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A Chinatown Picture Story

Super long pictorial post ahead. But very pretty colours! 🙂

Chinese New Year is coming, and Angel and I wanted to see Chinatown at this time of the year. So we started off to Petaling Street in the early evening from our homes last weekend, about an hour away (half an hour by car to the train station and another half by train to the station nearest to Chinatown). I love to see this sign every time I visit here.

It looks quite festive in this picture, but on the whole I didn’t feel the festive atmosphere here. Nevertheless, I always enjoy walking about Chinatown because each time I find a new place I have never been to previously.

Like this shoe shop we discovered and found shoes we liked. That is me trying on a pair of black checkered flats which I eventually purchased.

Angel's shoes
Angel fretted and resisted this yellow pair of peep-toe flats. I egged her on and she eventually caved in and bought it. 😀 Best part was, those shoes were under a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” promotion (mine was normal price) and since she couldn’t find another pair she liked, she let me choose one pair for free! :mrgreen: No picture of it, though, but it was a pair of shiny, chocolate-brown peep-toe flats. I’m sure I’ll use it a lot the next time I get a pedicure!

I found this sight funny and sad at the same time. He set up shop a distance away from the crowded area of Chinatown, so not a surprise there’s nobody who wanted to have their fortunes told that he got bored to slumber. At the same time, it seems so sad to run a business like that – I don’t suppose he gets a lot of business in the first place.

Okay, back to Chinatown.

Shop selling Chinese New Year decorations.

Stall selling Oriental-designed clothes and bags. Very pretty.

The crowd at Petaling Street.

We had dinner of chicken & char siew rice from one of the stalls around there. Kinda pricy (RM5.50 a plate) considering it was a roadside stall, but I had walked about Chinatown a fair bit then and so it tasted good to me.

Angel had a big guffaw when she saw this. 😆

We popped by Central Market to have a look at the decorations there.

n523404243_1169827_1940 n523404243_1169828_2457
Traditional Chinese clothes. Most people don’t wear these for CNY these days though, but we maintain wearing red and minimising the black for the most part.

Angel decided the night was too early to go home, so we took the train to Suria KLCC (the mall at Petronas Twin Towers) to see the decorations there.

Some paper craft stall amidst the backdrop of KLCC’s CNY deco.

Lovely paper remakes of Malaysia’s architectural icon.

This is the most popular shoe shop for Malaysian women. They also sell bags, sunnies and jewellery.

Angel insisted it’s not enough to go home just like that and dragged my sorry ass (and aching feet) to walk to Pavillion, a mall which she insisted was nearby KLCC. Well, after walking through a tunnel, past the Aquaria, out on the other end of KLCC, and a short outdoor walk there, yeah sure it was near! Angel took this during our short outdoor walk.

This huge, golden ox was on display at the entrance of the Pavillion shopping mall. I like cows, but this doesn’t do anything for me.

Dancers appeared from the inside of the shopping mall to dance around the golden ox, but the people were more interested to take pictures with them than to watch them dance!

Springtime, shopping mall-style.

Spring blossom. Or is it plum blossom? Or cherry blososm??

Only then was Angel satisfied to go home. But look at the crowd of the Monorail station! *sulz’s legs gave way at the sight*

Pictures, as always, courtesy of Angel, who also blogged about it in her blog.

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Goodness, that’s the most pictures I’ve ever posted in a blog post. Blame Angel, she took so many. 😛

Have a Happy Chinese New Year, dear reader! And if you don’t celebrate, well… wish me instead. :mrgreen:

Comments on: "A Chinatown Picture Story" (28)

  1. One photo isnt visible.

    Nice snaps!! everything looks so festive!

    sulz: eh, which photo?

    thanks to angel! 🙂

  2. Great photos! I am hoping to go to Chinatown in Liverpool this weekend, I’ll have to try to remember the camera!

    Like the shoes!

    sulz: oh, hope you do post pictures of there and we can see how different the chinatown in england looks like. 🙂 hehe, thanks! pinches the feet at the moment though. 😕

  3. Happy Chinese New Year! 🙂 Is it too early to say “gong xi fa cai”, or however it’s spelt?

    Maybe the atmosphere will feel more festive on the day? The photos are awesome! There looks to be so much going on! Although I guess cities are always like that, right?

