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Things that have happened in sulz’s life:

1. She was confirmed at her job half a month before her probation period was up. Her response? “I’m tied down. I can’t run away anymore.” 😦

2. Therefore, she has decided to stick with this job at least until the third quarter of the year, in view of coming circumstances at the office which would require her presence there. (Details will be elaborated in another post some day.) As it is at the moment, though, things have improved in the office, colleagues-wise. They are never going to be friends, but they are being friendly enough. And this is the stage where she is becoming used to this life, that she would probably be very reluctant to leave it when the time comes, despite it not being the better kind of life she hopes for.

3. Chinese New Year is coming, and bosses handed out salary increments and bonuses in a recent company meeting. Having just been confirmed and having had a slight increment, she naturally didn’t have any more. To her surprise, though, she received a bonus despite having only worked barely 3 months. She thought it would just be a small token, like an ang pow of sorts. But nobody gives RMxxx (the higher end of the three-figure scale) for an ang pow… She now understands why some of her colleagues have stayed for as long as they have (the longest approaching 10 years working for this company). And supposedly this company hands out bonus twice a year…

4. She has just completed a project with her most difficult client (the one she talked about before in one of her previous posts) and now there’s only one ongoing project in her hands. It is the week before CNY. It looks like a relaxing week ahead. 🙂 Then after CNY, she would probably receive a new project or two. She looks forward to dealing with different, and hopefully nicer, people. Maybe some writing involved too!

5. She has finally joined her language class, starting last weekend. Her classmates are all much younger than her, and some rather annoying at that. But it was so lovely to finally be in a situation where she knows what’s going on and isn’t afraid of being asked something. Admittedly, she has an unfair advantage, having learnt this language back in college as an elective, but she figured she has not studied the language since then so this will be a refresher course for her and a chance to improve other aspects of her proficiency in the language, such as speaking!

6. And to wrap things up, after CNY sulz will be going on her first road trip ever!

Comments on: "Report: Live from sulz’s life" (16)

  1. lovelyloey said:

    roadtrip! Up north to BKK?
    Get a tattoo while you’re there la. 😛

    sulz: haha, i don’t think i can tahan a road trip for that long! first time mar. 😛 much, much nearer. wah, don’t dare lah. but it would be much cheaper hor, hmm…

  2. I banged my head on the table several times before knowing what “CNY” meant. When is it by the way?

    sulz: haha, but you figured it out on your own in the end! 🙂 on the 26th… dong dong dong chiang! (i use this same phrase in an app in facebook we both play and they censored the “dong dong dong” bit!)

  3. It didn’t help that I had just read this:

    sulz: haha, nobody can doubt cny! (what is it sceptical of, that cny?)

  4. 1. Congratulations! 🙂 You still could run away… 😦
    2. That’s good news, mostly! 😉
    3. Wonderful! Particularly after you bought all that new furniture. 😛
    4. Whew! A little break! 🙂
    5. YAY!!! I guess it’s all perspective. When I read they are *much* younger, I think they must be 5 years old. {hehe}
    6. Road trip! Where? With whom? Details; details!!! 😛
    7. (Hah! had to add my own number!) I’m analysing your brief foray back into sulz/self-speak. Hmmm what does it mean? self reporting on self… 😀

    sulz: well, 2 months’ notice doesn’t have quite the same effect as quitting within 24 hours. 😉 not that i have any better offers, bah.

    yeah, also after enrolling in language class. i had to withdraw money from the bank for that. so the bonus goes right back there to cover that and add some more to my savings! still owe the mother money. 😕

    haha, they’re of all teenage years, but i feel quite ancient there. not to mention a little lonely. but all the better to concentrate, right?

    hehe… you’ll read about in time! 😉 sulz is nothing if not coy. :mrgreen:

    ratting on myself! lol. the report isn’t quite live, though, as it happened recently but not exactly near present time.

  5. Congratularions for getting confirmed. Also having kinda-friendly coleagues is an achievement. You should not try to find friends in colleagues, it makes work place easier. 🙂

    sulz: thanks! (muse too!) i don’t know, i thought having friends would make things easier.

  6. Well, you could still run away 🙂 with a notice! (oxymoron!! :D)
    Good you got the bonus having spent on the furniture recently! (Still waiting on the pics…why not get a camera with the bonus?!)
    Done that, been there – studying in a class where everyone else was younger than moi! You know what? It is not that bad!
    About friends at work place…if it happens, it happens. If it does not no big deal as long as there is a friendly atmosphere all around!

    sulz: two months at that! it takes out all the fun in doing that. 😛

    good news on the camera, i might be able to borrow one. keep your fingers crossed for me! i’d have lots of pictures to take, hehe.

    yeah, i don’t think it’d be as bad as say, working with people who are all older than me. 😉 and it’s only for two hours.

    yeah, i appreciate the friendly feel. not too friendly, but just enough!

  7. Have a wonderful road trip, I shall wait to see the pics 😀

    sulz: i hope i won’t forget or be too busy yakking away or singing at the top of my off-key lungs! :mrgreen:

  8. Ms. Johnny said:

    what road trip????? how come i don’t know about this?

    sulz: i told you what! i’m going you-know-where for you-know-who’s you-know-what… :mrgreen:

  9. working with people who are older & stydiying with a younger lot… good going..

    have a safe & fun trip..!

    sulz: wonder how it would be like if it were reversed! thanks. 🙂

  10. Ms. Johnny said:

    oooooh….THAT road trip. 😀
    okay…okay…got it 😉

    sulz: 😆

  11. Congrats!! hope to see pics from road trip.

    sulz: thanks! will try 🙂

  12. whoooo! getting an increment and confirmation …congrats 😛
    so where are you going for the road trip?
    and joining language class is fun………i too will be joining french classes once school gets over may be in june 😛

    sulz: thanks. 🙂 oh, just somewhere nearby outstation. but i hardly go out in the first place! 😆

    oh, french is the best. it’s quite a mouthful of an experience, if you don’t already know. 😉

  13. Road trip? Awesome! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

    Congrats on getting confirmed at your job! It sounds like things are looking up. Give it time, and maybe you won’t want to run away?

    sulz: pretty sure i would – i’m certain of good company already, ie. the driver. :mrgreen:

    oh, i just had a really bad day yesterday at work. i made a LOT of stupid mistakes… all caused by my carelessness. 😦 i don’t think i’m cut out to be an editor.

  14. WTF?!! No Sulz meets the Emperor of the World? No list is complete without THAT! 😛

    Psst.. Hope you have fun on the road trip! 🙂

    sulz: hey stranger. 🙂 emperor of the world doesn’t live quite so near my residence, unfortunately! 😉 thanks.

  15. oh i think my mouth will be half full . i studied french as a 3rd language in school for 3 yrs and main language for 2 yrs
    so i know a bit of it
    and bonne chance ( all the best ) for your road trip! ( look i know french )

    sulz: oh, you’ve studied before! cool… why not pick up another romance language then? it’ll be very easy with french as the foundation. 🙂

  16. oh yes! i had love to study either spanish or italian 😛
    but i think i should first master one

    sulz: for me, i learnt 3 romance languages without having mastering any one of them but it’s fine, learning-wise. mastering one is good, though, – you can actually put that in your cv and it’s not just for show like me. 😛

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