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Life in the Fast Lane

Lasagna, pizza & nachos at Santini

Lasagna, pizza & nachos at Santini

Yesterday I went for an impromptu dinner with Sushi at a new mall I’ve been wanting to visit. Knowing how much I adore Italian cuisine, she recommended Santini to have dinner at. After walking about the mall, looking at other places we might want to dine at instead, I sheepishly said let’s go back to Santini. 😳

There, we were waited on by a guy with an accent that’s not local. After ordering lasagna (upon Sushi’s recommendation), Pollo e Pancetta pizza (chicken, tomatoes, beef bacon bits and some other stuff) and nachos, I asked him where is he from. I expected that he was a foreign worker – Myanmar or Vietnam or something. He replied he’s from a state in Malaysia. That surprised me and I said that he had a cute accent. And that was what got us olives for free on our pizza (which was not an ingredient for the flavour we chose). πŸ˜€ Well, I like to think so at least! πŸ˜†

The lasagna was awesome, the pizza was pretty good too, though the nachos is just alright. I still prefer Michelangelo’s over Santini, but it’s quite good too. If I come back here I’d definitely have the lasagna again. *drool*


I like my life now. I’m productive and keeping busy. A little too much so that I feel like butter spread too thinly on bread. Before I had my part-time job, my weekends were just for me. I spend most of the time at home, catching up on my reading and playing more on Facebook. I didn’t feel content with what seemed like too much indolence for a weekend, so I signed up for a language class. That gave me a little something to look forward to in the weekend.

Then the part-time job which I applied on a whim became a reality. Not just a reality but something I found that I love doing and could be good at doing. So much so that I garnered myself a full-time position at the bookshop, with a little assertiveness and showing that I have good ideas to help the bookshop progress. Now the part-time stint is a little more serious. I’ve been helping out with some copywriting for the bookshop’s promotions, which come to think of it I have not been given extra pay for… nor for the idea I recently came up with for our upcoming World Book Day promotion.

Yesterday I spoke to my full-time job boss about my resignation. He told me he would like me to stay on in June, which is just as I expected. I also offered him some of my time in July, even though I will begin my full-time position at the bookshop then. He was very appreciative of my offer and that makes up for the fact that I’ll be working almost every single day for the next three months, juggling between the bookshop and this job. I’ll do it because I know he’s very busy with all the projects we have at the office and it’s not easy to find someone with a decent proficiency in English to take over my place. Though Malaysia recognises English as an official second language, many people do not speak and write it well. I will miss my boss when I leave – till now he says I’m doing quite well in this job, even though I feel I could never match up to the person I replaced.

This month has a lot of things going on for me. Tomorrow I will be having tea with Sesat and Angel, before getting a new pair of glasses and my supply of contact lenses. (Edit: went to work instead. πŸ˜› ) I’m also planning another Movie Night as I bought a couple of DVDs yesterday while out with Sushi. Then I will be going to my ex-college classmate’s business launch. Then my trip to Thailand is coming soon. Speaking of which, I have updated the blogging project to enable more participants, please have a look! Then I will probably be more involved in the bookshop’s World Book Day promotion.

I repeat, I like my life now. I like that I feel needed by the bookshop and my current job. I like that I have so many ideas for the bookshop that I wish I can fast forward time to begin my full-time job quicker. I like that I’m looking forward to the near future, knowing what should be in store for me, unlike before when I dread having to work in my current job for several more months.

There’s just so much in store. Besides my career, I plan to get another bookshelf for my room, which means I have to rearrange the furniture to accommodate it. I’m also hoping my busy schedule can fit another semester of language class, though that’s not going to happen anytime soon as I neither have the time nor budget for it.

I just wish I can have a moment to breathe! I think I need a day’s rest from everything!

Comments on: "Life in the Fast Lane" (5)

  1. Jelly Bean said:

    I’m quite happy to hear that! πŸ˜€ I’ll see you later for the launch. *crosses fingers and hopes she won’t get bored* I have no bone for business honestly…

    sulz: oh, she didn’t tell you? i had to work yesterday. i’m going for the one near our place instead. i’d do business but i need a partner to take care of the financial side of things! πŸ˜†

  2. whoot! just look at you ! i am really surprised at what you have written
    finally , you got an ideal job . this was just like ” return of sulz with a big bang ”
    . and yes you again served something on gourmet’s platter

  3. oh ghosh why doesnt it shows the quoted lines ” i like my life now . i am productive and keeping busy”
    please correct the error sulz
    thanks πŸ˜›

    sulz: it’s okay, i got what you mean. πŸ™‚ hehe, big bang… i can’t help it, i like talking about the food i eat! πŸ˜€

  4. Sounds great. Keep it up! Sounds like you’ve made some great strides since I last frequented here a few months ago.

    sulz: thanks. i know, the bookshop turned my life around 180 degrees. πŸ™‚ still the same old me, though!

  5. I’d find how much you’re doing daunting. But you’re happy! Good luck with everything! You have no idea how much I admire the way you’re dealing with life.

    sulz: reading about the things i’m gonna do or am doing already does sound like a lot but now that i am involved in all that it doesn’t seem so. i guess it’s because they are actually things that i want to do. πŸ™‚

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