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Yesterday I received an unusual message on my Wall in Facebook. One Indonesian friend, whom I’ve got to know during my trip to Macau, told me that my Thai friend, whom I’ve got to know in Macau too, is in Malaysia for a holiday and would I please call him because he was trying to contact me!

I immediately sent my Thai friend a text message (the Indonesian friend gave the cell phone number in the message). A few minutes later, he called me back and we made plans to meet up for dinner after work. I was really quite excited because I never expected to meet him so soon after our trip, or that we’d even meet after that! Let’s face it, international friendships are pretty hard to maintain if you don’t have Facebook or e-mail. Or a blog. 😉

You see, my Thai friend is a German-speaking tour guide, who’s in his fifties, I believe. He has an affinity for languages, which was why he went for the summer course we were both in. But he has yet to pick up the Internet bug, but he mentioned yesterday that he plans to buy a computer soon to learn how to get online. Anyway, I called him just in time, because he is leaving Kuala Lumpur today afternoon!

I met him and his girlfriend, whom I got to know in Macau too when she visited him, at the McDonald’s in KL Sentral, the train and bus terminal in the heart of KL. They were staying in a hotel nearby.

Even though I only got closer to him in the last half of the month-long summer course, my Thai friend was one of the people I felt most comfortable with. Seeing him and his girlfriend yesterday was like meeting old friends. They are so friendly and warm, even though we are not physically affectionate.

We had Indian food for dinner, because we were in Brickfields, which is the Little India of KL. My Thai friends were very excited about that too, because Indian cuisine is very expensive in Thailand and here it’s dirt cheap. Seriously. We had chapatis and your usual dhal curries and veggies and fish, but because my Thai friends told the proprietor that the fish doesn’t seem fresh, he didn’t charge us for the fish! Three people’s dinners only cost RM11 (around USD4). That’s ridiculous!

So we chatted while we had our delicious and spicy Indian food. I usually feel awkward meeting people I hardly meet, but with them I didn’t really feel so because older people usually have lots of things to say. I don’t really have to worry about keeping a conversation going with them. 😀 They told me how much they love the food here and the people, who are very helpful in comparison to Macau.

(That’s not to say Macau people are unfriendly, but I think my Thai friend had a hard time in Macau because not many people there could speak English so if he got lost it was a bit difficult! I, on the other hand, love Macau. But I have my smatterings of Cantonese to get me by there.)

After dinner, we took the longer route back to KL Sentral and I saw a bit of Brickfields. Silly, isn’t it, that I often pass through Brickfields because I take the Monorail from KL Sentral, but I’ve never really been there, and that it took my Thai friends to show me around a place that I should know? 😳

They walked me back to KL Sentral and bid me goodbye in front of the LRT (one of the train stations there) entrance. I felt like giving them a hug, but I was all sweaty from the walk and probably smelly after a day at the office too. So we shook hands instead. Which felt a bit silly and awkward, as if I was attending an interview, but they are Asians like me and we aren’t very touchy-feely people by culture.

I am so happy I know them. 🙂

(And now, I shall have no problems getting around Bangkok, hehe!)

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  1. lovelyloey said:

    I remember that guy! We met him at the bus stop!
    Nice and friendly person. He’s in his FIFTIES???? I thought he only looked oldish, didn’t know he was really old. LOL.

    sulz: yeah, we did! 😀 i have a feeling thai people are very friendly people, but i shall confirm when i visit bangkok, hehe.

    hmm, i remember asking him his age, but i remember him saying he was in his late forties… oh well, close enough. 😛 yup, not a taylor hicks. his girlfriend is 3 years older, if i recall correctly!

  2. Um, excuse me Ms. sulz and Ms. lovelyloey: 40’s is not “close enough” to 50’s, and neither one of them is “old”. Humph! 😉
    I do remember you writing about him in your Macau blog. I think it’s wonderful you were able to meet him again. It sounds like you enjoyed this so much. I’m glad you felt comfortable with them and that you also got to play “tourist” in KL, too.
    It’s nice to have friends from other places…and other ages, Hah! 🙂

    sulz: haha, i did add the adjective late. 😛 yup, that’s him! oh yeah, especially with blogging, i make friends with people of many ages. i like! 😀

  3. It is better to just stay 29 years old forever! Wow I wish I could feed three people for four dollars. I cannot even do that cooking at home unless I am gonna serve canned soup!

    sulz: that’s just wishful thinking, eh? 😉 that’s why you ought to visit malaysia! almost everything would be cheap for you here, especially food.

