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I meant to keep a journal during my stay there, so that I might not forget some things as I am apt to, but in the end there was so many things to do I didn’t. So writing this from memory now…

Okay, so I woke up at about 5 in the morning when I heard my phone beeped. It was a text message from Angel, whom I was going with to Bangkok along with her cousin.

Angel’s family picked me up to send us all to the airport at quarter before eight. Our flight was at about half past ten so we left in good time. Unfortunately, the driver took the wrong turn after the toll and we got stuck in the rush hour jam!

Luckily, we managed to check in, even though we were cutting it fine. We should check in two hours before departure time, but we checked in an hour before, I think. I wasn’t worried, though – I knew we would be going on that flight. Sometimes I get a bad feeling about something, but with this it was all good after it was confirmed we were going despite the political unrest in Bangkok.

we chose seats near the engine side of the plane

we chose seats near the engine side of the plane

So we got on our flight. And I enjoyed my in-flight meal. 😀


When we arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport, we took the airport limousine taxi to the hotel, which cost us a bomb. 1100 Baht, to be exact. They insisted that we could not get a taxi anywhere else around the airport. And of course we found that there were plenty of public taxis around when we walked out to our limousine taxi. 😐 I was really cheesed off by the operators of the airport limousine taxi for blatantly lying like that. And they spewed nonsense about how the limousine taxi is operated by the government!

grrr... cheats

grrr... cheats

Let’s not let that spoil our fun. We did enjoy a comfortable ride to the hotel, which was situated in a rather unlikely place. Think a nice, clean, modern hotel smack in the middle of a place like Chinatown. I’m not sure how Chinatown is like in your country (if you have one) but the Chinatown in KL, it’s kinda sleazy… so that’s why it seemed weird to have such a hotel like that on a road filled with street vendors. Turns out that was the best spot to be in…

our hotel, which has another building opposite actually

our hotel, which has another building opposite actually

We stayed at Citin Pratunam. It’s the best spot because we were smack in the middle of Pratunam, which is a well-known garment district. CLOTHES SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!

soi 17, where our hotel is situated

soi 17, where our hotel is situated... and yes, they have pink Toyota taxis

We didn’t take long to settle into our room, which is a twin with an extra bed for Angel’s cousin. It was slightly cramped but overall pretty cosy. The bathroom was clean and nice, the beds were comfortable. The view is less than stellar, of course, and I detested the lemongrass smell that wafted through the corridors as a mosquito repellent. But it’s clean and nice and new! The hotel is only about 8 months old, apparently.

so clean and new!

so clean and new!

There wasn’t anything planned for the day, so we decided to walk the area around the hotel. Besides street vendors selling all sorts of fried food, there were stalls selling clothes and accessories too. We walked about and ended up in Indra Square, a nearby mall. I saw so many clothes I’d have loved to buy but didn’t dare to because when I was there I didn’t realise Pratunam is the clothes district and I was trying to save my money for what seemed like the holy grail of shopping in Bangkok – Chatuchak Weekend Market.

look at all the cute, CHEAP bags... *moans*

look at all the cute, CHEAP bags... *moans*

My resolve caved, though, when I saw a shop selling the most adorable bags. I had a bag like this which I bought from a mall in Malaysia previously. It cost me RM80, and that was not the most expensive type. Here, the most expensive type cost RM55… how can I resist?? I ended up buying a new funky tote bag for work with a matching makeup case. Angel and cousin bought some bags there too.

I remember moaning “ohmygod ohmygod” every time I passed a shop where I would love to buy something. The clothes in Indra Square are so bleeding cheap and the style is so varied and unique. I find Malaysian clothing shops in comparison so bland and unoriginal – it’s the same old style in three different colours always. And best of all, unlike most Malaysian clothes which I cannot fit, I managed to find clothes that fit me just fine in Bangkok! I don’t recall a top I tried on that I like but couldn’t fit me – they all did. And the ones I couldn’t manage to try because there was no fitting room, I could wear just fine as well.

