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Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up

Idea thanks to Posteret.

1. My hyperhidrosis condition. (It’s not officially diagnosed, but I don’t think it could be any other thing but it. Nobody sweats as much as me, not even people who are physically bigger. If I feel flustered or worked up, that’s it, sigh… And the part of my body where I perspire most is my face.) I know there are waterproof make-up, but I don’t really trust their waterproof-ness. Maybe they’re just waterproof for normal, hyperhidrosis-free people!

2. I have body issues. Not exactly the best reason, since people who wear make-up do have body/facial issues and some possibly more than I do even, but I feel that if I start making up, I’d never leave the house without it, not even to the grocery shop because I’d think my makeupless face is horrendous. When I was a teenager, I used to be so self-conscious about my flabby arms that I refuse to wear anything sleeveless. I also wouldn’t step out of the house without covering my legs because they’re huge and hairy. My arms and legs hang-ups are lessened these days but I still feel conscious about them. Imagine if I start tinkling around with mascaras and eyeliners… you’ll never see sulz without kohl in her eyes, I think!

3. It’s costly. Buying make-up costs a lot, and if I’m going to start now it’ll seriously eat into my expenditure, which has been solely for clothes, shoes, accessories, books and good food. My expenses has been quite whack lately because I’m moving into my new room and getting new furniture. I also give my parents more than half my paycheck ‘cos they buy groceries and I have dinner at home most of the time. I also plan to start paying back my study loan next year. I haven’t been able to save properly; so since it’s not necessary, I really shouldn’t start!

4. From the previous sentence: it’s not necessary. I used to think that if you want to work in a corporate environment you should be wearing make-up. I sort of am in a semi-corporate environment now, but I got hired makeupless, so I suppose that notion is not totally true. I do feel a bit inadequate, though, when I meet clients caked with make-up and I look so… facially naked. Anyway, point is, I don’t have to, so I don’t need to.

5. Plainly, because I know nuts about make-up. Of course as a teenager I experimented with the mother’s stash and bought a few to try too. Probably not the best way to go around trying make-up, because I always have the face fairer than my neck. 👿 And since I couldn’t afford good brands for make-up then, they didn’t last very long over my sweaty face either…

I think if you’re very pro-makeup, you’ll find my reasons poor excuses. Yet these are my honest reasons that I don’t wear make-up. Do I have anything against people who wear make-up? Of course not. I do see how if tastefully done, some women do look more beautiful with make-up.

I might give it a try some day, but for now, thank goodness I have youth by my side. 🙂 What the hell am I saying? I take it back – old people do not need make-up, just as young people like me do not need them!

Plug of the day: I love Kiran’s post about Malaysia. Short and sweet with lots of lovely pictures of my lovely country. 🙂

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  1. Excellent post Sulz. I have been thinking recently how nice it is that I wear no makeup most of the time – unless I want to trick people into thinking I am bright eyed and wide awake after a long night, or simply to have fun – when I do wear make up, it is generally just me painting pretty colours on my face, and isn’t to impress anyone!

    Oh – and having been a swimmer for many years, I can confirm for you that waterproof makeup is in no way waterproof, it is just slightly harder to get off once it has run!

    sulz: thanks! i must say, though, that if correctly applied make-up can make a girl look absolutely stunning. unfortunately i don’t think i’m equipped with those skills so i shan’t even try. 😆

    there, my suspicions proved! 😀

    if may i ask, why is your username linked to your blogcatalog page? why not your blog? *curious*

  2. These are perfectly good reasons. The main thing is, you don’t like make up! In a world where make up is the norm for female, I understand that you would think you need reasons to justify yourself. Especially if like me, you have met girls that want to go extreme-makeover on you.

    I wear make up sometimes (less than two times a month I think), but I don’t find it natural. I didn’t start wearing make up when I was a teenager because I was both a tomboy and a nerd. Haha. Then I was lazy. Then I thought it was unecessary. I still do.

    I guess I put on make up when I think it would be fun to. I know how to do it well too.