    Your poor legs and feet!

    sulz: thanks! you spelt that right, and cny is this monday, so not too early methinks. 😉

    no it’d be a ghost town on that day ‘cos all the traders would probably shut down and go back to their hometowns to celebrate! then again, most of the traders these days are foreigners, hmm…

    haha, yes poor them but i must add they’re such weaklings. 😦 i have no stamina at all!

  4. Great pictures! I liked seeing the clothes, and the lanterns…and your feet. 😉 Hah! Our new President on the Money Changer’s stall. He seems to have a big impact all over.
    I felt sorry for the palm reader, too. But he must want to have that stand. The photos make me homesick for San Francisco. I used to live near one of the best Chinatowns in the world, and I went there often with friends (mostly to eat), and I miss the big parade they have on CNY.
    We have a Chinese Cultural Center in Tucson, but it doesn’t have shops, just meeting rooms, and a library and video center. It’s very nice—they have classes there—but it’s not Chinatown.
    Well, I plan to wear red and eat Chinese food on Monday.
    Happy Year of Ox, sulz! 😀

    sulz: hehe, thanks to angel! 🙂 is san fran far from where you live? maybe it’s time to make a trip back home. 😉 the tucson centre is sure no chinatown from the sound of it!

    and try your luck getting an ang pow or two from your married chinese friends. :mrgreen: thanks, it’s my zodiac!

  5. lovelyloey said:

    Oooh Vincci is from Malaysia. I think the branch I know of in Singapore just renamed themselves as Nose. What a name.
    Anyway happy lunar new year!

    sulz: oh no, nose is here and it’s different than vincci – that’s their direct rival, hehe. i buy shoes from both places.

    kong hei fatt choy to you too!


    sulz: sampat to the max!!!

  7. Happy Chinese New Year

    I’ve never been to a china town *sob*

    Are you coming over to give me any red envelopes the following days? xD or some cake? xD

    sulz: thanks. no chinatown in norway? maybe you can visit one during your travels in asia. 🙂

    i’m not married, so i can’t give red envelopes!

  8. very nice pictures.. was hoping to see you in at least one of those.. got to see your feet only..

    i’ll wish you on monday then. it is our Republic day too on 26th.

    sulz: i only show pictures of me in a protected post. 🙂 if you want to see that, send me an e-mail.

    monday is also australia day. lots of holidays in one day! what do you do on republic day?

  9. Awww I want a chinatown in my town! Never been in one.

    yay, Australia day = CNY this year!

    sulz: i think australia has a chinatown. 😉 yes, holidays all over!

  10. Ms. Johnny said:

    Blame it on me…but i know you like all of it (maybe not ALL). 😉

    Gong Xi Fa Cai…Happy Lunar New Year!

    sulz: hehe! 😀 kong hei fatt choy to you too… don’t be surprised if i ring you up for a spontaneous day out somewhere on the second day, okay? 😛

  11. lovely pictures
    this time camera didnt seem a problem .Angel is good at it 😛
    hey what are those red colored balloon shaped hangings called?
    i really like them …has a very ethnic touch
    so any Chinese new year resolutions ??? 😆

    sulz: angel brought along her digital camera this time. 😉 i agree! they are chinese lanterns. haha we chinese do not do resolutions, but we believe in starting anew, so we like to spring clean and buy new things for cny – furniture, clothes, etc.