I remembered having lunch at KFC because Angel and cousin bought pork burgers from McDonald’s and I didn’t want anything from there. Fast food is about the same price as it is in Malaysia and the chicken wrap I chose was nothing great… Angel was moaning about the freely available pork in virtually all the restaurants.

lea's achilles heel... pork!

angel's achilles heel... pork!

Then we continued walking about. Somehow, we came out of the mall and went into what I later realised was Pratunam Market. I went crazy there… buying cheap accessories of all sorts. The silliest has got to be this ring-watch. It’s a ring with a clock on it and cost RM5.50. It’ll be useful for me to tell the time at the bookshop, as I do not have a watch and when I wear a skirt without pockets I can’t put my phone in one to tell the time while working.

pratunam market was hot, stifling, unclean but totally worth it

pratunam market was hot, stifling, unclean but totally worth it

We walked and walked and ended up on the other side of Pratunam. We decided to go to Siam Paragon, a famous shopping mall in Bangkok. It was rather far to walk to from where we were, so we took a tuk-tuk. He asked us how much do we want to pay him. I said 50 baht (about RM5). He said 70. We said okay. The trip was less than 5 minutes. -_- We got cheated… again!

sitting in the tuk-tuk... that was our only time, the rest we took the taxi with meters. more reasonable prices!

sitting in the tuk-tuk... that was our only time, the rest we took the taxis with meters

Okay, never mind… we got to our destination safe and sound, that’s what matters. We had dinner and walked about the mall a bit. Went into the Paragon department store and Angel went crazy buying bras. I wanted a set of matching underwear but in the end bought just a bra – one like Angel bought too. Then we went to the department store’s grocery section and I went nuts there. I wanted to buy all the cute things I couldn’t get back home at the supermarkets. Nutella in small tubs, chocolate mochi, instant soup… I spent a fair bit there, which ended up as souvenirs for my project and friends. 😉

we barely covered the entire mall :( no time!

we barely covered the entire mall 😦 no time!

Then, we finally headed back to the hotel… quite pooped but totally satisfied with our purchases. I think I spent about 2500+ baht at this point. I only brought 9550 baht. 😮 And we have three more days to go!

So much for resisting!

Pics courtesy of Angel, the official unofficial photographer for bloggerdygook. 😀

Comments on: "Bangkok Day 1: I Must Resist!" (7)

  1. Oh man… I wanna shop like that…

    sulz: i wanna shop like that again! :mrgreen:

  2. Amazing what you could with money in your pockets these days… I seem to spend mine on books and food, it’s like… an addiction!

    sulz: yeap! i can see why once people start working going back to school is so difficult.

  3. Nice looking “bog” at your hotel. 😉 The shopping really looks incredible. It’s very challenging to know how much to spend on local transportation. You went all the way there and ate at KFC? sulz! I’m expecting pictures of wonderful, yummy Thai food! Looking forward to how your spending went on the next days. You must have managed, as you are home now and not washing dishes in a restaurant to earn your passage. 😛

    sulz: hehe, it was. 😀 it was! there were plenty of cheap, tacky-looking stuff, but there were some which looked quite expensive without the price having to be so! yes, that’s why we only trusted the taxis which use meters. it’s even more comfortable than riding in a tuk-tuk. haha, we didn’t eat much thai food – too busy saving for shopping. 😳 but we did, and i have pictures, worry not!

    haha, i’m owing angel’s cousin money for the hotel. 😛

  4. I would gone crazy in that bag shop! It’s like a dream come true….

    sulz: those bags are gorgeous, aren’t they?? you must come to thailand some day – you’ll buy even more than me i bet, after the exchange rate conversion and all. 😉

  5. What amused me the most were the pink taxis!! 🙂
    Who approved that color?? 😛

    sulz: they were everywhere! i suppose they wanted to do what most countries would not do. 😆

  6. Ms. Johnny said:

    the official unofficial photographer??? hahaha

    sulz: 😛

  7. I’m guessing that pink makes the car go faster! Just like red cars do in Oz. Or maybe it’s just the offensive driving skills 😛

    sulz: i like the idea of pink taxis, actually. it stands out easily, since most car owners would not want such a shade for their precious mobiles!

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