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Year-End Yadda

About my previous post, just want to say that I wrote that in anger and shame, so I was a little intense, to put it mildly! I’m not totally over it, but I won’t let it eat me up inside or anything. I learnt my lesson, though… if I don’t want to go, then don’t. Even if it means declining an invitation, which might seem rude to some people.


Was tagged by Arpit to do the Letter Meme again. Since I enjoyed the last one which Posteret tagged me to do, I shall do it again. Arpit gave me the letter ‘R’. So, 10 things I like that starts with that letter…

1. Romance… isn’t it obvious? 😳
2. Rain… I want to kiss in the rain some day! 😳
3. Ring… I want him to give me one some day. Not necessarily to get married though. :mrgreen:
4. Read… duh! 🙂
5. Right… I like to feel I’m right. I don’t insist I am if I’m not. At least, I’d like to think so.
6. Relax… that’s what my weekends are for.
7. Ruminate… I like to think and ponder. A little too much for my own good, seeing as I usually end up feeling awful after doing that. 😦
8. Romance languages… I have a particular affinity for French and Italian, followed by Portuguese. Spanish? No, bad associations with it at present.
9. Restaurants… I love eating out with friends, especially at places where I can fill in the feedback form. :mrgreen:
10. Rice… baked or fried or flavoured (like nasi lemak!), to be exact. I don’t care much for plain white or brown rice.

What’s your favourite thing starting with ‘R’? 🙂


Now, here’s a quiz for music lovers. I played it, got a result I didn’t care much so I shan’t put them up. But please tell me yours, hehe.


If you’re super bored, click here to play some more quizzes. Or you could do something nice with your boredom and send blog awards to your blog buddies. Or if you’re really really really bored and want to mess up your sidebar, you can paste blog bumper stickers there.

Okay, over and out until the 31st.

ps. I forgot to tell you about BuddyPress! Think of it as Facebook and joined together. Or the new MySpace. Whatever. Check out my blog over there! And my group! 🙂

Comments on: "Year-End Yadda" (5)

  1. R for Rules!! people say I have lot of them 😀

    sulz: well, you are a teacher… 😉 as for me, rules, hmm… love ’em and hate ’em! 😀

  2. R for Reminisce. Pondering about 2008 and looking forward to merriment of 2009! Happy New Year Sulz, cheer up dear 🙂

    sulz: oh, i like to do that too, i didn’t think of it!

  3. I liked the bumper stickers. Hadn’t seen those before.
    Music quiz was very different! I’m not sure I liked the quiz itself (very nosy) but the results are ok. Here’s a sampling:
    “…introverted, unconventional, and artistic. When it comes to morals and values, chances are that they lean toward the liberal side, and consider beauty and inner harmony important principles in life. When selecting a movie to watch, they prefer suspense movies, cult movies, or foreign films.
    When it comes to politics, they tend to lean toward the liberal side. Wisdom, diversity, and fine arts are all important to them.”

    R words: Rendezvous; Renaissance; Revolutionary! Happy New Year, sulz!

    sulz: hahaha, first i’ve heard of a nosy quiz. 😀 the result sounds quite like you! but they always do, don’t they? 😛

    ooh, i like rendezvous. especially if it’s of a romantic nature. 😳

    happy new year to you too, muse! *hugs*

  4. ‘R’ is for rock, the music lover in me cries! And also for rhythm, rap, and reggae.

    I scored high on all the different categories in that quiz, but my highest score was in Reflective and Complex. The test isn’t very well designed, though. They make some odd assumptions.

    Happy new year!

    sulz: how could i not think of rock? i like rock too, very much! hehe, you got the quiz about right, methinks. 😛

    happy new year to you too. counting down with your buddies, i suppose? 🙂

  5. nasi lemak! which flavor rice is it ? 😛
    besides how are you able to remember so many languages………..i had learned french and i was always left confused with tenses…………yeah spanish sounds so wonderful…….i want to learn it even 😛
    thanks for doing the tag 😛
    and happy new year! hope 2009 brings you the best of everything 😀

    sulz: it’s rice flavoured with coconut milk, yum. 🙂 i get the languages mixed up too sometimes. err, no i didn’t say spanish sounds wonderful.

    happy new year to you too, arpit!

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