  12. its actually good that you protect ur pictures.. i’ll mail u sometime..

    oh.. Republic day.. i can actually write a whole post about it.. maybe i will..

    we have flag hoisting on the Red Fort in country capital Delhi. long patriotic speech by the Prime minister.. a big Parade by army & students from all over the country.. and a lot more…its beautiful..

    sulz: ah, sounds like national day. happy celebrating then! 🙂

  13. “…try your luck getting an ang pow or two…”
    I have! I used to try to get ang pow (or as we called them, “lei-see”; red envelope) from friends’ parents, and they would just look at me blankly! I went to all the festivals! I know how to swear in Cantonese! That should count for something… 😛

    sulz: oh, you do?? i can’t believe you can swear like a wifebeater-wearing rickshaw puller, rotfl. :mrgreen: i think i need some proof!

  14. oh so you mean a complete makeover 😆

  15. Firerocket said:

    Kung Hei Fat Choi!
    Hahaha, after living in Hong Kong for seven years now, that is the only thing I’ve learnt to say. It means Happy Chinese New Year. :]

    sulz: hey, i’m a banana but i know how to wish happy cny in chinese too… aren’t you chinese?

  16. lovelyloey said:

    Arh! Ok. Hmm. Was Nose some other brand before? Because I know the shop space that Nose is at now, used to be something else. Hmmmm.

    Kong hei fatt choy!

  17. I thought that the “older” gave/or could give to the young, even tho they wasn’t married? is that wrong? haha :p

    sulz: quite wrong, only married people are supposed to give red packets. there will be exceptions to this rule, though not just anybody who’s technically older are allowed to flout the tradition.

  18. Happy Chineese New Year…

    have fun…

    check out my republic day post.

    sulz: thanks! yes, i read your post and it gave me a better idea of what the day is about now. 🙂

  19. Hey, sulz, this was a lovely post..I loved seeing the pictures of a new place. I too like to buy pumps and peep-toes 🙂

    sulz: thank you! 🙂 i’ve been posting about chinatown a bit too many times though, i just noticed from the number of related post links i pasted below. 😆 this should be the last of it! i want to write about more places around kuala lumpur.

  20. Firerocket said:

    Haha, no sulz, I’m not Chinese.
    I’m a little bit:
    British, American, Indian, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Italian.

    sulz: oh, i thought you were ‘cos you’re living in hong kong if i’m not mistaken about that too?? now i’m not even sure of your gender! 😕

  21. Great pics!!! Loved the second one! And what else did you buy from there?

    sulz: thanks amit! a pair of flip-flops for the office. 😀

  22. Firerocket said:

    Hahaha, I live in Hong Kong because my parents love moving around. Then they fell in love with this place. So we’ve been here ever since.
    I’ll be moving soon though, finally!
    And as for my gender, so far, I think I’m still a girl. 😛

    sulz: ah… what was it about hong kong that was different than the other countries? yeah, harvard beckons, huh? 😉 ah, i thought you sounded like one too. 😛

  23. The Totton linnet said:

    What a splash of colours beautiful pics

    sulz: thanks to my friend! 🙂

  24. Nice Pics

    sulz: thanks.

  25. […] took the bus from Puduraya, a bus hub in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (nearby Chinatown, actually). It took us exactly two hours to reach Malacca. Sushi and I talked the entire bus trip […]

  26. […] in a rather unlikely place. Think a nice, clean, modern hotel smack in the middle of a place like Chinatown. I’m not sure how Chinatown is like in your country (if you have one) but the Chinatown in […]

  27. Now I have a sudden craving for moon cakes at 9:55 PM. sigh. Where’s the illegal fireworks display? 😛

    sulz: haha you’re a few months too early, mate. i love the chocolate-flavoured ones! i don’t know… didn’t went looking for it. 😛 i’m sure they were selling it somewhere!

  28. I’m pretty sure the restaurant in Perth called Sri Melaka is selling the cakes in the shop next door to it, so, I’ll go there with my friends on Sunday after the buffet at said restaurant and indulge! 😀 There’s even mooncakes made from jelly instead of the pastry, which I just read about in Wikipedia. Strange, huh?

    sulz: they make mooncakes year-round? wow! now you’re making me crave for chocolate mooncake, grr! yeah i haven’t tried the jelly ones before… nor the ice cream cake ones!

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