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Well, that’s quite a hyperbole ‘cos it’s only lunch and the place is far from fine dining, but it was quite an experience.


We chose to forgo the typical sit-down tables at the ‘deck’ on the outside of this restaurant, designed to look like a ship and sat in the interior of the ‘ship’. As you can see, it’s sort of like sitting in a Japanese tea house, except that it’s not as classy and you would constantly bump onto someone behind you because there’s no space to separate you and your dining neighbours except a piece of transparent plastic curtain! Not to mention no privacy despite the impression it offers with the plastic curtains.


That’s our table. Ahoy treasure, matey! Or whatever them pirates speak.


On the wall of the ‘ship’ are these buttons to press to either call for the server, ask for refill of your drinks (if it’s one of the refillable ones) or get the bill.


Our drinks: sulz with good ol’ sky juice (which I think is the lamest euphemism for water because “water” is a perfectly fine word on its own!) and Angel with her sourish but yummy green apple juice (who, as always, supplied the pictures for this post).


Angel’s dish, which I suffered food envy from. Fried rice with omelette and fish bits.


My chicken cordon bleu which took forever to arrive and which Angel suffered food envy from, somewhat. Apparently my chicken goes great with her fried rice. We basically ate food off each others’ plate. Why didn’t we just change plates?? 😆

It was quite weird sitting down on the floor, legs crossed and eating. Even weirder was occasionally bumping our bodies with the people behind us. The menu selection and food made up for it, though. There are hundreds of dishes to choose from, from common Western dishes to unusual fusion sorts. I recall they have a green apple fried rice. (But I could be wrong. But I know they had some pretty interesting-sounding dishes!)

Gasoline is more of a teenager’s place for food. Angel and I felt a bit out of place there since we are way past teen age and we were wearing office-ish heels that day! (We had to take our shoes off to sit in there, so imagine two pairs of pointy heels amongst the sneakers and flip-flops.) It was also our first time there, so we weren’t sure how the system works (for instance, you have to write your order down, then pass it to the server instead of the server taking your order).

Interesting experience! I’d go there for the food again, as Angel would I’m sure. The price was very reasonable. We’d probably sit on proper chairs with a proper table though. 😀

Comments on: "The Gastronomic Experience at Gasoline" (11)

  1. Ah, but Sulz you have the attitude of a teenager and that’s what counts! (he he he, not sure if that counts as a compliment or not!!)

    sulz: well, i am in some ways not quite grown up yet. and i don’t want to grow up so fast either! since i should look at the brighter side of things, let’s take it as a compliment then. 🙂

  2. Ms. Johnny said:

    hahaha…so you are still a teenager at heart aye? 😉
    Young at heart….but too bad lah someone called you ‘aunty’ at Petaling Street….LOL

    sulz: oi! i forgot already okay, until some people must bring it up again… 😆

  3. oh the picture of the interiors arent that clear …seem too dull..i could just imagine from what you wrote
    but anyways …it was a gourmets delight!

    sulz: it was taken with angel’s phone’s camera and the lighting in the restaurant was not good… haha, gourmet for a teenage maybe!

  4. heya! sent you an award. do accept it 😛
    just check your email

    sulz: thanks! 🙂

  5. I think u r the only one doing restaurant reviews in my blogosphere. 🙂 nice.

    sulz: you know, i didn’t set out to do that, but before you said this i also just noticed that i’ve been writing quite a bit about eating. whenever i go out with angel we try to eat somewhere uncommon to blog about! 😀

  6. and do tell me if you received an email
    something wrong with my email id ……sometimes it accepts .com and sometimes
    but the mail has been confirmed

    sulz: i did, thanks again!

  7. Yarrgh! That sounds like it be a very unusual dining experience, it be! Shiver me timbers, sitting on the floor?

    Food looks good though. 🙂

    sulz: haha, you’re much better at pirate speak than i am! oh, it was, surprisingly. angel’s dish only cost rm7 (about USD$2)!

  8. At those prices, it almost makes it worthwhile to fly over there and try it out. On second thought, if you and Angel were feeling “old” there… 😦 So, you have the choice to sit at a table instead of the floor? Do you still have to take your shoes off, though?
    I eat at a restaurant somewhat like that; you have to take shoes off and sit at low tables in one of the rooms. It’s all vegetarian. Your chicken looks good. When I first read “green apple fried rice”, I thought “WHAT?” But, then, it sounded kind of good. Haha, sky juice! That is very silly. 😉

    sulz: haha, don’t fly here just for this! malaysia have better things to fly down here for… like me! :mrgreen: yeah, we can choose to sit outside at the conventional table with proper chairs without having to take off our shoes. i think the whole sitting down, legs crossed thing wasn’t too bad, but it was that feeling of privacy that was missing! we were so close to our dining neighbours and those transparent plastic curtains don’t feel very nice… like being in a butcher or something. 😛

    it was not too bad. well, i’m not sure if i remember that right, so i might be wrong haha. but it would be interesting if there’s that dish! yeah, the word juice makes me think that water has to be freshly squeeze and blended. 😕

  9. I am hot and cold when it comes to eating Chicken Cordon Bleu. I like the concept of the dish but I am usually disappointed by the ham inside the chicken. I love ham but I am very fussy about how it is cooked. I like it in chunks and cooked until it is falling apart. I very-very-very rarely order a dish that includes ham when I am eating out. When eating out I actually prefer Chicken Kiev over Chicken Cordon Bleu. Also, I love french fries but with Chicken Cordon Bleu I would think they would serve you a baked potato, mashed potatoes or even better some wild rice pilaf. I would pick a plate full of burritos, refried beans with Mexican rice and salsa over the top of either any day! 😉

    sulz: i haven’t tried a chicken cordon bleu i really like either, but i won’t stop ordering the dish till i find it. 😀 we don’t have a chicken kiev dish here, at least not the restaurants i’ve been too – i’d be sure to try it if i see it on the menu! oh well, it is a teen’s place, as i said. 😉

  10. Darn it to heck, now I’m really hungry!!!!

    sulz: sounds like you need to make some sushi to satisfy that. 🙂

  11. Where is this place? Looks awesome!!!

    sulz: come down to malaysia. 😉

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