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What I Will Not Miss…

… when I leave my job.

1. The rush-hour traffic jam
I don’t like commuting at 20km/h on average. I don’t like guzzling gas just to make sure someone doesn’t cut into my lane because it annoys me when that happens. I don’t like being behind drivers who hog the fast lane. I also dislike leaving home too early or work too late just to avoid the rush hour because I want to be home as much as possible – why should I dedicate my life to work more what is required, especially when I don’t enjoy it? Basically, I don’t like commuting longer than is necessary – it wastes money AND time.

2. The cubicle mate
It’s not fun to sit next to someone who is plain indifferent to you. I’m not used to being in close proximity with people who aren’t friendly. I tried making small talk at the beginning, but I gave up after a while. Now I just try to annoy her.

3. The whispering
Colleagues are civil, but I can still hear them whispering. Maybe it’s just me getting paranoid. But I don’t think I was paranoid yesterday when the new receptionist asked if I was quitting and tried to probe more about it. I confirmed my resignation and said little in answer to her other questions. An hour later, just before time to go home, she went to the next cubicle and started whispering about me to the cubicle residents there. Oh well.

4. The clients
I have bitched about some clients in previous posts and they will be one big reason I’d be glad to leave. There is one in particular I am loath to work with, and there is another who tries to make me do everything twice over because he’s too damn lazy to do it himself so he makes me do it for him and then changes his mind and does it himself later the thing that he should be doing on his own in the first place. Gah…

5. The boredom
This job has its bursts of busy periods and occasional unpaid overtime, followed by times when you’d have absolutely nothing to do. Which is a good time for me to play Facebook as much as I want and read all I want. But when that goes on for a few days you kinda get sick of it, seriously. I also hate feeling unproductive and would rather be going home early if there’s nothing for me to do. At the bookshop, I’d get paid for any overtime and there would always be something to do.

I can’t wait to leave this soul-sucking place!! (I like the bosses, though.)


Unlike the last time when I felt I was a failure for quitting and not being able to fit in the office environment, this time I’m not blaming myself. This time, I truly believe I don’t fit in in any office environment. I’m not meant for a corporate world, I think. And while that might be considered a failing in itself, as the more lucrative jobs around are in the corporate sector, I’m not beating myself up about it this time. This time, I found what I’m gonna be good at and that makes a world of a difference… this time that means in the first job and this job, I’m like a square peg trying to fit desperately into a round hole. When I begin full-time at the bookshop, it’d be like my hands fitting into gloves made just for them.

Third time’s the charm! *crosses fingers*

Comments on: "What I Will Not Miss…" (7)

  1. But surely, #3 and #5 can pop up at your new job as well, though I pray they don’t. 😐

    sulz: true, i’m just referring to what i’m going through at the current job that i won’t miss! the boredom bit at the bookshop is unlikely, i think.

  2. Have some fun last days at work!

    Maybe that might make you not wanna leave, or maybe not! 😉

    sulz: hah, they’ll work me to the bone, i expect! i’m ready to leave now already, honestly. 😕

  3. yes, i know i have missed out two posts….i have been an irregularly commenting!
    and what more i have gone into hibernation……..missed on so many posts on so many blogs……nevertheless i hope to get back with the same zeal. in between, i have not read even this post and i am putting up my comment 😦

    sulz: don’t worry about missing posts, i just discovered i missed one mentioning me in another blog myself.

    but yeah… would be nice if you commented on what i was saying in this post. 😉

  4. and please omit the ” an ” with irregularly in the comment
    thanks 🙂

  5. are one real optimistic person.
    Its really commendable of you of thinking along such lines…
    Happy quitting and cheers to your optimism 🙂

    sulz: err, not sure if that is sarcasm or sincerity. i don’t think i was optimistic in that!

  6. I’m not surprised you won’t miss those things! Here’s hoping you won’t have to put up with any nonsense like that at the bookshop!

    sulz: haha! hmm, i suppose i will be putting up with other sort of things at the bookshop… surely it won’t be all rosy working there! but the thought of working there already makes me excited… hopefully when rough patches come that feeling will help me tide over the bad times. 🙂

  7. Good Luck I hope this move works out well for you! 🙂

    sulz: oh it will… i love every second i work at the bookshop. even when i’m stressed!

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