    But I still hate it when people compliment me because I’m wearing make up. HEhe.

    sulz: hmm, i can’t exactly say i don’t like make-up ‘cos i haven’t really given it a try. but i probably won’t like it much if i did it by myself since i won’t be good at it, haha. maybe if i have my own make-up artist it’ll be a different story. 😉

    you’re gorgeous makeupless already, so if you do use it it’ll just make up sensationally stunning! people from greenland right down to the aussies may not be able to resist you. :mrgreen:

    i suppose your features are more enhanced with the make-up, hence the compliments then! that said, it could make someone get a make-up complex if they only get compliments when made up.

  3. Make up is just a preference to me. Some of ya’ll feel better wearing it, some of ya’ll don’t feel the need to wear it. There are girl’s I’ve seen who I’ve felt could probably use SOMETHING lmao!, they have no shame though and I guess that is a good sign of self esteem and confidence? And then there these little girls out there who say they look horrible without dressing their face up like a clown… not only do they actually look better and cleaner without make up, but they completely fail at putting make up on in the first place. It’s such a site to see, this.. lol!

    sulz: i suppose some people must have looked at me and had thought i needed some too. 😕 but like you said, it all boils down to preference!

    yeah, young girls always want to grow up fast and make-up is one way to do it.

  4. I didn’t notice, my blog got set to private, but its open again. Sorry about that.

    sulz: yeah, i was wondering about that! 🙂 glad you did, will visit your blog soon. need to go work now, sob.

  5. I think you’re absolutely right in thinking that since you don’t want to wear make-up, there’s no reason why you should. Obviously, there are lots of reasons why it isn’t necessarily practical. And why spend money on something you don’t want?

    Naturally, I don’t know a lot about make-up, but I think it’s like my attitude to clothes – I think everyone should wear what they find comfortable. So if people want to wear trendy clothes, that’s up to them, but I wear what’s comfortable, regardless of whether it’s in fashion at the moment.

    sulz: ooh, nicely put! you really should blog more than your stories, you seem to have good opinions on things in life! 🙂

  6. Sulz – my connection got interrupted just as I clicked on Submit, so if this is a duplicate please delete one.

    I’m very pro-makeup, although in hot weather mascara and lipstick is all I wear, but I think your reasons are spot-on. I’ve noticed women with no makeup look better and younger than women who apply it badly or put it on with a trowel. Just be your own gorgeous self – no cosmetic on earth can duplicate a glow from within.

    Sunscreen every day is a lot more important, I think.

    sulz: no duplicates, thanks for trying again! 🙂 younger? but i thought many women wear make-up to look younger! talk about backfire. 😆 i guess the trick is to know what you’re doing. i wish i have a glow… all i have are spots! 👿

    hehe, as that 1999 baz luhrmann song goes. 😉

  7. I am almost 60 years old and I have never worn make-up. I have one good reason: It’s too much trouble. I could probably come up with more reasons but “too much trouble” comes first.

    Actually I sweat too: hot flashes and prednisone cause part of it and being large (but getting smaller).

    I like being able to touch my face and not have stuff all over my hands too.

    sulz: haha, yeah in a way. clothes, well, we can’t go around naked. make-up, we can still get away not wearing any. 😛

    yeah, you’ve lost so much weight over two years, it’s amazing! i wish i have as much self-will as you… i could lose a few pounds myself!

    oh yeah, i touch my face a lot too… probably why i’m so spotty in the first place. 😕

  8. I am so glad that you dont wear any make up, just coz you do not like it. That is the best reason 🙂

    Its horrendous when those who do not know attempt and then its a mess. You should certainly try, and get it right before stepping out, that is all I feel.

    I myself am a minimalist make up user, though lipsticks and Kohl are my weakness 😀

    sulz: hehe, true. as l’oreal’s tagline goes: because i’m worth it! 😀

    yeah, which is why i haven’t tried. haven’t really had the opportunity to learn how to make-up… not that i actively seek the knowledge. 😛 i’m sure if i learn, i’d want to learn how to use kohl, eyeliner, mascara… all about the eyes! 🙂

  9. I don’t wear make up. Don’t have any particular reasons. Just don’t wear it. I know how to do it well too 🙂 If at all, I just wear an eyeliner …am lazy is probably the reason! 😀

    sulz: we should form a makeupless club or something. “tips on how to get bigger eyes: simple, just open them wider.” :mrgreen:

