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Days of My Life

A typical weekday in my life

0500 to 0600 Wake up, bathroom activities
0600 to 0800 Blog, Facebook, read blog feeds, get ready for work
0800 to 0900 Brave traffic to work. Often arrive just a little bit late.
0900 to 1000 Laze about at the office. If there’s work, will start.
1000 to 1300 Work. Apparently it is a slow season for my company, so I’m often between work and wait. Do a bit of work, wait. Repeat process till lunch time. In between eat fruits packed from home for breakfast.
1300 to 1400 Lunch time. More often than not, stay in office to eat lunch brought from home. Other times follow colleagues to lunch.
1400 to 1830 Work. Job consists of checking e-mail, organising articles, editing said articles, getting designers to make layout or text amendment, checking those amendments, sending draft to clients via e-mail and receiving feedback from them about draft before repeat the steps all over again.
1830 to 1930 Brave traffic again, reach home, shower, dinner. Commuting takes between half hour to 45 minutes.
1930 to 2000 Laze about at home.
2000 to 2130 Do the online drill again. Eat more fruits.
2130 to 2230 Watch tv or hit the sack if there’s nothing good on the tube.

A typical weekend in my life

Doing all of the above throughout the day. Remove the work bits and add reading and more eating.


1. My life is devoted entirely to me alone. I don’t like that.
2. My human interaction is minimal and not fulfilling enough.
3. I need to do more things.
4. There is no meaning in my life. I’m just going through the motions, doing things that give temporary pleasure to pass the time.
5. I’m spending the bulk of my time at a place I don’t enjoy going to.

I feel embarrassed with my life. How do I manage a blog about my life when nothing happens in it?

What’s your typical day like?

Comments on: "Days of My Life" (15)

  1. Firerocket said:

    Weekdays: School, study, study study, study. Get home at 4.30pm, watch tv, muck about, STUDY STUDY STUDY.
    Weekends: wake up later, hoorah! Then eat a huge breakfast, watch tv, start studying, study, study, study. Leave the house at 3pm. Get back home 8pm ish. STUDY STUDY STUDY. eat dinner at 10. sleep at like.. 1am. Unless I go partying. Then I stay home all day and leave the house at 8pm.

    You see, I think that not a lot of people’s lives are actually all that interesting. We just have to make it how we want it to be. I mean, school, 5 days a week for 8 hours?! It’s really ridiculous, but we’ve just learnt to make it fun, we laugh and just have fun with it.

    Your life shouldn’t be devoted to you alone. You should join a club. Hang out with your friends are work. Life is too short to be alone.
    Make any given situation a less-boring situation. Make really awesome goals, like “today I will say hello to a stranger” or something.

    Sorry, if I didn’t help. =.= I just want everyone on the planet to be happy, freaking hippie, I know.

    sulz: well, all that studying for you paid off since you got accepted by top us universities! where do you go out and with who?

    i rarely meet up with friends, but it happens. i’m waiting to join a language class but no opening yet. my idea of goals is very different to yours! πŸ™‚

    don’t worry, i wasn’t expecting help. i just needed to put this down for me to see it and from there hope it will motivate me to do something about my life.

  2. Weekdays: Almost if not the same to yours.

    Weekends: Laze at home till lunch. I go for a swim/ pay some sport post lunch. Then evenings are usually put with friends, chatting, or maybe catch a movie. If financially good, then some shopping πŸ™‚

    I try to make up for my aloofness through the week by meeting up with people through the weekend… as much as possible.

    sulz: surely you don’t wake up at 5 like me? πŸ˜†

    lucky you. not that i don’t want to meet my friends up, but usually they spend weekends with their family. i don’t…

  3. In regards to just going through the motions, doing things that give temporary pleasure to pass the time.

    The most interesting tweet that stood out from the immense morrass this week, was someone pointing out that of all the talent on deviant art, it was all being wasted, because instead of building up portfolios and larger projects to seek critical acclaim amongst the masses (the old traditional route), people are quite happy with the instant but tiny gratification given by being ‘famous on the internets’, or rather, by having a tiny number of people see your work and tell you it’s great. It’s lower risk, it’s immediate, and it’s easy. With that constant gratification, there’s no motivation do go the old fashioned route.

    I find that really interesting, especially as someone who has faith in the internet to revolutionise the arts world (and other worlds) so much, by the ease with which stuff can get out there. Sure, more stuff is breaking out of the tiny fandoms and into the wider cult-space (and occasionally mainstream…i’m so chuffed that Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead/Spaced etc) is doing a Scott Pilgrim film…just realised that that may not be the best example, anyway, too many parentheses))))), but are more great artists getting left behind?

