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All I Want for Christmas

I don’t have anything in particular to post about, but I want to blog because I have a feeling if I don’t now I won’t really have anything to blog if I waited for a good idea to come anyway.

Anyway! I meant to do a proper shopping list for things I need or want to get for myself but I always seem to forget to, so I might as well do this on my blog, where hopefully a comment or two will remind me I need or want to get those things, so I won’t spend on unnecessary things in order to get things I’m going to put in the list.

Alright, enough rambling. This list is for my new room, which I’ve mentioned in passing in some post previously.

The Need/Want List

1. Bed
because the current one is disintegrating with every sleep I do on it. I’m eyeing this platform thing where you lump your mattress on it and there are two shelves which you can arrange around the platform in a few combinations, depends on whether you buy a queen-sized or a super single mattress. It costs RM600 (plus minus USD$250). 😦 But I could sleep with my favourite books beside me, imagine that!

2. Wardrobe
The current one I have still works fine, no termites eating it or anything, thank goodness, but if I’m going to move into a new room I should do it with all things new, right… 😳 Anyway I deserve it because I never got a present for my graduation! Macau didn’t count, that was a… rite of passage! Anyway, I didn’t have the time of my life there, so that’s not a proper present. So yes, if I say I need a new wardrobe, then I do!

3. Bureau
to dump all my junk, namely my collection of posh paper bags, postcards and bookmarks. I’m not a hoarder, I just have… interesting choices for the kind of hobby that requires collecting. 😳

4. Bookshelf
This is the raison d’Γͺtre of my wanting to move into a new room, because my current room is too small to fit a bookshelf in. 😦 Otherwise, I’m perfectly fine with a small space for a bedroom! I’m already planning to get a Billy bookcase from Ikea this week, but most likely a Kilby bookcase ‘cos it’s cheaper. But the Billy bookcase is white and I love white…

5. Writing table & chair
This is not entirely necessary as my computer is downstairs in the living room, so I really don’t need one. But since this room is bigger I should fill it up, right?? πŸ˜› Anyway, I can always get this later if I chance upon a good bargain.

6. Armchair/Two-seater couch
Now, this is really not necessary since I can flop onto my new bed and read, but like I said, all that space! :mrgreen: It’s really sort of my little dream to have a special spot in the house where I like to read, and I’d love to have an armchair in my room as that special spot.

The only piece of furniture I have in the new room right now is a carpet which is more like faux grass – it kinda resembles a patch of grass! It’s very soft on the feet, but I expect it’ll be very hard to clean. πŸ˜•

Well, even though this is what I want for Christmas, I won’t be getting them all by then because it’s impossible to buy my dream bedroom furniture with the amount of money I have right now. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping! (Oh, I’m not Christian, in case you’re wondering, I just subscribe to the commercialism of it!) Anyway, I plan to move into my new room with the requisite furniture before Chinese New Year, since we Chinese believe in new beginnings then. πŸ™‚

(Sigh, what’s all that talk in the previous post about not navel-gazing too much?? Oh well, I did also say I don’t want to struggle… so I stopped fighting against my natural desire to talk about myself. :mrgreen: )

What about you, what do you want for Christmas? Be as imaginative and materialistic as you can be!

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  1. That’s a nice list you got there. My room is in need for such things as well.

    1. Flat screen computer monitor
    Mine is a dinosaur fossil about the size of a brontasaurus

    2. New guitar
    A Dave Mustain Dean V is what I’m talking about.

    3. New Crate
    My old Crate amp shorted out, it was a small travel amp anyway. My personal preference has always been Crate. πŸ˜‰

    4. A successful transfer to a new job
    of the same type as what I’m doing now, closer to family.

    5. A new car (something that just gets me to point A to point B without embarrassing me. haha!

    Have a happy holidays sulz.

    sulz: hehe, thanks. i had my cpu since i was 15, and my monitor is still the old-fashioned kind but i’m not complaining, it was given to me for free by a random stranger! anyway, i’m just waiting for my computer to konk and then i’ll get a laptop, muahaha. πŸ˜€

    good luck with the musical items and job and car. maybe you need to visit your local santa? it can’t hurt to try. :mrgreen: and the car that i drive to work (belongs to the mother) is 15 years old but thankfully well-cared for and i’m proud of it, actually! πŸ˜€

    happy holidays to you too!

  2. Sounds like you have your new room all mapped out!

    I love planning what to buy, even if it takes me ages to get it…

    I have two Billy bookcases, they are great and hold quite a lot of books!

    What do I want for Christmas?

    A sense of purpose! I feel like I’m wasting my life at the moment but don’t know what I want to do with it.
    So please Santa, tell me what to do with my life…

    If only it were that easy huh?

    sulz: i do, hehe! but the walls are bare and with no plans yet as to how to decorate it… yes, i love to plan and imagine! i used to dream about my very own home and what i’d buy from ikea for it. 😳 see, that’s why i want a billy bookcase. 😦 but the kilby one is substantially cheaper. i’ll be looking at them both before i decide.

    oh, tell me about it! at least if anything, there are your kids and i think raising them is quite a meaningful purpose already, though i understand the need for your own personal goal. πŸ™‚ unlike me, i feel like i’m just rotting in the working world for money! πŸ˜₯

  3. Umm I would like my exams to go well..thats all.

    sulz: all the best! i’m sure you will pass with flying colours. πŸ™‚ since you’re a lecturer, i’m sure you’re doing all the smart studying you can to ensure that!

