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MusEditions is the only participant who requested for a virtual souvenir, so here it is. She’s first because it’s her birthday today. 🙂

happy birthday dearest muse!!

happy birthday dearest muse!!

Edit: Picture taken on boat at Floating Market. And nope, it’s not me!

Am having a blast in Bangkok and can’t wait to write about my experience. All I can say is, “Bangkok is this shopaholic’s Mecca.”

Comments on: "A Virtual Piece of Thailand for MusEditions" (7)

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, that’s so sweet! I didn’t expect you to remember my birthday during your holiday!!! I didn’t even think of that when you said you had something planned! Can’t wait to hear/see all about your trip. Looks like there’s lots to buy & eat. 😀 Love the peace sign, too! Thank you! Love & hugs. (not sulz in the picture) 😉

    Thank you, Cat! 🙂

    sulz: i have to admit, i saved the date in an online calendar. 😛

  3. thebeadden said:

    Your there!!! That isn’t you in the photo?
    I didn’t even know it was Muse’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Muse! ((((hugs))))

    I can’t believe you are there. Have an awesome time and I can’t wait to hear and see more.

    sulz: hehe, nope. 😉 i got the lady who sold me something at the floating market to hold it for me. 😀

  4. […] dear blog friend, sulz, actually remembered my birthday from last year, AND took the time during her holiday in Thailand […]

  5. oh how sweet.. you are a great friend to have.

    hope you have a great trip.

    Happy Birthday Muse.

    sulz: it was a good way for me to wish happy birthday and do something special for it! 🙂

  6. thebeadden said:

    Sulz, I want to be a virtual participant! 🙂

    sulz: oh, i’m so sorry! i only saw this when i’m back from bangkok. 😦 however, i do have an actual souvenir if you’d like that.

  7. Seems like you had a wonderful holiday! And I bet you shopped alot too, didn’t you? 😉

    sulz: i did. 🙂 i wouldn’t be sulz if i didn’t shop til i drop! 😆

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