  10. Oh Sulz, thank you so much for the link 😀 Am on cloud nine, and would remain there for some time 😉

    I am a minimalist make up user myself – a little lip gloss, kohl and just a hint of shimmery eye shadow. I don’t like applying all the time. Just occasionally. I have my make up from Body Shop which has lasted me for years! Nothing glam, just a simple range. My skin just cannot agree with the other brands, which I shall not mention here 😉

    I agree that you should be comfortable in your own skin. There is no reason for a must, self-primping all the time – it’s just vanity that’s all. Can I join your makeupless club? Does minimalist count as the criteria?

    sulz: you’re welcome, i really did like it. 🙂

    haha, but the other makeupless members will envy you for being minimally pretty with make-up! 😛 i think you’ll have to leave the makeup home if you do join. 😉

    p/s: If you decide to try in future, start with very natural base make up. Not too loud colors!

  11. hehehe.. can you add a cheeky smiley on my first comment after this sentence …”does minimalist count as the criteria?”…delete this comment please hehehehehe !

  12. Make-up on women is fine if they want to wear it. My only complaint is when it rubs off on my shirt. Actually I am more taken-back by some perfumes than I am make-up. Still, some girly-men wear make-up these modern days but not macho guys like theScoundrel! Heck some of us macho guys don’t even wear cologne or aftershave. Hmm, maybe that is a contributing factor to theScoundrels’ continued bachelorhood.

    sulz: incriminating evidence, huh? 😀 oh god, i would never date a guy who wears make-up! people will mistake me for the guy then. 👿 i think more like you’re too picky. or maybe smelly. or both. :mrgreen:

  13. I don’t think this post require comments from me. 😛

    sulz: then why the comment? you sound pro-makeup, hmm… 😉

  14. Ms. Johnny said:

    I wear makeup to feel confident about myself. But wearing makeup is only for work, presentation day at college, or some special events. But on a regular day, i just don’t feel like putting on makeup coz:
    1. i need at least 15mins to put on makeup
    2. i need 15mins to remove the makeup
    3. i don’t feel comfortable & suprisingly not confident wearing it.

    sulz: you don’t feel confident wearing makeup on a pretty day? funny, that! i think you have a healthy enough self-esteem that you don’t need make-up on regular days… i mean, how many times have we gone out with me overdressed and you in your shorts and t-shirt?? hence i better not start messing with make-up. 😛

  15. Oh my god, I’ve finally found someone like me. But sometimes I see photos of people that look so much better with make up on, and I think to myself, I should try that sometime.

    I never do.

    It’s also a stubbornness thing for me, though. I laugh at my friends and their obsession with make up a lot (because a lot of them pile it on), so if I did that I’d be very hypocritical.

    sulz: i know what you mean, sometimes i do wish i know how to use make-up. but hey, don’t knock it off, you might need to some day. 😉

  16. Oh I dont wear make up too….only lipstick that too natural color.

    sulz: but if it’s natural colour, no one can see you’ve put on lipstick then! 😛

  17. Thats the idea!! Lipstick is for keeping my lips moisturized. Not to show off.

    sulz: ah, like good underwear, right? 😉

  18. I don’t wear makeup either. I have a host of reasons, the biggest one being that I have extremely sensitive skin. Using makeup typically makes my skin red, itchy, swollen and then I get bad acne the day after. If I don’t use it, it’s 100x more comfortable for me and I can keep my face acne-free.

    I’ve seen people saying that all women should wear makeup and that ones who don’t are “lazy” or “ugly”, but that’s bull. I get lots of compliments and nobody EVER says a thing about my lack of makeup. Really, doing your hair, dressing nice (doesn’t have to be fancy, just not super slobby) and acting confident goes a long, long way. 🙂

    sulz: oh, you have a very good reason not to! yeah, i don’t care much for that phrase “there are no ugly women, just lazy ones.” 👿 very insulting and condescending, as beauty is entirely subjective even in the fashion world! sigh, confidence… i could use a tank of that! 🙂

  19. CrazyOne202 said:

    I don’t wear it because I’m not cute and no amount of makeup will make me so.

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