through my purse. 😆


I skipped the appetisers because I was saving room for dessert, while Angel went for the perennial favourite mushroom soup, which was alright for me. I was in food heaven when I glance through the menu, because I adore Italian cuisine – I love pasta more than I do noodles. (Ask Angel how much I love pasta – she’ll tell you that if we go to any restaurant that serves Western cuisine, I usually end up ordering pasta. Actually, you don’t have to ask Angel that since I told you without her asking, that’s how much I love pasta!) Besides the many pasta dishes I was spoilt for choice for, there was also a baked rice dish… Angel can tell you that baked rice fights for the top spot with pasta as my favourite dish. Sigh, why do I keep bringing Angel in, clearly I don’t need any help declaring my love for pasta and baked rice! Such a blob I’m beginning to sound like.


In the end, I ended up ordering lasagna (classic pasta dish! RM15, about USD$4) and Angel had a pizza called Bianca, which is a mild-tasting one with chicken strips, garlic and lots of yummy cheese. I’m not really fussy when it comes to good, comfort food, so I really enjoyed my lasagna. It kinda looks like one, big tomato-ey mess in the picture, but it looked more scrumptious in reality and was really good. Angel’s Bianca Pizza (RM19, about USD$5), while it was mild in contrast after mouthfuls of my strong, tomato-ey lasagna, was delicious too and the best part was it wasn’t greasy!

dsc00567 dsc00568

For dessert, I put aside my perpetual wanting for anything chocolate-based and went for a slice of tiramisu. (They have 3 chocolate desserts – Chocolate Lava Cake, Brownies and Chocolate Italian Cake. How can I not fall in love with this place??) The tiramisu was quite nice, though it feels like they dusted too much cocoa powder on it for me.

dsc00569 dsc00570

It was my first time there and I really enjoyed myself as a diner. Our server, Elaine, was friendly and accommodating (we were seated inside because I like to sit in a booth, but it was too cold for Angel so we moved outside at the alfresco section), the food came quick and warm, the price was to me unbelievable for the portion and the sort of restaurant I expected to charge more (ambience and all that), it wasn’t too crowded (that might change soon)… there was nothing I didn’t like about Michelangelo’s! Though I was put in a rather awkward moment when the manager came up to us and chatted a little while. That wasn’t a problem – the problem was he kept insisting I ask for a song request for the live band to play (the band is on a trial basis, but they are planning to extend operation hours and have live music). That really caught me off guard… I’ll let Angel tell you why!


That’s me filling up the feedback form, which I gave rave reviews for almost everything. It’s a thing I like to do when dining in such places – you can ask Sushi about that! (For someone who has no problems blabbing about anything on her blog, I wonder why she is asking you to ask her friends to tell you about her when she does it well enough on her own.)


My new love… (the guy in red kinda spoils the romantic moment, doesn’t he?) Wait for me, I’ll be back soon!

A big grazie to Angel for wonderful company and pictures! 🙂 (Damn, we forgot to take pictures of me and my Chocolate Diamond, huh? Haha.)

Comments on: "I found a new love…" (22)

  1. Drooolllll! I so wanna taste lasagna! But I have eaten pasta and I don’t like it.

    sulz: impossible! how can anyone not like pasta??? never mind, there’s the baked rice which i wish i had room in my stomach for…

  2. Sulz, that looked so good. I used to make lasagna all the time. Oh, just look at the desserts…

    Now I’m hungry!

    sulz: oh my, i wonder how your lasagna tastes… *slurps* hehe, should’ve put a warning, huh? 😀

  3. This is a very appetising post. 🙂

    sulz: thank you! i should tell them about me giving them free advertising here! then maybe i could get a meal on the house next time. :mrgreen:

  4. I love Lasangna too! There’s this really nice but overly expensive Italian restaurant in here called Oliva. I go there with friends sometimes.

    I wonder how you people manage to take pictures of the food though. Didn’t anyone give you curious glances?

    sulz: like mother, like son! oh, did you vote for me? hehe… angel took it with her cell phone, so i hope it wasn’t that obvious! anyway, we were outside and there wasn’t many diners at that section yet.

  5. wow sounds yummy 😛
    the pics said it all ……and i have heard about tiramisu ..was it different from chocolate 😛

    sulz: oh, it was! tiramisu is nothing like chocolate, but it’s very delicious too. that said, i believe chocolate is better, hehe. 😀

  6. lovelyloey said:

    Where is this? Do they have many branches?
    I like pasta too. But half the time I can’t decide between tomato based or creamy based (I hate oil based, so that’s out) I wind out ordering something else other than pasta. HAHA.

    sulz: near my home, hehe. they have a branch in a mall near where you’re gonna stay when you come down. i drag you there, haha. 😛 i like all whatever-based pasta, haha, but i usually choose tomato ones. most of the time i end up getting pasta envy with whoever i’m having a meal with ‘cos what i really want is a bit of everything! speaking of which, italiannies has this offer where you get to choose 4 different types of pasta for rm30! it’s a meal for two. i tried it and i like it cos of the variety. 😀

  7. lovelyloey said:

    Oh yes, to Ish: in Singapore, it’s only weird if no flash goes off at any restuarant at any point in time. HAHA. Singaporean bloggers have a tendency to take pictures of food, especially at special places!

    sulz: haha, means i must prepare myself for you bringing this singaporean trait down when we meet lah? 😛

  8. lovelyloey said:

    Yes, too bad cos we ate MacDs in Macau, you couldn’t witness it. HAHA.
    Regarding my trip, we’re prolly going to take a cruise up to KL, then stay 2 nights in KL, then either coach or fly back, depending on how the package works. Will let you know!

    sulz: you know, i just only realised that we could have dined at the food court! why the hell didn’t i think of it?? i remember a place called rasa singapura even! wah, so rich man you, take cruise! are you staying weekend?