    I mean, I guess it’s better than the mass of people who probably doodled in their bedrooms, put it on their walls, and then it only got seen by nearest and dearest (better for us unwashed masses anyway) but it’s not just the best stuff that rises to the top and gets big, logic dictates its more likely to be those with the most business acumen/lust for money.

    Ideal? No.

    Anyway. To try and bring this back to your point.

    I think the fact that you notice an inward focus indicates that you won’t spend your whole life that way. Remember your Maszlow’s hierarchy, and that you must settle yourself into something secure before you really have room to direct outwards and start ‘making a difference’, whatever that may be. I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it, you’re only doing what everyone in the world does. The fact that you notice, means you might end up being part of that tiny percentage that actually do something special.

    Maybe. I may be being overly cynical today (or overly optimistic, I often have trouble telling the difference).

    sulz: that someone is right… but if it weren’t for blogging, nobody would’ve read my writings except my teachers. i believe i don’t have what it takes to go the ‘traditional’ route, so i just don’t try…

    as for whether i will get off my rump and finally do something to ‘make a difference’, i don’t know… i realise that i’m moaning about my lifestyle, but at the same time i know it is my comfort zone. and comfort zones are difficult to get out of!

    that probably sounds quite annoying – to know i should do something but i’m not for my own reasons which people feel may not be good enough.

  4. sadly every Saturday is a workday for me. So my weekend is of only one day. 😦

    sulz: what, but you’re a lecturer! are there classes on saturday too? good thing you enjoy what you do, yeah? πŸ™‚

  5. Not that annoying. Like I say, it sounds just like everybody else really.

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely glad you’re blogging, because I’ve read you. What I think they key is, is that with the instant gratification of little blog posts getting praise (and being good), is that it might stop you (or whoever else we’re talking about) attempting a grander thesis that might be brilliant. I have no doubt that if you had a subject that grabbed you enough, you could make a much bigger, and really interesting work out of it. Perhaps I could to. But when I throw so many of my little ideas on the blogfire, maybe they don’t have time to percolate into the really interesting big one.

    So the question we are left with is:
    Will the great American novel (figuratively speaking) ever get written if all the (figurative) Americans are busy blogging every thought that sidles by?

    It’s an interesting thought, and potentially worrying for those who worry about these things.

    Anyway, to be certain. I’m not criticising anyone (least of all you), it’s perfectly natural…hence all of us doing it.

    sulz: oh no, i didn’t take your comment as critique. but i do feel i don’t have what it takes, and blogging is the best of both worlds in that sense – i can put my writing out there even though it wouldn’t be good anywhere else. that’s a good thing for me. πŸ™‚

    but looking at it in a different light, who knows, maybe years of blogging down the road might inspire me, or someone like me, to produce that great malaysian novel. πŸ˜‰

  6. Since my MBA, I have had very little sleep. I am awake pretty much early, and fix breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then I would study whole day. If I am between a break from crunching deadlines and exams, I would find time weekdays to go out with friends. Weekends are one-to-one time with hubby and household chores. Boring life, I know πŸ™‚ I just cant wait to complete my MBA and move on to interesting projects!

    I guess, some how life can get so routinized at a point! I am sure when I begin working full time, I would have almost the same time table as yours. Working life can take toll on social lifestyle. It’s just the matter of how one chooses to balance both. Good luck dear πŸ™‚

    sulz: fix the three meals in one go? πŸ˜› do you study at college or on your own? if the latter, you must have a lot of discipline… what do you plan to do after your mba?

    i think maintaining balance is easier said than done! it’s not just a matter of self-determination but also a lot of external factors… unless we ignore those factors, it’s hard to balance. 😦

  7. Sulz, I’m back, and, sorry for the blatant self-promotion, but you’re going to love the new material (when it gets written, of course!).

