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The other day I was chatting with a former college classmate and asking about news of other former college classmates. Some of them are doing things I personally feel they’re not qualified for on the basis that they were not good students back in class.

Imagine some people whose mastery of the English language are below the average standard of the class and they are hired to impart knowledge about the very things they are not very proficient in… They would be look to as people who are supposed to know the English language inside and out, like the backs of their hands. It makes me feel indignant that people who don’t know better would put these former classmates on the same level as people like me, who knows the English language rather well (and still admittedly has a lot more to learn about it, even now!), when the fact is that these people are what I feel are on a different level than people like me. Basically, I’m saying that these people do not deserve the opportunities they’ve received because there are better-qualified people out there who would be better at their jobs than they would be.

Now, that was quite mean of sulz, isn’t it? Yes, I admit, I feel a tinge of jealousy when I hear news about former classmates who’ve got opportunities I wish I had.

Now think again, sulz… you had your own opportunities too. You could’ve been an editor of children’s educational books. You could’ve had your chance at being a lecturer. You could’ve continued your career in sub-editing corporate newsletters. But you created an opportunity to do something you think you really want to do and you got it. You didn’t actually get it by fair means, like going through the traditional process of interviewing or having the relevant background to qualify for such a job. You got it because you had connections with the bosses, having been hired as a part-time staff, and you used this advantage to pursue something you want. Do you deserve it? You know there would be people who could do a better job than you, of course. You could even name a few former classmates who could do it better than you. But you deserved it because you pursued it. You utilise tools you had to convince the people involved to give you what you want. You seized an opportunity that was in front of you.

And that makes you deserving of what you have today. That also makes people you think are not qualified for what they are doing, deserving of what they have now. (And how qualified someone is for a job should be judged by the people giving the opportunity itself, really.) Because opportunities were in front of them and they seized it. So you can’t begrudge them of the opportunities they received, because you have had yours too. And please, sulz… you know you had seized the best opportunity you could ever wish for yourself. 🙂

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  1. Jelly Bean said:

    Oh I so agree.

    sulz: haha, which part? 😉

  2. Oh Sulz!!! This a post right out of my mind…seriously!!! There have been one too many times I have felt what you have written about. How undeserving people in my mind because of how I know them! Some one who could not add right ended up becoming an engineer…and guess what? Years later when I met him, he gives me advice on how I must lead my life!! One of many such examples.
    I too have gone through those emotions of “am I becoming the jealous kind?” to “Am I that stupid/worthless?” Well, in the end, sometimes I wonder if destiny is what people say it is! So now wondering what destiny has is in store for me! 😀

    sulz: great minds think alike? 😉 oh that must have been annoying, him telling you how to lead life!

    i’m not sure if i believe in destiny… and yet, how do i explain things that have been happening in my life? maybe it’s a bit of both destiny and chance…

  3. Lets get this right at the very start.
    “There are no deservances”. Nobody deserves anything.
    A person who is ready to grab the opportunity is the one who wins.
    It is very rightly said – A king does not go as far as he should but only as far as he wants.

    sulz: i’m of a different opinion on this. while i believe that not everything that happens to you is deserving, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it either. when you put in effort and get the results you want, you deserved it because you were proactive in getting what you want. a king goes as far as he wants because he can take the effort to do so… and thus he deserves what good he might get out of that.

  4. @Dev – there is one more theory “nobody gets more than what they deserve.” the Karma theory.. what about that?

    it might look like they are getting better than they deserve but we never know where their lives in total are going.. and also if they are actually happy with what they are getting.. maybe they wanted somehting else and ended up doing this..!

    sulz: that last bit is true, oorja… hence the saying the grass is greener on the other side, huh?

    • @oorja

      “Nobody gets more than what they deserve” – Yes, I have heard the theory. But to tell you the truth, I am somehow not comfortable with this word ‘Deserve’. It seems more like a term coined by certain loser to put a mask on his failure. I may be wrong here, as I am talking to a psychologist pro….but still, this is what I feel. Though there are times, when someone does get, what we feel is ‘deserving’ for him. But it is more of an exception and exceptions never prove the rule. Lets take an example here, a sprinter prepares for 4 long years and takes part in Olympics. And eventually he comes 2nd. Someone else wins the race. We might feel to say that the guy in 2nd spot was more deserving. But No!! he was not. He did not win it. The guy in the first place did it. Its simple. 🙂

      • see i am no pro and this has nothing to do with psychology. it was just a thought.

        you have to be proactive in this world and i totally agree with that. you get what you deserve only when you strive. not that if you deserve something will be provided to you on a platter. there comes your point of working towards it. but sometimes even if you work hard you don’t get what you wanted. not that anybody tries to fail.

        you just made my point more valid by the sprinter example. we have not seen the winner’s story yet. maybe the one who came first prepared an hour or so more than the one who came second. maybe he was a bit more focused in the actual questioning situation. maybe the sprinter who worked hard for 4 years became a bit overconfident.we never know.

  5. Destiny is as much about being in the right place at the right time. Plus more often that not promotion and advancement is more about whom you know, not what you know! I have been underneath bosses that were undeserving of their rank many times in my life.

    sulz: yup. sad but true. the fact of life is that we have to use what we’re given. if we have contacts, more often than not it is easier to achieve your goals.

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