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Snap Happy!!

I got the camera!!! 😀

(If you don’t know what this means, it means I finally managed to take pictures of my new room!!)

This was my old room…

This was how my old room used to look like.

This is now how the old room looks like.

It’s being made into Dee’s work room. It was his work room a long time ago before I made it my room, actually. So back to square one… If you noticed, right underneath the curtains was where my bed used to be.

Leaving the room now to go to my new room… The room ahead used to be my old room before this old room. Haha, I do move around a lot in just one house, don’t I? 😀 Now it’s the junk room. The doorframe next to it is the bathroom, which we will skip ‘cos it doesn’t look very nice…

That’s my new room! Formerly belongs to a family member who moved out quite some time ago. I had the door repainted, along with the walls, which are painted turquoise/mint green-ish.


That’s the bed on the left, an exercise rider in the middle, then my bureau, and my writing table. The rider is my only form of exercise, other than my shopping trips with Angel. I go on it, like, five minutes every day! *proudly* Sometimes, I go twice!! *puffs chest*

View of my room from my bed. Say hi to my ten toes peeking from the corner. Oh wait, there are only nine toes in view…

My writing table. On the left is my satchel which I use for the language class I recently joined. The pink envelopes are the reason for my road trip, which you will know why soon. 😉 The two knobs underneath the table are where I store my collection of bookmarks. Then there are three obvious childhood pictures of sulz. The one in a black graduation robe is the inspiration for this essay. The one I blacked out is a picture of my recent university graduation, which some of you have already seen in the protected post. The picture of the turtle is a long-stitch I made when I was a kid!

My precious bookshelf, bought from Ikea and set it up all on my own. It’s full already! 😦 I need to read some books again and hope I don’t like them so that I can donate them and make room for more books in the future…

My Ikea wardrobe which I set it up all by myself too!

My other shelf. At the bottom is a box where I keep my collection of postcards. The second tier, in the red box I keep old language books used in past classes, then there’s a stamp album above it, then the box above it I keep cards I received over the years. I’ll do a post on those cards some day. 🙂 Then at the top is where I keep my jewellery. Strategic place as it’s by the door, so I can quickly pick something then whisk off to work.

I like my jewellery station. 🙂 Especially my earring stand!

One last picture – the print of my bedsheets. Actually, this is a quilt cover, but I’m using it as a bedsheet. 😛 I just love the print. From Ikea, cost a bomb!

Anybody up for a sleepover? 😆

Comments on: "Snap Happy!!" (15)

  1. That book shelf and quilt is killer!

    I am so looking for such a book shelf! 😦 ( There is no Ikea in India!

    sulz: hehe, i know! 😛 it doesn’t look particularly uncommon, so good luck, i’m sure you can find something like this or better. 🙂

  2. I liked your old room wallcolour better than new one. Why? I am partial to blue.

    And I envy your bookshelf. 😉

    sulz: yeah, i remember you mentioned that you liked the colour of the walls in my previous room. i wanted a cheery shade this time around. 🙂

    hehe! 😀

  3. Hey, sulz, the nine-toed wonder! 😉 This is really nice. I like how your Ikea pieces look with things you already had. This is a sophisticated bed-sit for a college educated adult. 😎
    The curtains and the bedsheet are very pretty. Great earring stand—lovely and useful!
    I like the turquoise; it’s a color that looks good on everyone! Wow, you exercise for five minutes a day?!? How will we keep up with you? 😉 Road trip, road trip, what’s all this about road trip?!?
    Thanks for all the great pics so we can imagine you in your lair! 🙂

    sulz: haha, you cracked me right up! the new room looks brighter and cheerier than the old. it’s also bigger and slightly colder at night, not to mention noisier than the previous room. the old room was almost soundproof – i can’t hear much except a thunderstorm. that was really nice in helping me sleep. but it was real cold on cold days and sweltering on warm nights! so i don’t miss that.

    :mrgreen: gotta keep me in (round) shape, right?? hehe, all in time!

    thanks for commenting – i’m still laughing over the exercise bit!

  4. hey great room.. the book shelf and the study table remind me of the room i had before i got married.. had a room just like this (different colour scheme- cream & brown).. you took me to the past.. i asked my parents to keep my room just as it was so when i visit it feels just the same..

    oh i miss my room.. 😦

    enjoy yours… 🙂

    sulz: sounds like you need a visit back home? 🙂 maybe you can shift those furniture to your house? thanks. 🙂

  5. Your new room looks great! I love that bedsheet pattern too – it would make a very funky dress!

    I envy the bookcase too but only because my two are flat-packed in the loft in preparation for my moving house (if it EVER happens!) I miss having my books around me. I need a library in the new house….

    Enjoy your new room!

    sulz: thank you! hmm, now that you mention it, it does! i love bold prints myself. 😀 wow, you’re moving out? even better than getting a new room… when that happens. 😛 hope it’d be soon, ‘course!

  6. Firerocket said:

    It only took me like.. what.. 12 hours to set it all up. -_-
    Love the baby pictures! So cute!

    sulz: wow, there’s ikea in hong kong?? i want to go there too! haha, better than me, a splinter went into my eye. 😦 hehe, thanks, wish i’m as cute now!

  7. I too want that sort of shelf…the other one that is.
    Are those Harry Potters on top shelf of the book shelf?

    sulz: the chest of drawers/bureau? yes, sharp eyes. 😉

  8. woooo..nice nice makeover 😛
    it looks more planned and organized 😆

    sulz: thanks. 🙂 oh definitely. i hope to keep it neat too.

  9. Nice! Very cool room you got there, sulz. It looks like it’s got everything! 🙂

    sulz: thanks. 😀 just a minibar fridge that’s missing, lol!

  10. Ms. Johnny said:

    when la am i ever gonna visit your room???

    sulz: actually i wanted to ask you come over and take photos for me but i thought like so lame only! haha… you know my house is open to you anytime. 🙂 maybe we should arrange a girls night in, huh? dvd (the descent! muahaha), pizza, board games…

  11. I have a bigger book shelf! yayyy!! 😛
    Its a very neat room.

    sulz: hmph, show off! 😛 thanks! well, it’s still new, that’s probably why. 😆

  12. The Totton linnet said:

    Sulzy’s studio pad, it looks homely, um would a carpet help with the noise and cold? a nice cherry red carpet.

    sulz: yeah i should get a rug, the parquet floors are all scratched up. my dream rug would be in cow print! 😀

  13. I love the colour… very turquoise! I can’t wait until I have got a room that I can decorate myself! x

    sulz: thank you! that’s my favourite colour. oh, you’ll have lots of fun when you do!

  14. thebeadden said:

    Nice, Sulz! I really like the jewelry stand on your end table!

    sulz: jewellery station! give it some oomph you know, for something not quite impressive in actuality. haha!

  15. […] This was how it used to look like. i can now read in bed again! except that i hardly have enough energy or time when i hit the sack… […]

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