  9. Not sure when we’re going 😦 Haven’t booked the tour, haha.

    sulz: wah, so late still haven’t booked? after can’t places oh… unless your dad owns a travel agency is it? 😉

  10. Michelangelo’s sounds like the perfect restaurant! I love Italian food. I know people who don’t like pasta, but I can’t understand that myself!

    You should have requested the band play Free Bird. Or not.

    …There’s such thing as too much cocoa powder? 😛

    sulz: maybe ‘cos we were italians in our former lives! 😆 i don’t even know that song… 😳 yes there is, since cocoa powder isn’t exactly chocolate-y for me. sounds like you spinkle it over everything you eat! 😛

  11. hey sulz. My weakness will always be Italian dishes….

    Now I gotta refer this post to my friend who’s taking a culinary major. 🙂

    sulz: lots of past-life italians here, it seems. 😛 wow, that must be a nice course to study… imagine, you can tell everybody you need to eat for research and observation for your course! 😀

  12. Mmmm. I read this yesterday, but Dr. didn’t allow me to eat such food yet then. Now I can! The pizza looks awesome, and pasta and lasagna are, like, staples in any diet, aren’t they? Are all the branches of this restaurant inside malls? I love to eat in malls. So many choices. I really enjoy it when you post pics of your dinners! About your comment regarding giving them free advertising, though—hah! most of your readers don’t live in Malaysia, so they may not be too impressed! 🙂

    sulz: wow, miraculous recovery in a day! 😛 haha, yes if i could have my way pasta would be my staple instead of rice. 😀 yup, malls are cleaner and so many choices like you said. hehe, i love it too… hey, i’m giving them international coverage! 😆

  13. Cute fingers 🙂 hehe, I’m sure your a bomb

    sulz: thank you. 😛 haha yes i’m quite explosive – my temper, that is! 😉

  14. well as they say, the smaller (in your case shorter) the container (body) is the less steam is needed before it blows the top 🙂 But temper is cute as well. speaking of temper, I want tempura, erh random, yes thank you very much miss,

    sulz: that explains my short fuse! 😆 oh, i like tempura too, yum.

  15. I would love to try malaysian food. You keep on rubbing it on me.

    sulz: haha, technically this is italian. 😉 real malaysian, man you haven’t seen that yet!

  16. Ms. Johnny said:

    Sulz is a pasta maniac…enough said. LOL
    You know what’s funny? I never felt so excited about a restaurant such as for Michelangelo’s!
    as for the Chocolate Diamond, don’t worry…I have a feeling we will go out drinking more often now that you’re a vodka addict 😉 hahahaha

    sulz: you too?? i thought i was the only one crazy about it, haha. hopefully they won’t raise the price or decrease the portion size! eh, i preferred your corona beer lah, actually. 😀

  17. I really like Lasagna a lot! Sadly I have not had any great lasagna since the my favorite Italian restaurant was closed by the owners in favor of replacing it with a Bennigans. Still it was a financial decision, that was probably the smart move. They used to serve it with a Caesar Salad, freshly baked bread sticks, freshly ground Parmesan cheese, and bulbs of steamed garlic. The cost was about 15 US dollars. But it was worth every penny! There are other places locally but they made it just the way I liked it. And though I like to cook (I used to make a decent eggplant lasagna), I am just too plain lazy to make lasagna anymore. My own fault.

    sulz: me too! better than spaghetti. wow, your favourite lasagna sounds good… what, you can make one and you’re too lazy? it’s for your tummy, how can you be lazy! i’d make one for me if i know how to cook. 😳

  18. ooo.. this is what happened on saturday… 😥 the day i was supposed to have banana leaf rice… *sniff sniff*

    sulz: hehe, err warning you first, most likely will arrange next month… super broke. 😳

  19. lovelyloey said:

    In the end we’re going to Thailand instead. Taking a trip to Chiang Mai then to Bangkok. Haha. So I guess I won’t be going to KL then; unless if my classmates are keen. 😦

    sulz: awww. 😦 but hey, i bet you’ll love shopping there… it’s even cheaper than macau!!

  20. […] Guest Book I found a new love… […]

  21. Earlier I used to cringe when someone took photographs of food in restaurants. Then later, I started doing that myself! Although I haven’t put any of them on my blog but they are a part of memories when you visit a place.
    I love Italian food too. I used to eat pasta in breakfast sometime back. 🙂

    sulz: haha, yeah me too, especially when they make cutesy faces or silly poses with the food. i like taking pictures of food at restaurants cos they look so pretty! pretty scrumptious, that is. 😀 i did that pasta for breakfast too once and damn it was good!

  22. […] was awesome, the pizza was pretty good too, though the nachos is just alright. I still prefer Michelangelo’s over Santini, but it’s quite good too. If I come back here I’d definitely have the […]

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