    The best advice I can give you is this (and you BETTER take it!): every single day, do one thing that scares you.

    sulz: i’m happy to hear you’re back! did you get lost in the woods?? πŸ˜›

    oh lordy, i’m going to die afraid. πŸ˜†

  8. Weekday wake up by 5.30, fix A’s snack box. Wake him & get him ready for his school van which comes any time between 7.15 and 7.45. Then work out, shower. Then check mails/facebook/ blogs/ chat till around 1.30. A gets home any time between 1.30 & 2. Give him lunch, have some myself. Then time is ruled by him πŸ™‚ End up being online most of the time. Watch TV (Disney or POGO) Try get him to sleep by 10 pm max. Then play scrabble with friends/chat etc.
    Weekends sleep till even 10 sometimes…or at least laze around in bed, play with A…if an outing has been planned then go out. Off late, bloggers at Chennai tend to meet up over the weekends. That is about it πŸ™‚
    My life is really really boring!!!!! 😦
    I need to get a job, go out, meet more people!!!

    sulz: wow, you must really take pains to prepare a’s snack box! from where i am right now, your life seems nicer than mine. but that’s only because i don’t enjoy where i am. just as you’re probably tired of being where you are and rather be somewhere like where i am! πŸ˜†

    hey, you’re meeting the bloggers, that’s a start. i mean, i’m working and i hardly meet new people myself.

  9. oh weekends and week days ……..right now they cant be distinguished in my case ….since i have been home for like 3 months now and 3 more to go…its pissing me off……..i want to go out but cant because school will officially come to an end by feb mid ………i will miss it a lot . friends, lectures, teachers ….cant think of leaving a place where i entered as a tiny toddler πŸ˜›
    but these days i usually wake up by 8 in morning……….linger around…..have breakfast and bath by 11…….then study….take frequent brakes……..attend tution class……….. have tests or something like that.,then have dinner………study………watch tv and read newspaper …………..login oln wordpress by11 ……..sleep by 12 πŸ˜›

    but i know its again going to change……….poor you….wake up at 5 in morning……i would sleep throughout the day πŸ˜›

    ps – got my glasses repaired hurray πŸ˜›

    sulz: enjoy what schooling days you have left. you won’t experience anything like it again, even if you continue studying later on. the experience will be different.

    i wake up early to get my internet fix, don’t get me wrong! it also makes me easier for me to prepare for work cos i don’t have to rush or run the risk of waking up late. if i wake up later than usual it would be about 6am and i still have time to get ready for work by just cutting back on internet. πŸ™‚

  10. You ARE an early riser! I can’t imagine waking up that early if I don’t have to. You must go to sleep lots earlier than I do. You daily life sounds kind of normal, in many ways. I’ve always found outside clubs or activities are the best places to meet people of like interests, so I’m glad to read you are still considering the language class. These outside activities can also give meaning to life, and sometimes even lead to jobs you would love! πŸ™‚

    sulz: i wasn’t like that before – something happened and i became one. and besides, i need some happy time before going to work, and the internet is the easiest fix! πŸ˜€ i hope i’ll get a reply about the language class, with a good schedule!

  11. My typical day isn’t much different than yours. Except add walking 4 dogs 3 times a day; and minus the commute time (I usually work from home, but take the train to NYC to work about once a week. On the days I take the train to NYC, my day starts at 3 AM).

    sulz: hey, i’d choose your life any day! at least you only have a busy day once a week. what a cushy life that sounds… πŸ˜€

  12. Hmmm…highway to hell!!! Where is life taking us? 😦

    sulz: you tell me! πŸ™‚

  13. I am so sorry to hear you are embarrassed with your life. You have the ability to change your life and manifest into your life what you choose. Make the commitment. Do something totally outside the norm for you. What are your interests? Take a photography class. Sign up to volunteer for something. Get out and do something different. You are staying in the same story and you may be comfortable there, but it won’t get better until you change it. WOW, how spectacular your life could be!

    sulz: when i make commitments, i don’t impulsively do them. i make sure it is something in my interests and something i see myself doing for a long time. (last time i did something impulsive, i ended up regretting it!) if it turns out otherwise, at least i’ve tried. that’s why i’m still waiting for a spot in the language class. i have the ability to change my life, but i don’t have the ability to manipulate external factors to suit my life. (ie. i can’t join a class if it’s on a weeknight because that would affect my performance at work the next day because i’d be tired and cranky.)

  14. Your daily routine is eerily similar to mine! Replace work with school, change the hours around a bit, get up a lot later, and you’re basically there

    sulz: how do we ever have fun, i wonder?? thank goodness i have internet almost the whole day… facebook and blogging makes up for a lot of boring, daily stuff i have to do!

  15. I am sorry to hear you are embarrassed with your life. I am sure, managing your day by scheduling is make your day effective.. you can make a list what your goal are, then put the way to reach the goal on your schedule. if you obey your own schedule, I am sure you will realize that your life is really beautiful…

    you can try to tell unique event around you through your blog πŸ˜‰

    sulz: thanks for the comment. πŸ™‚ it’s not as simple as that for me, i’m afraid. i’m finding what i can do to change it, but the best ones would be if i waited.

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