blogging gobbledygook and such


Want to blog, have some ideas, but feel too angsty to put them down properly. I’d probably offend your grandma’s bloomers if I tried to write anything now. So, as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words.

Well, this doesn’t refer to my dourness, but apparently it relates very much to the current economic situation. And done like, twenty years ago. Or so it said in my inbox.

And one more to reflect my grumpy.


Which probably tells you I’m back to the daily grind tomorrow. GRRR! 👿

ps. If you look at the recent posts, I have the mood swing of a tidal wave.

Comments on: "Bah." (5)

  1. why the PayPal donation button?

    sulz: i set up an account recently for something else, so i thought i’d just put it there. who knows if someone wants me to buy a diamond necklace for myself this valentine’s day. :mrgreen:

  2. Ms. Johnny said:

    haha…same with me. i’ve got some good ideas for my blog but too lazy to type it out.

    sulz: more like too busy staring at the mirror after someone got a haircut. ahem. 😆

  3. Firerocket said:

    I love Calvin and Hobbes!
    I have a t-shirt with just that last scene, where he’s like “I need to be subsidized”
    XD It’s beautiful.

    sulz: i prefer archie comics myself, but c&h are nice too! 🙂 wow, big fan, you.

  4. Oh, the comic strip was good, and I just imagined your face where the cat’s was. Very sulz! 😛 Thank you for not offending my grandma’s bloomers ( 😀 ) If you are like a tidal wave, at least you are waving! {{{waves back}}}

    sulz: that’s how i feel when my client refuses to let me do corrections, even though it is grammatically wrong!! 👿 thankfully just the one client. the others trust my good judgement! 😛

    rotfl! thank god for people like you, muse. you sure don’t let me stay under the umbrella of gloom for long!

  5. thebeadden said:

    ahahahaha! Good ones, Sulz! 😉

    sulz: yours is better! am reading it now.

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