  4. Lump your mattress? 😯 That sounds horrifying! A mattress should always lay flat on top of the correct box springs that were designed to be the base and be free of lumps. Lumpy mattresses make me cringe. $250 US dollars sounds cheap for a mattress. My box springs and mattress sold for $500 US Dollars each and they were not even top of the line.

    sulz: i don’t mean lumpy mattress! i mean like, just dump (word used very casually too!) the mattress on the platform thingy i was talking about. πŸ˜› oh, the price was just for the platform itself, i don’t even know how much a mattress would cost… πŸ˜•

  5. I thought Christmas was supposed to be a time for giving, not buying yourself presents! Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

    That’s quite a list you got there sulz. It sounds like you want your room to be both comfy and practical, which is probably wise.

    I knew you loved books, but I never imagined you moving rooms to accomodate them all! You must have a lot of books!

    sulz: i’m obviously subscribing to the commercialism devoted to myself and not my loved ones. :mrgreen: yeap, that’s me, comfy and practical. budding homemaker in the making, haha.

    i don’t have that many books! only 120+ in the last count. it’s just that the shelves in my present room cannot accommodate that many.

  6. I guess what I want as a Christmas gift is to complete my final MBA semester with flying colors. After that, I would think of other gifts to celebrate my graduation πŸ˜‰ hehe.. Sneaky eh?

    Good luck on your list Sulz and Happy Holidays!

    sulz: you can do it! πŸ™‚ haha, well, you deserve it when you get your mba.

    thanks and likewise! πŸ˜€

  7. nothing

    sulz: read your blog and it seems you’re in a rough patch now. i hope things will look up for you soon. *hugs*

  8. Hmm…what do I want? A job so I crib about it πŸ˜‰
    Hey take it slow decorating your room πŸ™‚ and hope to see pics of it soon here.

    sulz: haha, good luck with the search! πŸ™‚ oh no, i’ve got less than 2 months but i think i can get the room ready before chinese new year. i hope to show it too because i know i’d be so proud of it! but i don’t have a camera now. 😦

  9. I am an odd collector too – but not as odd as when I was a kid – I was an avid and committed collector of… wait for it… straightened out paper clips. This suppports my thoery that I have always been mad! xx

    sulz: okay, this is kinda weird! πŸ˜› oh well, as long as it gives some sort of meaning to the collector, isn’t it? though sometimes i wonder what’s the point of collecting postcards and bookmarks. they don’t have any appreciating monetary value over time or anything. 😦

  10. i just want money for my Japan/Asia trip πŸ˜› but a handy digital camera would be cool πŸ˜› and sorry Sulz, I have all you mentioned above, except my bookshelf is brownish haha!

    sulz: i’m sure you’ll get that since you’ve planned it for a long time, i think. πŸ™‚ it’s okay, i want my own bedroom set!

  11. I really like your list! It’s nice to know what would make a comfortable environment, even if you don’t get everything at once. You can always prioritize! I want to see pictures! πŸ™‚
    As for what I want…I don’t really celebrate Christmas, per se, and, I know I’m weird, but I don’t like to get presents that much. I tell people who want to give me presents to come shopping with me, or treat me to lunch! That I like. πŸ˜€

    sulz: hehe, thanks. i just bought a writing table! so much for prioritising (seeing as it’s one of the least needed things on the list). πŸ˜†

    it’s not all that weird. i like to receive presents, but i rather have a shopping buddy or lunch treat anytime too. πŸ˜€ your love language is quality time and not in gift-giving (in your case, receiving), it seems!

  12. I just want my long overdue paycheck!! πŸ˜€

    sulz: man, what’s taking your boss so long?? luckily mine pays promptly at the end of the month. πŸ˜›

  13. Jelly Bean said:

    It’s a fun festival to celebrate and to have a long wish list, but fyi, it’s not Christian. πŸ˜‰ Just to clarify.

    sulz: but many christians celebrate it in church and all that wor… i remember what our classmate said about it not being christian and the reasons why, though! remember, the one in class where we had to speak about a ‘controversial’ topic for 15 minutes or something? lol.

  14. Jelly Bean said:

    Yeah, many Christians celebrate it, but it’s not a Christian holiday. It shouldn’t be anyway. And yeah I remember that presentation. LOL! I wrote more in my Facebook note.

  15. I think that as long as the commercialism helps bring people together in spirit of the underlying true meaning of Christmas, then shouldn’t Christians be proud that despite the blatant misconception at least people are still celebrating the fundamentals?

    Sulz : What I want for Christmas? I’m holding my breath just yet. πŸ˜›

    sulz: hmm, put it that way, it does sound kinda amazing that a christian-associated holiday can transcend all races and religions (or lack of)! i mean, you don’t hear many other holidays which does that.

    hah, you got your christmas wish already lah. pasta every day then! :mrgreen:

  16. […] This post is inspired by Jelly Bean, who commented in one of my recent posts that Christmas isn’t a Christian holiday and expounded on her statement in her Facebook. (Finally, something not about me! I mean, the topic […]

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