  4. hey how do you get to meet so many blog friends? 😛
    really but it must have been wonderful
    and congrats for the awards! 😛
    i dont know but off late i have been put down by blogging …..i dont feel like writing new posts , though i have many ideas , dont like to comment though i wish to( thats the reason i congratulated you so late)………..and on top of it i thought of shutting it down for a few mnths..but finally today i made an effort and came back to it……hope it continues 🙂

    sulz: oh no, this isn’t a blog friend, i knew him through macau. thanks! hmm, sounds like you were burnt out at blogging? probably the situation in india didn’t help too… if you ever felt like quitting blogging, just take the time of, you don’t have to really quit! glad you came back in the end. 🙂

  5. and look at the last smiley just a less than half risen moon 🙂

    sulz: so you need a bigger smile – like this! 😀

  6. Hi Sulz,

    There is an award waiting for you here 🙂

    sulz: thanks! gone over and left a comment. 😀

  7. thebeadden said:

    That is so nice you were able to see them again, Sulz! How cool.
    Mmmmm, that food sounds yummy and you can’t beat the price. I’ll have to try the ‘not fresh’ thing…just kidding. As soon as I read the word ‘Cantonese’ my tummy grumbled. I thought: Cantonese chow mein. Now I have to eat soon.

    I’m glad you had a good time. You wouldn’t like me for company. I hug everyone… ; )

    sulz: it was! haha… you’d only get away with that line in malaysia, i think. 😀 chinese food here is much better! gosh, i feel like some too, i haven’t had anything except coffee.

    but i wanted to hug! i just feel embarrassed ‘cos i was all sweaty and smelly. 😳

  8. It’s nice meeting up with friends you weren’t expecting to see any time soon. A few months can seem like ages if you don’t expect to see a person again!

    Wow, I never knew Facebook could ever be actually useful for something!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Mmm, Indian cuisine! 🙂

    sulz: i didn’t feel as if it was that long since i didn’t expect to meet him actually! haha. yeah, it does help people to keep in touch… even with those without a facebook account, lol.

    it’s quite spicy, though! at least the one they took me to yesterday, hehe.

  9. This sounds like a lovely reunion. I can get the not hugging bit…yeah I guess we Asians are the not huggy kinds because of the sweat factor 🙂 I used to feel awkward early on when I was in the US…the no touchy-feely attitude carried over even without the sweat. Then got used to it…and I like. Now back in sultry Madras….I still like the hugs, hate the sweat! 😀

    Indian food for USD4 for 3 people wow! 🙂 I wonder if we can get that here in India if we went to a decent restaurant. Either you all really just picked on your food, or it is inexpensive as you say it is!!!

    sulz: yeah, i’m afraid i smell is a big problem! but if someone moves in for a hug i won’t pull away – that’s would be quite impolite!

    well, it was just your typical indian place, not a fancy one. i suppose because we were in little india, they had to keep their prices competitive among the other indian eateries nearby! 🙂

  10. Ms. Johnny said:

    Shall we plan for our long awaited trip to Thailand May2009? seriously….

    sulz: girl, you know i’m usually okay with anything. you tell me what date, i just apply leave then. it’s you yang a lot of things to consider first! so, i leave the responsibility to you. :mrgreen:

  11. backandtothefuture said:

    I figured this would be the best place to leave this message, so please feel free to get rid of it if its not!

    I have had to start a new blog, the reasons for which are explained in a very, very long first post here:

    I look forward, as always, to your comments! 🙂

    If you make it through it all, of course 😉

    sulz: thanks for giving me your new address. am reading it as of typing this. 😀

  12. […] After walking about for a bit, spending the last of our baht, I left Angel and cousin to continue shopping while I went to the Indra Regent Hotel (the hotel adjoins to the mall) lobby to wait for my dear Thai friend, Keo. I have not seen him since he came to Kuala Lumpur and we had Indian food. […]

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